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475 Chapter 471, Clay Figurines Also Have A Three-point Temper (seeking Monthly Ticket)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

"Zhao Xiang, don't come back in a hurry. There is something wrong with Wu Weimin's character. You should investigate him and see if you can hack him."

     Luo Yiming couldn't stand this Wu Weimin anymore.

     As early as during the filming of a slim chance of survival, it was repeatedly reported that Wu Weimin was looking for a substitute.

     These news were suppressed by British Queen Entertainment.

     If Wu Weimin didn't bite him, Luo Yiming would not care about the dog.

     It's so terribly funny, and repeatedly spraying manure in front of the media, Luo Yiming thinks it's time to fix this think of oneself as high and pure guy!

     When Zhao Xiang went to investigate Wu Weimin, he didn't start with his agent and assistant.

     As a result, Wu Weimin’s assistant Xiaolong was found. He actually had a lot of opinions on the boss.

     Zhao Xiang and Xiao Long had a heart-to-heart talk, only to know what kind of person this glamorous Wu star looks like in Xiao Long's eyes.

     Of course, Xiaolong would not give Zhao Xiang any evidence to attack Wu Weimin.

     At the very least, Wu Weimin is still his boss, and he also takes a meager salary from Wu Weimin.

     Zhao Xiang was not discouraged and continued to investigate.

     On this day, after Wu Weimin and Xu Li and their roadshow were over, everyone returned to the hotel.

     "Director Xu, if it's okay, I will rest first."

     Wu Weimin said lazily towards Xu Li.

     However, he left without waiting for Xu Li to say something.

     Xu Li's face is not pretty.

     But she didn't say anything.

     No matter how Wu Weimin didn't give her face, Wu Weimin's roadshow was still cooperated along the way."I'm aiming, this martial arts star is strong, he's slapped every day, but he will die in the hands of a woman sooner or later."

     After seeing Wu Weimin leaving, Xu Li talked to oneself.

     She knows Wu Weimin too well.

     Every time Wu Weimin goes to a place, he will be a fan.

     Obviously, Wu Weimin was leaving in a hurry and was going to ask fans again.

      has to say, Xu Li is really right.

     A fan will come to the hotel later.

     This is Wu Weimin's iron fan, small waist and tender legs, and a little girl in her early twenties.

     Back in his own room, assistant Xiaolong saw Wu Weimin and hurriedly handed over water. He chatted with Zhao Xiang for a long time yesterday, thinking in his heart, if Brother Wu didn't promote himself, he would really consider changing company with Zhao Xiang.

     Xiao Long casually took the water, and as soon as he reached his mouth, Wu Weimin vomited: "Puff... I said what are you doing, give me such hot water?"

     "I'm sorry, Brother Min, I'll change it for you right away." Xiaolong only then saw that the water hadn't blown and was steaming.

     "Stop getting hot water, just bring me a bottle of mineral water."

     Wu Weimin waved his hand slightly and said.

     At this time, Wu Weimin’s agent, Wang Jun, said: “Brother Min, this is the next roadshow schedule. You have to get tired more!”

     "Hehe, although I look down on Xu Li, this "a slim chance of survival" is my milestone after all."

     "Don't worry, I will cooperate."

     Agent Wang Jun relieved, "That's good, that's good."

     Wang Jun is now afraid that Wu will pick a son for the people.After all, regardless of how honest, magnanimous, and righteous this person was, Wang Jun knew that Wu Weimin’s temper was to be subject to changing moods.

     "Where's the water?"

     Wu Weimin looked at Xiaolong not far away and hadn't come over there, and finally got angry: "I said you have been with me for so long, why are you still so stupid? I can't find a bottle of water, what use is it for you!"

     "Brother Min, I..."


     Before he finished speaking, the agent Wang Jun slapped Xiao Long directly: "If you don't have one, go and buy it. Should Brother Min order this matter? I think you are a fool!"

     This slap made Xiao Long bewildered.

      he hadn't thought the agent would beat himself.

     I just wanted to refute a few words, but Wu Weimin said nonchalantly: "What are you doing stupidly? Pharaoh said let you go, so you go quickly?"

     Xiaolong was silent.

     Think about own insistence, he chooses to endure it.

     "It's a joke that I still want to act like this and want to be in the circle. It's too blockhead!"

     "Yes. It's really deadwood." Wang Jun said.

     When he walked to the door, Xiaolong heard what Wu Weimin and Wang Junsi did not conceal behind him, so he said so.

     He was a little bit chilling.

     Don't look at the celebrity assistant who said it very nicely, it looks brightly dressed.

     However, it is not the same thing.

     The star assistant is not the same as the agent.

     Especially assistants are also divided into three categories: upper, central, and lower.The assistants like Xiaolong belong to the lowest level of assistants. They almost wait hand and foot for celebrities. Some lucky ones will be slightly promoted by celebrities, or even regarded as their own. Some of the little actors to use.

     But one is not.

     Just like Wu Weimin.

     In their view, the assistant is actually a maid.

     The trick is coming.

     Just go away.

     Does the assistant count?

     Not counting.

     Besides, Wu Weimin feels that being a one's own assistant can eat big meals for free every day, stay in luxury hotels, and even occasionally get some extra income. Hit them by yourself. What happened?

      the weak are prey to the strong.

     This is normal in Wu Weimin's view.

     He also thinks that after playing Xiaolong, this kid won't have any ideas.

     But does Xiaolong think so? Of course not.

     After Zhao Xiang asked himself to have a long conversation, Xiaolong felt that he couldn't mix up a bite of food wherever he was.

     The entertainment circle is also not at all. Wu Weimin will not turn without you.

     The world is so big, of course you can go for it.

     Why must we serve you Wu Weimin like a grandson?

     Without Wu Weimin's appreciation, it is impossible to get even a small role from Wu Weimin's resources.

     After understanding Wu Weimin's mind.

     Xiaolong saw it through.

     It turns out that I am not as fucking as a dog here in Wu Weimin.


     All have dignity.

     To be precise, it is fine to lose dignity, but you have to benefit me.With a salary of less than 3000, I was called by you like a dog, but the agent just gave me a slap.

     That's not a big deal, it was a joke to make it clear that he wanted him to be promoted.

     Is it really fucking good to be a bully?

     I want you to pay today!

     Xiaolong, who was out of the hotel, looked back at the hotel with a smirk.

     Then he dialed Zhao Xiang's phone and asked him to meet at the hotel he rented.

     When filming "a slim chance of survival", Wu Weimin had a scene where a substitute was used, and it happened that Xiaolong filmed this video.

     It's better now.

      come in handy.

     Xiaolong is not a villain, but he was bullied. The clay figurines also have a three-point temper.

     Thinking "I can't ruin you, but I have to disgust you."

     Xiaolong rushed to the hotel.

     Zhao Xiang's investigation is not the slightest progress, watching the God of Cookery come to theaters, the mermaid and a slim chance of survival are completely a thing of the past.

     Zhao Xiang felt tired, but at this time, Xiao Long made a call and said that he had major insider leaks, and Zhao Xiang was excited!
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