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461 Chapter 457, The Beginning Of The War (seeking Monthly Ticket)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

? British post entertainment.

     From the time the film was released in the evening, it is still brightly lit at twelve o'clock, without sleep.

     All employees of the company were dispatched, the public relations theater, contacted the media, boasted a slim chance of survival, and stepped on the mermaid.

     Harder than before the film was released.

     Xu Li did not go to dinner, she was sitting in the office, and the computer was about "a slim chance of survival" and "The Mermaid".

     "A slim chance of survival" audience's suggestions for watching movies are: stars gather, plots are clichéd, play brilliantly, and directors are new.

     This suggestion is a common comment given by more than a dozen neutral magazines.

     Looking back at ?The Mermaid?'s movie-watching advice: there are not many stars, the humorous fountain is breaking out, the actors are very powerful, and the director is cutting-edge.

     The two movie viewing suggestions are summarized together.

     This is an internal injury.

     On the front foot, Kong Ren hit Xu Li.

     Said she was not as good as Luo Yiming.

     On the back foot, the industry has hit Xu Li for a while.

     Compared with Xu Li's newcomer, Luo Yiming's newcomer makes Xu Li's face hot.

     According to time, Xu Li also directed several works in the British Queen. Although they were all screened in the Taipei area of Hong Kong, she is really not a newcomer.

     Before the premiere, Xu Li was actually full of confidence.

     But after comparing the two films, Xu Li might buy a beautiful mermaid's ticket if she chooses herself.

     She knows, this is the pill.

     With a sigh of loss, Kong Ren pushed the door in. He had been busy all night today. Although tired, Kong Ren would not rest in order to snipe Luo Yiming's mermaid."Xu Li, I said what are you still studying here. Why don't we public praise? The Mermaid? Not ashamed, don't you know that there is a word in the industry, "Applause is not popular"?"

     "This New Year's Day? The Mermaid? The plot has caused the audience's annoyance on the Internet. This is me opportunity.

     "You mean we use this to make a fuss? You made the bad reviews on the Internet?"

     Xu Li is not willing to fail, but she is also changing her mind.


     "If we don't, how can we win?"

     Kong Ren said: "At present, the posture of ?The Mermaid? and "a slim chance of survival" are two options. Either you die or I live. How can it be we let this opportunity pass?"

     The movie market is a battlefield without gunsmoke.

     The fight between "a slim chance of survival" and ?The Mermaid? is just a dessert.

     Now is the main dish.

     But Kong Ren never expected that in the movie market, he still did not have the strength to determine life and death with one punch.

     In an instant a myriad changes of the Internet, you have to use works to speak.


     "Survey data how is it?"

     Pan Riting asked a little impatient.

     "President Pan."

     The supervisor in charge of the investigation of “The Mermaid” said: “We investigated 4 districts in total, namely Dongcheng, Xicheng, Haidian and Shijing districts, and randomly checked 4 movie theaters in each district. These 4 movie theaters are again Random spot checks..."

     "The results of it."

     "85% was excellent, 5% was good, and the remaining 10% was poor."The supervisor went on to say: "But the bad ones are basically malicious. According to the feedback from the cinema, the effect of this movie is very good."

     "good very good!"

     Pan Riting couldn't help but screamed: "This time I see that other theaters have the ability to continue not to arrange films for ?The Mermaid?."

     At this time, Pan Riting seemed to have a sulky breath.

     This movie is the first kill of the Luodao theater line. The original main battlefield is in the variety show.

     In the era of Shangteng Entertainment before Shangteng Films, there was a saying in the industry: Luo export products, variety shows must be fine.

      In other words, Shangteng Entertainment has achieved the first place before the variety show.


     Later, in the era of Shangteng Film Industry, in front of other film and television giants, Luo Yiming's TV series Langya list was also quite awesome.

     Now, it's only in the movie circle.

     If Shangteng Film and Television emerges in the movie again.

     Luo Yiming definitely wants to go to heaven.

     Regarding ?The Mermaid?'s film arrangement, Teng Film and Television used all one's strength, but the final film arrangement was only 15%.

     This lineup is too low compared to Luo Yiming, who has the bottom line for Charlotte's troubled movies.

     Not to mention that it was announced by United Entertainment Film and Television and UTV Video.

     Not that much!

     The movie theater controlled by Entertainment Film and Television actually raised the price of "The Mermaid" movie to the highest.

     The things he held turned his elbows out, which also let Luo Yiming know that although he became a bigwig in entertainment, the actual management was still Zhang Dongming’s old tribe.If Zhang Dongming is not driven away, Yuyi will never be named Luo.

     In fact, Pan Riting, Luo Yiming, including the top executives of Shangteng Film and Television know.

     If ?The Mermaid?'s first day box office and public praise are not ideal.

     Then everything is over.

     The lineup is relatively low, and it is even more because of his opponent British Queens Entertainment who is playing tricks. He took more resources.

     God knows that when I just saw the oil depot online ?The Mermaid? The score was only 5.8 after the ban was lifted, Pan almost stopped beating.

     Because there are few rows of films and poor public praise, there is basically no chance of turning over.

     Fortunately, he is relieved after seeing the score.

     The enemy's trying to hide it makes it more conspicuous, a vulgar method of maliciously brushing bad reviews.

     This does not explain the problem.

     The next two hours is the changeable situation.

     There is a lot of praise for "The Mermaid" online.

      public praise Swish straight up.

      This time, Pan Riting's confidence has completely returned.

     At this moment, seize the opportunity and do a great job, and the mermaid may get back his glory.

     After 10 minutes.

     Shangteng video conference room.

     Pan Riting said to the marketing manager: "Continue to increase the publicity investment of ?The Mermaid?, this time you don’t need distressed money. In addition, the two television programs that ?The Mermaid? participated in will also come out. Spend more money. The TV station helps us propagate."

     "Then there is to find more media to write the draft, other means can also be used."

     Marketing manager lightly nodded: "Okay, I understand."

     "It all depends on tomorrow's box office!""Yes, the box office on the first day is everything."

     Pan Riting raised his head and said, "It's up to tomorrow whether you can tear a hole in this battle!"

      Public praise does not mean everything.

     Everything just looks at the box office.

     Luo Yiming disdains to do this, Pan Riting is now in charge of the company's film and television operations, and he wants to act.

     Pan Riting rolled up his sleeves to prepare for a big fight, and Zhang Dongming also started to act.

      This time, everyone is exhausted, just for the box office.

     Regardless of late at night, the media have already started writing and publishing.

     "Luo Yiming's first major theater movie? The Mermaid? public praise lifted the ban and burst!!!"

     "The very ambitious Luo Yiming's first cinema movie ?The Mermaid? is not only a bold launch of newcomers, but also a humorous classic..."

     "Suren Ni Ni's first screen debut was amazing, "The Mermaid" is shocking!!"

     "Luo Yiming's first film combines commercial and literary arts, education and entertainment, and the blockbuster hits the sight!"
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