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453 Chapter Four Hundred And Forty-nine, Indomitable, Fearless (see Monthly Ticket)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

? This is Luo Yiming's first big movie in theater.

     As an emerging movie company in the film and television industry, Shangteng Film and Television must give movie fans a different experience.

     Sure enough, the appearance of this anime dragon, soaring into the sky, really shocked everyone.

     This tells everyone that this icon may accompany you in the days to come.

     Immediately afterwards, director Luo Yiming's work, seven words matched with the theme music of Bruce Lee's Jingwumen, made the audience more overwhelmed by emotions.

     The music of Jingwumen really fits well with the seven words of director Luo Yiming's work.

     There is a feeling of superburning.

     The audience's expectations for this film came all of a sudden.

     Then, the three-character mermaid freezes.

     The plot enters.

      The chimneys of tall and erect, reaching through the clouds are emitting thick black smoke.

     The verdant straight trees were knocked down by the logging machine.

     Chaos was everywhere in a desolate forest.

     Large rivers are again polluted by dark sewage discharged from pipes.

     The birds have no homes.

     The fishermen killed the whales in the sea.

     On the shore, an extremely tragic scene, fishes wag their tails and struggle.

     In the next second, it was a human holding a slaughter knife to cut it into pieces.

     Large-scale fishing machines are sent to the bottom of the sea to catch fish on a large scale.

     The machine thrown on the bottom of the sea emits electric current. After the fish gradually come closer, the "scientist" in the control room starts the machine, and the electric current is ejected, and all the fish are stunned by the laser.

     ... Numerous casualties under the sea.The camera is here, and suddenly with a grunting sound it stops with the music.

     The screen turned black, and a few seconds later, at the top of the screen, only a tear remained.

     This tear is certainly not a human tear, it belongs to the injured creatures.

     Seeing this, all the fans who watched the movie felt a little uncomfortable.

     They knew before that the mermaid was promoting the theme of protecting the environment, but they never expected that director Luo Yiming would put these evidences of human harm to nature as time of departure. It would be so sad!

     That theme song cooperated with this, like the cry of creatures, ah? Ah" screamed into the bottom of people's hearts, sorely in the extreme.

     "Please leave me a piece of soil for survival."

     "Leave me a piece of... living soil."

     "A piece of...soil for survival."


     Just as the sad mood was playing in the studio, the audience heard the sound again.

     This sound did not appear along with the screen.

     More of it seems to be the sound of the creatures' hearts from behind the front lens.

     The more so, the more confusing.

     In the next second, the camera appears. A group of tourists are visiting the Rare Museum. Compared with the stalks of the original time and space, you will find that Luo Yiming's mermaid has not been deleted.

     As the heroine, Shanshan came to visit the World Museum of Exotic Animals. She was expecting the mermaid living in the museum.

     After watching the gecko dinosaur, the prosperous dog Changbai Mountain tiger, and the chicken-winged Batman, Shanshan couldn't help but ask, what else is there good-looking?When this sentence came out, her voice immediately made people think of it.

     That's right, the voice that just called out, please leave me a piece of soil for survival is hers.

     This is a foreshadowing.

     Then, the mermaid visit project launched by the owner of the museum made the real mermaid face off for the first time.

     In the original time and space, many viewers of Shanshan's appearance in the Museum of Exotic Animals said that they had no impression, because of insufficient preparation.

     Many of Shanshan's plots have been deleted.

     This version of Luo Yiming highlights the protagonist.

     Highlighted Shanshan.

     "Where is a mermaid? Isn't this just a salted fish?" Shanshan questioned.

     "How do you know everything, you are still not a human being."

     Shanshan smiled weirdly, and the words with the owner of the museum even further buried her identity.

     Shanshan told some stories of beautiful mermaid's, life habits, and pointed out the fake mermaid.

     The owner listened to Shanshan’s words, dumbstruck and unable to reply.

     He couldn't stand the huge pressure, and in the end he played as a mermaid and struggled his old life, but the deceived tourists did not let him go.

     Finally, I want him to refund!


     "Puff, LMAO, you see that the curator is ugly as a mermaid." After watching the previous scene, a kid said to his mother with a smile.

     Her mother happened to be a tour guide, and when she remembered how she deceived tourists to some junk spots, her mother's face was hot.

     "Son, remember, you must be kind and be a good person in the future."

     "Mom, why do you seem to be crying?"Yes, Luo Yiming used an extremely humorous way of expression to expose the deception that exists in the tourism industry.

