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459 Chapter 455, Regrouping (third More)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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Looking at the letter written by Si Si, Luo Yiming sat on the ground paralyzed. Before he had time to ask why, Si Si had already chosen to leave her.

      Between the words and the lines, Luo Yiming can faintly spy on a marriage without blessing, so it must be Sisi's parents who disagree with the relationship between the two.

      At this time, it is probably related to your identity in the entertainment industry.

     Yes, there are several parents who want their daughter to marry an actor and a director.

     The entertainment circle is muddy. Among the ten people in this circle, nine of them can't do clean-living and honest, only has one self-protection. Then, they are alien, out-of-group, and entertaining talks in the eyes of others.

     If you want to join the entertainment circle, you can play, be able to play, and play.

     Female stars are the same, male actors and even directors are the same.

     Unless, unless you really become the maker of all games in the entertainment industry, at that time, you have the ability to say no.

     But now, Luo Yi is obviously not enough.

     That night, Luo Yiming just sat slumped in his room, looking at the moonlight outside, the soft moonlight from the past seemed to be much colder.

     With the windows closed, Luo Yiming could feel the chills!

     Several calls entered Luo Yiming's cell phone, but Luo Yiming did not choose to answer them.

     Until 11:30, the impatient mother rushed into Luo Yiming's room and saw Wang Haiyue.

     Luo Yiming, who had never cried before, shed tears unsuspectingly, and the big tears bā da bā da hit the ground.


     "Sisi... left me."

     Pain, heartache that I have never had before.A second ago, Luo Yiming's promise of a whole lifetime to Si Si was still there, but now things have remained the same, but people have changed.

     "Why? Sisi why is this?" Wang Haiyue was also blindfolded, but she, who loved her son, hugged Luo Yiming on the ground.

     Embrace him.

     Gently patting Luo Yiming's back, his mother's hand relieved Luo Yiming's heartache a little, but he still couldn't stop sobbing.

      "All right, Yiming, don't cry. Mom knows you are sad. I'm calling Sisi now, why is she."

     As soon as Wang Haiyue picked up the phone, Luo Yiming snatched it off immediately.

     He wiped away the tears on his cheeks and turned to be strong: "Mom...Don't disturb her, she wants only one man who is stable for her, what can I do to make her change one's mind."

     Wang Haiyue didn't quite understand, she looked at her son suspiciously.

     "Mom, I am going to quit the entertainment industry."

     "What?" Wang Haiyue exploded.

     She completely without thought: "Do you know what are you saying, son, do you want to quit the entertainment industry?"

     "I have never been so clear and calm as I am today."

     "I said I.. want.. retire.. out.. entertainment.. fun.. circle."

     "Crazy, son, you are really crazy, you quit the entertainment circle, what about Shangteng Film and Television, what about UTV, what about the studio? What about the actors you signed with, the singers."

     Obviously, Wang Haiyue helped Luo Yiming take care of the company these days, and it is clearer how reckless and impulsive and unrealistic it is for a president-level figure to leave a company no matter what.Luo Yiming's eyes never hesitated, he stood up and walked slowly to the window.

     "Mom, tell me, why do people live for this life?"

     "For money, right?"

     Wang Haiyue calmed down, she knew that her son would give her a bowl of chicken soup for the soul.

     "Mom, no. I will now become more prosperous with each passing day, which is operated by Shangteng. UTV has become one of the three major Film and Television Companies. I have my own studio. But mom, I have lost love."

     "The girl I like, she chose to leave me precisely because I was in this circle."

     "No." Wang Haiyue interrupted him. When he was not in contact with the entertainment industry, Wang Haiyue had also refused Luo Yiming's entry into the circle.

     It was Luo Yiming who insisted on participating in the draft.

     I have really entered the entertainment circle. One by one good art work, movies and TV series are released, bringing happiness to the audience and sending positive energy to the society.

     Wang Haiyue realized that what she was doing was a great and meaningful thing.

     "Yi Ming, you are wrong, Mom tells you. What do people live for?"

     "Yes, not for money and power."

     "People live for oneself and live well at the same time, allowing others to live happily because of you. You think about who your hero is, the big name is coming, reader, how much positive energy he brings to this society."

     "If you think about it, Charlotte's troubles and the mermaid have made many people happy."

     "The entertainment industry says it's not clean, it's difficult to clean-living and honest. That's because many people pollute here."

     "But we are clean, we to grow out of the mud unsullied, but don't wallow in the mire with sb with them.""If you shrink at this time, you can walk freely, but it's reserved for the entertainment industry."

     "This place will be completely polluted, more and more bad movies will occupy the theaters, more and more vulgar reality shows will occupy the market, and the little fresh meat and little flowers without acting skills will become the regular army of film and television. Do you hope Do you see such a sight?"

     "and also!"

     Wang Haiyue thought deeply, and said, "The Olympics is coming soon. The new variety show you are planning to plan, the Supernova Olympics, won't it be held?"

     "You don't keep on saying that you want to promote the spirit of sportsmanship, let the spirit of sportsmanship and the spirit of struggle spread throughout China, so as to present the Olympic athletes. Have you forgotten everything you said?"

     Luo Yiming dumbstruck and unable to reply.

     Mother's words, like a loud slap, awakened Luo Yiming.

     For the sake of love, to quit the entertainment circle, what a great talk.

     In fact, it's just a selfish performance.

     At the beginning, regardless of costs, struggling to pounce on the entertainment circle and want to change the entertainment circle, but now, for the sake of feelings, she has to shrink.

     Really a coward.

     If the fate with Sisi can only go to this, I have to commemorate this love first, to reorganize flags and drums, and kill those any cat and dog entertainment bigwigs in the entertainment circle. This is what Real man!


     The moment when the feelings of the past were internalized, they were treasured in the treasure box of time.

     Luo Yiming gave his mother a hug, he knew where to focus his energy.

      The box office of beautiful mermaid's is not big or not. This is the key to whether you can striving to improve on your own.In the next step, Luo Yiming relied on the outbreak of beautiful mermaid's and made a new recruit announcement at the press conference, launched a new star Olympics, and relied on the Olympic theme to create a gold medal live-action variety show.

     This is Luo Yiming's right path.

     At this time, several hours have passed since the premiere of beautiful mermaid's.

     The ratings of,, and ?The Mermaid? are lifted.

     Abandoning his own video network, Luo Yiming first looked at the beautiful mermaid's rating on other websites.

     5.8 points.

     I go!

     Luo Yiming cried.

     This score makes him not expected at the outset.

     Although this is the first movie on the line of Luo Yiming Cinema.

     Ke Luo Yiming is not his debut.

     Charlotte Worry was crazy online.

     The score is at 7.2 points.

     My website "Charlotte Annoyance" scored 8 points.

     As for Luo Yiming's Langya List TV series rating, it goes without saying.

     But why is the rating of Mermaid and Youtanwang so low?
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