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481 Chapter 477, The End Of The 缮橹 (seeking A Monthly Pass)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

?Because the box office of "a slim chance of survival" has shown a slump, British Post Entertainment put more energy on the film "The God of Survival".

     Precisely because of this, Anglo-Flat Entertainment has lost tens of millions of votes in one week after the announcement of "God of Cookery".

     The first day of the box office after the British entertainment think very clear.

     Let "God of Cookery Advent" directly set the record again.

     But who would have thought that the first day box office of "God of Cookery" was only 58 million? ?

     And the attendance rate is very low.

     "How can it be like this?"

     Looking at the data in the conference room, Zhang Dongming collapsed. He unbelievable said: "Where is the problem????"

     "do not know."

     The director in charge of the research smiled bitterly: "We really don't know."

     "do not know?"

     Zhang Dongming is angry. This movie can be said to be a work that he wants to pull strongly against a crazy tide and regain power. This box office is too bad: "Can't the data returned by ten research teams be analyzed? You said no. Know? What do you research director do for food?"

     The research director is speechless. He will give the survey form directly to Zhang Dongming: "Mr. Zhang, please read it for yourself, and others should also take a look."

     "Let me see."

     Zhang Dongming took the survey form.

     I wanted to scold research director Liao Wenhui for a paragraph, but the more I looked at Zhang Dongming, the more I was surprised.

     This time, entertainment film and television have attached great importance to "God of Cookery", and his old tribes want to rely on this movie to rise again.

     After making money, start another state.Because the God of Cookery came before Luo Yiming's era, Luo Yiming did not invest in this film, and has not yet been able to influence this film.

     It can also be said that this is Zhang Dongming's last chance.

     Therefore, in this film, Zhang Dongming can say that he put all his wealth on, just wait for the final win instant success.

     He stationed a research team in every district of the capital, a group of 10 people, in order to investigate the audience and selling points of "The God of Cookery" as far as possible.

     As a result, this survey form is really embarrassing.

     "This film is okay as a whole, you can pass the time for a while, the final sentiment is a bit touching!"

     "Laughs. It's a good arrangement. You can watch."

     "What do you say with a smile, interesting, but it's almost comedic effect compared to ?The Mermaid?, and the special effects of "a slim chance of survival" are also not good, but overall it is good.

     "You can see, the comic effect is pretty good."

     "I'll give 60 points, pass."

     "Well, it's okay, you can take a look!"


     Almost 60 percent of the people in the survey table think the movie "The God of Cookery" is a good one, and falls within the scope of passing.

     As for the remaining 40 percent, there are basically not many negative reviews. Most of them feel that the film has shortcomings, but overall it is not bad.

     It's weird.

     According to the evaluation of the survey, the box office on this first day had to exceed 100 million.

     The worst is 80 million.

     But what the hell is 58 million?

     "Let's talk about it, everyone, what is going on?"Zhang Dongming couldn't understand it anymore, and he was speechless: "Since the evaluation is acceptable, why is the box office so bad?"

     No one in the conference room could answer.

     This result is weird.

     Zhang Dongming immediately contacted Feng Gang by phone. He is the director and he must say What's the problem nǎ li.

     At this moment, the updated results of China Data Network also made the movie forum fried.

     "Haha, the box office of "The God of Cookery" was only 58 million on the first day? Didn't Director Feng say that he will break the record?"

     "LMAO, he is aiming to surpass ?The Mermaid? and "a slim chance of survival" with such achievements?"

     "A bad movie is a bad movie. Entertainment film and television are over. This movie hit the street."

     "I look forward to hitting the street. I heard that Zhang Dongming is going to leave. Luo Yiming will take over the entertainment film and television. I really hope this movie can hit the street. Welcome to the new dynasty of movies."

     "Dao Luo is finally about to rise!"


     Everyone kept discussing.

     On the other side, Yu Xiaoxiao looked at such box office results and was a little surprised.

     The box office single-day performance of China Data Network is like this.

     First place: "The God of Cookery is Coming", with a single-day box office of 58 million.

     Second place: ?The Mermaid?, with a single-day box office of 46 million.

     Third place: "a slim chance of survival", a single day box office of 19 million.

     Because it was Saturday yesterday, plus the ticket sales of British Queens Entertainment, the box office of "a slim chance of survival" has picked up a bit.

     But beautiful mermaid's box office makes one surprised a bit.

