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454 Chapter 450, The Audience Laughed (seeking Monthly Ticket)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

? In a movie theater in a county seat, a couple is watching Luo Yiming's mermaid.

     Before the start, the two of them would proudly tell the audience next to them that this film is directed by my future son-in-law and he is still the protagonist of this film.

     The faces of the two elderly people are full of happiness, they are Sisi's parents.

     But when I saw ten minutes, the chattering of the audience nearby made the two old people unbearable.

     Two minutes ago, the domineering Miss Ruolan appeared. She appeared at the banquet in red high heels, and walked to Liu Xuan who was playing with the girls in front of the luxury car.

      not say a word.

     Ruolan took off the watch on her wrist and threw it into the swimming pool.

     A beautiful woman in Liu Xuan's arms said, "You are so strange."

     "Who are you, are you insulting us?" Liu Xuan was holding the girl in his right hand with disdain.

     "How much is a watch worth?" The girl on the left continued to add.

     Liu Xuan flicked and smiled, "If you don't have much money, just over 8 million."

     Upon hearing Liu Xuan's words, the girls immediately got out of his arms and dived into the water like a loach.

     Liu Xuan looked at Ruolan and smiled: "Miss Ruolan, over 8 million, are you just throwing it into the water like this?"

     Ruolan is noble and cold: "It's worthwhile to give President Liu a lesson with eight million."

     "Also let you see their true colors."

     Not to mention Zhang Yuqi's acting skills are really good, her figure, appearance, at this moment, as long as she is a man, she will be moved.It was precisely this that made the silk hanging men in the movie hall say: "Wipe, if you can find a girl like Ruolan, it will be worth your death."

     "Amazing, she looks really amazing, is she a mermaid?"

     "Please, she must not be a mermaid anymore, the girl in front is."

     "I feel far behind her."

     "Speaking of which, Luo Yiming and Zhang Yuqi played against each other, and the two felt very matched..."

     It was this sentence that made Sisi's parents look bad.

     In fact, seeing Liu Xuan hugging three girls in a luxury car, the conservative Sisi parents were a little reluctant.

     They all want to take back what they said before.

     It's really offensive, there is offensive. How decent is his future son-in-law holding a few women like this!


     "I know very well." Luo Yiming faced Zhang Yuqi, no, Liu Xuan faced Ruolan, and was not captured by her beauty.

     Meaningful pointed out: "They are all young people who work hard to make money."

     The voice is not high, but low: "I respect them very much. From a certain perspective, aren't you the same?"

     "Of course I am not the same as them." Zhang Yuqi's face was still cold and proud: "Mr. Liu, let's talk about you. You started from scratch, and you do have your skills today."

     "Even the reclamation approval letter can be obtained."

     "We can't discuss two disparate things together with those rich second generations who are waiting to die."

     "Stop talking nonsense, let's cooperate." Ruolan was decisively overbearing.

     "How to cooperate." Liu Xuan's eyes were weird, and he sold it off.Ruolan slanted slightly and reminded: "You have such a good project in Qingluo Bay, and I have the largest real estate brand, how do you want to cooperate."

     "Joining forces to raise the stock price." Liu Xuan grinned.

     "Stocks." Liu Xuan smiled, his smile seemed to hide a big conspiracy.

     "Of course." Ruolan faintly smiled.

     Liu Xuan quickly regained his appearance as a businessman, and was doing business, because cooperation cannot be nothing serious.

     On the surface of pleasant countenance, the game between the two has begun.

     "I made 30 billion and accounted for 50 percent."

     "Forty." Liu Xuan could not refute.

     "Aren't you afraid that I am upset?"

     "I'm not afraid."

     Man and woman fighting,

     Men are always the active party.

     Turning around, getting up, Liu Xuan swiped Ruolan's buttocks lightly, and pulled Ruolan into his arms.


     "'s okay."

     When Luo Yiming hugged Zhang Yuqi, Sisi's father couldn't stand the bird anymore, and a word of ugliness came out of his mouth.

     Sisi's mother also endured and endured seeing this scene.

     My heart said, Luo Yiming hugged and hugged a woman like this all day long, how could his good daughter stand it.


     "Why am I afraid?"

     Liu Xuan's eyes were a little frivolous, the woman entered her arms, but she was not a man's prey.

     In Liu Xuan's world, there is no woman who cannot be conquered.

     But has to say, Ruolan's nobleness is difficult for ordinary men to enjoy. Ruolan uses a red purse to block her chest.

     It is also for short-term defense.How could Liu Xuan let go of the stunner, lowered his head and kissed Zhang Yuqi's mouth decisively and resolutely. Before the other party responded, he had already tasted strawberries: "Are you happy?"

     This pro, sure enough, Ruolan was a little weaker: "At least forty-five."


     Liu Xuan hugged Ruoyan and continued to want to linger.

      This time, the mermaid appeared.

     A movie hall.

     Seeing this, everyone started talking.

     "Luo Yiming enjoys it so much, and is happy, it is so enviable to have such a girl kiss."

     "Brother, what is it called? Luo Yiming is the director of this play. Zhang Yuqi must have gone to bed with him in private. These are all public secrets in the circle. What the two of us now show us is small-scale."

     "Yes, Luo Yiming is too sexually blessed. Zhang Yuqi's figure is really good!"

     Sisi's father still heard the comments of the people next to her.

     The more he thought about it, the more angry he became. Out of his protection and understanding of her daughter, Sisi's father knew that such Luo Yiming and Sisi were not appropriate.

     "Macking, what a broken movie."

     "I don't know this man. It's impossible for my daughter and him to get married."

     Sisi's mother also broke out: "When talking about the bride price, his mother was not willing to give it. Now that the son is like this, marrying to their home, our daughter still does not know how much suffering, whatever the case, we must also Sisi He broke up."

     After speaking, an old couple waved their hands and left.

     The people in the theater naturally watched the lively for a few minutes, but after the people left, everyone returned to the plot.

     Please, this is acting okay.If you question someone's career, then separate.

     Everyone felt that it was the problem of the elderly couple.


     The mermaid is still playing.

     At this time, the audiences in the various theaters were all laughing forward and back together.

     At this time, it happened that Shanshan came to see Liu Xuan.

     A particularly funny story.

     Three fifteen minutes 24 seconds, Shanshan came to Liu Xuan's office, she took out the sea urchin covered with spines, and gathered great courage to lose Liu Xuan.

     The next shot stretched slowly and moved to the office. Liu Xuan was holding a frisbee in his hand, and he was reprimanding his men.

     The Frisbee flew out in an instant, brushing past the heads of several subordinates, and bang sound hit Shan Shan's head who was standing at the door.

     "Meow, if you can't handle this little thing, you will just stand at the door like a dead dog."


     Shanshan was hit directly.

     The audience burst into laughter.
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