     Those unscrupulous travel developers and tour guides were all shot.

     "Mom didn't cry, but, this movie was very touched. Son, when you watch a movie, don't just look at the surface, but at the connotation. This movie has depth, and you have to study it carefully when you go back."

     In another theater, Yu Xiaoxiao looked at the plot in front of it equally moved.

     The next plot made her feel exciting and enjoyable.

     Two hundred and eighty billion, Liu Xuan got the piece of land in Qingluo Bay, Liu Xuanhao played by Luo Yiming was very angry.

     And Ruolan, played by Zhang Yuqi, is even more exciting.

     Come back from the soil shooting scene.

     The red Ferrari sports car drifted and parked in Liu Xuan's villa, and Ruolan got off the car in a song of hello to the world.

     She raised her head delicately, a look in her eyes, that kind of aristocratic aura assaults the senses.

     Not from the show.

     The oily temperament and stunning charm make many women consider oneself as being not as good as the others, and many men want to have it!

     Liu Xuan is already at home to welcome the guests.

     In the first shot, the rich temperament of Liu Xuan played by Luo Yiming is even more powerful.

      1.8 metres' height, in golden brown loose pajamas, with a beard for the first time, Luo Yiming looks a lot more mature. He opened his hands and embraced the visitors.

     "Four Lord, Ruolan, Mr. Zheng, today is very punctual."

     Without the original time and space, Deng Chao's role of make a fuss about nothing is more calm and sophisticated.Mr. Zheng said: "I heard that Mr. Liu, you bought the land in Qingluo Bay, and it has been open for 90 years. Of course I have to be on time."

     Several people talked and entered the house.

     "Yeah, look at Qingluo Bay, how big and wonderful a place is, so I have to celebrate today."

     Mr. Zheng sarcastically: "Qingluo Bay is also a good place. I really doubt if you are a real estate agent. You also bought the rubbish area in Qingluo Bay, 280 billion yuan. Ha ha, do you understand real estate? ?"

     Liu Xuan said domineeringly: "I don't understand, but Ruolan understands, I will always be more expensive than her."

     "You can't even build a toilet at a price."

     "What is the trick of the sword god Dugu Qiubai?"

     "No trick."

     "No form, no fault."

     At this time, Liu Xuan's own band began to play the invincible song by Luo Yiming.

     Liu Xuan twisted his body to the music.

     This pretending to be ruthless!

     Mr. Zheng was angry: "Stop. This song is too ugly."

     "Ruolan must have lost money when she bought that piece of land. She was trying to raise the price of her surrounding properties, but you, you buy a fart."

     "There is a hair around you?"

     Mr. Zheng said as he stroked his Mediterranean hairstyle, "Do you have hair?"


     "No one." Mr. Zheng continued to stroke.

     Yu Xiaoxiao was happy.

     "Mr. Zheng, don't say that. Mr. Liu is going to invite us to drink Roman Kangti today. Besides, Mr. Liu will not invite us."

     Ruolan said, her father's fourth master hurriedly stopped her: "Ruolan, don't throw stones at sb who fell down a well.""I estimate that Xiao Liu will lose 20 billion yuan in this project."

     "Also raise our market price."

     "Let's make 30 billion in baffling."

     "We still drink him more than 1 million bottle of red wine, isn't it a beast?"

     Yuan Shikong, this role is played by the director Licensing.

     In this life, Luo Yiming invited Fatty Wen's father, and he was also a play bone.

     "You are burning yourself and illuminating us."

     "You are a great man."

     "Please accept me!"

     Si Ye said this humorously, and Yu Xiaoxiao could hear the chaos of the real estate industry from his words.

     In fact, it is just one word, fried.

     Liu Xuan helped the Fourth Master while sitting quietly on his sofa.

     "If Qingluo Bay can be reclaimed from the sea, it will make a lot of money!" Liu Xuan calmly.


     "Qingluo Bay is a conservation area. A lot of dolphins live there. Otherwise, why would I sell the land next to it at a low price?

     "You think I really love... you."

     "But I heard that the dolphins are moving." A face became extremely serious, and everyone was bewildered when Liu Xuan said this.

     Then Liu Xuan took out a piece of paper.

     Reclamation approval!

     "What did you say?"

     Seeing this approval, Ruolan, Fourth Master, and President Zheng were all stupid.

     And seeing this, the story unfolded like this.

     Liu Xuan wanted to fill the sea, so he met a mermaid behind him!


