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463 Chapter 459, Supernova Olympics Planning (seeking Monthly Ticket)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

? By noon, the box office should be out.

      At the same time, the media, audiences and fans who pay attention to the box office are all an action, refreshing.

     The box office statistics were not delayed.

     Yu Xiaoxiao saw the box office statistics of ?The Mermaid?.

     "This, this, this very hard to believe."

     Looking blankly at the box office of ?The Mermaid?, Yu Xiaoxiao didn't know how to describe his feelings.

     In fact, according to film schedule, Yu Xiaoxiao had a psychological box office, but the final result, of course, surprised her.

      before that, Shangteng Film and Television.

     "Does the box office data come out? How many are we?"

     "Pan, take a look."

     Pan Riting got the box office data of "The Mermaid", and he was shocked when he saw the box office.


     so surprised.

     Looking at the data in his hand, Pan Riting laughed presumptuously: "Haha, I want to see if the theaters will not arrange movies for the next time!!"

     At any time, there are two principles for arranging movies in theaters.

     Chain theaters are based on the guidance of theaters.

     You are like the movie theaters affiliated with or co-operated by British Post Entertainment. There must be a dominant opinion.

     As for the theater manager, most of them are responsible for film arrangement.

     But often the major theaters there is still one highest principle.

     That is all looking at "money".

     You can control your own theater, but the results are not good, and that's all.

     Beijing Wenhua large theater.The theater manager looked at the data of "The Mermaid" and shook the head first, pondered for two seconds, and said helplessly: "Go increase the schedule of "The Mermaid"."

     "But we..."

     "There's nothing about it, but this time we don't move, and other theaters will also increase film schedules."

     The theater's ideal also unexpectedly said.

     Money does not make a bastard.

     This society is so realistic.

     Besides, even if they don't arrange movies, other theaters must arrange movies immediately.

     This is the market.

     If you don't grasp the market tightly, money will quickly flow to other people's pockets.

     Looking at the box office results, the executives of the British Queens Entertainment have mixed feelings.

     After Xu Li got the data in her hand, she laughed: "Mr. Kong, our box office is higher than that of the mermaid, this time it can be relieved."

     Kong Ren's expression couldn't relax no matter what, with 45% of the lineup, he won more than 100 million box office. This achievement is indeed close to the record of Chinese film history.

     Before "a slim chance of survival", the holder of the box office record on the first day of China Film History was "serious inquiries only", with a box office of 132 million on the first day.

     It was a masterpiece of entertainment film and television, directed by Feng Gang.

     The subsequent CCTV films failed to break this first day Box Office Record.

     But today, after the box office update of China Data Network, the industry was shocked.

     "A slim chance of survival" box office data released on the first day, 130 million.

     That’s right, today’s "a slim chance of survival" movie is infinitely close to Feng Gang’s work serious inquiries only, only 20 million less at the box office than the other party, which can be described as two armies have equivalent banners and drums.

     This achievement is very enchanting.The key to why Kong Ren is still expression was serious is that he occupies 45% of the theater's platoon, which is higher than the serious inquiries only at the time.

     "By the way, what is the box office of ?The Mermaid?"

     At this moment, Xu Li suddenly asked with concern.

     "65 million!"

     Kong Ren had seen the beautiful mermaid's box office a long time ago. When asked by Xu Li, he was helpless: "15% of the lineup is 65 million, and the box office is half of ours. The lineup is only our one third. According to this box office, I am afraid I can't stop it! "

     Xu Li was silent.


     Entertainment Film and Television Office.

     Feng Gang and Zhang Dongming were sitting together, the ashtray in front of them was already full of cigarette butts.

     Feng Gang usually doesn't smoke, but the box office of beautiful mermaid's is so fierce that he is very upset.

     This ?The Mermaid? suffered such a situation on the first day and even broke 65 million at the box office.

     If you line up the film, the box office in a single day is likely to exceed 100 million, or even break the single-day box office record you hold.

     How to turn off the mermaid.

      Half a month later, only has one way to stop the mermaid if his movie God of Cookery arrives.

     Use a slim chance of survival to roll over.

     After discussing with Zhang Dongming, Feng Gang immediately contacted Kong Ren.

     After 15 minutes, the draft came out.

     ""A slim chance of survival" has a box office of 130 million on the first day, which is close to the Chinese film history record of 132 million on the first day held by director Feng Gang!!"

     ""A slim chance of survival" collected 130 million box office! Box office is extremely possible to exceed 1 billion."""A slim chance of survival" public praise and the box office are flying together, the China Film Market blows out again!!"

     "The box office results on the first day of the Spring Festival file were released. The champion "a slim chance of survival", 130 million became the biggest winner!"


     These bulletins do not the slightest mention of mermaids.

     At the box office of 65 million, audiences who don’t understand, think that a slim chance of survival is relatively fierce.

     Suddenly, the media began to tout "a slim chance of survival".

      In addition, the official blog of "God of Cookery" also blessed a slim chance of survival. Congratulations on "a slim chance of survival" reaching the top!

     Feng Gang and Xu Li acted again, ignoring the existence of Luo Yiming, and bluntly, on March 29, staged the peak duel of the two major dramas.

     Smart as Feng Gang, he is bundled propaganda.

     In order to create popularity for her a slim chance of survival, Xu Li echoed one another with Feng Gang, to everyone's delight and satisfaction.

      ?The Mermaid? Regardless of the lineup, I did lose to the place on the first day.

     Luo Yiming did not brag about a slim chance of survival in the accident industry at all in the company.

     On a piece of paper on the desk, he sketched in light shades: neither too fast nor too slow.

     A few minutes later, Fatty Wen arrived at Luo Yiming's office.

     "Director Luo, because the public praise of "The Mermaid" and the box office are good, other movie theaters have added platoons, we will follow your instructions and we will have a road show soon!"

     Luo Yiming nodded: "The roadshow will start from the Beijing Film Faculty. It just so happens that I also want to find some good seedlings there."

      Beautiful mermaid's came out at the box office on the first day.

     Luo Yiming's focus should shift.

     With 65 million, 15% of the score, Luo Yiming felt stable.With successive additions in theaters, beautiful mermaid's box office will gradually increase, even if it will be slammed by a slim chance of survival in the first two days, time will verify everything.

     "Looking for Miaozi?" Fatty Wen didn't understand.

     "At the box office of beautiful mermaid's, we have to look at the effect of the film. If it fails to meet expectations, we will think about countermeasures. The next focus is on the next variety show."

     "My next variety show is to respond to the Olympic theme, the Supernova Olympics. Therefore, I want to find some talented artists in the Beijing Film Faculty!"

     "Of course, he is an entertainer, humorous, or super handsome, superb body, must have his own advantages and characteristics, you first look for, then I will choose the best."

     "Okay." Fatty Wen had heard others say that Director Luo would return to variety shows before.

     He didn't know that the next variety show was so tall.

     The Supernova Olympics is completely paving the way for the propaganda of the Beijing Olympics. With this shareholder, Luo Dao will inevitably create a trend. Thinking about it, I am excited.
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