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482 Chapter 477
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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?Luo Yiming has never been this kind of person who loves to deal with mirrors. Out of self-confidence, Luo Yiming often neglects to dress up this aspect.

     But today is an extremely important day for Luo Yiming, more important than the mermaid's box office breaking one billion.

     I just made a phone call with Sisi's father. Unexpectedly, the other party not only answered the call, but also said that he would wait for himself at home, and talk to Luo Yiming.

     This is undoubtedly an opportunity for him to reconcile with Si Si, Luo Yiming must take good hold of it, as he can't neglect any details including his clothes.

     Okay, let's go.

     Looking at the mirror, straight and impressive looking, handsomely dressed himself, Luo Yiming smiled.

     Take a taxi straight to the community where Sisi lives.

      Luo Yiming of this time still does not know, Sisi already returned to the hometown of Jilin.

     A few days ago, Sisi's nausea symptoms became more serious. Her mother accompanied her to the hospital for an examination. She didn't have any accident. She was pregnant.

      already have more than a month's pregnancy, the child's father is Luo Yiming.

     When she heard the news, Si Si's mother immediately wanted to contact Luo Yiming, but Si Si refused.

     Beside her and Luo Yiming, the conflict between her parents must always be resolved.

     She didn't want to make any party compromise just because she had a child.

     Even if the parents changed their words, for the children to agree to be with Luo Yiming, they would not accept it at all. There is no marriage that parents blessed.

     Si Si refused to let her parents contact Luo Yiming, but the latter couldn't help but miss it and found it herself.

     Came to Keelin all the way.For the company, Luo Yiming selected newcomers for the Supernova Olympics and the beautiful mermaid's roadshow.

     But for himself, getting the approval of Sisi's parents, obtaining their blessings, and marrying Sisi is the primary purpose of his trip.

     It was still cold at the end of March in Jilin, and the signs of spring were not so obvious. When it was warm and cold, Luo Yiming came out of the hotel and saw the willows that had not yet sprouted smiling desperately in the mist.

     The spring breeze in February is like scissors talking about the hometown where Luo Yiming grew up, while the northeast, at the end of March, still looks like a misty cloud.

     It is said that there is no spring in the Northeast. To be precise, there's nothing about it. In the caught off guard, everyone started to welcome the summer heat again.

     After getting off the taxi, Luo Yiming went to Sisi’s residential complex, an old residential complex with towering ancient trees. Many elderly people are doing morning exercises and fitness. Some of them do Tai Chi and dance. The atmosphere is so lively.

     Speaking to an old man, talking about Sisi's father Li Jindou, the old man was especially enthusiastic to show Luo Yiming the way.

     Some old ladies recognized Luo Yiming, and a few aunts who had watched Luo Yiming on TV and knew that Sisi was in a relationship with him. The trivial and Luo Yiming actually talked about Sisi’s childhood .

     Luo Yiming was quite willing to listen.

     He not only heard from his aunt that Si Si liked hosting and art when he was a child, but also learned that Si Si's father Li Jindou and Si Si's mother Cai Xiujuan were also literary cell carriers.

     They both worked in the county art troupe in their early years, and the two of them also made love in the art troupe.It's just that, in order to make a living, the two of them started a small business in the art troupe without making money, which faded away the memory.

     Regarding art, both of them are believed to have been passionate.

     Knowing this, Luo Yiming felt that the two old people were disgusted, and perhaps it was not all of his work, but only a part of it, that contradicted him.

     For example, the excessive intimacy with actresses and female artists in the play, the identity of the director will give people the illusion that they are facing more hidden rules in the entertainment industry.

     As the producer and power-holder of the upstream game, he does not let his family rest assured.

     But all of these, Luo Yiming knows, not to say that it exists in the entertainment industry, in fact, it does exist in other places.

     It is said that men who have money and power go bad.

     It was they who faced more temptations.

      In this world, it is impossible to be without temptation, the key depends on how you treat it.

     Luo Yiming can do it and stop acting with actresses, and even if two old people don't like being in this circle, he can withdraw.

     As I thought about it, Luo Yiming had already climbed the stairs. Under the guidance of an enthusiastic aunt, Luo Yiming reached the door of Sisi's house and knocked on the door three times. After waiting, the door was opened!

     With a creak, the wooden door groaned.

     The door gradually revealed the outline of the living room, and Li Jindou and Cai Xiujuan had been waiting at home for a long time.

     Sisi's house is not big. There is a table for eating at the door. In the living room there is still one sofa and coffee table. The TV should be antique a few years ago, and the screen is not big.

     When Luo Yiming came in, Cai Xiujuan helped her get slippers.There was still a bit of cold outside, and inside the house, it was as hot as entering a steam room.

     Luo Yiming was still wearing a suit and tie, only feeling a gust of heat rising from the back of his feet, his back, and his shoulders.

     "sit down."

     Li Jindou and his daughter Sisi have already negotiated.

     Luo Yiming is here, she shouldn't come out yet.

     Of course Si Si understands that she also hopes to give her parents and Luo Yiming a chance to communicate separately.

     After sitting down, Luo Yiming's palms were sweating. Auntie handed a glass of water. Luo Yiming took it and put it on the table, still silent.

     After a few seconds, he wanted to speak, but before speaking, he was interrupted by Li Jindou.

     "You call me this, it shows that you still have a conscience and haven't forgotten our family." Li Jindou's words smelled of gunpowder.

     "No, uncle, I have never forgotten Si Si. But I will respect her decision. I don't want to really embarrass her. After all, you are her favorite parents."

     Luo Yiming is so eloquent, Li Jindou doesn't think these words are so sincere: "So you have a reason not to contact her? Then why are you calling us, you are not afraid of her embarrassment."

