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480 Chapter 476, Blood Loss
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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? "President Kong, in fact, we haven't completely lost yet."

     The director of the company's operations department said: "The box office of "a slim chance of survival" has almost reached its potential, and the box office of "The Mermaid" will shrink drastically after this storm. It will not be difficult for us to buy a box office champion at that time. With a box office of 40 million, we don’t have to rush."

     "Now we can't let the Mermaid's box office continue to grow in such a retaliatory manner. Fortunately, our opportunity is here. The God of Cookery will be released tonight. We can let the God of Cookery come to fight the next battle."

      "Un." Kong Ren's brows no longer frowned, and he felt a little better. Yeah, the God of Cookery will be released tonight.

     The release of "God of Cookery" can further compress the schedule of "The Mermaid". At that time, beautiful mermaid's box office will be over.

     "Well, now, we can only watch the God of Cookery come, and continue to increase our investment in the announcement of the God of Cookery."

     "We are already doing it, normally speaking, the box office of "a slim chance of survival" and "The Mermaid?" are already showing signs of decline at this time. The competition will not be so fierce. Live the situation..."

     Everyone in the meeting room also discuss spiritedly.

     This week has just started.

     But at night "The God of Cookery" is about to be released.

     At present, its film schedule is 39%!

     At that time, "The Mermaid" and "a slim chance of survival" will be down.

     Because the cannon fodder of a few movies will also increase the lineup.

     At that time, they don't believe that "The Mermaid" has any stamina.However, it is still possible to score the box office by yourself and win a championship.

     On the Internet, after increasing the "a slim chance of survival" announcement fee, it seems that there are fewer and fewer topics about the "a slim chance of survival" stand-in.

     As for the other side, "The God of Cookery" will be released in the evening.

     When "a slim chance of survival" competed with ?The Mermaid? to the third week, "The God of Cookery" had already started publicity.

     Moreover, the enthusiasm of the God of Cookery has never ceased.

     "? The Mermaid? caught up with "a slim chance of survival", with a 50 million’s box office gap. One broke one billion, and the other 950 million at the box office, which is very fierce."

     "Now it's time to see whether the box office of "The God of Cookery" can continue to perform miracles."

     "I don't think it's a big problem. After all, the quality of director Feng Gang's works is guaranteed."

     "It's true that the timing of has to say is really good. I chose to join when the two films were weak."

     Everyone talked about isn't that a joy, and Entertainment Entertainment Film and Television also held a press conference during the day to increase the promotion of "The God of Cookery".

     He also specially invited several old opera bones to safeguard (sth).

     Several hours before the release, Feng Gang believed that this movie would surely create a miracle.

     "We have added a storyline to the movie "The God of Cookery". It can be said that this movie is full of climax and no urine points. The special effects will also let everyone see our sincerity."

     Feng Gang decisively blew a wave in the interview.

     I just said that my movie "The God of Cookery" is the best.

     The New Year stalls are over after March.

     But the real winner has not yet been born.Feng Gang was in the gap of a little tail, and he wanted to join the fight.

     Feng Gang's box office forecast for "The God of Cookery Is Coming" is 1 billion.

     At the same time, he expressed to reporters that he hoped that "The God of Cookery" could break the record on the first day.

     What do you mean?

     It is Feng Gang's hope that the box office of "God of Cookery" will exceed 130 million of "a slim chance of survival" on the first day.

     No one said that Feng Gang was swollen or arrogant.

     After all, Feng Gang is also the leading character of the ZTE era, and his films have always been box office hits. Serious inquiries only, the assembly number, the older party A and B, all discuss something enthusiastically.

     The coming of the God of Cookery is a brand-new attempt by Feng Gang.

      This time is the time to smash the publicity.

     Feng Gang's goal is clear, and that is to strive for the first place.

     He felt that this was simply God's help.

     Who would have thought that "a slim chance of survival" suddenly broke out with a ‘cutout stand-in’ incident, as a result viewers’ retaliatory viewing has led to a further reduction in the box office of "a slim chance of survival".

     The God of Cookery is coming to this movie, the Queen of England has also invested, and their theaters will naturally give a slim chance of survival to "The God of Cookery" at this time, so that means that the God of Cookery is coming to increase the filming.

     The first day of film "The God of Cookery" has reached 39%, as for the "The Mermaid" and "a slim chance of survival", the film has dropped to about 15%.

     Feng Gang felt that he didn't need to be polite at this time. Must be first!

     In the film forum, everyone is also discussing the movie "The God of Cookery".

