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447 Chapter 443: There Is Only One Winner (seeking Monthly Ticket)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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In this month, Shangteng Film and Television successively acquired the domestic shares of Entertainment Film and Television. Luo Yiming and the acquired 5 percent of the shares are now above Zhang Dongming, becoming the largest shareholder of Entertainment Film and Television. .

     Entertainment lost, Luo Yiming’s Shangteng Film and Television Company officially became one of the three major Film and Television Companies. Considering that Hairun Film and Television is currently like a sick tiger and has little power, Luo Yiming is the biggest rival in China’s film and television industry. It is British Queen Entertainment.

     This time, Luo Yiming's mermaid also competed with British Post Entertainment's a slim chance of survival to grab the market.

     After hearing Fatty Wen's words, Luo Yiming smiled and said: "In my within expectation, they already can't wait, From now on has promoted."

     "Well, this "Youth Film News" is really fucking, have you read her report? It's nonsense."

     "I've seen it. It's okay, they can report as they wish."

     Luo Yiming waved his hand: "I don't hold grudges, but I remember their editing leaves."

     "This leaf, when our Langya ranking exploded, was still standing with us. I didn't expect it to turn around so quickly now."

     "Hehe." Luo Yiming sneered. He always had a steelyard in his heart. He knew that this kind of person had no principles at all.

     In Luo Yiming's view, nothing should go over the line.

      ?The Mermaid? This movie can be evaluated by the media because it is the right of the media, and it doesn't matter how they evaluate the movie.

     Freedom of speech.

     Other media said that "The Mermaid" would pounce on the street and Luo Yiming also there's nothing about it to be angry.The mouth grows on them, and they can say whatever they want.

     But the nonsense of the "Youth Film News" leaf is very relevant.

     Youth Film News, what is this?

     Although it is not comparable to the screen version of "Movie Review", as China's relatively neutral movie magazine, it has always been designed to encourage and explore younger generation filmmakers.

     Not only that, "Youth Film News" is also a domestic authoritative magazine weekly that combs the history of Chinese movies in an all-round way, and now it has begun to expand into Chinese music and Chinese TV dramas.

     In short, this magazine weekly is getting better and better.

      what is more important Suitable for all ages, grounded.

     Because he represents authority and a weather vane.

     In recent years, the younger generation directors selected by the "Youth Film News" have all been unanimously recognized outside the industry, and more people have regarded "Youth Film News" as a benchmark in the industry except for "Film Critic" .

     But today, this benchmark has done such a thing.

     Money can act wilfully.

     Luo Yiming doesn't care if the "Youth Film News" has been corrupted by some capital, and has lost the basic neutrality standard, etc.

     Really, Luo Yiming didn't care.

     This year, I'm not talking about the entertainment industry. Isn't it the same in other industries?

     Everything Alright will handle the money.

     But don't you do this on me.

     On the one hand, it brags that "a slim chance of survival" is how awesome the lineup is, the kung fu superstar Wu Weimin desperately pushes the limit, invests in production and sets records, etc.I also said that the box office of this movie must be guaranteed to be 1 billion.

     On the one hand, it means that ?The Mermaid? is not good enough after all, and the New Year file ?The Mermaid? is definitely not the opponent of "a slim chance of survival".

     That's not a big deal, it even directly said that the hype of "The Mermaid" is extremely harmful to the film market.

     What am I hyping up?

     Isn't it allowed to be publicized?

     A typical hold one step on one.

     Don't be too obvious, okay?

     Luo Yiming is not a soft persimmon, just let the Youth Film News knead it, he must use his influence in the circle to stand up for the mermaid.

     This film is not a work that can be popularized by hype.

     Everything depends on the strength.

     Fatty Wen looked at Luo Yiming for a long time. Seeing that he was just smiling and not talking, Fatty Wen looked up and asked: "Yiming, what do you mean?"

     Fat Wen looked at Luo Yiming smiling, he actually knew Luo Yiming had an idea.

     After working together for so long, he also knows Luo Yiming very well.

     The entertainment circle said they were particularly ruthless and especially capable of fighting. Fatty Wen could say a few, and Luo Yiming was one of them.

     "Fatty, don't worry, we will wait until the shooting of "The Mermaid" is over. We can finish it tomorrow."

     Luo Yiming chuckles and said, "It will not be too late to publicize by then."

     Fatty Wen slightly frowned: "The promotion is done, so we don't care about it today?""Don't worry, let him be arrogant first, and we have been promoting it when we booted, and the heat is enough. At that time, "a slim chance of survival" was still in a low-key state. He fires up first."

