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470 Chapter 466: Change Of Parents (seeking Monthly Pass)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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?Dolphin and Beijing Satellite TV simultaneously broadcast ?The Mermaid? interview.

     As the director of this play, Luo Yiming personally came to the scene to share some rehearsal situations with everyone, telling that the filming of the play went through troubles such as changing roles, reshoots, making up shots, selecting locations, and so on, and finally had no choice but to play the lead role s story.

     A handful of bitterness and tears.

     Luo Yiming also suggested that he ignored his girlfriend Sisi because of acting in this drama.

     At that time, Luo Yiming hadn't broken up with Sisi. At that time, all he showed was his true feelings.

     Because some of the scenes were filmed in Guanyuan, every time I returned home in the middle of the night, the dinner table was full of cooked meals, but he couldn't eat with Sisi.

     Luo Yiming expressed his apologies.

     Also participating in the show with Luo Yiming are Zhang Yuqi and Ni Ni.

     The two of them were also on the set for the first time on the show. Luo Yiming described his girlfriend Sisi's beauty and wisdom.

     In Luo Dao's heart, Si Si is simply a goddess, and no one can replace it.

     He also promised loudly on the show that he would only marry Li Sisi in this life.

     Luo Yiming shared the news that Sisi and Sisi will get married this year. When it was broadcast, everyone expressed congratulations and expectations. Who knew Sisi and Luo Yiming had broken up.

     So that when this program was broadcast, the slightest tears of TV at home shed tears again.

     If she did not know that Luo Yiming arranged for her to host the Supernova Olympics, she did not fall into the host circle.

     The apologies expressed to herself during the shooting of the mermaid fully let Si Si know that Luo Yiming really cares about her.Not only did Sisi watch this show, Sisi's father and mother just came into your heart while watching the Dolphin Channel.

     The broadcast of Luo Yiming's interview made the two old people feel that they were a bit too arbitrary to cut off Luo Yiming and his daughter Sisi.

     Maybe this kid really likes Sisi.

     But it's been three days, why didn't Luo Yiming contact Sisi?


     When Li Sisi's father knocked on his daughter's door, and after Sisi came out, looking at her red eyes, Li Zhongnan knew that his daughter was crying.

     "Sisi, Dad watched Luo Yiming's show, what he said is that true?"

     Sisi was silent, she didn't know what to answer.

     "You said I asked you to break up, this kid just stopped calling you. I think he pretended to do it?"

     Si Si is still calm.

     "I think he..."

     "Dad, I know him. He will respect me unconditionally. The reason why he didn't contact me is because I wrote him a letter so that he would not disturb my life."

     "But he still tells me in a different way. He is thinking about me. Dad, I may not be able to forget him, at least I cannot do it now. I am an unfilial daughter..."

     Sisi cried, tears sliding down from the corner of her eyes again.

     For three days, she couldn't eat anything. All she thought was Luo Yiming. She knew that if this goes on, she would die.

     Now Li Zhongnan was silent.

     If he agrees to continue the relationship between the two, my God, he hasn't fully trusted this kid yet.Even if he agrees, there must be conditions. It may be that Luo Yiming can no longer go to acting in his life, even if he is acting, he cannot be intimate with girls.

     This is his bottom line.

     Even if it was the bottom line, he still had to observe Luo Yiming. In this circle, there are so many beautiful women around him, to ensure that Luo Yiming will not fall down at his home, and the colorful flags are fluttering outside.

     The parents of other big stars can accept this unspoken rule. As Sisi's father, he does not allow such harm to happen to his daughter.

     The father and daughter looked at each other speechlessly, and the mother came out with a bowl of hot noodles at this moment: "Sisi, you haven't eaten much in the past two days, eat this bowl of noodles, it's still hot ."

     Sisi looked at her mother, she wanted to eat it, but she just didn't have any appetite.

     "I do not want to eat."

     "I have no appetite at all."

     "How can I go on like this, my dad, if you want me to say, this whoever hung the bell on the tiger's neck must untie it. Luo Yiming you don't agree that he is with Sisi, but now I think Luo Yiming this kid It doesn't seem so bad, I think we should test him."

     "How to test?"

     Mother thought for a moment: "Sisi, you can't tell Luo Yiming about this. We are going to send a girl to approach him to see if he is so upright and loves you."

     Sisi understands that Mom and Dad want to do what, she shook her head, her face showed a firmness that she had never had before, "Dad, Mom, I know you are doing it for me, but I am against you doing this. Have you ever thought about it? Once we have passed this test, will there be a crack in our feelings?""Even if you let me separate from him, I can accept it, but I will never accept such an arrangement."

      "All right, parents, I want to be quiet." Sisi turned around, she didn't want to face this problem anymore.

     What is the future of Luo Yiming and whether she can be together? She at home wherever one is.

     But without the blessing of her parents, she will always be an obedient child.

     Love is fine, but marriage is not. She knows that her parents will always be the ones she wants to love.


     As soon as the two programs ended, "The Mermaid?" became a hot search.

     In order to portray this role well, Luo Yiming suffered a lot and felt distressed after being discovered by many audiences.

     In addition, the drama's changing roles also allowed the audience to discuss who the leading actor was previously replaced.

     It was said that it was Deng Chao.

     There is also said that it is Hu's.

     In short, the topic of mermaid is coming.

     Countless people are discussing one after another.

     Under such a situation, the attention of "The Mermaid" is unprecedented.

      At this time, Luo Yiming also recruited several newcomers he likes in Beijing Film Faculty.

     Zheng Shuang.

     Yang Zi.

     Dou Xiao.

     Regardless of Zheng Shuang, Yang Zi is not very tall, but the strength of these two girls is not small, and Zheng Shuang has been learning dance since childhood, and her dance can also arrange some gymnastics and other exercises.

     As for Yang Zi, she has a minor celebrity, and she can have some topics in the show. Luo Yiming thinks it isn't bad.The roadshow in Beijing Film Faculty went smoothly. Luo Yiming invited Yang Zi, Zheng Shuang and Dou Xiao to participate in the Supernova Olympics, provided that the three of them are willing to sign under Shangteng Film and Television.

     For the three people who are still in school, there is no reason to refuse such a good development opportunity.

     When Luo Yiming finalized the program, he signed a long contract with three people.

     Lead the team to the second international metropolis, the magic capital, and go to the magic capital Theatre Academy.

     When it came to the magic city, it was already the next day.

     on Monday.

     Today's Xingxing Studios, logically speaking, the market should be quite deserted.

     But after Wang Xiaoqiang learned the data from the front desk, he was quite shocked.
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