     "It is said that the heroine of this movie is a big beauty.""What is Tang Yan's name? Tang Yan is not the only beauty. It is said that this movie also has entertainment ace Li Binbin."

     "The two heroines, Tang Yan and Li Binbin, both are interesting to the God of Cookery. This God of Cookery has a lot of good fortune in love affairs."

     "Of course, the male protagonist is the master of entertainment, Feng Delun."

     "Feng Delun is so handsome. Entertainment has been praising him like crazy in the past two years. As for his fans, his box office must be very high."

     "That's true, but to be honest, I beg to differ on the acting skills of these people. Whoever wants to watch this "The God of Cookery", I will not watch it anyway."

     "I originally planned to see it, but a slim chance of survival and God of Cookery came, and British Queen Entertainment invested in them. I hate them now, so I will go to see a mermaid."

     "I think so too. Bully intolerably!"


     Many people in the movie forum are discussing isn't that a joy. Although many netizens have said that they may go to make up a ticket for the mermaid, many people still believe that the box office of this movie God of Cookery will not be bad.

     Luo Yiming also doesn't care for online discussions. He has come to Xiao Keelin, one of the three northeastern provinces this time.

     It was tiring to rush all the way.

     He just wants to sleep well now.

     Within two minutes of lying on the bed, helplessly, the phone rang.

     It's Fatty Wen's phone.

     After answering, Fatty Wen looked very anxious.

     In fact, Fatty Wen wanted to contact Luo Yiming a long time ago. He just overtook the box office, and he could beat the Queen of England if he stabilized, and set himself apart in the Chinese entertainment film circle.As a result, now "The God of Cookery" is about to be released.

     This person.

     All are not satisfied.

     At the beginning, Wen Fatty has not thought ?The Mermaid? It will actually exceed "a slim chance of survival".

     After the overtake, Shangteng Film and Television’s public announcement fee smashed more than ten millions.


     Just keep first.

     As a result, now there is a hearsay that the British Queens Entertainment just used money to smash it, all of which had to smash 50 million’s box office in order to regain the number one.

     Of course, a more complicated situation change is that the God of Cookery has come to the theater and joined in.

     This adds too much uncertainty.

     Fatty Wen is the backbone of the young man at this time. He must ask Luo Yiming to ask Luo Yiming to stabilize the first one.

     "Director Luo, the God of Cookery is coming to the theater tonight, and the situation is much more complicated. Just take out the what else is there means. Our box office can't be lost."

     "will not."

     Luo Yiming said softly.

     Fatty Wen was even more anxious: "No? "The God of Cookery" is screened tonight. We are in danger when it is released."

     "You are too pessimistic." Luo Yiming waved his hand slightly: "Wait."

     "hold on?"

     Fat Wen was taken aback: "What are you waiting for?"

     "Wait for the premiere of "The God of Cookery"."

     Luo Yiming laughed, quite calmly: "I don't believe that "The God of Cookery" can create brilliance, so let's talk before watching the premiere."

      With the explanation of not too many, Luo Yiming briefly chatted with Fatty Wen about the next promotion.

     The same routine as ever.Continue to use the navy model.

     At the beginning, Luo Yiming planned to use the way of posting by the navy to promote the "The Mermaid".

     It turned out to be good, Luo Yiming hadn't thought "a slim chance of survival" and a god assist came over there.

     Wu Weimin was discovered as a stand-in.

     At this time, the time, the right place, the people and everything are complete.

     Luo Yiming felt that he would be sorry to Wu Weimin if he didn't move.

     After talking to Fatty Wen on the phone, Luo Yiming didn't care about it. He just wanted to get a good night's sleep. Then tomorrow, the full of vigor will go to Sisi's hometown first to visit his uncle and auntie.

     This time he came to Keeling, this is also his little selfishness.

     As long as he can pass the test of uncle and aunt, Luo Yiming knows that Si Si will continue to be with herself.


     British Queen Entertainment.

     Xu Li is also back.

     But she was in a bad mood.

      ?The Mermaid? has caught up with a slim chance of survival. The criminal ringleader and main offender of this matter is Wu Weimin.

     Facing the boss of Kong Ren, Xu Li said angrily: "Mr. Kong, something has happened now? I said that Wu Weimin would be bad sooner or later. If there is no such thing as Wu Weimin, I think we can crush it? The Mermaid? Keep the box office champion and record."

     "You think too much."

     Kong Ren faintly shook the head: "Look at the box office numbers of theaters ?The Mermaid? and "a slim chance of survival". Even without Wu Weimin, the box office will be overtaken this time.""It can only be said that Luo Yiming is too powerful. Now we have lost. Fortunately, there is not much difference. Fortunately, "The God of Cookery" is about to be released."

