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450 Chapter 446, The Best (for Subscription)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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After an interview with Ye Ye was sent out, it was also praised by industry mads.

     After all, Feng Gang is still a super capable director. At the same time, he is also a director with strong learning and appealing power. The industry still has full confidence in him.

     As for Feng Gang's fans, there was another wave.

     "Haha, it's my favorite Director Feng, definitely is me, I like this ‘If I can not do it, who can’ posture."

     "Yes, I also like the self-confidence of Director Feng. He currently still has some say in the director circle, and until now Director Feng is my idol."

     "Looking forward to Director Feng crushing Xu Li and Luo Yiming."

     "Looking forward to the God of Cookery coming to this movie."


     On the Internet, the discussion about Feng Gang joining the schedule is in full swing.

     Feng Gang’s public praise in the director’s circle is indeed pretty good.

     Many big celebrities in entertainment arts are basically selected by Feng Gang's movies, so they naturally have a good popularity in the circle.

     However, the other two protagonists are relatively calm.

     For Xu Li, the background of a slim chance of survival is better, and she will not lose to the God of Survival. She is sitting at ease in a fishing boat despite storms.

     And Luo Yiming also doesn't care for Feng Gang.

     At this time, Luo Yiming was preparing the theme song and episode of "The Mermaid".

     He did not pay attention to external discussions.

     Yuan Shikong, "The Mermaid" has 2 original music.

     One is the opening song "The World Is Always Hello".

     Another is the episode "No One".When the rich female Ruolan, Ruolan's father, and Liu Xuan got off the luxury car and entered the villa one by one, the song of Hello in the World always sounded.

     Setsuna really feels so cool.

     Too overbearing.

     This song is a classic episode in Legend of the Condor Heroes, and it is also very suitable for the mermaid.

     The invincibility is the portrayal of Liu Xuan's feeling that he is in a high position, no one can understand, the lonely and empty Inner World.

     This song exposed the soft side of Liu Xuan's heart in this movie, and finally understood it, and the two talents came together.

     The plot of ?The Mermaid? is exactly like this song. It is an invincible story, but invincible people have weaknesses.

     The lyrics "How emptiness is invincibility" and "How lonely is invincibility" are precisely Liu Xuan's weakness.

     The plot is matched with the majestic melody of this song, and the loneliness of a glance at the many mountains that seem small is exhausted, and the characters are completely brought to life through the soundtrack.

     This invincible past life was sung by Deng Chao, and the song was nominated for the best original film song of the 36th Xiangjiang Film Awards.

     Since the previous life was sung by the lead actor Deng Chao, in this life, Luo Yiming will sing by himself!

     Just how to interpret this song, Luo Yiming needs to think carefully.

     The melody of this song is not complicated, the original song is only one and a half minutes.

     The song is mainly to sing the state of mind. If you can't enjoy the peak and climax, it is difficult to sing the loneliness and loneliness of a master.

     Luo Yiming is now a superstar in the domestic entertainment circle.

     Regardless of the variety show, TV series, film market, his achievements are proud of.The boss of the entertainment company, the new director of China Entertainment Film, may be appropriate to perform such a song.

     Compared with a singer who has played EP, Luo Yiming's creation and singing of him is more suitable for his status as a bigwig.

     On my personal blog, I told a little story about my entertainment circle.

     Find a kind of inspiration, and the song Invincible was released three days later.

      there's nothing about it Funny emphasizing and singing skills, is to sing the invincible calmly with a strong voice and singing.

     And the official blog of "The Mermaid" also officially announced the first trailer.

     I used this invincible song!


     Yu Xiaoxiao has been paying attention to ?The Mermaid?.

     Seeing her friend Ye Ye actually started blowing "a slim chance of survival", Yu Xiaoxiao felt she was going to finish.

     Now, Ye Ye didn't know the danger, and even continued to provoke Luo Yiming for money, and Yu Xiaoxiao even more not to know whether to laugh or cry.

     Leaves don't care.

     She didn't understand Luo Yiming.

     Yu Xiaoxiao faintly shook the head, but knew that Luo Yiming would continue to rise.

     Throughout Luo Yiming's three years of experience, Yu Xiaoxiao feels that Luo Yiming is the fastest growing.

     Three years ago, he was born as a host talent show. In less than three years, he became a show off one's ability in the entertainment industry.

     There is a video company, a Film and Television Company, and a theater. It is also the invisible owner of entertainment, a well-known director and actor. With such an identity, few big names in the Chinese entertainment industry can compete.