     When I saw this, Yu Xiaoxiao was also lightly nodded.I heard that “The Mermaid” promotes environmental protection, but Yu Xiaoxiao is also worried that the mermaid is too science, education, culture, and health.

     In just ten minutes, beautiful mermaid's plot, there is more deep irony in the funny.

     Every plot can be considered.

     At first, it satirized the tourism industry, followed by real estate development, and environmental issues have already been reflected here.

     This hand was played beautifully.

     The key is not boring, let people see with keen interest, want to stop but can't, smile from ear to ear.

     Seeing Mr. Zheng wearing a Fetion device and hitting east and west in Liu Xuan's villa, laughter was also heard in the movie hall.

     "This Zheng Zheng couldn't be forced to be pitted."

     "Liu Xuan is really a master. He got the approval for reclaiming the sea, so he is going to develop."

     "What a rich man that's it, you can do everything, and you can do it all!"

     "Funny, humorous, I saw the feeling of Zhou Xingzhu from this movie, Director Luo with great prospects for the future. The successor of the humorous movie."

      has to say The scene of Mr. Zheng flying to the sky made many people in the theater laugh.

     After watching the movie, some media compatriots who watched the movie also gave a comment on the movie.

     There is a lot of black humor, and there is constant irony jokes.

     I thought that this movie would not look good, but now everyone has a feeling well.

     That is, this movie is probably more lethal than a slim chance of survival.

     Not only friends from the media, but at this time, many professionals in large and small theaters have also become serious.Film critics are very clear about the good and bad of a movie.

     Up to now, although "The Mermaid" is only 10 minutes, it has already completed a small plot.

     And laid an introduction for the plot behind.

     The compact humor at the beginning, including some montage shooting techniques, metaphorical humorous plots, etc. all prove the strength of the movie ?The Mermaid?.

     Look at the interest of the other audience around me.

     All people became proud instantly.

     They were worried that they did not buy tickets for "a slim chance of survival", which is a pity.

      A slim chance of survival may show a crushing style of defeating ?The Mermaid?.

     It seems that who wins and who loses is not yet known.

     Yu Xiaoxiao will mutter to oneself and said: "Just from the beginning, ?The Mermaid? is not weak, so this year's Spring Festival stalls may be lively."

      At the same time, Ye Ye was looking at ?The Mermaid? in a studio.

      she already was invited to the premiere of a slim chance of survival and watched the film.

     Originally, she saw the mermaid and planned to send out the draft prepared before.

     It doesn't mean that the mermaid's shooting methods are naive.

     The actors' acting skills are very awkward.

     The plot is boring and boring.

     The preaching is too obvious.

     It's very meow, after watching the plot in front, she can only say that this film is amazing. It feels very tall overall.

     Don’t lose a slim chance of survival at all.In comparison, although a slim chance of survival is a gathering of celebrities, it can be photographed, but there is no surging mermaid.

     Wu Weimin's Kung Fu superstar is simply not as murderous as Luo Yiming, a rich man!

     There were two people sitting in the back row of Ye Zi's theater.

     One of them is Penghu, the director of Jinghua Entertainment.

     Yesterday, Penghu also participated in the premiere of "a slim chance of survival". He didn't believe the outsiders said that Luo Yiming didn't dare to take the lead because of the strong lineup of "a slim chance of survival".

      what a joke?

     Last year's "Charlotte Troubles" Luo Yiming created a box office miracle in the Internet industry.

     No matter how bad this ?The Mermaid? is, there are new stars like Zhang Yuqi and Yin Zheng, plus Luo Yiming, the lineup and investment are much more than "Charlotte Annoyance".

      This time said Luo Yiming was confused?

      how can it be?

     Then the truth only has one.

     Luo Yiming believes that "The Mermaid" will be more exciting than "a slim chance of survival".

     Who gave him courage?

      advance courageously.

     Without fear.

     Of course it was Luo Yiming himself.

     Now, I watched it for 10 minutes and then looked at the reactions of people around me.

     Need to talk?

     Everything goes without saying.

     The success of a movie is critical at the beginning, but of course, there are a lot of movies and TV dramas like tiger's head and snake's tail. The front is wonderful, and the back is full of people.

     The next plot is then the key!

     This obviously did not disappoint Penghu.After the party in the villa started, until Shanshan appeared, the story was pushed to the next climax.

     Shanshan left the number to Liu Xuan, she is about to start the revenge plan of the sea creature population!
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