     Xu Li was a little helpless: "Mr. Kong, can you not always speak for Luo Yiming."

     "It's not that I speak for him, it's that he is really strong. In China Entertainment's circle, I have never seen such a genius. Yes, he is a genius."

     Kong Ren blurted out.

     Xu Li has to acknowledge until now, she is not as good as Luo Yiming.


     At 7:30 in the evening, Hongguang Cinema.

     The premiere of "The God of Cookery".

     The lineup of this movie is not weak at all. Although it is slightly inferior to "a slim chance of survival", it is enough to kill the mermaid in seconds.

     Don't forget the appeal of Li Binbin and Feng Delun.

     Plus, the newcomer Xiaohua Tang Yan joined.

     No, there are already three fans outside Hongguang Cinema.

     "Sister Binbin, we will always support you!"

     "Tang Yan, we will always love you."

     "Deren, I want to give you a monkey!"

     "Binbin, you are the best!"

     "Binbin, you are the most beautiful."


     Countless fans hold up signs waiting for the best Binbin in their hearts, Tang Yan and Delun!

     As for the media reporters on the sidelines, they are also chatting in private.

     "This time the premiere has a strong lineup."

     "Indeed, this film was jointly invested by Yuyi and British Queens Entertainment. Entertainment and British Queens are cooperating, and they must be willing to pay for it."

     "Speaking of England, they do have strength.""Yes, although "a slim chance of survival" has been affected by Wu Weimin's work of cutting out pictures, the box office will eventually exceed 1 billion, which is not simple."

     "They are full of early earnings."

     "Yes, if the movie "The God of Cookery" also breaks through one billion, then Queens Entertainment will further increase its influence in the movie."


     Many reporters discuss spiritedly.

     Just then, with the screams of fans, Binbin arrived.

     After simply taking a few photos with him, Li Binbin entered the studio.

     Next, Tang Yan, Delun and other leading actors also arrived one after another.

     The media are crackle rattle and take crazy pictures.

     In the studio.

     As a film critic, Yu Xiaoxiao was also invited to attend this premiere today.

     She is still looking forward to Feng's work "The God of Cookery Comes".

     If it is "God of Cookery", the box office can also exceed 1 billion.

     So this year's China Film Market will become a historic moment.

     But in the end still depends on how is it?

     After the premiere, it was a common process again.

     After 40 minutes, the theater lights turned off, and "The God of Cookery" finally began.

     "The God of Cookery" naturally revolves around the name of the movie. It mainly talks about Feng Delun who used to be the God of Cookery in a small town, but after failing a game, he became a worker in a desolate factory.

     Divorced from his wife.At the factory, he met the boss’s daughter Tang Yan, and by chance, he cooked Tang Yan a meal, but the delicacy made Tang Yan feel too delicious.

     Tang Yan then took him to practice cooking together and encouraged him to return the favor.

     This is followed by participation in the Global Good Food Great Competition.

     But it was Li Binbin who really made Feng Delun the God of Cookery.

     This married wife who had left him.

     It was Li Binbin at the critical moment that made Feng Delun find the feeling of love and gained a new understanding of cooking.

     This movie has many games, so a lot of special effects are used.

     During the cooking competition, the special effects were dazzling.

     The whole video.

     It feels a bit of a hodgepodge, but the story is relatively smooth.


     Yu Xiaoxiao could only comment like this after reading it.

     After the premiere, Yu Xiaoxiao also wrote a film review called "Horse of Movies".

     Other film critics are quite blowjobs on "God of Cookery".

     However, anyone who hadn't thought will officially premiere on March 29th.

     On March 30, the first day's box office was released.

     As a result, Yuyi and British Post Entertainment were particularly looking forward to this amazing work, with a box office of only 58 million!

     That's right, Hugh said it broke 100 million, not even 60 million.

     The box office on the first day was only 58 million.




     In other words, surprise can no longer describe the mood of the industry, it is shock.

     Unexpectedly, "The God of Cookery" is highly anticipated, and even many people in the industry predict that this movie may have the last laugh.As a result, that's it a situation?

     The box office on the first day was only 58 million?

     How about 39% of your schedule?

     This box office is too unacceptable.

     Especially for British post-entertainment entertainment and entertainment film and television, this box office has made this cooperation between the two companies, more precisely, the cooperation between Zhang Dongming and Kong Ren has suffered a blood loss.
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