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451 Chapter 447, Premiere (request Monthly Ticket)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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     Because the God of Cookery was released three weeks after the two movies, the Mermaid and a slim chance of survival, were released, and at this time they also adopted a low-key mode, and did not start publicity at all.

     So almost only these two movies are discussed online.

     On March 2, the post-production of the mermaid was officially completed, and Luo Yiming also announced the second trailer this time.

     This trailer is a hilarious collection.

     Especially beautiful mermaid's those golden sentences frequently appear.

     What Xiao Zhu said to Liu Xuan's bodyguard.

     What Luo Yiming said to Shanshan.

     Everyone contributed a funny story.

     Of course, the guest stars are also full of joy.

     "Haha, I am so happy, Nima, it really is a comedy, Luo Yiming didn't lie to me this time."

     "It is indeed a comedy. This rare museum made me amused at the beginning. This uncle was disguised as a mermaid, which was ugly."

     "I said it was a comedy a long time ago. The problem is that you don't believe it."

     "My favorite is the section when Liu Xuan meets the police. The policeman played by Yin Zheng said that our police are professionally trained. No matter how funny we are, we will not laugh unless we can't help it! Then they laughed!

     "Puff. I also think this is funny. These two policemen are very interesting."


     The mermaid started with a funny clip trailer, and then, a slim chance of survival did not want to fall behind.

     It is mainly based on movement, kung fu, and high technology.Looking at the trailers of the two movies alone, it is hard to say who will win.

     But has to say, the trailers of the two films successfully attracted the attention of many people.

     An interesting piece of big data is that the battle between the mermaid and a slim chance of survival caused the number of people searching for these two movies to soar.

     Both movies gained enough popularity all at once.

     Soon after the completion of beautiful mermaid's post-production, the post-production of a slim chance of survival was also successfully accomplished.

     Whether it is the investment of Fangyinghou Entertainment, the director Xu Li, the starring Wu Weimin, the big s and others are quite concerned about this movie.

     Anyway, they think this movie cannot be defeated.

     This is also the case. From March 1st, Xu Li began to promote the road show with a group of leading actors. Everywhere they went, they were full of fans.

     After all, the actors in this movie are well-known first-line superstars.

     Wu Weimin, Zhang Jiahui, Big S, their fan appeal is not as strong as usual.

     Platforms in major cities are also often overcrowded.

     Compared to a slim chance of survival's roadshow promotion, Luo Yiming continued to promote it online.

     The film Luo Yiming naturally felt unprecedented pressure.

     He can't afford to lose either.

     On March 3, Luo Yiming held a meeting in person, and he gathered all the publicity personnel of Shangteng Film and Television and Youshi Video.

     "First, enable all big Vs and collectively create momentum for the mermaid!"

     "Second, let the movie become a hot topic!""Third, to expand the promotion of beautiful mermaid's, Charlotte's troubles once made the whole city talk about rebirth and dreams, so this time I will interview each city in turn to see what everyone is saying about protecting the environment."


     These propaganda routines are played in another time and space, but they are very practical.

     At the same time, Luo Yiming also knows that there are many people who don't actually follow the blog, so this time needs to use another way.

     Moments, spaces, forums, post bars and go.

     Think about whether Charlotte was worried about that's it, and was Amway by countless people in the circle of friends.

     Exactly so, Luo Yiming felt that this too could not be let go.

      in the blink of an eye, three days have passed.

     Only three days have passed since March 10th. A slim chance of survival finally announced a new year's tail special.

     On the other side, in almost a few days, Xu Li took a group of leading actors to about 10 cities, basically they were on the road every day.

     Although tired, Xu Li felt it was worth it.

     At present, the popularity of a slim chance of survival is unprecedentedly strong, and today, Xu Li returns to the imperial capital.

     Ready to start the real battle.

     And as a slim chance of survival and beautiful mermaid's formally fight.

     Xu Li's premiere will begin soon.


     "The premiere of a slim chance of survival on March 10 was held at the Star Cinema."

     The message spread like wildfire.

     In Shangteng Film and Television.

     Fatty Wen said to Luo Yiming: "Director Luo, on March 10th, the premiere of a slim chance of survival, our nearby inquiries about the news, I am afraid that less than half of the entertainment industry will go to join us.""normal."

     Luo Yiming was not at all surprised.

