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460 Chapter 456, Yu Wen (fourth More)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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? The score is low. If it is operated normally, there will be abusive or even poisonous points in the film, which makes fans unacceptable.

     The mermaid movie has.

     For example, during the abuse, Shanshan was bullied by the demon Ruolan.

     That scene of killing under the sea made many people uncomfortable.

     Including Liu Xuan was shot again and again by an arrow gun.

     It's so special, isn't the final result complete?

     Today's movie fans shouldn't even be able to accept this abuse.

     Luo Yiming felt that something must be wrong.

     Looking at my website, the score for lifting the ban is 6.5, which is not much higher.

     Luo Yiming couldn't understand a bit.

     Like Luo Yiming, Yu Xiaoxiao, who returned home, felt that the online rating must be a mistake.

     There will be no problem with my own judgment.

     After reading the discussion of ?The Mermaid?, Yu Xiaoxiao was surprised.

     This radically he aimed at is the retaliatory rating of some organizations!

     Yes, after a movie has just been released, many viewers use the Internet to understand the quality of the movie and decide whether to watch it in the theater.

     If this time, people who harbored evil intents maliciously write negative reviews, it will make a movie that is already a hit will not explode.

     The best viewing Butterfly Effect three days before the loss.

     Who is the advantage of this?

     It must be other movies released in the same period, so if you think about retaliatory ratings, you will know who it is.

     Yu Xiaoxiao looked at the comments carefully, and they were also drunk."I think? The Mermaid? This movie is a good film, but it has a great decline. For me, the consumption environment, satirizing human beings, is over. Human beings actually have many good sides! A movie based on this topic , I can only score five points."

     "The films in the Spring Festival file are all good, but you can watch ?The Mermaid? It just feels uncomfortable and cruel. I chose to watch this film because it promoted comedy and healing, and it turned out to be very abused. I am very sad. Disappointed."

     "Give 6 points, I'll barely pass it. Frankly speaking, I laughed a lot. When I saw Shanshan was about to kill Liu Xuan, I really laughed. But in the end, I almost couldn't hold it. "

     "This kind of junk film is too much to give 5 points. Don't ask me why I am in a bad mood, don't want to talk (about it)."

     There are many comments like this.

     And also occupied the front row.

     Those who support the mermaid and stand for the mermaid are quickly covered up.

     It's a retaliatory score for a conspiracy.

     Not only that, in the beautiful mermaid's comments, there are also many posts praising a slim chance of survival.

     To say that these brushes are really professional, but if they are too professional, Yu Xiaoxiao will find the flaws.

     I kept thinking about the fragments of "The Mermaid", and an hour later, Yu Xiaoxiao produced an article.

     "On the mermaid, can it stand the test? Can it bear the banner of the 2008 movie classic!"

     As soon as this film review was posted, it immediately attracted many netizens to watch.

     Many melon-eating audiences said that what happened to the movie Mermaid could actually use the term classic.

     Everyone looked at Yu Xiaoxiao's article."I am a film critic. Regarding the 5-point evaluation of ?The Mermaid? on the oil depot, I have to stand up and make some skeptical explanations."

     "Frankly speaking, this five-point evaluation frightened me. In my ten years of watching movies, the mermaid can be regarded as a classic movie despite its flaws."

     "If you hire someone for retaliatory scoring because of some hidden secrets. Then, people in the circle, do you still remember the original intention of the ‘oil depot.’

     "Fair and open."

     "I remember that this was the original intention of the oil depot."

     But now we deliberately belittle this movie just because of some abuse plots in "The Mermaid".

     Then ask yourself.

     Is this fair to ?The Mermaid? and to the audience who have not yet watched the movie?


     Yu Xiaoxiao first analyzed ?The Mermaid?, and then began to get into the topic.

     I have seen films promoting environmental protection before, but those films are all preaching, the plot is blunt, clichéd, and the whole story is rigid.

     There is no sense of substitution.

     But ?The Mermaid? is very humorous. After watching the whole film, laughter is always filling the theater.

     Of course, except for that episode of abusive plot.

     But speaking of this plot, it is actually the sublimation of this movie.

     The core of this movie is ‘environmental protection’!

     Through the human killing of the mermaid tribe, some of the guilt of human beings were exposed.

     In order to awaken conscience, this kind of plot is actually quite ordinary.But why is it so cruel to the mermaid.

     It's because the mermaid joined Liu Xuan and Shanshan's line of affection.

     Putting the love story of the mermaid here, the killing and pain that Shanshan and Liu Xuan endured are much heavier.

     Also put this plot to change something rotten into something magical.

     It was precisely because of this abuse that the last mermaid was rescued, the bad guys were arrested, the environment was restored to a better place, and everything was restored to a peaceful ending. The fans were delighted.


     Those of you who have watched this movie have discovered that there's nothing about it big-name celebrities.

     Every little person that can be shaped enter deeply into people's hearts.

     After watching the movie, I believe everyone has remembered a few people, the octopus piglet, the mermaid Shanshan, the policeman Yin Zheng, including the museum curator Fatty.

     Liu Xuan's assistant.

     and many more.

     Director Luo Yiming's personality arrangement for these characters makes us feel very three-dimensional.

     No duplicates.

     Finally, the successful conclusion, the reunion of everyone under the sea, actually echoed the theme of the movie, the salvation of environmental protection.

     That's right, the most environmental wording in this movie is probably salvation!

     Let us think about something after watching the movie. This is the meaning of this movie.


      Yu Xiao has finished writing the 1000-word film review of voluminous.

     There are spoilers in this film review.

     But it is not completely spoiled.

     More often, Yu Xiaoxiao is analyzing movies.

     After writing, Yu Xiaoxiao concluded in one sentence."I personally think that "The Mermaid" is a film integrating business and literature, education and entertainment. This movie makes you laugh, makes you cry, makes you think, makes you learn to care for the environment, makes you depressed, and makes you again Full of positive energy, if you don’t watch it, you will definitely regret it!"

     After writing, Yu Xiaoxiao uploaded it to the oil depot website.

     Not only Yu Xiaoxiao, other filmmakers also praised "The Mermaid" at this time.

     "I think? The Mermaid? This movie can be called a classic. Luo Yiming, Xiaozhu, Zhang Yuqi's acting skills are very strong, and the intensity of the laughter in this film is extremely dense, an average of five minutes to laugh, you can try test!"

     "Who can sum up the humorous paragraph in ?The Mermaid?, I think this movie is really worth watching, it's really funny!"

     "Haha, I think so too, "The Mermaid? Although there is a bit of abusive plot, but the whole is pretty good."


     More and more people praised "The Mermaid" on the oil depot website.


     Luo Yiming's old comrade, Penghu of Jinghua Entertainment also wrote a page for ?The Mermaid? wave flags and shout battle cries at this time.

     "?The Mermaid? is Luo Yiming's work of conscience!"

     "A rare good movie in 2008."

     This article also received a lot of likes.

     It can be said that Luo Yiming proved one thing to everyone with practical actions.

     As long as you use your heart, you can produce good works.

      When everybody gathers fuel, the flames are higher, on this night, the popularity of the mermaid to have accumulated knowledge and deliver it slowly completely destroyed the power of the brush.

     Directly refresh the rating of the oil depot.At 12 o'clock, the score of beautiful mermaid's rose to 7 points, which is close to the trouble of Charlotte.
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