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474 Chapter 470, Si Si Is Pregnant (seeking Monthly Ticket)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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Luo Yiming returned to the capital from the magic capital and is about to rush to the Northeast for publicity. Because of the Supernova Olympics, Luo Yiming wants to introduce some sports talents from the Northeast.

     After all, Supernova is a variety show about sports and sports, and the sports cells of Northeastern people are relatively better.

     Taking advantage of the opportunity of the road show, Luo Yiming also wanted to recruit some big guys. Of course, going to the northeast, Luo Yiming there is still one private reason.

     Before leaving, Luo Yiming picked up his mobile phone and dialed Sisi's number!

     Yes, Luo Yiming promised Sisi not to disturb her normal life, but in front of the media boast, this new variety show invited Sisi to host, and he had to honor it.

     This is a reason Luo Yiming found for herself to get closer to Sisi again. As for whether she can move Sisi with sincerity and action to get her back in her arms, Luo Yiming is not sure.

     The phone rang for a long time, but Si Si in Kilin's hometown did not answer the call.

     It's not that she doesn't want to listen, but that she is so contradictory.

     The feeling of nausea has gradually increased in the past week, and when Xiaohong arrived, it did not.

     Sisi began to realize that she might


     Sisi was actually happy when she thought of this happening. Her parents did not allow herself to be with Luo Yiming, but through the arrival of this kind of baby, Sisi continued her fate with Luo Yiming.

     She wanted to call Luo Yiming and tell him that I was pregnant with your child.

     I am your real woman.

     However, she still hesitated.

     Will this cause trouble for Luo Yiming?

     Does he like the arrival of this child?He is now burning your hand, feel the heat, one day, a thousand miles in the entertainment circle, now whether the arrival of the baby will become his bondage.

     Considered too much, so Sisi didn't know whether to answer this call, although this call was what she looked forward to most every day.


     "Why doesn't Sisi answer the phone?"

     "It seems that she still doesn't want to have any contact with me."

     Luo Yiming wrote a message and sent the content that he wanted to invite Sisi to host the Supernova Olympics.

     Then, after packing up the package, Luo Yiming headed to the northeast.


     Standing alone in the empty room, looking at the ceiling, I remembered the scene of frolicking and frolicking on the bed with Luo Yiming in my mind.

     Perhaps it was that time that Luo Yiming's violent attack caused him to fall.

     Smiled, Sisi missed the smell of Luo Yiming.

     She likes to hold Luo Yiming, it feels as if the entire world belongs to her.

     She recalled what Luo Yiming said, in this life only love by oneself.

     Thinking about it, Sisi cried.

     I touched my stomach, this is a gift from God, whatever the case, whether there is a future for myself and Luo Yiming.

     I will give birth to this baby.

     His (her) nickname is Yiyi.

     At this moment, staying close and dependent with oneself, replacing her father's identity, embracing beauty and happiness as well.

     Sisi feels that even if this happens in the future, it will be enough!


     Luo Yiming went to the Northeast for the road show, while the British Queens Entertainment and Entertainment Film and Television spent money on the tickets to ensure that the box office gap of 30 million yuan will not be closed again.When the box office came out on March 28, a slim chance of survival's box office led by 500,000, winning the beautiful mermaid's single-day box office champion.

     On this day, the mermaid was also turned off.

     The battle between the two films was don't pass judgment on a person's life until the lid is on the coffin by the media.

      a slim chance of survival will lead.

     The mermaid will follow closely behind sb or sth.

     The authoritative "China Entertainment Film" also published an article at this time.

     Congratulations to a slim chance of survival and the mermaid both broke 800 million!

     On the one hand, the article expressed surprise at the current film market, because no one hadn't thought that China's film market would blow up like this.

      On the other hand, the article also expresses confidence in Huaxia movies.

     The new generation has revealed outstanding talent, and now Luo Yiming relies on ?The Mermaid? to officially steps into the 800 million box office club.

     On the other hand, Xu Li, a director who moved from Hong Kong and Taiwan to mainland movies, also became the holder of 800 million Box Office Records with "a slim chance of survival".

     Huaxia’s Film Director has qualified successors to inherit.

     This is a good thing.

     I believe that Chinese movies will not be afraid of the impact of Japan, South Korea, the United States and India.

     After all, it is "China Entertainment Film" magazine.

     This article is quite recognized by the industry.

     By this time, everyone has almost stopped discussing whether ?The Mermaid? can surpass the movie "a slim chance of survival".

     Because of the return of a slim chance of survival, I drew a sentence for the previous mermaid box office catch-up.

     Moreover, the box office must be weak in the fourth week.

     The gap between the two films is more than 30 million.

      doesn't have any may have caught up.

     ...British Queen Entertainment and Entertainment Film and Television are still buying tickets and buying tickets.

      A slim chance of survival The big stars also bought tickets for the director, Wu Weimin, Big S, and Liu Ye to help a slim chance of survival.

     Magic City, Decathlon Studios.

     Xu Li brought Wu Weimin and Big S starring "a slim chance of survival" to the road show today.

     There were many fans of Wu Weimin at the scene.

     The name of his fans is ‘Wu Mi’, and they hope that Wu Weimin’s martial arts can break out of Asia and go to the world.

     In the eyes of fans, Wu Weimin is a myth.

     As for Wu Weimin watching beautiful mermaid's box office only grow, a slim chance of survival surpassed, this time it is also quite expanded.

     During the media interview, Wu Weimin said with a smile: "Thank you for your love of the movie "a slim chance of survival". I hope you can continue to support and let us work towards my original goal of 1 billion."

     "Brother Min, didn't you mean 1.1 billion?"

     Wu Weimin said: "Isn't 1.1 billion behind 1 billion? We have 1 billion. Is 1.1 billion still far away?"

     The reporter cooperated with an awkward smile.

     This reporter asked: "Brother Min, the box office of a slim chance of survival once again surpassed the Mermaid in a single day, so do you think ?The Mermaid? is still possible to overtake "a slim chance of survival"?"

     "Haha, I have talked about this problem before. I can tell you very clearly that it's impossible with me!"

     Wu Weimin didn't try to pull hatred at this time, he did it from beginning to end.

     Luo Yiming is very good.

     But in my Wu Weimin, you are not considered a green onion."Then what do you think of Luo Yiming and Director Luo? He has made rapid progress in the field of directing. Can you comment on his work?"

     He indifferently said: "Of course, Director Luo Yiming is still very capable, mermaid? I didn't watch it, but I want to say that he is not ashamed to lose to a slim chance of survival."

     Wu Weimin said that, still emphasizing that the mermaid must lose to a slim chance of survival.

     The media at the scene used this topic to continuously create news and bombard entertainment.

     Suddenly, Wu Weimin hadn't seen the mermaid, and the news that Luo Yiming had lost to him was not shameful.

     After adding details while telling a story in the media, Wu Weimin said that Luo Yiming defeated Luo Yiming as one who has suffered (at my hands). The mermaid is not worthy of Wu Weimin to watch. Some of the more popular news such as this will directly let those who rushed to the northeast. Luo Yiming's roadshow team is collectively angry!

     Luo Yiming knew what Wu Weimin was like.

     He felt that he was so excellent, and that the mentality that others were scumbags was a disease, and Luo Yiming felt that he wanted to cure him!
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