     Just look at the recent promotion of a slim chance of survival by Xu Li with a lot of actors.

     In fact, this is also normal.

      The production cost of a slim chance of survival has broken records.

      If they don't go to battle for propaganda this time, they will definitely lose blood.

     Not to mention that the film's opponent is Shangteng Film and Television.

     This belongs to the peak war of who is the big boss in the film and television industry.

     This is even more an Honorable War!

     Over the past month, EF Entertainment has invested tens of millions in marketing costs for a slim chance of survival.

     Needless to say how important the premiere of a movie is.

     Therefore, today Fatty Wen decided to discuss with Luo Yiming to see if the premiere will also be set in the Star Studios in Beijing.

     As a result, Luo Yiming faintly shook the head: "Fatty, this time our mermaid will be naked, and the premiere will not be held!"

     "What, there is no premiere?"

     Fatty Wen was a little surprised: "Director Luo, you are not kidding me."

     "No kidding, I naturally know the importance of the premiere, but no matter what, the beautiful mermaid's premiere cannot compete with a slim chance of survival, because our actors from the start is not in the same line."

     "In this case, it's better to just naked, as a result can make the topic hot."

     Seeing Fatty Wen puzzled, Luo Yiming added: "At that time, Charlotte was worried that I also chose to go naked. There was no premiere ceremony. Instead, I put the money for the premiere ceremony on the announcement. It was also successful. Isn't it?""But Charlotte's trouble is after all a big internet movie?" Fatty Wen defended.

     "It doesn't matter, it's the same." Luo Yiming's words also made Fatty Wen have nothing to say.

     Without the promotion of the premiere ceremony, Luo Yiming used more money to promote it. In two days, Shangteng Film and Television bought one-third of the billboards and big screens in the capital to build momentum for the mermaid.

     Immediately afterwards, Luo Yiming took the mermaid crew to conduct two interviews on Beijing Satellite TV and Dolphin TV.

     However, both programs will not be broadcast until next week.

     At present, the main promotion of beautiful mermaid's is still online.

     Blogs, circle of friends, spaces, forums, post bars, etc. are all bombarded in turn, as if it were viral marketing.

     On March 10, the mermaid was released.

     Wherever you go, you can almost see beautiful mermaid's ads.

     All marketing accounts are all activated.

     The mermaid has almost become a disease, spreading in various cities.

     On the morning of March 10th, Luo Yiming released a trailer called Shaking Hands with a Mermaid.

     The name is very poetic, but in fact this is also an urban special, which promotes the concept that everyone is responsible for protecting the environment.

     Before Luo Yiming asked Zhao Xiang to take the camera team to record.

     They walked almost 20 cities, and this super-long 10-minute special also touched many people.

     The ocean has been polluted, the air has been polluted, and we may suffer from varying degrees of pollution at all times.

     To protect the environment, we must start with everyone.Therefore, what the beautiful mermaid's official blog says is: "I hope everyone will never destroy the environment. I hope there can be a "mermaid" living happily under the sea this time! I hope everything is beautiful!"

     One sentence cited many people like it.

     Of course, the most important thing is that the mermaid has announced that there will be no premiere.

     This makes movie fans feel that Luo Yiming is too confident.

     Too overbearing!

     If you don't have the premiere, you dare to join the British Queen Entertainment Gang.

     Whether Luo Yiming can continue to write the myth has also become the most concerned issue of the entertainment industry.


     British Queen Entertainment.

     "Mr. Kong, you guessed it, the mermaid really didn't hold the premiere?"

     Xu Li was a little surprised by the news, and at the same time she admired the speculation of her boss.

     "Normally, the scale of the premiere of Mermaid Theory is basically unable to discuss two disparate things together with a slim chance of survival. In this case, they might as well be naked.

     Kong Ren indifferently said: "Don't forget that Luo Yiming's Charlotte's troubles are also naked."

     "Then what shall we do?"

     "What should we do? We have done everything we should do. The premiere of this afternoon is the time for a slim chance of survival to appear."

     Kong Ren spoke until here is also a little excited: "And your road to a big movie will officially start today. I believe you can give everyone a perfect answer sheet for this movie, not just to slaughter Luo Yiming. , Also step on Feng Gang to take the upper position."

     "Mr. Kong, thank you for trusting me so much, and I hope I won't let you down."

