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458 Four Hundred And Fifty-fourth Chapters, For The Rest Of Your Life, Go Well Separately! (Seeking Monthly Pass)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

Liu Xuan continued to hug Shanshan, but Ruolan didn't mean to stop. The second shot, the dart directly hit Liu Xuan's ass.

     Liu Xuan knew now that Ruolan was really not joking.

     But he still gritted his teeth and walked forward.

     call out.

     Another dart pierced Liu Xuan's right chest directly.

     "You don't care about me, you go." Shanshan looked at Liu Xuan in pain and said with tears in her eyes.

     Liu Xuan shook his head.

     call out.

     Two steps forward.

     Liu Xuan's left chest was pierced again with an arrow.

     As long as this position goes down a little bit, Liu Xuan will breathe one's last.

     "Let me go."

     Shanshan cried very heartbroken.

     "I won't let go."

     Liu Xuan knelt on the ground, and a tear fell in his eyes, but he still used maximum available strength and stood up again.

     "Too much torture."

     "Liu Xuan, you must not die."

     "You all have to be good."

     The foreign scientist hugged Ruolan who was crazy.

     Let her stop this killing.

     Step by step, Liu Xuan walked to the shore. He exhausted his full strength and sent Shanshan to the bottom of the sea.

     The police this time to be late, the villain was arrested, and Liu Xuan slowly fell down.

      the picture changed.

     "Why do you donate all your money to environmental protection agencies?"

     This is already a few months later.

     A reporter came to Liu Xuan's house to interview him."If there is even a drop of clean water or a mouthful of clean air on this earth, If not, no matter how much money you earn, it will be a dead end." Liu Xuan said to the reporter.

     "You've been single, are you waiting for the mermaid to come back?"

     "You are talking about the movie bridge." Liu Xuan shook his head.

     "Mr. Liu, look at this picture."

     In the photo, it was the scene of Shanshan lying on the shore covered with injuries when he was hunted. Liu Xuan looked at the photo, and he was silent.

     The next second, through the sea view promenade, looking towards the sea.

     "By the way, I'm not single now, Lucy!"

     As the camera showed a girl's back, the audience found that the girl seemed to be Shanshan.

     Wait until she sits down and gives her a face. Indeed, this person is Shanshan.

     Liu Xuan smiled, and he took Shanshan's hand happily.

     "What we live now is an ordinary person's life. It's okay, cooking, and drinking tea."

     "Anything else?" Liu Xuan asked Shanshan.

     "And... to travel." Shanshan smiled such as a flower.

     "Go to places you haven't been to, those places are beautiful."

     "Well, it's really beautiful." Liu Xuan agreed.

     Finally, the shot shows Liu Xuan and Shanshan swimming on the bottom of the sea. The blue ocean, various fishes, corals, and seaweeds, are surrounded by a beautiful, colorful Underwater World.

     Octopus pig, other mermaids also swam over this time.

     Invincible music sounded.

     The whole film ends.

     After a successful conclusion, Luo Yiming fulfilled his promise, there is no dead man, and no dead woman.It's just that at the last moment, everyone really squeezed a sweat.

     Until Shanshan appeared, the audience thought that Liu Xuan and Shanshan were over, but they broke through all odds, in the end still is come together.

     The ending is beautiful.

     The story is thought-provoking.

     The reality he criticized deserves human reflection.

      has to say, compared to the routine of the movie "a slim chance of survival", ?The Mermaid? is a classic movie.

     After the audience who watched the movie dispersed.

     Yu Xiaoxiao was not in a hurry to go home.

     Yu Xiaoxiao decided to watch the next game ?The Mermaid?.

     In the VIP room.

     Neither Kong Ren nor Xu Li left.

     "My plot design is not as good as him."

     Xu Li thinking from others’ point of view, she felt that she couldn't write such a script, and in the end this way ended up beautifully and very pleasingly.

     The reunion after the Great Compassion is the most brilliant method.

     Will make the audience's refreshing point reach the highest.

     "Indeed, the most important thing is that "The Mermaid?" Luo Yiming was right. It is not about love, but about wrapping him in a noble coat and talking about the environment!"

     Kong Ren takes a deep breath: "Finally, Shanshan and Liu Xuan entered the seabed to restore tranquillity, and photographed the beautiful scenery in the sea and the pictures of the fish together. This has a big meaning and fits the theme of the whole movie. Mermaid!"

     Xu Li consider oneself as being not as good as the others: "Kong, how much do you think this movie will get at the box office?"

     "I don't know how much the box office is, but this movie has shown me another improvement in Luo Yiming."With a sigh, Kong Ren said: "Even if "a slim chance of survival" can beat ?The Mermaid?, Xu Li, this time you want to surpass Luo Yiming's director public praise, I am afraid it is impossible."

     Xu Li understands.

      The shooting method of a slim chance of survival, the plot arrangement is indeed not as good as the mermaid.

     Even if Xu Li borrowed the routines of foreign movies and made the plot dangers spring up all around, the last refreshing point is still thin.

      In comparison, Luo Yiming's mermaid keeps breaking out.

     The ups and downs, this is what excels in a classic movie.

      "All right, don't be discouraged. Luo Yiming is a madman. In the direction of the director, he has no routines at all, and it is difficult for ordinary people to compare with him."

     "The most urgent thing is to look at the follow-up and tomorrow's box office statistics. It is not terrible to lose public praise. If we lose even the box office, then we will really be a joke."


      At the premiere of beautiful mermaid's, Luo Yiming came out from the scene and heard the feedback from the audience. He should be happy.

     But a short message made him happy whatever the case does not raise.

     Break up.

     That's right, Luo Yiming received a few text messages to break up.

     The text message did not explain the reason, Luo Yiming called to ask, but Si Si did not answer the phone at all.

     Therefore, Luo Yiming did not go to the forum after the premiere, and went back to the villa energetic and bustling.

     I thought I could see Sisi at home, but only got a piece of paper with a "breakup letter" written by Sisi to him.

     Yiming, when you read this letter, our love is already finished.Don't cry, listen to me, it's not your fault.

     The only thing wrong is that our love is not blessed.

     The only thing wrong is that I am not good enough to match such a good you.

     Once, I naively thought that you were a kite, and I held the thread in my hand, no matter where you fly, I will ultimately belong to you.

     Now finally clear, in fact, if you love you, you should not be bound.

     Your future is to conquer the entire sky. Without that thread, you can fly farther.

     Don't go to me, don't hold me back, I have already decided, if you don't want to see my tears, then promise me, good.

     You know, I least want you to see my fragility.

     Also, I watched your mermaid, it looks very good, and your acting is awesome.

      At this time, you should devote yourself to your art.

     On the road of art, there is radiance. I will always be your fan.

     We can't be a couple, but I will remember that the journey you walked with me was very romantic, very warm, and worthy of my lifetime memories.

     I do not regret loving you, I am proud to have been loved by you.

     For the rest of our lives, we will each go well!

     The future is bright!
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