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469 Chapter 465
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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?Star Studios.

     Wang Xiaoqiang is arranging the schedule for the movie to be shown.

     "It seems that tomorrow's film sequence does not need to be moved." He said.

     "Yes, although ?The Mermaid? has a good attendance, but "a slim chance of survival" is also OK."

     "Well, I don't think there is any need for major changes to the layout."

     In the office, everyone is also chatting about tomorrow's film arrangement.

     Today is the third day of "The Mermaid" and "a slim chance of survival".

     A movie is basically qualitative in the first three days.

     So after communicating with everyone, as the manager of the theater, Wang Xiaoqiang thought that there was no need to move.

     Although these two movies, he prefers mermaids.

     In addition, Charlotte's troubled blowout results on the Internet have caused them to eat the theater managers.

     Coupled with Luo Yiming's Langya list last year, his directorship has been fully verified.

     These gave Wang Xiaoqiang the courage to increase the row of films.

     But there are still rules in this line.

     Now the box office of "a slim chance of survival" is more aggressive, this time he, as the theater manager, rashly added the film to "The Mermaid", it would be too presumptuous.

     Now that there are old people and young people, he certainly considers more from reality.

     The theater manager is his job.

     Since it is work, it must be due diligence.

     So, he lightly nodded said: "Then, press..."Before I finished speaking, the ticket sales lady at the front desk came over and hurriedly said, "Mr. Wang, tomorrow's ?The Mermaid? There will be a huge number of online purchases in the evening. There are no tickets in 10 minutes."

     This sentence made Wang Xiaoqiang's expression stunned: "What did you say?"

     "I mean? The Mermaid? Tickets were all sold out in just 10 minutes at 8pm."

     Miss ticket seller continued: "Moreover, a lot of people came to buy it just now at the 4pm show."

     "What's going on?"

     Wang Xiaoqiang was puzzled.

     "I don't know, it just broke out suddenly."

     The ticket sales lady said.

      "All right, you go out first."

     Wang Xiaoqiang waved his hand slightly.

     Others asked at this time: "Mr. Wang, are we going to increase the film schedule?"

     "Wait a little longer."

     Wang Xiaoqiang didn't dare to be careless. He said with a frown: "It stands to reason that there should not be a sudden increase in the number of movie viewers, unless... ?The Mermaid? bought the box office."

     The other is also slightly frowned: "Luo Yiming wants to increase the rate of filming."

     "This is possible, we..."

     Wang Xiaoqiang is about to ask to check.

     The result was not good, the ticket sales lady opened the door again, this time even more exaggerated.

     Tomorrow, "The Mermaid" will have four games.

     Of these four games, only one in the evening is a prime time, and the other games are basically not prime time.

     It turned out to be good, and now the remaining three games are almost full.

     "This ?The Mermaid? Even swiping the ticket is too fierce."Wang Xiaoqiang was blinded.

     "Not a ticket."

     Miss ticket seller in deadly earnest: "I know many people who came to buy tickets. Not only that, my classmate and friends also asked me to help save a ticket."

     "This... what's going on ???"

     Wang Xiaoqiang decided to go out and take a look.

     Front desk.

      vast crowd.

     Crucially, the calls in the ear are almost all about beautiful mermaid's.

     "What? The Mermaid? There are no tickets tomorrow???"

     "What are you doing? Why are there four games in line?"

     "I'm going, there are only four so attractive movies. Who is your theater manager? It's funny."

     "No, stop arguing, I now want to ask if you can have one more row tomorrow?"


     Looking at the five to six people, they all came to buy tickets for ?The Mermaid?, and Wang Xiaoqiang observed it.

     In 20 minutes, excluding the Internet, there were almost 50 people at the front desk to buy tickets for ?The Mermaid?.

     This is not brushed.

     But how can it be like this?

     As the manager of the show, Wang Xiaoqiang had to actually visit. He walked to a couple, and Maoyao asked, "Why do you come to see? The Mermaid?"

     "I like the love written here. It is difficult to find such love in the real world. I am very touched, so I brought my girlfriend to see it."

     This is an answer.

     "I like the invincible song."

     This is another answer.

     Several people were investigated next.Three of the answers are: "I want to see mermaid love!"

     For the remaining few people, one is because of being friends Amway, one is to hear that the mermaid is super humorous, and the other two are simply fans of Luo Yiming.

     This is just a random investigation by Wang Xiaoqiang.

      At the same time, not only the movie theater of Beijing, but also in major movie theaters, ?The Mermaid? and "a slim chance of survival" are also the second choice for the audience.

     Even the conductor is a little numb.

     Because in their opinion, the audience is not watching ?The Mermaid? or watching "a slim chance of survival".

     But before this point in time, I often watched more of "a slim chance of survival".

      ?The Mermaid?

     But today it is completely reversed.

     "Come on, give me two tickets for ?The Mermaid?!!!"

     "Hurry up, 3 tickets for ?The Mermaid?!!!"

     "I want to buy 6 tickets for ?The Mermaid?! Don't squeeze me behind!"

     "Tickets for ?The Mermaid?! Save me two!"

     "Even my one!"


     The scene is like killing a pig.

     Four out of almost five people came to buy tickets for ?The Mermaid?.

     Luo Yiming's publicity began to bear fruit.

     From the premiere to the present, it took three days to finally ferment.

     Finally a complete blowout.

     But many people don't understand why this happens?

     A day of dogs of a theater manager said: "Why did it suddenly break out? Then it seems that tomorrow will be an increase in film schedule? But is this a bit too dangerous?"Not only this theater manager thinks so.

      It should be noted, it has been almost three days from the premiere to the present, and the result suddenly began to appear abnormal. It is hard not to make everyone think too much.

     There are box office buyers in the industry.

     There are also many lock-in pits in the industry.

     Theater managers have to be cautious.

     So when the meeting was held again that evening, some people chose to wait quietly for tomorrow.

     But some theater managers are more bold.

     Wang Xiaoqiang will directly announce: "Re-arrange the film, and 5 more games will be added to The Mermaid tomorrow!!"

     "What, Manager Wang, 5 more games?"

     Everyone was slightly surprised: "This is a bit too risky."

     "Don't take risks, I believe this is the real data. I believe Luo Yiming, he will be crazy once, let us accompany him crazy again."

     The person next to me said with a nod: "Well, you will get old if you don't be crazy. I agree to add 5 games."

     "Well, I think it's okay, not to mention that at present, there are a little too many sessions for "a slim chance of survival", so I should change it!

     Wang Xiaoqiang chose pressure injection.

     Pressed on top of ?The Mermaid?.

     There are many theaters like Wang Xiaoqiang.

     And this evening, it happened to be the time when Dolphin TV and Beijing Satellite TV broadcast the "The Mermaid" variety show.
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