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468 Chapter 464, Box Office Reversal? (Seeking Monthly Pass)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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In the auditorium of Bei Jing Film Faculty, when Luo Yiming said the sentence: "If a slim chance of survival breaks, then I break too", there was thunderous applause.

     This is the Luo Yiming we know.

     He never admits defeat.

     He can win the battle with anyone.


     Free and easy.

     Luo Yiming made the students completely agitated.

     But this is certainly not the end.

     Luo Yiming continued: "Also, today I came to Beijing Film Faculty there is still one very important thing to announce, I am going to prepare a variety show, a reality show variety show about sports."

     "I have done the preliminary planning for this variety show, including the instructor and host, I have also selected, and I came to our school today to find a group of new people who love sports and love sports."

     "After the roadshow is over, we will continue to cast the cast in the auditorium."

     A reporter asked: "Sports reality show variety shows, this is still not available. Director Luo is going to be the first. So can Director Luo tell us, which tutor and host did you hire?"

     "I will keep the sports instructor a secret for now, but the host, I can tell everyone that besides me, there is still one I personally admire, and I also love the host the most."

     "Who is it?" Everyone began to mumble.

     "She is Li Sisi. For this sports reality show variety show, I will invite Sisi to host the show with me."

     When talking about Sisi, Luo Yiming is particularly confident and happy.

     Luo Yiming had already thought about it long ago.If he doesn't have time to be with Sisi during the filming, he will reunite on the show.

     Si Si broke up with herself for the time being, but Luo Yiming never thought that this feeling would give up.

      With the end of beautiful mermaid's, this is the case for the succession of the Supernova Olympics. Luo arranged all this early in the morning.

     Nowadays, relying on the offensive of public opinion, Luo Yiming first decapitate then present your trophy, he will not refuse.

     "Congratulations, then this is the couple show between Luo and Sisi. It will be super exciting, look forward to it."

     "Sisi and Luo Yiming's partner, this supernova must be a hit."

     "Director Luo Yiming is shooting a variety show below. Isn't the film a plan that has not been prepared in the near future"

     "Indeed, for the movie, at least in the first half of this year, I will not touch it again. In other words, in the first half of this year, everyone can only watch my mermaid and send a ticket."

     Luo Yiming once again advertised the mermaid solidly.

     The classmates at school canvassed for the mermaid together, with great momentum.

      After the first stop of ?The Mermaid?, the media has begun to report.

     "?The Mermaid? is the first stop of the road show at Beijing Film Faculty. Luo Yiming brought his work Mermaid. He claimed that ?The Mermaid? did not lose. He believes that the New Year Festival is still the biggest winner!"

     "? The Mermaid? There is a huge gap between the box office and "a slim chance of survival". Director Luo Yiming does not admit defeat. He still wants to win?"


     For a while, the media focused on digging a few words.

     For example, Luo Yiming thinks "The Mermaid" will definitely win.For example, Luo Yiming believes that "The Mermaid" is the biggest winner of the New Year stall.

     Another example is Luo Yiming who thinks that he just failed in the lineup.

     and many more.

     At this time, "a slim chance of survival", which is also conducting a roadshow in Beijing, is also being interviewed.

     "Luo Yiming will win?"

     The reporter of Tiantian Entertainment News watched the news at this time, and 10,000 horses flew past.

     Many other reporters on the scene received the same information and admired Luo Yiming, the copper pea that was not fried.

     Coincidentally, it was the turn of the reporter from Tiantian Entertainment to ask questions. She stopped/stood said: "Director Xu, just now Director Luo Yiming of "The Mermaid" claimed that he did not lose, and he felt if "The Mermaid?" If there are many films, then he will create a record of Chinese film history..."

     Xu Li's face is there's nothing about it change.

     The staff member on the side also hurried over to briefly talk about the situation.

     Xu Li said with a smile: "To be honest, I personally admire Luo Yiming's director very much. He is unbeaten from TV series to movies. He is very confident, so I also understand his ideas."

     Speaking of this, Xu Li looked at the media footage with profound meaning: "In fact, I think this failure is also a good thing for Luo Yiming, and it can calm his impetuous heart a little."

     "Then Director Xu, do you think Luo Yiming is whimsical?"

     "Don't talk nonsense, how can it be? I don't!"

     Xu Li instantly wanted to deny Sanlian: "I look forward to the next duel with Luo Yiming, this time forget it!"

     Never mind! ! !

     This was not said clearly.But the implication and implication are already obvious.

     The current box office of "a slim chance of survival" is twice that of your "The Mermaid".

     It doesn't look like much.

     But the difference is 100 million.

     Why do you ?The Mermaid? ?

     Do you really think you are the protagonist?

     Can you act wilfully?

     After the interview, in the background, Xu Li said to Wu Weimin who also participated in the road show: "It seems that Luo Yiming is really not convinced!"

     "After all, the gap is too big."

     Wu Weimin said without any scruples: "He was thinking about winning the first person in the Spring Festival with this movie, so he can understand."

     "But it's impossible to overtake."

     Xu Li nodded, she now admires Kong Ren's methods.

     At this time, other actors did not dare to say too much.

     After all, Luo Yiming is also a director.

     In the future, they might cooperate with Luo Yiming.

     All new directors.

     We can't afford it.

     Only Wu Weimin didn't care at all.

     With his current status, he already has a company, and he also makes movies independently.

     Therefore, it is not clear at all.

     Wu Weimin is still looking forward to this "a slim chance of survival", and he hopes that the film will further expand its influence.

     So who is in his way.

     He killed someone.

     During the interview just now, only Wu Weimin insisted on Luo Yiming.

     It is said that Luo Yiming's ability in the field of movies is average, and Charlotte's troubles are just a gimmick for rebirth, otherwise it will be the same.Now only Wu Weimin dares to say so.

     Wu Weimin was brave, and the media certainly gave him a chance.

     Edited and reported immediately.

     The industry is really lively this time.

     "Nima, really startled!"

     "I say, how can it be that he is aiming at it? Wu Weimin and Luo Yiming are the protagonists. The male main characters of the two dramas are super exciting."

     "Haha, it seems that Wu Weimin is not convinced by Luo Yiming."

     "This is a bit of a Chinese New Year stall. I thought Luo Yiming was about to give up."

     "Don't make trouble, how can it be?"

     "It still seems possible to overtake."


     Under the discussion in the industry, some people are firm Luo Yiming supporters.

     They sprayed Wu Weimin directly.

     There is Yu Xiaoxiao.

     She specially rewrote an article and analyzed in detail ?The Mermaid? and "a slim chance of survival".

     Then it says whom the deer falls, which is not yet known.

     The New Year stall has only started for two days.

     No one knows what will happen.

     And before the box office on the third day came out.

     One thing that many people have not paid attention to.

     There have been weird situations in major theaters.
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