     Therefore, Yu Xiaoxiao had to work hard to move closer to him.

     Always follow Luo Yiming....

     This time, after watching the 3-minute trailer, Yu Xiaoxiao had a bad premonition.

     This song invincible sounds very lonely and very sad.

      ?The Mermaid? Can't abuse?

     This is the first impression of Yu Xiaoxiao, a professional film critic.

     At any time, whether it is a movie or a TV series, the death of the lead actor is unbearable for the audience.

      in addition, the heroine is dead.

     The most frustrating or upsetting thing is that the heroine is sexed by the villain.

     Fortunately, although Luo Yiming has always been tortured, there has not been such a plot of the heroine being sexed.

     Yu Xiaoxiao felt it was acceptable.

     It was when the protagonist of "Langya List" was dead that Yu Xiao almost jumped in a cautious manner.

     Because this is her bottom line.

     After that time, Yu Xiaoxiao was really scared, she thought "The Mermaid" would not be the hero again.

     However, she has decided to drop it. Movies are different from TV shows. If a movie is a dead man, can Luo Yiming be afraid of being hacked?

     Therefore, after watching this trailer, what was Yu Xiaoxiao's first reaction?

     It is possible that the male lead and the female lead could not be together for some reason.

     Even Yu Xiaoxiao has a bold idea.

     Is the female lead dead? ?

     After all, the heroine seems to be a mermaid, a fish?

     If a fish is dead, it is very possible.

     The dead heroine Luo Yiming hasn't done it yet.

     Yu Xiaoxiao think/feel increasingly so.

     Online, because of the first trailer for ?The Mermaid?"Well, what about the good comedy movies? Nima, why is this another abuse?"

     "Yes, Luo Yiming won't kill the heroine again if he is aiming."

     "I'm going to the Spring Festival stall, how can I stand your abuse?"

     "You can't be tortured to death, Nima, Dao Luo, please."

     "It shouldn't be. Watching the trailer, the two of them are still having fun together, so they shouldn't die in the end."

     "Yes, I don't think it should be torture. It's probably thrilling, but he didn't die in the end."


     To be honest, Luo Yiming sang this song of invincibility, which is actually pretty good. This song Luo Yiming also sang the mood of being a strong, it's lonely at the top.

     But this song is too sad.

     It is easy to think of Luo Yiming's bitterness.

     It is not easy to think of a person's rise.

     At the same time, because it is in the movie, people are combined with the emotion of the movie.

      has to say, Luo Yiming’s song and the trailer match so well, so after watching the film, it seems that very few people have commented on this song, and everyone put the focus of the discussion on? The Mermaid ? Above this movie.

     Do you abuse the Lord?

      is that you

     This song is so sad, what's going on?

     These are what everyone cares about.

     On the hot search list, the "mermaid", the invincible protagonist, the abuser, etc. are all gathered.

     Luo Yiming was a little sad to see how beautiful Hot Search did not sing this song by himself, and how affectionate the evaluation was.

     But of course there are surprises.That is, he just delivered the first trailer through this song. The hadn't thought film effect was surprisingly good.

     The most important thing is that it is so controversial.

     Only when there is controversy can there be topicality.

      strikes while the iron is hot, Luo Yiming called Penghu, the newly appointed director of Jinghua Entertainment.

     Jinghua Entertainment is currently cooperating with Luo Yiming very happily and in a very tacit understanding.

     After the communication, one hour later Jinghua Entertainment also posted an article.

     "Exclusive interview? The Mermaid? Director Luo Yiming, tell everyone whether the movie is abuse or not?"

     This article is a help and assistance for a close friend in difficulties that Luo Yiming asked Penghu to do.

     The general content is to tell the audience: "Don't worry, we? The Mermaid? is a comedy movie how can it be abuse? As for the dead heroine, that doesn't exist. How can it be dead heroine?

     After reading this interview, everyone is relieved.

     "Haha, shall I just say? How can it be the dead heroine?"

     "Yes, that's what I meant. Luo Yiming hasn't swollen to the point of death of the heroine of the movie."

     "Hehe, don't those who say that Luo Yiming abuses your conscience hurt? Director Luo said that this is a humorous movie."

     "Yes, comedy movies, how can it be abuse?"


     Here, ?The Mermaid? was on the hot search list because of a trailer, but it was replaced by "a slim chance of survival" two days before the popularity had formed.


     "A slim chance of survival" was completed today at Magic City Film and Television Base.