     The major theater lines of these two films have been reduced.If there is no change in the film schedule, then beautiful mermaid's box office single day 40~50 million may be.

     But the number of platoons dropped sharply, and the mermaid can still get this box office, which is close to the result of the arrival of the god of cook.

     This is absolutely explosive.

     The industry is all dumbfounded.

     They have to say, the mermaid burst, and the staying power is still strong.

      beautiful mermaid's 46 million in a single day, and scattered and smashed torn the super dream of a slim chance of survival.

     Take a look, with a box office of over 40 million, I surpassed you by 27 million in a single day. In this way, Luo Yiming's box office has been far lost a slim chance of survival.

     The difference in box office results reached 70 million.

      what is more important.

     The God of Cookery came to the premiere, 39 films, and finally only a single day box office more than the Mermaid by 12 million.

     Is it embarrassing or embarrassing?

     Many film critics began to analyze.

     Soon it came to the conclusion that the God of Cookery descended on the street.

     Because the mermaid's comedy effect goes beyond the arrival of the God of Cookery, there are also some abuse points in the emotional setting, and everyone will not catch a cold when the God of Cookery comes.

     Moreover, the five cents special effects of the God of Cookery are also super awkward, and are far from a slim chance of survival. Movie fans do not like it very much.

     Based on the above, everyone's sense of expectations for this "God of Cookery" is not great.

     Netizens still love to hear and see the box office on the first day of "God of Cookery".

     This is mainly due to the fans of entertainment art’s top stars Li Binbin and Feng Delun.

     Because their fans often like to pull hatred.

     Our family Binbin has no acting skills what happened again?Binbin's box office is high.

     Our family Deren has no acting skills. What happened?

     Our family Tren does not speak, standing at the box office, because he is handsome, without any means.

     And this time the box office loss of "God of Cookery" on the first day also made these fans a little quiet.

     The most lively discussion on the Internet is the industry's discussion on why the "God of Cookery is coming" box office.

     Tang Ling, the editor-in-chief of "A Week in Film Review" wrote: "To be honest, the film quality of "The God of Cookery" is not bad. The acting skills of Binbin and Delun are aside for the time being. The performances of other old dramas are still quite brilliant. , But the schedule of this movie is wrong, not to mention, "God of Cookery" is far inferior to "a slim chance of survival" in terms of special effects and actions, and it is far from "The Mermaid" in terms of comedy effects... "

     Tang Ling's article has been recognized by many people.

     A well-known film critic said: "The story of the movie "The God of Cookery" is more clichéd. In fact, there's nothing about it. I am unbelievable. This is the work of Director Feng. This time Feng Gang seems to be on the street. ."

     "At present, Feng Gang is the biggest loser in the Spring Festival stalls."

     "The movie "The God of Cookery" may have played sit on the mountain and watch the tigers fight at first, and then the fisherman catches both cards, but now it seems that he has miscalculated. It is possible that "The God of Cookery" will become cannon fodder. ."

     More and more media jumped out and began to sing bad news.

     Before the box office came out, they were still touting the movie "God of Cookery", as if the box office on the first day of the movie's release would definitely exceed "a slim chance of survival".As a result, after the box office came out, the direction of the media changed.

     Feng Gang became a victim of this great era.

      The loser of Film Director after great waves wash out the sand.

     Feng Gang's works have lost the favor of the media, as if they lost their previous aura for a while.

     At that time, Feng Gang, who was preparing for the roadshow, was not expected at the outset.

     He had waited for the first day of the box office to officially start the road show, and at the same time, fig. to rub one's fists and wipe one's palms was ready to go.

     As a result, this first day's box office seemed to be a pot of cold water, which poured a chill on Feng Gang.

     Completely unbelievable.

     Too much face.

     After receiving a call from Zhang Dongming and coming to Entertainment Entertainment, Feng Gang also asked Zhang Dongming: "Why, why is this?"

     "Feng Gang, you ask me why, you are a director, and your work is at the box office, don't you want to explain?

     Feng Gang really couldn't explain it.

     Research director Liao Wenhui will hand over a survey form: "Director Feng, this is our survey. You can take a look first."

     "Now it seems that we are a bit overestimating ourselves, this time "The God of Cookery" may really become cannon fodder."

     After Feng Gang read the survey, he frowned, feeling extremely unhappy, but his mouth was very stern: "It's only the first day. If you follow up in the next few days, maybe there is no turning point?"