     "This is called avoiding its edge, right?" Fatty Wen asked.

     Luo Yiming laughed: "Yes, but their propaganda won't be popular for too long. I will show them a good look when we finish."


     Luo Yiming didn't say how to operate it, but Fatty Wen believed that Luo Yiming could do it.

     Now is when ?The Mermaid? is finished, we should crush it all the way until it is released.


     After taking a break, on February 20th, the scene I shot today is the last scene in "The Mermaid".

     This scene is also a perfect ending for beautiful mermaid's.

     The setting is no longer in the old ship on the seabed.

     The crew is also not in Shenyang, already returned to the capital.

     The last was taken in Luo Yiming's View Garden and Villa District.

     A few years later, a college student whom Liu Xuan had sponsored came to interview him, and the other party asked him why he wanted to use all his property to fund environmental protection.

     Liu Xuan's answer is exactly what Shanshan once said to him: "If there is not even a drop of clean water or a breath of clean air in this world, no matter how much money you earn, it will be a dead end."

     Under the camera, Luo Yiming said calmly and peacefully.

     At the end of the interview, Luo Yiming and her lover took a walk in the fresh garden of the villa.Far away from the prosperous and impetuous modern society, Liu Xuan finally stayed with the person he loved most. Through that figure and warm support, he told all the moviegoers that Liu Xuan and his beloved had lived the most ordinary and ordinary lives. happy life.

     "it is good!"

     Fatty Wen, who was sitting in the director's chair, was also moved stopped/stood looking at this scene.

     He said, "Now, I announce that "The Mermaid" is over!"

     "Finally finished."



     All the crew members and cast members cried.

     Luo Yiming didn't cry.

     He just felt a little empty at this moment.

     In this time and space, his second movie ?The Mermaid? finally came to an end.

     This time the shooting of "The Mermaid" should be the most tiring film he has made so far.

     After all, this is a blockbuster movie.

     Original time and space, ?The Mermaid? The 3.3 billion box office is not a boast.

     Not only the box office in the mainland exploded, the mermaid's overseas box office revenue also exceeded one million dollars.

     Although he is not the Box Office Record in the mainland, but the beautiful mermaid's overseas box office is much better than the box office Wolf Warrior 2 in the overseas market there's nothing about it.

     Therefore, Luo Yiming is very looking forward to this movie.


     Luo Yiming placed great hopes on the mermaid, and at the same time, he also wanted to provide an educational and humorous film for Chinese film and television.

     Luo Yiming thinks that environmental protection themes can be shot like this, and ordinary people can do it.

     To pay tribute to seniors, Luo Yiming does not allow failure.But even though he looked forward to it, Luo Yiming didn't dare to be careless at the same time.

     At least the mermaid came out in 2008, Luo Yiming wondered if it would have the same wonderful fate as the blowout movie Golden Age.

     Moreover, before and after 2008, the film market for Hong Kong and Taiwan police films was the largest.

     Action movies are especially popular with movie fans.

      A slim chance of survival is precisely an action movie.

     The editor of Ye Zi's film Youth Daily also saw this and pursued Xu Li.

     Luo Yiming naturally couldn't stand "a slim chance of survival" stepping on himself.

     As for Xu Li, Luo Yiming doesn't care about her character for the time being, but looking at the movies directed by Xu Li, her ability is indeed not covered.

     Otherwise, why did Anglo-Hair Entertainment make sure to direct all the large-scale investment films to her over the years?

     Not to mention that from the start of the filming of "a slim chance of survival" to the present, there hasn't been a single incident of actor dissatisfaction in this crew.

     Even Zhao Xiang had said before that Xu Li could not rule by the people except Wu Wei, and other people were obedient to her.

     The director relies on ability to eat, and relies on box office talk.

     How do you convince the actors?

     In addition to ability, it is ability.

     For the director of this kind of, the action film he is good at this time, not to mention there are many powerful superstars.

     Such a movie and ?The Mermaid? are in the arena, regardless of what Luo Yiming says, how to express how confident he is.

     But he did not dare to be careless.

     The mermaid is officially finished, and the subsequent editing and special effects have to be handed over to a professional editing department.During this period of time, Luo Yiming also established an Animation Department. They will also connect with the editing department's technology and strive to make the beautiful mermaid's pictures more beautiful and true.

     Luo Yiming was relieved by doing professional things for professional people.

     The next day, Shangteng Film and Television held a finale banquet for the mermaid crew.

