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466 Chapter 462, The Sorrow Flows Against The River (seeking Monthly Ticket)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

?Everyone talked about isn't that a joy, but at present, everyone does not think that ?The Mermaid?'s box office can exceed "a slim chance of survival".

     At this moment, the media has already set the tone.

     ""A slim chance of survival" won 240 million box office in two days, Xu Li and Wu Weimin became the biggest winners!!"

     ""A slim chance of survival" took 240 million box office in two days, Xu Li broke 100 million in single day box office for two consecutive days, breaking the record of a new director!"

     "From Hong Kong and Taiwan to mainland movies, Xu Li turned in a perfect answer with "a slim chance of survival"!"

     "The biggest winner of the Spring Festival file "a slim chance of survival", Xu Lili defeated Luo Yiming and became a new director!"

     The media that's it, whoever is popular, will be praised.

     What's more, they also collected money.

     There is no pressure to hold it up.

     Blow vigorously.

     Not to mention that "a slim chance of survival" is indeed upbeat.

     The box office broke 240 million in two days.

     Pressure ?The Mermaid? Is there anything?

     Isn't such a result worth bragging about!

     As for Kong Ren being complimented by many people, he also put down his guard. He is ready to have a celebration party at the end of this week.

     Although ?The Mermaid? did not suppress.

     But it doesn't matter.

     The lead in the first two days has already explained the problem.

     According to this trend, "a slim chance of survival" can definitely crush ?The Mermaid?.

     Three weeks later, when the box office is sluggish, the release of "The Return of the Food Fairy" will crush ?The Mermaid?.

     Mermaid must bow before.

     In short, the current strategy of entertainment and entertainment film and television is very obvious.Join forces to fight against ?The Mermaid?

     Do everything you can to grab the lineup and box office.

     In two days, "a slim chance of survival" has won more than 240 million box office.

     Such a performance theater must also be praised.

     Entertainment is not worried after platooning the film.

     So here comes the problem.

      ?The Mermaid? Will the lineup be reduced?

     This can be seen if you are not stupid, and it will overtake the first day's box office by relying on the next day's box office.

      Beautiful mermaid's is impossible to drop.

     In this case, it can only be the compression of other movies.

     Ever since.

     Other movies became cannon fodder.

     The highest box office of a movie is less than 2 million in Big Times.

     Several other movies are similar.

     The total box office doesn't even have ten million.

     Completely finished.

     The current stage belongs to ?The Mermaid? and "a slim chance of survival".

     The two sides concentrated firepower for the extremely important battle on the third day.

     Noisy on the Internet isn't that a joy.

     Wen Fatty is slightly frowned in the company.

     "Director Luo, these grandson movie theaters, the schedule of a slim chance of survival did not drop."

     "I have thought about it, but I am still unexpected." Luo Yiming said at this time: "I hadn't thought the attendance rate of "a slim chance of survival" will be so high, as long as his attendance rate is there, the filming will not It will decrease."

     "It's weird, the public praise of a slim chance of survival is not particularly good, why... hey, according to the current situation, the possibility that we want to catch up is very small."

     Luo Yiming was speechless.This is indeed an underestimation of "a slim chance of survival".

     Wu Weimin's box office appeal is too strong.

     The publicity of British Queen Entertainment also worked.

     "A slim chance of survival" is a high-energy, suspenseful kung fu action film.

     Such movie themes are relatively rare in the Mainland.

      ?The Mermaid? The "a slim chance of survival" with suspenseful action can also be regarded as have both pros and cons.

      What is more important "a slim chance of survival" is far more important than ?The Mermaid?.

     Movies, after all, are based on box office success or failure.

     If Luo Yiming didn't want to come up with a better solution, 80% of the box-office hits would not be staged.

     At this time, Xu Li, who was performing a roadshow at the Zhongda Cinema in Xicheng District, Beijing, said to reporters: "I said before that the Spring Festival stalls only has one winner, and that is "a slim chance of survival."

     Facing the reporter's interview, Xu Li said before leaving: "This is a commercial blockbuster, so I only care about the box office!"

     After the interview, the media reported again.

     The box office on the first day actually set the tone for this battle.

     The blowout period of general movies is also in the first three days, and these three days are in a decreasing pattern.

     "A slim chance of survival" box office of 132 million on the first day.

      ?The Mermaid? The first day's box office was 65 million.

     The next day, a slim chance of survival 110 million.

     Mermaid 85 million.

     Such a gap.

     Especially the gap is still bigger on the top of the row.

      This time, do you think ?The Mermaid? is still possible to surpass?

     It's impossible.

     Therefore, Xu Li showed the attitude of a winner.At this time, Spring City, the fifth floor of a small high-rise residential complex.

     Li Sisi was sitting with her parents, and the parents were heartbroken looking at their daughter like this.

     "Sisi, there are so many good men, why do you like this Luo Yiming."

     "My parents are for your own good, acting as actors, they look so handsome, does not have one reliable."

     "I know, Mom and Dad, don't talk about it, I want to be quiet."

     In the past few days, I have always bathe one's face in tears.

     Without receiving a call from Luo Yiming, she knew it was clearly requested by her letter.

     But finally Luo Yiming didn't contact him, Sisi was still very uncomfortable.

      With great difficulty adjusted her mood, Li Sisi couldn't help but pay attention to Luo Yiming's news.

     Entering the room, turning on the computer, Sisi looked at the box office results of beautiful mermaid's again.


     Still did not turn over.

     Regarding the mermaid, apart from the intimate scenes of Luo Yiming, Zhang Yuqi and Ni Ni in this play, frankly speaking, this mermaid is still worth watching.

     Sisi especially sees Luo Yiming's progress in this "The Mermaid".

     Whether it is acting or director.

     Luo Yiming is no longer a young newcomer.

     And this movie combines satire, humor, and cruelty. What's more important is that Luo Yiming wraps a slightly warm story with the core of comedy.

     Although this story is a bit cold.

     From the standpoint of the mermaid Shanshan, she is lucky, and the beautiful mermaid's dream can continue.

     But when it comes to the theme of salvation, Si Si feels that the mermaid is still a little thin.In addition to this everything is fine except for one small defect, the mermaid is successful.

     Now, a slim chance of survival firmly suppresses the mermaid.

     As Luo Yiming's ex-girlfriend, Sisi is willing to do a little bit for Luo Yiming.

     Sisi went to the theater and watched a slim chance of survival. She felt that a slim chance of survival was a clichéd chasing blockbuster.

     But the movie Mermaid has a lot more meaning.

     Opening the document, Li Sisi wrote an article under the pen name Tian Xin: "You did not understand ?The Mermaid?"

     In this article, Sisi take an alternate route, starting from the character Liu Xuan.

     According to the brief introduction in the movie, Liu Xuan was actually a child from a poor family, and through his own hard work, he became a rich man.

     Because of being poor.

     In his world.

     Money is everything.

     This view is the same as that of many people in society, and many people want to be like Liu Xuan after all their lives.

     But what about it.

     Liu Xuan finally donated all his money, all he wanted was beautiful mermaid's company.

     A blue sky, white clouds, blue sea, sandy beach.

     He eventually changed from a rich and bad person to a good person.

     It is because of his kindness that Shanshan realizes her beautiful mermaid's dream.

     The love of the mermaid continued.

     But in fact, what the film wants to express is not the mermaid love between Liu Xuan and Shanshan, but the love between humans and nature.

     At the end of the film, Liu Xuan and Shanshan enter the bottom of the sea, and the scene of all the fish reuniting is the sublimation of the whole film.Only when human beings get along with natural harmony can it be reunion and happiness.

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