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477 Chapter 473, The First Line Of Life Is Over (seeking Monthly Pass)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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? I have a revelation for you, with this revelation, your brand can definitely start. And my purpose is only has one, you must stir up, and make Wu Weimin’s true face public to the entertainment circle. "

     Continuing to return to 10 minutes ago, Zhuo Wei, the editor-in-chief of Magic Magazine Weekly, suddenly received a call.

     I don't know who the other party is, but he has a strong grasp of Wu Weimin and a slim chance of survival.

     There is news to survive. Paparazzi’s favorite is this kind of big news. He laughed: "No problem, what news do you talk about first, and the quality is OK.


     Zhao Xiang told Zhuo Wei about the video, and the latter was shocked!

     At present, the video about Wu Weimin on the Internet has not caused any response at all.

     After all, the influence of Queensland Entertainment is not covered.

     This video Zhuowei Kedu has not seen.

     If he hadn't received this call, he would have no idea about it.

     Wei broke the news that it was founded by Zhuo Wei, and its reputation has risen sharply in the past four years.

     There is a saying in the industry that is good.

     If you are stuck by Zhuowei, then you will have to peel the skin even if you are not dead.

     This guy is a fighter in the paparazzi.


     What kind of car shook the door, drugged door, cabinet door, etc.

     It is simply a public enemy in the industry.

     But Zhuo Wei doesn't care, as long as there is traffic in his opinion.

     Flow is money.

     Zhuo Wei dug about Wu Weimin's affairs several times.

     But no way.

     There is no real hammer out at all.Now a mysterious phone call says there is a real hammer.

     It's a damn thing to say that hype is my own specialty, it's just hype, even if you pay, Zhuowei will buy tens of thousands if the quality of the material is enough.

     After the negotiation, Zhuo Wei got the video. After watching the video, Zhuo Wei smiled and said: "Yes, this material is too strong, if you have material in the future, you can continue to give it to me."

     "There is no future. We don't like to work with you, but this time we need to teach Wu Weimin how to behave through you."

     "Good... good."

     Zhuowei lightly nodded.

     in the afternoon.

     The focus of online discussion is still a slim chance of survival and beautiful mermaid's box office results.

     Everyone also discovered that a slim chance of survival seems to rise from the dead, and the box office is actually going to suppress the mermaid.

     "Damn, I didn't expect it, a slim chance of survival is now up again."

     "The effect of celebrities. It is said that several stars of the movie have gathered all friends in the entertainment circle to help them get the box office, and they are preparing to break 1 billion."

     "One billion is hard to say, but both of these films broke 800 million. Great!"

     "I just want to say that the mermaid was chasing really fiercely a few days ago. Now that I have lost one day, I don't know if I can continue to overturn a slim chance of survival."

     "Tomorrow the God of Cookery will be in theaters, it will be difficult."

     "Yes, time comes without enough time."


     Everyone kept discussing.

     Yu Xiaoxiao also sighed.

     The box office of Mermaid and a slim chance of survival in the next fourth week will definitely shrink significantly.

     I'm afraid it will be difficult to break 100 million.In such a situation, the mermaid wants to overtake.

     It's really a pipe dream.

     "Huh? What is this?"

     At this moment, Yu Xiaoxiao suddenly saw Dewei broke the news and even posted a blog.

     "After all suffering untold hardships, I finally got a hardship. This hardship may shock the industry. A certain kung fu superstar says that he doesn’t need a substitute, but it turns out to be like this. In addition, please don’t think about public relations. Public relations, see you at 2 tomorrow afternoon!"

     This blog exploded, and countless people who ate melons swarmed in.

     "Fuck me? Zhuo Wei dug another material??"

     "Nima, what is this situation? Kung fu superstars use substitutes? Who is it?"

     "I think it's Ajie, after all, Ajie always talks about how good he is."

     "Ajie? I think it's impossible, but Zhen Dan is possible."

     "Zhen Dan had previously revealed that he had been a substitute, but didn't he deny it all?"

     "Who else? Wu Weimin? I wiped it, maybe it was Wu Weimin."

     "Just kidding, it's impossible for my brother Min. You forgot. He said he used a substitute to quit the entertainment circle. If he really uses it, dare you say this?"


     Well, the online discussion is a bit fierce.

     Zhuo Wei is very good at controlling this rhythm. He needs to let the hot search explode first, and then break the news to cause the second wave of hot searches.

     A Jie, who is filming in Hengdian, received an interview from the media and was happy: "I really don't know about it, but I will put it here. If any of you find out that I am using a stand-in, I will immediately quit the entertainment circle!"Why did the media present think this so familiar.

     Got, to think of it.

     Wu Weimin also said this.

     So, who is this Zhuowei exploding?

     Regardless of the industry or netizens, they all said they couldn't guess.

     As for Zhuo Wei started the drama mode on the Internet, and completely entered the screen.

     "Hehe, my old Zhuo doesn't know what fear is from being a paparazzi, and I am not afraid at all if I want to play black.

     "Hehe, want to buy it for 10 million? Tell you, it's impossible."

     "Don't worry, everyone, saying that it will burst at 2 tomorrow afternoon and it will definitely burst at 2 tomorrow afternoon."

     "Public relations is impossible. Since I was a paparazzi, I have a principle, that is to maintain integrity."


     Good guy, these Zhuowei blogs seem to be threats and bribes.

     But what about the actual situation?


     Tu Shanshan was a little helpless: "I can't contact Zhuowei at all. It is impossible to buy this material this time."

     "Now what?"

     Xu Li frowned and said: "This video is almost real."

     "It can only sell badly, what else can I do?"

     Tu Shanshan said stopped/stood: "I will look for Wu Weimin again and get the follow-up evidence first to prevent this blowout!"

     If this crisis PR fails.

     Then Tu Shanshan's previous efforts were lost.

     Hugh said that there is a bonus, I am afraid that the bonus will be deducted.

     Wu is the people of the dog day.

     Tu Shanshan said gnashing one's teeth.The entire crew, including the company, will be miserable by him.

     In the blink of an eye, Monday passed.

     On this day, many people are immersed in eating melons and have no intention of working.

     Of course, everyone is still dissatisfied this day.

     The most annoying thing is to lose your appetite.

     Fortunately, the next day Wei broke the news finally announced.

     Yesterday’s video was blocked by the British Queen and Yuyi Film and Television's joint public relations, but today it is without any means.

     All they can do is withdraw hot searches.

     But it doesn't have any usefulness.

     Take it down.

     The hot search continues.

     On the 24-hour hot search list, Wu Weimin is simply Dugu Qiubai.

     "I rub, really hadn't thought it turned out to be Wu Weimin, this fucking really used a substitute."

     "Awesome Wu Weimin, he exploded so badly that he used a substitute for shame, but he even vowed to quit the entertainment circle with a substitute."

     "It's normal for an actor to use a substitute, but this Wu Weimin uses a substitute on the one hand, and on the other hand he points out that he doesn't need a substitute is the most disgusting.

     "Hehe, I've said that Wu is a civilian substitute, but you didn't believe it."

     "Interesting, how does Wu Weimin play this time?"

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