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467 Chapter 463, Domineering, You Break Me Also Break
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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? has to say, this article by Sisi has aroused many people's reflection.

     Everyone began to discuss it.

     "Can you read it like this?"

     "Nima, I really believe such a saying."

     "Damn, that's what he aimed at."

     "Beautiful mermaid's does have meaning. In fact, this film shows that the director has designed a lot of advanced content."

     After Si Si finished writing the article, she felt uncomfortable again.

     Wanting to gag, but lying next to the sink can't vomit anything.

     I touched my forehead, no fever, but I can't concentrate anymore.

     Touching the wall and getting out of the bed, Si Si felt particularly tired, lying on the bed, slowly falling asleep.


     At this time, Luo Yiming had already come to Beijing Film Faculty.

      Starting from today, Luo Yiming will once again enter the desperate mode.

     The roadshow officially begins.

     The atmosphere at the Beijing Film Faculty site is still very warm.

     Since Fatty Wen has stepped in here and wants to recruit newcomers for the Supernova Olympics, many students are waiting for Luo Dao in the school auditorium.

     Before recruiting new people, Luo Yiming and his team must first promote beautiful mermaid's.

     The first link was also students' questions.

     "Director Luo, currently the box office gap between the two movies ?The Mermaid? and "a slim chance of survival" is too large, do you think there is still a chance?"

     In a word, the entire auditorium was silent for an instant.

     There are also many media who came to the roadshow today. When I heard this student’s question, the media reporters were also mind shook.

     This student is very passionate.The two-day box office has actually seen a clear picture in the industry.

     "A slim chance of survival" currently has a box office of 240 million.

      ?The Mermaid? The current box office is 150 million.

     The difference is nearly 100 million.

     Especially since the next day is not a rest day, the box office of these two films must be gradually reduced.

      Thus, ?The Mermaid?'s box office wants to surpass "a slim chance of survival" completely without possible.

     Although the media have come to believe this result in their hearts, they also hope to get things started.

     If the mermaid loses like this.

     Is it too plain?

     Before "a slim chance of survival" and ?The Mermaid? There was still a smell of ignition medicine when fighting.

     But now?

     It seems that the box office of "a slim chance of survival" suddenly beat ?The Mermaid? to a silly.

     At the Press Conference, Xu Li claimed to be the biggest winner in an interview.

     As for the media, they have all set the tone.

     But the media still hope that Luo Yiming will struggle.

     Create a topic for everyone.

     On the other side, many students from Beijing Film Faculty are also a little disappointed with Luo Yiming.

     Luo Yiming's fame and strength, in their eyes, are stronger than Xu Li.

     His honor as the king of variety show and TV drama king was awarded by many students in the Film Faculty of Beijing.

     So, how can the big movie of the theater just give in.

     Luo Yiming is in the film and television industry in Beijing, and the entertainment industry has risen rapidly. He has become the idol and coordinate of many Film Faculty students.Compared to Luo Dao, it is difficult for other people to have this charm.

     Luo Yiming didn't read the book here, but the students of Film Faculty and Luo Yiming are very kind and think they are just like their brother.

     He who stood up and asked Luo Yiming was his little fan. He asked this problem and wanted to know if Luo Yiming was persuaded.

     Did you really give in!

     "What you mentioned about this problem is not good at all."

     When Luo Yiming heard this problem, he laughed: "? The Mermaid? The public praise of this movie proves its quality. As for the box office, it is not bad, but it also refreshed my first movie's score... after all , Charlotte’s worries are only broadcast on the Internet, and the first movie that went to theaters got this score. I think it’s good.

     At this time, the media below is a bit disappointed.

     Everyone felt that Luo Yiming's answer was to admit that he had lost.

     There will be no controversy.

     Wanting to make a conclusion, I heard Luo Yiming continued: "So, "The Mermaid" will be the biggest winner of this New Year's stall!"


     The winner?

     This cause and effect seems to be wrong.

     The media are a bit blown up.

     But what Luo Yiming said was correct.

     The current film schedule, "a slim chance of survival" is still very high, from 45% to 43%, not affected at all.

     As for ?The Mermaid?'s film arrangement is only 20%, this is still the increase of the film arrangement.

     The lineup of the two movies is two times different.

      This time you want to start ?The Mermaid? It is impossible to be able to break out a strong box office.

     The main "a slim chance of survival" is not weak.The first week of box office ?The Mermaid? It is impossible to surpass "a slim chance of survival" at all.

     So Luo Yiming's plan from the very beginning is to put the battle in the second week.

     He always believed that he could be a winner.

     Next, the problems of a few students are in the movie.

     For example, why did the movie choose the environmental theme?

     For example, is the Lucy in the movie Shanshan?

     Shanshan and Liu Xuan were finally together, so is there the second part of beautiful mermaid's?

     To this, Luo Yiming also responded one by one.

     However, there is no second part of Mermaid, but Luo Yiming is taking the opportunity to build momentum for the next variety show.

     Yin Zheng, this guy is still going to be on a new variety show. In addition to Yin Zheng, Luo Yiming also specifically called Ni Ni and Guo Biting today.

     These two rising flowers will also show their faces in this variety show.

     Nowadays, Ni Ni and Guo Biting are still a bit shy facing such a scene.

     Especially Ni Ni was still a little nervous when interviewed by reporters.

     This is normal.

     Many people sometimes talk uncomfortable when facing the camera.

     Ni Ni is still a student, and it is always a bit unnatural to be asked questions by people of his age.

      The other actors of "The Mermaid" were also interviewed by the media one by one.

     After being interviewed, Luo Yiming also praised Ni Ni for his performance in Mermaid.

     His own actors must be enthusiastically supported.

     Anyway, it’s a good thing for ?The Mermaid?.

     After the actors were interviewed, the media focused on Luo Yiming.Luo Yiming smiled and talked calmly: "The mermaid is not the box office champion, but I want to say, if the lineup of "The Mermaid" is 45%, then this movie will refresh the record of Chinese film history!"

     "For Director Xu Li, what do you have to say?" the media asked.

     "I know what you want to hear, no, I personally admire Director Xu Li very much, but the new year festival has only started, and she has set the tone of the winner only has one early!"

     "So, Director Luo, do you think your mermaid will exceed the box office of a slim chance of survival? A slim chance of survival says it will break one billion. What do you think of a mermaid?"

     "Of course I said yes. I have great confidence in ?The Mermaid?, because this confidence comes from the audience, and I believe that the audience's eyes are discerning!"

     "But I won't estimate the box office of ?The Mermaid? because I don't know either how much it will be."

     The reporter continued to ask: "You didn't estimate the box office, do I also understandable because you are not confident that this film will break 1 billion."

     "I guess you're going to say that, you want to say "The Mermaid" can't break 1 billion, then I'll say..."

     "Sorry, I don't agree!"

     "If a slim chance of survival breaks, then I will break too!"

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