     At the finale banquet, Ni Ni, as the heroine, first finds Luo Yiming.

     "Director Luo, I...I toast you a glass."

     Ni Ni picked up the glass and dried it first.

     "Thank you!"

     "No need to thank me, this is your own talent."

     Luo Yiming drank the wine and said to Ni Ni, "You have a talent that no one else has, that is, clean, simple, and kind. You can't lose these three items at any time."

     At any time, there are a few treasures for the artist.

     In the original time and space, Lin Yun was familiar with the role of "Shan Shan" in "The Mermaid", and then he participated in many variety shows and became popular.

     It is a pity that Lin Yun has lost an enterprising spirit because he consumes too much on variety shows.

     Gradually, without the characteristics and simplicity of being in the mermaid, and becoming the same as the girls in the mainstream entertainment circle, it will naturally be over.

     In Luo Yiming's play, Ni Ni played the role of the mermaid Shanshan.

     Luo Yiming felt that Ni Ni at this time had a good opportunity just like Lin Yun of Yuan Shikong.

     And if Ni Ni can avoid the enjoyment after being popular and devote herself to researching works and pondering her acting skills, she may have a different future.

     After all, Ni Ni's EQ and IQ in the original space-time are still relatively high.As long as it has its own bonus, it is difficult for Ni Ni to think about it.

     Luo Yiming is still very optimistic about Ni Ni, otherwise, Luo Yiming would not sign her with Shangteng Film and Television.

     Ni Ni had the wine, and then Zhang Yuqi, Xiaozhu and others also toasted Luo Yiming in turn.

     Then, Luo Yiming got a little drunk.

     No way, too many people came to Jing Luo Yiming.

     Plus, after all, it was the finale of "The Mermaid".

     These two months, especially the two sisters Ni Ni and Zhang Yuqi, have not been easy on the crew. They should be happy to be able to successfully kill the mermaid.

     After thanking everyone with a slight drunkenness, Luo Yiming said to Fatty Wen: "I didn't say before, we should focus on publicity, I think we can start now."

     "From now on?"

     Fatty Wen slightly frowned: "How do we promote it, now there is still one month away from the release, I really don't know how to fight this battle."

     Luo Yiming was a little bit amused: "There is no way, but to use all power to promote."

     "All power, I still do not understand." Fatty Wen continued to listen.

     Luo Yiming said: "Next, "The Mermaid" will have intensive exposure, not only on our platform, but we will use all available resources. This time I will not keep a low profile anymore. Hired."

     The platform Luo Yiming mentioned is not only the satellite video channel he cooperated with, Youshi Video, but also his own company. He has to promote his celebrity friends and various media.

     It is bound to make the mermaid menacing.In the past two weeks, the exposure of "a slim chance of survival" has been extremely fierce.

     After the media explorer "a slim chance of survival" led to such a hot spot as Wu Weimin, the next step is to gradually reveal stills of little by little.

     A still of the big s also attracted countless memories.

     The Shancai girl back then, the goddess of many boys in Meteor Garden, the years did not leave any traces on the face of Big S, on the contrary, this still picture is more feminine.

     As for Anglo Entertainment’s public opinion promotion, countless people began to say things like ‘being a woman like a big s’.

     More excessive what else is there, such as "Youth is not old", "Goddess still remains 18 years old" and so on.

     A wave of worship swept away.

     Of course, beauty without acting skills belongs to the vase. The key is that the acting skills of the big S have nothing to say, people belong to the capable group.

     She is beautiful and her acting skills are praised.

     Just so, there are more fans of Big S, and the audience is also very popular.

     The promotion of "a slim chance of survival" is also very organized, rhythmic and targeted.

     Therefore, Luo Yiming must launch a counterattack.

     Toasting a glass of wine to everyone again, Luo Yiming said: "You will be fighting together in the next few months. Move your hands to promote mermaids more, use your friends and family to promote mermaids. Success or failure In one fell swoop."

     "Well, Director Luo, we will, how do you say we must do it."

     "Mermaid, we paid so much, Luo, we must win."Zhao Xiang's expression also followed with a little excitement: "Yes, we will win this battle! We must pass the mermaid and become the boss of China Entertainment Film and Television Company."

     "Yes, we will win!"

     Several other starring actors are similar.

     Up to now, even if you no longer have confidence, you have to say that we must win.

     Many people were drunk this night.

     This battle will be heated up directly this evening.

     Because no one wants to lose.

     Everyone wants to succeed Hairun and Yuyi and become the brother of China Entertainment Television.

     However, there can only be one winner.
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