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465 Chapter 461, The Controversy Of Cutting Edges (third More)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

In fact, many times, things like public opinion are two-sided, you are strong and others are weak, and you are weak and others are strong.

     Most marketing companies will also find some ways in the forum to find your weakness, Deadly Strike.

     This stems from the plot in the movie that often depends on interpretation.

     Everyone has different feelings about watching a movie. Public opinion can influence you through their own opinions, making you feel that the first impressions are strongest, this is a junk movie.

     "Chinese Odyssey" by the original time and space star was also very popular when it was released, and later it became popular with various interpretations.

      ?The Mermaid? What is your interpretation.


     Big and empty.

     no subject.

     Mermaid love, dog-blood cliché.

     This is the interpretation of beautiful mermaid's by British Post Entertainment and media.

     Until today, some voices breaking this interpretation began to appear on the Internet.

     Since this trend has already existed, the publicity and distribution department of Shangteng Film and Television feels that this is an opportunity.

     Old Pan called Luo Yiming, and the latter would still be awake in the bed.

     "Ah, you said to give the mermaid a literary interpretation, an interpretation of redemption? Then I think the redemption is good."

     Luo Yiming simply got up, walked to the washbasin and flushed his face.

     "I just got up, I'm sorry, what I said you should use the interpretation of redemption is precisely the environmental awareness we want to promote.""The theme of the mermaid is environmental protection and care for the environment. We can do a small urban survey. For example, what do you do first thing in the morning, go to the toilet, then the question arises, how do you flush the toilet? From the toilet How do you wash your hands when you come out, will you save water?"

     "By extension, will you save electricity? Do you throw rubbish?"

     "We use some small problems to draw everyone's awareness of environmental protection and conservation. I think this will easily resonate with everyone, so that we can look back at our mermaid."

     Pan Riting got it.

      Thus, the interpretation of beautiful mermaid's is a bowl of noble chicken soup for the soul.

     Although ?The Mermaid?'s movie is a bit sad.

     Although this movie has a lot of achievements in the field of comedy, it is not an exaggeration to call it a comedy movie.

     But as Director Luo said, the core competitiveness of this movie is his environmental protection.

     This has the effect of purifying people's hearts.

     Pan Riting is also an expert in publicity

     With Luo Yiming's guiding ideology, after Pan Riting hung up the phone, he had already planned a big fight.

     First release a special.

     In the mermaid movie, Luo Yiming filmed environmental pollution, human killing videos from the big vision.

     Today, Pan Riting is taking some small environmental protection pictures from his UTV video.

     Sanitation workers.

     Residential property.

     Auntie picking up trash in the park.


     Children who litter.

     Walking the dog in public relations, the dog shit regardless of the owner.Princess patient who wasted water.

     and many more.

     "Mind Cleansing."

     This is the special edition Pan Riting will post today.

     In this special, Pan Riting is not doing superficial cleansing, he is doing another cleansing of the soul.

     Only when the soul is clean, the earth will be beautiful.

     At any time, the classics will never be out of date.

     This special is actually not very much related to the overall content of ?The Mermaid?, but it is a sensational 3-minute video.

     He also joined in interviews with sanitation workers and ordinary residents of the city.

     A city story.

     In the big winter, the hand of the auntie sanitation picking up rubbish was red with cold, and she was still in the middle of the road, even in danger of being hit by a car.

     Many people are ashamed.

     This short film also moved the hearts of many people.

     "Aim, suddenly sensational."

     "Damn, not expected at the outset, how hadn't thought played sensational."

     "Yes, it's like Luo Dao's routine. It is indeed a bit sensational, but it is all true. We did it wrong. We do not have protection and love the environment around us."

     "The theme of Luo Dao's movie is environmental protection, but we have been entangled in whether to abuse or not, laugh or laugh, do we really understand it?"

     "Dao Luo's good intentions, we should wake up. If we don't treat the environment well today, tomorrow, we may suffer from ourselves."

     "It's everyone's responsibility to care for the environment, save water, start with me."

     ...has to say, this short video is a publicity from another angle? The Mermaid?.

     Environmental protection is a big hat.

     But this time, everyone is very comfortable.

     Compared with the recognition of the audience and the fans, the focus of the industry is not here.

     At 11:30, China Data Network was updated again.

     The first place is still "a slim chance of survival".

     The second place is ?The Mermaid?.

     The ranking of the two movies has not changed.

     It is not surprising that the industry saw this result.

     Although the mermaid public praise began to improve. However, the integrated film has never caught up.

     And, a movie, the box office of the first two days is particularly critical.

     The row is low, it's harder not to think about it.

     The same opinion is that people in the industry generally feel that other movies in the next three weeks of the current New Year file are cannon fodder.

     The box office market will be supported by two movies "a slim chance of survival" and ?The Mermaid?.

     The industry is more interested, and the difference is whether the mermaid can finally overtake the box office.

     Why do you have this view.

     It is the box office data of the two movies on the second day.

     "A slim chance of survival" fell by 20 million in a single day at the box office, but it still has a horrific data of 110 million, which is considered normal.

     But compared to the decline of "a slim chance of survival".

      ?The Mermaid? It's Hongguoguo's rise.

     In the case of a box office of 65 million on the first day, the next day he directly won 85 million.

     An increase of 20 million.

     This single-day box office is only 25 million less than a slim chance of survival.In this comparison, ?The Mermaid? seems to have more stamina.

     But many professionals feel that the reason why the mermaid will not overtake it is that after three days at the box office, the temperature and popularity will drop sharply, and the box office data will become smaller. The total box office overtake is almost impossible.


     "I'm not surprised by this result."

     When Yu Xiaoxiao saw the box office data, she by no means felt surprised.

     Luo Yiming's first movie, "Charlotte Annoyance" is not a regular operation against the trend?

     The mermaid has gained 20 million box office a day, which is definitely to have accumulated knowledge and deliver it slowly, the rise is imminent.

     Yu Xiaoxiao did not hesitate to praise, boasting that the box office of the mermaid will exceed a slim chance of survival.

     The forum of this meeting is also fried.

     "Aim, "a slim chance of survival" continues to lead, breaking 240 million in two days, and the box office must be rushing to the 1 billion box office."

     "At present, the 1 billion box office of "a slim chance of survival" may not be stable, but 800 million should be no problem. As for the final number, it depends on the follow-up publicity and influence."

     "800 million is also a record of China Film History. Okay. Hehe, now other directors are under pressure."

     "Yes, the directors of the emerging generation have emerged like bamboo shoots, and the pressure of the ZTE generation is coming."

     "You are all blowing a slim chance of survival, please take a look at the box office of ?The Mermaid?, he is more fierce, and he rebounded strongly the next day."

     "I'm just about to say, yes, the mermaid did rebound strongly, 85 million, very fierce. But this is also normal, don't forget, the number of rows is increasing."

     "I think that on the third day, the mermaid will perfectly overtake.""not necessarily…"

     "I find it difficult, it's worse than 20 millions."

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