     It is different from the low-key promotion of second genius by "The Mermaid".The promotion of "a slim chance of survival" was to invite all the media, and even Wu Weimin yelled out the rhetoric of "1.1 billion at the box office" at the finale!

      has to say, with the arrival of the favorable big market for movies, the box office is getting more and more scary today.

     Three years ago, a movie with a box office of more than 200 million was considered a successful work, and the box office holders, the continuation of public praise, have always been kung fu films and comedies represented by Cheng Long and Zhou Xingchi.

     But today, three years later, movies with high box office are born, and a work by Liu Dehua and Hong Jinbao has created a box office record of 500 million in the mainland.

     And this time around the world, the Box Office Record of the movie is Christopher Nolan's second Batman trilogy, Dark Knight.

     And it collected 1.5 billion US and European box offices.

     It's not as fierce as the Asian region.

     The key point is that this movie also chose an ordinary schedule. As a result, relying on the public praise and propaganda of the first movie, it received 1.5 billion in the box office, and many people in the industry shouted "The wolf is coming"!

     Yes, there is a blowout in the movie market, and the country is opening. Hollywood movies, Bollywood, and Japanese TV series follow closely behind sb or sth.

     However, the current domestic movies are thin, thin a few years ago, and in recent years, domestic movies have also blossomed everywhere.

     Domestic filmmakers also go forward together, ready to kill the Quartet.

     At the finale banquet, Wu Weimin said emotionally: "This "a slim chance of survival" is only my first stop. I hope that the box office will exceed 1.1 billion yuan. This way, I can set a benchmark for latecomers. A benchmark for film efforts."Although it is 1 billion plus 1, but for the current domestic box office that has not reached 1 billion, to tell this number is really scary, and of course exciting.

     "My next movie is an action movie. I will use this action movie to rush out of the country. I hope everyone will support me. Finally, why can foreign movies be raging at the box office in China? Go to their place to bear fruit?"

     What this said is called be fired up.

     Moreover, Wu Weimin is a smart person. At this finale banquet, he not only promoted "a slim chance of survival", but also indicated that his next action movie was ready to start.

      how to say it?

     Wu Weimin is standing at the commanding heights of morality. He even said that he was win honour for one's homeland, fighting for the country.

     Under such emotional rendering, Wu Weimin succeeded in getting enough attention at the end of the finale.

     "Brother Min is awesome, I think he can also enter Hollywood."

     "Yes, he supports Min Ge. Min Ge is actually short of a few masterpieces. I think he can get an Oscar sooner or later."

     "Sure, Min's effort to make a movie is actually stronger than Chenglong."

     "Yes, just follow the spirit of Brother Min, does not give in, damn, I must support domestic films."

     "Yes, those who don't support domestic films are all unpatriotic. Make a slim chance of survival."


     For a while, the publicity of "a slim chance of survival" went on like a fire, and it accounted for half of the news headlines.

      Web Portal is promoted in the words of Wu for the people.

      Indifferent to Life and Death, does not give in.

     How is it for foreign films?Domestic movies are not bad either.

     Wu Weimin's one after another revealed this language, which is actually just a means of propaganda.

     If Luo Yiming didn't understand Wu Weimin, he almost believed Wu Weimin's words.

     Although Wu Weimin's stand-in is more secretive, Luo Yiming still knows a little about no secret can be kept forever.

     If Cheng Long is a real Kung Fu superstar, this Wu Weimin is a fake at all.

     Luo Yiming looked down on this point.

     What kind of ghost is Wu Weimin.

     He just set up a person who was packaged as a Kung Fu superstar by the company, and then shouted big words, a hypocritical guy.

     The way to deal with this kind of person is pay no heed to and defeat him with practical actions.

     Fuck him fiercely!

     Tore off his mask.

     Therefore, the top priority for Luo Yiming is to complete the post-production of the movie "The Mermaid" as soon as possible.

     But as the release time gets closer and closer, even without media coverage, online discussions about "a slim chance of survival" and ?The Mermaid? have exploded.

     It was not easy for Luo Yiming to calm down.

     ""A slim chance of survival" vs ?The Mermaid? Who do you support??"

     "Luo Yiming vs. Xu Li, the leading characters of the two new generation directors, who will striving to improve?"

     "Xu Li, as the leading character of Queens Entertainment, this time PK with Luo Yiming is of great significance."

     "Who will win the British Queen Entertainment and Shangteng Film and Television?"

     "Who will win the top spot in the Chinese entertainment film and television industry?"
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