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478 Chapter 474, One Stone Stirs Up A Thousand Waves (seeking Monthly Ticket)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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     The various campaigns against Wu Weimin on the Internet are very popular.

     More than that.

     This revelation is first, and more revelations are behind, lest the entertainment circle will not be chaotic.

     A third-line model first published an article on his personal blog, and posted a few photos of himself and Wu Weimin, and then posted a hot post on the Internet: "This Wu Weimin is not a thing at all. In 10 years, I gave him a baby 8 Times."

     After hearing this news, netizens exploded.

     And insider extravagant A Biao said: "Who didn't know Wu Weimin's substitute on set, this is not the first time, now, finally the whole truth is revealed!"

     An 18th-line actress added firewood and said, "Yes, Wu Weimin is a scumbag. He once wanted to play with me. I refused. This person is disgusting!"


     Various insiders broke the news.

     Wu Weimin will soon become the target of disdain.

     But Wu Weimin used a stand-in. Fans wondered, in the movie "a slim chance of survival", Wu Weimin played by himself?

     Where is the double!

     Many people talked about the concept of substitutes and cutouts.

     It turned out that Wu Weimin said that he didn't need a substitute, but he used a substitute to cut out pictures as himself.

     This incident greatly irritated the industry.

     Cutouts are often the whole process of a stand-in and a supporting role with the team. In the end, the leading role focuses on the close-up shots, and then edits the distant stand-in and the close-up shots together.

     In this way, the protagonist doesn't have to spend too much time on filming and matching scenes, just focus on close-up shots.Filming this business. Its practical stand-in can understand, but the cut-out is over, which is equivalent to deception.

     The voice of justice asking Wu Weimin to apologize began on the Internet. The movie "a slim chance of survival" was also affected, and many people called for refunds.

     Speaking of a slim chance of survival, when the current box office and the mermaid were biting tightly, this time suddenly broke the news.

     This crew, entertainment film and television are crazy!

      what a joke?

     The title of the box office champion can't be lost.

     Record-breaking box office works, let alone Wu Weimin's leading role stinks.

     Faced with this matter, the action of "a slim chance of survival" is also very fast.

     Hold a press conference.

     Facing the reporter, Wu Weimin had a bitter and hateful expression: "I was on the crew during the filming of "a slim chance of survival". I even pushed down two films for this film. I am an actor. I never get involved in a drama, so I feel sad about what I say on the Internet. Why don't people see my sacrifices and efforts?"

     Wu Weimin's remarks did not convince the media.

     The essential.

     This is not what everyone is asking about.

     This press conference even if Anglo Entertainment re-public relations, but it is also a matter of washing away the substitute without any means.

     In the face of repeated inquiries from the media, Wu Weimin could only excuse his own old injuries recurs that day, so he used a substitute.

     What a clever excuse.

     It is not a sincere apology at all.

     As soon as the press conference is over.

     On the Internet, a bunch of people who had public relations began to wash up for Wu Weimin."I feel sorry for Brother Min, but I still insist on filming with injuries."

     "Yes, Min Ge worked too hard, and just let the substitute take a shot What happened? Is a shot so unforgivable?"

     "Hey, everyone just can't watch domestic movies. Isn't Min brother's many shots not good? Doesn't he work hard? With great difficulty, a Kung Fu superstar came out, but our own people got black."


     Fans stood in line, and the public relations media also called Wu Weimin injustice.

     Looking around, this wave of attacks on the Internet is about to be washed away by the Queen of England.

     Luo Yiming, who was on the road show, looked at the news a little bit hehe.

     In other words, the PR of the British Queens Entertainment is really amazing.

     Black and white can be reversed!

     "You said it's really interesting. Wu Weimin made such a big thing, and fans still screamed for him."

     Luo Yiming laughed: "The fans have to say so cute."


     Pan Riting, who was on the side, was puzzled. He said with a straight face: "Fans protect Wu Weimin, saying that Wu Weimin only added one shot. We don't have more evidence now, otherwise we can slap them in the face."

     "Hehe, there’s no problem."

     Luo Yiming has no good feelings about Wu Weimin at all.

     This guy even said a few words when he was interviewed.

     Let Zhao Xiang expose him, Luo Yiming would naturally not let him go so easily.

     For the Queen of England, he may be a treasure, but for himself, Wu Weimin is not a superstar, or he is just a pawn in his fight with entertainment art.After thinking about it, Luo Yiming said: "The main performer of a slim chance of survival performed this affair, and our box office will rely on this overall overtake.

     "I know."

     Pan Riting immediately stated: "The company will go into action next and crusade against Wu Weimin. I will unite several media to attack him and try to get rid of Wu Weimin."

     Luo Yiming waved his hand and refused: "No, I do have different opinions."

     Luo Yiming's not to accept as correct made Pan Riting confused.

     "Your approach has no effect."

     "Because, HH Entertainment can definitely think of a better method to settle an issue, and such an operation waste money and manpower will reveal ourselves."

     "In this circle, one less opponent is more important than a few friends."

     Luo Yiming smiled faintly, "Old Pan, why don't you do this..."

     Luo Yiming had already experienced the smoke of the entertainment industry in the original time and space, right and wrong

     How to play a good chess game with the Queen of England and how to defeat the Queen of England Entertainment behind Wu Weimin is what he has to consider.

     After the talks were over, Pan Riting went down.

     Within 10 minutes, the clear color draft on the Internet came out.

     "Brother Min, you are still the best king in my heart!"

     "Although Brother Min used a substitute, he is the most inspirational model! He is a Kung Fu superstar!"

     "This time Min Ge used a stand-in to show us what dedication is!"

     "Brother Min uses his professionalism to let a slim chance of survival box office crush the mermaid. This is the superstar."


     Suddenly, such headline articles came out.If these titles were released a few days ago, everyone would be happy and would not think too much.

     But you used a stand-in for the front foot of Ke Te Meow, cut out the picture, and then sent out such an article about Wang Po selling melons.

     In short, many viewers are disgusting.

     This is so funny when everyone is a fool.

     Three-year-old boy, are you so coaxing?

     Therefore, when netizens saw this scene finally cannot bear, they became angry.

     "Aim, the PR draft is this excessively obvious? Did you use a substitute or the most dedicated one?"

     "LMAO, although I am a passer-by to Wu Weimin, this time it is too disgusting. Kung Fu superstar, inspirational model, I am!"

     "Dying, what are you doing? I was in a good mood and ate a bowl of noodles, but I spit out all the news."

     One stone stirred up a thousand waves.

     What's more terrible is behind. Under these discussions, some radical fans called Wu Weimin stood out.
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