     Xu Li said with a smile.The current a slim chance of survival is not only for the experts of British Post Entertainment, but also some well-known film critics in the circle looked for a moment. They all gave this movie a rating of more than 80 points.

     Therefore, Xu Li is also confident at this moment.

     It's okay to have three legs.

     She firmly believed that she was the winner in this duel.

     At 3 o'clock in the afternoon, the entrance to the Beijing Star Cinema was already overcrowded.

     Countless reporters also gathered here.

     Waiting to enjoy this film.

     "It's a little surprised, hadn't thought the mermaid chose not to make the premiere."

     "Yeah, it is really surprising. I still think about the mermaid and a slim chance of survival at the premiere."

     "I think the mermaid should be scared. Don’t forget that today’s premiere of a slim chance of survival is numerous stars gather. Apart from Luo Yiming, the mermaid has nothing about it."

     "Yes, if you use a superstar to fight, I think the mermaid can't fight it."

     "Actually, Luo Yiming don't tell me it's not a superstar? I don't think a slim chance of survival is bigger than Luo Yiming. Luo Yiming is relatively low-key."

     "Low-key? I don't think so."

     "If both parties get the premiere at the same time, we won't be able to tell anyone apart. That's great!"

     "That's right, now it's up to the mermaid How is it going."


     Many reporters stood by the gate of the cinema, chatting while waiting for the arrival of the crew of a slim chance of survival.

     As for other guests, one after another came to join in.

     Not to mention the 100-meter red carpet at the entrance, there is a signature board in the middle.Not to mention that there is also the first-line host He Jiong sitting on the host stage.

     In short, this premiere has very high specifications.

     All who came are A-list Star.

     Some small stars outside the 18th lane are not eligible to enter at all.

     The most shocking thing was the appearance of the big s. She is now very popular, wearing a red skirt to win the prize.

     Also there was yet another woman who appeared on the stage together, this woman is somewhat similar to the big s.

     It happens to be the younger sister of the big s, the little s Xu Xidi.

     She is more feminine in her hot clothes.

     Little s made his debut in a combination with the big s.

     Speaking of the two, the little s is actually more coquettish, but she is not as lucky as the big s.

     Having fun with a man, accidentally became pregnant, but gave birth to a baby early and was locked up.

     The body is also deformed.

     She couldn't continue playing film and television, and then she went to the host circle.

     The variety show Kangxi is here in Taipei.

     The current little s is still active in the film and television circle, and it is quite powerful.

     And, when she got married, she had a better time.

     The programs she hosts are also very large.

     Whenever she interviews handsome and attractive male stars on the show, she will eat other people's tofu.

     It's getting hotter and hotter.

     In recent years, her figure has slowly recovered, and her figure is also very good. As the younger sister of the big s, she should be able to join her today.

     The presence of the sisters attracted the attention of many people.

     In addition to interviews with big s, there is no shortage of interviews with small s.

     "Why did you come to the premiere of the big s?""Of course we are coming, but we are sisters."

     "Then what do you think of this movie?"

     Xiao s is honest and laughed during the interview: "Frankly speaking, I haven't watched this movie yet. I will give you a comment after I watch it."

     After that, Xiao s helped the big s into the theater together.

     The leading actors of a slim chance of survival are also coming.

     What surprised everyone more?

     Not only are the big names and celebrities in the circle, but Chenglong is here.

     This is a bit big!

     Youdao is the mountain can't have two tigers.

     More precisely, the king does not see the king.

     Cheng Long can be said to be the most influential Kung Fu superstar in China Entertainment's movies, and unlike Wu Weimin, Cheng Long is really a kung fu star.

     Therefore, Chenglong looked down on Wu Weimin.

     I think he is to play the yu 竽 mouth organ to make up numbers.

     The two had collaborated on a movie three years ago, and the two of them were torn apart before the film was finished.

     Chenglong issued a statement stating that he will not cooperate with Wu Weimin in the future.

     Wu Weimin naturally not to be outdone, saying that Chenglong is too arrogant.

     Anyway, since then, the two don't have any cooperation anymore.

     It turned out to be good, Chenglong actually came to the premiere of a slim chance of survival.

     This makes everyone unable to understand.

     Could they be reconciled?

     Is Queens Entertainment the driving force behind?

     This is definitely big news.

     Lao Tie first set a small goal ^ Remember the new Bayi Chinese website м.
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