     Feng Gang was not reconciled, he didn't want to admit failure just like that.

     He did his best for this "God of Cookery". Originally, he wanted to striving to improve from Zhongxing to the top.

     This is related to the right to speak.The result is such an ending.

     Not convinced.

     "Old Feng, I know what you think, but this movie is difficult."

     Zhang Dongming did not lose his reason: "We have smashed so many announcements and ticket replenishment. In the case of the 39th film, we only got 58 million on the first day. In this case, it is powerless to promote."

     "I know."

     Feng Gang lightly nodded: "I hope that the current theater lineup will not shrink by half suddenly. I only need three days. You give me three days. I want to use my influence to promote it again!"


     Zhang Dongming, who wanted to persuade him again, also sighed when he watched Feng Gang. This time he played with Feng Gang. Zhang Dongming didn’t expect to lose so badly: "Sure, I will try my best to promote it, but the company can only guarantee three days. , In three days, maybe I don’t have any right to speak, you know what I mean."

     Cinemas are all about making money, and Zhang Dongming, as one of the shareholders, relies on his hard work in entertainment for So many years.

     Many old shareholders are willing to support and believe in him and have invested in God of Cookery.

     But if the God of Cookery descends on the street, he can only give up his position. At that time, Luo Yiming must be in strong power, and that is the real Luo Yiming era.

     Zhang Dongming can't be the master.

     He sighed, because he has invested too much in this movie, and he can't really lose a family fortune because of a movie.

     Having known Feng Gang for 8 years, Zhang Dongming naturally understands Feng Gang's character.

     This one just refused to admit defeat.I want to support him and give him a fight, but if he does fight, he knows he will be finished in his current form.

     Therefore, he can only give Feng Gang three days and three days to himself.

     After coming out of Entertainment Entertainment, Feng Gang also looked up at the sky and suddenly laughed.

     In 8 years, he has never been so defeated.

     He has always been a benchmark in the industry.

     The leading character of the ZTE generation.

     Chasers of countless emerging directors.

     But now the media has begun to say that Feng Gang is the front wave, and the back waves like Xu Li and Luo Yiming have shot him to death on the beach.

      what a joke?

     Feng Gang needs three days, and he also wants to create a miracle.

     Later, Feng Gang wrote on his blog: “Although the movie "Party A and Party B" earned 150 million in the box office in 1997, it was still questioned. Now I watch this movie on the oil depot. With a high score of 8.7, the industry appraised it as one of the 50 classic Chinese movies."

     "It's not easy for filmmakers. I'm an old man in this line. Different types of work innovations will definitely have to endure a lot of doubts and market disapproval. This time, "The God of Cookery" is not ideal at the box office. This time, I hope you will have more Support! We are not yet defeated! We work hard together!"

     As soon as this blog was posted, it became a hot post instantly.

     It can be said that this is a memory kill.

     I also used my own history and authority in the director circle.

     Binbin forwarded and wrote: "We are not yet defeated!! Please support "The God of Cookery"!!"Delun then reposted: "We are not yet defeated!! "The God of Cookery" will definitely be able to counterattack strongly!"

     Other actors also forwarded unity of will is an impregnable stronghold and wrote: "We are not yet defeated!"

     In addition to these actors, some celebrities who worked with Director Feng began to repost this blog.

     "I also like "The God of Cookery"!"

     "With a serious filmmaker like Director Feng, China's film market has hope!"

     "I like "The God of Cookery", I think this film is a good work, everyone will look at it and you won't be disappointed."

     "Classic movies can stand the question of time, Director Feng, come on!"

     "Support Feng Dao's innovation, the theme of God of Cookery, although there are flaws, but this is more true, pay tribute to our filmmakers."


     Feng Gang is using his entertainment resources and wants to pull strongly against a crazy tide.

     This pose has been used by many big guys in the original time and space. Some big guys have used their authority and fame to achieve a very good box office result for the works that hit the street.

     This is not impossible. But the final result depends on whether the audience pays the bill.

     The mermaid is a factor.

     Because, at this moment, the warmth of the beautiful mermaid's movie has not retreated, and the mermaid continues to create box office myths.

     Luo Yiming, who woke up from the hotel, changed into the white shirt he wore when he first saw Sisi today, wrapped in a black formal suit.

     Putting on his tie and stepping on his favorite pair of brown pointed leather shoes under his feet, Luo Yiming took pictures in front of the mirror.
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