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479 Chapter 475, The Final Battle (seeking Monthly Ticket)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

"Laugh at your aim, what's so funny, Min is a superstar, is strong, do you know how hard our family Min has worked?"

     "Birdman, what's wrong with our brother Min? You eat noodles and spit out my brother Min, what's wrong with my brother, you stupid B."

     "Hehe, "a slim chance of survival" is a pride of Huaxia Movies. Are you guys unpatriotic? Want to watch foreign movies."

     "I'm not targeting you alone. In this matter, all the people who insult our family brother are traitors! Is it easy for China to be such a Kung Fu superstar!"

     These fans are not easy to mess with.

     Almost every pore in the body is full of hostility.

     Their lethality can be described as wherever one goes, not even a blade of grass grows.

     Such a scolding war naturally attracted the attention of all netizens.

     And Wang Jun, who was watching the situation online, was really taken aback.

     Are these fans trying to cheat their weapons for the people?

     Wang Jun was afraid of an accident, and quickly said in the fan management group: "Don’t hate Mingora. What you say on the Internet may cause more trouble to Mingo. We must be silent. At present, we need to keep a low profile. Mainly."

     "Brother Jun, what do you say on the Internet, we do not have organization."

     "Yes, my group hasn't moved either."

     "I saw the fierce debate on the Internet, I thought it was the navy you were looking for. I want to tell you that the navy is too weak."


     Looking at the group chat, Old Wang was a little confused.

     Not ours?

     This? ?

     In an instant, Lao Wang patted his thigh, which broke.He got it.

     He was aiming at someone deliberately trying to cheat us.

     Wang Jun hurriedly called the company.

     The company had seen this a long time ago, but they didn't know that the opponent came from what sect or school.

     This kind of scolding is too sharp.

     The matter of Wu Weimin's matting has been placed in a higher position of network-wide supervision.

     Everyone's tolerance for this aspect is quite low.

     Therefore, the support of the fans makes everyone feel disgusting, and it is the right thing to stand up and say!

     You may not have acting skills.

     You can be a vase.

     But you can't be without attitude.

     As a martial arts superstar.

     You can find a substitute.

     But you can't say that you don't need a substitute while you use it.

     Also big talk no shame said, I used it and you found that I can quit the entertainment circle.

     Have you retired?

     Are you special?

     You just sell poorly on the one hand, and on the other hand you go to public relations like a company, to find fans to sing for your glorious achievement.

     But don't follow Lao Tzu, I don't like this.

     Wu Weimin's character has fallen, and this is a crisis!

     Yu Xiaoxiao also posted an article here. Fuel this incident.

     "Apologize without sincerity, a hypocritical superstar!"

     When I watched "a slim chance of survival" before, Yu Xiaoxiao focused on the plot and clues. When she went to the cinema again to watch a slim chance of survival, her mind was on the cutout.

     I was taken aback.

     Yu Xiaoxiao believes that this movie is more than just a stand-in in the video.The purpose of her posting this article is to straighten up Wu for the people, let him be sincere once, and tell all fans how many substitutes are used in this movie.

     Isn't it, where there is danger, there are substitutes and cutouts!

     The rhetoric is sharp, like a sharp knife into the bone, Yu Xiaoxiao also added a few pictures, carefully argued, there is indeed a clue.


     Really haha.

     With high pay, but doing something sorry for the audience.

     Cutouts, substitutes, and lie.

     Shouldn't such an actor be scolded?

     Obviously, Yu Xiaoxiao's blog successfully caused everyone's anger.

     It also makes the defense battle of British Queens Entertainment reach a higher and more intense degree.

     The whole network was torn up.

     Yu Xiaoxiao also seemed to be beaten with blood.

     Kill the Quartet!

     Not only Yu Xiaoxiao, but several other bloggers also tore up.

     British Post Entertainment is a bit powerless.

     Their current defense and ostentation can only make the form more embarrassing.

     At first, Queens Entertainment felt that this event would not last too long, because the audience's forgetfulness was so great that they could come back later.

     Anyway, as long as the box office of "a slim chance of survival" does not go wrong.

     But they forgot a little.

     Vengeful viewing.

     Under the success of Yu Xiaoxiao behind the scenes of Tengying, the audience is also disgusted with "a slim chance of survival".

     Why not watching your movie is not patriotic?

     Why doesn't support your movie mean that you don't support China Film?What is it that you don’t want "a slim chance of survival" to continue breaking records?


     Your "a slim chance of survival" is a domestic film, isn't ?The Mermaid? not a domestic film?

     Wu Weimin is a superstar, but I think Luo Yiming is the real Chinese superstar.

     At least he can't cut out pictures, he won't find a substitute, he won't lie.

     He is sincere.

     He works very hard in filming.

     He has overcome many difficulties to present good works to everyone.

     There is no harm if there is no comparison. For a comparison, without watching beautiful mermaid's, those who previously supported a slim chance of survival decided to give two movie tickets to ?The Mermaid?.

      ?The Mermaid? is also a good work.

     When everyone is disappointed with a slim chance of survival, the mermaid is undoubtedly the best choice.

     On March 29, China Data Network updated its box office results for the fourth week.

     "A slim chance of survival" box office shrank only 36 million.

     But the box office of "The Mermaid" is as high as 110 million.

     This week, ?The Mermaid? chased 74 million.

      Until now, the box office of ?The Mermaid? not only surpassed "a slim chance of survival" more than 40 million, but it also broke the Chinese movie Box Office Record that was kept a few days ago by a slim chance of survival.

      Beautiful mermaid's successfully broke the 1 billion box office, and it became the first domestic film to break the 1 billion box office.

     Luo Yiming also became China's first director to break the 1 billion box office.

     He jumped from being a new director to being the director of the Box Office Record holder.

     Famous guide!

     Looking at this data, the industry did not speak.

     Slap in the face.The rise of this beautiful mermaid's is like a legend.

     No matter how you suppress it, no matter how you are not optimistic, he did it!

      The end of a slim chance of survival, it is destined that the mermaid will continue to set sail.

      This time pressure can be said to have come to "a slim chance of survival".

     They hadn't thought that the negative effect would be so bad because of the "cutting out" event.

     The box office shrinking in the fourth week and the audience's retaliatory viewing made English Post Entertainment a little no time to deal with it.

     They thought they had almost eliminated the public relations this time.

     However, it is not expected at the outset, the fanfare behind Shangteng Film and Television.

     To be precise, it is no longer a fan of the flames, it is simply to put "a slim chance of survival" on the fire.

     "How to do?"

     EF Entertainment, when the box office was overtaken and the honor was lost overnight, Kong Ren said to everyone: "Everyone tell us what should we do next?"

     Kong Ren knew that this loss was not just a movie, but a city.

     What may be lost is the position of the Chinese movie tycoon.
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