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471 Chapter 467, Sign The Running Men's Team? (Seeking Monthly Pass)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

? ?The Mermaid? broke out.

     It has increased the attendance rate of 5 games so far. It already has more than 40%.

     Don't say that it is not full, the lineup of five games has increased, and there is a nearly half attendance rate, which is already against the sky.

     At 11:30, the box office of the third day came out simultaneously.

     "A slim chance of survival" single-day box office with 105 million to continue to secure the throne of box office championship.

     And ?The Mermaid? is 106 million at a box office of over 100 million in a single day, which exceeds a slim chance of survival.

     In three days, the box office "a slim chance of survival" reached 345 million in the first week, and "The Mermaid" ranked runner-up with 256 million.

     The first week of box office "a slim chance of survival" dominated the first place.

     The gap between the two is still around 90 million.

     The media also reported frantically at this time.

     Although the mermaid has a stronger momentum and achieved a lead for the first time, it is very difficult for the mermaid to exceed a slim chance of survival according to this box office performance.

     British Queen Entertainment.

     "Mr. Kong, our propaganda in the capital is in place. Luo Yiming went to the magic city, and I will also go to the magic city for business performances. Do you have any instruction?"

     "I want to ask, what do you think of the current box office format?"

     "The reporter asked you how you would answer."

     Looking at Xu Li, Kong Ren said suddenly.

     "how to answer??"

     Xu Li puzzled: "At present, the box office of "a slim chance of survival" has been 345 million in three days. This time the box office is estimated to exceed 1 billion."

     "In front of the media, of course we have to show a winner's posture, and we have to show strong confidence."This is what Kong Ren feared.

     Xu Li changed.

     Looking at Xu Li's swelling look, Kong Ren said with a calm face: "Xu Li, I think you may only see the total box office, but if you study the trend of the box office, you will understand everything."

     At this time, Xu Li calmed down.

     She took a picture from Kong Ren, combined with the text, it was clear what Kong Ren wanted to say.

     "Mr. Kong, the box office curve of ?The Mermaid? does advance singing loudly all the way. I admit that the mermaid has a strong momentum, but it's impossible to catch up with us in the time to come."

     Xu Li still a little bit not to accept as correct.

     Kong Ren shook his head: "If it's someone else, I think it's impossible."

     "But he is Luo Yiming, we can't take it lightly. Also, haven't you noticed that the beautiful mermaid's platoons are coming? Yesterday, only a small part of the theaters added platoons to the mermaid, and his attendance rate reached more than 40%. The nationwide film arranging rate has increased, and we are under great pressure!"

     Xu Li panicked now.

     The lineup is the box office.

     In the past, the beautiful mermaid's lineup was only 20%. If 10% is taken away from a slim chance of survival, both sides will have half of it. It is really hard to tell whom the deer falls.



     Magic City, a certain theater.

     With Luo Yiming's news spread like wildfire in the magic city, the tickets of the magic city were directly sold.

     The field is full.

     "Haha, LMAO."

     "The octopus was cut. The acting skill of Piggy and the director are too creative."

     "Little Pig's acting skills are so solid.""I'll go, the police section is also funny."

     "Luo Yiming is an individual talent."


     The movie "The Mermaid" is playing in a certain hall of the theater.

      Everyone from the very beginning was immersed in happy laughter and cheerful voices. At the end of the drama, everyone was almost crying.

     Of course, finally reunite with He Meimei.

     This is the mental journey of watching ?The Mermaid?.

     Finished playing.

     Many spectators also exited in turn.

     When they left, everyone was talking about "The Mermaid".

     Many of the characters here are officially known to everyone.

     The protagonist Liu Xuan is Luo Yiming.

     There are little pigs, Zhang Yuqi, and Ni Ni.

     They are all flesh and blood, three-dimensional existence.

     Listening to countless people discussing'Ni Ni', the classmates who studied with Ni Ni shouted: "She was an unimposing in appearance girl in our school before, but she suddenly became popular."

     The girl in the same dormitory said: "Well, when Luo directed the actors, she also said in the dormitory about her mood at that time. Those memories are still vivid in one's mind. Now, she is already a big star."

     "Whoever Luo Dao favors will be hot. At what time can I be taken by Luo Dao?"

     "Hey, don't you know, Director Luo went to Beijing Film Faculty to sign three students. The next step is the Magic City Theatre Academy. We might have this opportunity someday.

     Ni Ni is from China Media College Nanguang College.

     The vocal students also waited for the moment when Nanguang College greeted Luo Dao.?The Mermaid? When this movie is rising at the box office, Ni Ni, the actor of the beautiful mermaid's in the play, is indeed gaining popularity gradually.

     Now in three days, Ni Ni's blog fans have broken through 1 million.

     That's right, as the starring actor in "The Mermaid", Ni Ni win instant success with the role of "Mermaid".

     1 million fans.

     This ?The Mermaid? has only been released for 3 days.

     That's it.

     Moreover, "The Mermaid?" is not only Ni Ni alone, but other people quickly become popular or become popular.

     Zhang Yuqi, with her superb acting skills in this play, she explained what kind of a charming and noble female rich.

     If this is not the case, if this is not the case, she is the most mature female character in this movie.

      at the same time, the Magic Capital Theatre Academy.

     Zhao Xiang came with Luo Yiming.

     A few days ago, Zhao Xiang had already stepped on to the Magic City Theatre Academy and had a fancy for some newcomers.

     "Director Luo, the conditions and qualities of these people are pretty good, do we need to sign them all?"

     Luo Yiming glanced at.

     The name of the densely packed person on the notebook, with personal information.

     Chen He?

     This guy just graduated, but the files are still in college.

     This guy can sign.

     Zheng Kai.

      classmate can also be signed together.

     Jiang Shuying, another classmate of theirs, can also sign it.

     Lin Gengxin.

     Du Jiang.

     Li Qin.

     Lou Yi Xiao.Among a large number of names, "has to say", Zhao Xiang still picked some famous stars from the original time and space.

     "You can sign here and I can get these under the pen."

     "The rest of the roadshow will continue to conduct interviews."

     Zhao Xiang said: "Okay. You don't know, Director Luo, many students of the Magic City Theatre Academy are asking to hug our company's thighs."

     Luo Yiming naturally knows that Shangteng Film and Television is different today.

     But now he also knows that the company has not yet reached the time to cast a wide network and incorporate diverse things.

     "Not needed yet, Not yet the time!"

     "The top priority is to win this battle and do everything possible to expand our influence and power, and then prepare for the Supernova Olympics."

     "Eligible, those who perform well in variety shows can sign, and watch the rest."
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