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464 Chapter 460, I Promise Not To Hit You (recommendation Ticket)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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? Regarding the Supernova Olympics, Luo Yiming, although there are variety shows that Yuantime and Space can learn from, such as Yuantime and Space Blueberry TV's Come Champion.

     The oil depot video, produced by Tmall, is Slam Dunk.

     Also, the boys and girls on Dolphin TV are always flourishing never weakening forward.

     But these shows are still different from the variety show Luo Yiming wants to create.

     In the Supernova Olympics, Luo Yiming promoted the spirit of sports, mobilized national sports, and created a healthy body by recording the entire process of new stars turning from artists into athletes.

     Bring Chinese sportsmanship to greater heights.

     At the same time, through the interaction and entertainment between new stars and some famous stars in the circle, to collide with the sparks of variety shows.

     Let sports not be boring.

     Of course, like other variety shows, Luo Yiming will invite several instructors in the show. They will be more powerful in the field of sports.

     Professional directors come to develop the artist's sports cells, teach sports skills and guide the artist to practice during the time he gets along.

     Speaking of professional sports instructors, Luo Yiming already has several candidates in his mind. Also in Luo Yiming’s previous programs, he had conversations with these strong sportsmen. Luo Yiming greatly appreciates their contributions to the country in their sports career. , To realize the open-mindedness of self-worth.

     To bear the brunt, the first person Luo Yiming wanted to invite was Master Yao.

     Master Yao was in the Golden Age of the NBA in 2008.

     For 6 consecutive seasons in 2003-09, he was selected to the NBA All-Star team, 2 times to the NBA All-NBA second team, and 3 times to the NBA All-NBA third team.It was also after 2009 that Master Yao started his sports career and acquired the Modu Men's Basketball Team and became the owner of the Modu Shark Basketball Club's.

     In the 2008 Olympics, Dayao led the national team to the quarterfinals.

     Luo Yiming invited him to give guidance on the program. Without affecting the training, Luo Yiming felt that the broadcast of the program would even further burn Master Yao’s enthusiasm.

      to cut one's way through thistles and thorns, there are better grades to rewrite the unevenness.

     In addition to Dayao, Luo Yiming also wants to invite two, one is the Chinese Olympic gold winner Xu Haifeng, who has now retired and is about to retire.

     Xu Lao is 52 years old this year. As the winner of the Olympic gold medal, Luo Yiming invited him to come. It is also connected with the Olympic theme of the Supernova Olympics. At the same time, Xu Lao can also serve as the Sea-Calming Divine Needle to ensure the professional aspects of the program The problem.

     Except for Dayao and Xu Lao, the next person is interesting.

     Luo Yiming would like to invite China from the original space-time, the Asian 100-meter trapeze, and the Asian 100-meter Record holder Su Bingtian.

     Xiao Su has not yet been selected for the national team, just in the Guang Dong provincial team, sprinting towards the national team.

     Also in 2008, Xiao Su entered the national team and began to kill the Quartet.

     Luo Yiming invited Xiao Su to expose him to the media early. He also hoped that Su Bingtian could play for the national team as soon as possible. During an Olympic cycle, the whole world could witness the demeanor of Asians.

     After planning the instructors to be invited by the Supernova Olympics, the content of the program, and the theme of each issue, it was already more than five o'clock in the afternoon.

     After tidying up, Luo Yiming returned to the villa.In the past few days, my mother was with Luo Yiming.

     On the one hand, Wang Haiyue worried that after Si Si left, her son would be lonely, so stay here and chat with him.

     On the one hand, Luo Yiming is a person who likes to hide his thoughts and hide the front. He is sure that besides letting go of this feeling, Wang Haiyue also needs to help Luo Yiming get the next variety show in these days.

     Supernova Olympics.

     Compared with Luo Yiming's previous big names, this variety show is more formal for whoever is a hero.

     More dogmatic.

     The more demanding, delicate, and serious themes are, the harder it is for the audience to like them.

     Therefore, the highlights of the Supernova Olympics are particularly critical.

     If the audience chooses a supernova, what will he watch?

     When Wang Haiyue and Luo Yiming exchanged this, the son directly put the content and theme, the planning proposal of how to play the show in front of his mother.

     There are ten pages in total.

     Except for the cover and the mentor, which take up two pages.

     The remaining eight pictures are written about the highlights of the show, burning points, slot points, humor points, and tear points.

     After watching Wang Haiyue, she had to nod her head.

     It can be said that in the previous variety show, that very passionate boy will go online again, and this show will also reveal one's talent. Become a clear stream of reality show variety shows.

     Used to watching ambiguous small variety shows, suddenly a strong stream?

     I'm used to watching the funny variety show with silly mouths and play treasures, and suddenly there is a laugh with tears?I'm used to watching the mother-of-pearl, except for the appearance and the body, there's nothing about it. There's nothing about it. Suddenly a sports entertainer comes to jump, play basketball, archery, gymnastics, sprint, and 4*100m relay.

     Do you find it very fresh.

     Very exciting.

     Very bursting.

     Of course there is.

     Wang Haiyue is burning more and more, she is looking forward to letting this variety show go live tomorrow.

     When Wang Haiyue saw the end, after half a minute of contemplation, she only has one suggestion, with Xu Haifeng, Dayao and Xiaosu in place.

     Luo Yiming can still invite in, Li Shu.

     Because, Li Ning's era is the Golden Age of Chinese gymnastics.

     Li Ning is also synonymous with Chinese sports.

     Thinking of him, people will subconsciously pop out six words, everything is possible.

     Luo Yiming accepted his mother's suggestion.

     But the next problem is.

     These four mentors, Dayao and himself are friends, so please come, Xiaosu not a big problem, coach Li Ning and Xu Haifeng, this will take a lot of effort.

     It's not a question of money, but whether or not the two bigwigs can participate in such a variety show.

     In order to prevent her son from having so many worries and worries, Wang Haiyue decided to go out first, and after coordination failed, let Luo Yiming communicate.

     With this kind of mother, Luo Yiming is indeed in a much better mood.

     After eating pies and duck soup made by his mother, Luo Yiming went to bed and went to bed beautifully.

     And he already forgot, the mermaid is still competing with a slim chance of survival on the next day's box office that night.

     No dream for a night.

     The next day.China Box Office Data Net has been updated again.

     This time.

     The industry is not surprised.

     Before the data came out, the online voice of beautiful mermaid's had changed.

      From the very beginning, critics and satire are in the majority, and the film is in the minority.

     Today, the ratio of the two sides is slowly becoming more balanced.

     Moreover, the so-called abuse of "The Mermaid" movie is completely acceptable to many people.

     There are even many people who think that it is not abuse at all.

     If a slight suppression of the protagonist is considered to be abusive, then Huaxia's movies simply cannot find a few that are not abusive.

     The ridiculous thing is that a slim chance of survival is tense throughout the process, and the bad guys have been controlling the situation. So, can you think that a slim chance of survival is being abused throughout the process?

     Obviously this is nonsense.

     Yesterday's online comment or the attack Mermaid, after a day of filming, after watching a larger audience, the team of admirers has become stronger.

     This change is the most obvious.

     Movie fans also have a feeling of being cheated.

     Especially meow, who said that this movie abused and abused your sister! You stand up, I promise not to shit you!
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