     Li Jindou overbearing, Cai Xiujuan hurriedly interjected: "All right, old man, what is this for you."

     Luo Yiming's face showed a seriousness that he had never seen before, which was also the rare seriousness he had in recent months.

     Luo Yiming can understand the feelings of Uncle Li.

     Any father will initially be a little jealous of the man whose daughter is married."Uncle, Auntie, I'm not afraid of your jokes when I say it. I also think I can not contact Sisi, I can do the greatest possible respect. But I overestimated myself, I can only tell her through other means as much as possible , I still love her, I have not forgotten her."

     "I contacted you because I wanted to invite her to be the host of a new show, the Supernova Olympics. She didn't answer the phone, so I found you."

     "Then you are here this time to allow our family to host your new show?" Cai Xiujuan was a little disappointed.

     Luo Yiming shook his head: "If I lie to myself, I can say yes. But auntie, I'm really not that great. I separate my feelings from work so much. I'm looking for a reason for myself. I still can't forget the slightest. I want to be with her."

     "Uncle and Auntie, I came today with my sincerity and determination. I know what you are worrying about. Okay, then I will let you rest assured. I have already decided. If you can agree to my marriage with Sisi, agree We are together, I can quit the entertainment industry."

     "Quit the entertainment circle?" Li Jindou was excited when Luo Yiming said this sentence, and he said: "Don't think of me as the silk, you will believe you. How can you quit the entertainment circle, you are willing to be a star Okay, then try. If you really quit the entertainment industry, I immediately agree to marry my daughter to you."

     "I will arrange the fastest time for you to get married. I don't need to talk about your wedding gift. I want my daughter to be happy."

     Li Jindou didn't believe in such witty words, such deceptive words.

     Luo Yiming how can it be quit the entertainment circle.After he finished speaking, Luo Yiming was indeed silent and speechless, but he took out his own hand machine and logged into his deduction space.


     Luo Yiming edited a paragraph of text.

     "Everyone who loves Luo Yiming, excuse me, for the sake of Li Sisi, I am willing to give up the entire entertainment circle. I declare that starting today, I will withdraw from the entertainment circle indefinitely. Maybe the future is long, we can see it, but maybe, forever not see!"


     Until after pressing the send button.

     Luo Yiming only looked at Li Jindou.

     Then, he showed the information to Father Li.

     "Uncle, others may really lie, and there are many emotional liars in this world, but I, Luo Yiming, is definitely not one of them."

     "Because I love Sisi, I am willing to quit the entertainment circle for her, and I am willing to live a life of the most ordinary person for her. I want to marry Sisi immediately, so please uncle and auntie, marry your daughter Me, I will love her forever."

     "If I break my promise, I'm Luo Yiming..."

     "You are not allowed to talk nonsense..." Before Luo Yiming swears, a door of the inner house was pushed open.

     Sisi rushed out with tears on her face.

     She heard everything Luo Yiming said.

     A person at the top of the entertainment pyramid, a superstar, and a director, he is willing to give up this country to accompany himself, and live a small life.

      what else is there is more touching than this.

     Especially, when Luo Yiming said these words, she felt a reaction in her belly again. She knew that the baby also sensed Dad's voice.

     When she saw Sisi appear, Luo Yiming collapsed.The tears tears bursting out directly, ticking and landed like golden beans.

     He didn't know, Sisi was in this room.

     He thought Sisi was still in the capital, or somewhere else.

     The person he loves most, he has a lover that he hasn't seen for more than half a month. At this moment, Luo Yiming seems to have passed half a century.

     "You, are you at home?"

     "I'm here." Tears burst out at once.

     "Sisi..." Luo Yiming didn't care that his uncle and aunt were still by his side, he got up tremblingly, and rushed towards Sisi excitedly.

     Stumbled, Luo Yiming didn't know that his leg had touched the corner of the coffee table, no matter the pain, Luo Yiming rushed over and hugged Sisi.

     Feel the slightest body temperature.

     He hugged tightly, afraid that she would be gone again.

     "Sisi, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I have made you sad, I have wronged you. I never let you get lost again."


     Sisi cried.

     The pain I have suffered these days, especially the grievance in my heart after learning that I was pregnant with Luo Yiming's child.

     That love.

     She needs to be released.

     He needs the father of the child even more, which is a powerful hug from Luo Yiming.

     "Yi Ming, why are you so stupid? Why are you quitting the entertainment circle for me? You shouldn't be so selfish. You are a good director. You have to continue your career and you have to create more good works. …"

     "No, without you, even if I get everything in the entertainment industry, no matter how good works I create, what's the use? I don't want it, I just want you."Luo Yiming's hug tighter. He wouldn't let go of Sisi.

     The eyes of Li Jindou who watched from the side were also dim at the moment. He was reflecting on whether he was doing the right thing.

     Isn't it true that people in the entertainment industry are like that... Maybe there are honest and decent people, this person is Luo Yiming?

     Cai Xiujuan has already cried.

     Even if her daughter is not pregnant, Cai Xiujuan is willing to choose to trust Luo Yiming once.

     As a woman, she knows that if Si Si loses Luo Yiming this time, she will never find a man who loves her so much in this life, and she loves her so deeply.

     "Baby his dad, you see how good they are, don't stop the children. I think Luo Yiming is an upright and sincere young man. I don't worry if you marry him Sisi."

     Li Jindou is looking thoughtful, he wants to agree.

     But he felt that if Luo Yiming really wanted to quit the entertainment circle in exchange, would he be too much.

     No matter what, he can only acquiesce in Luo Yiming and Si Si to be together again.

     In the entertainment industry, how to continue? Li Jindou respects the result of the final discussion between his own daughter and Luo Yiming.

     After all, Sisi and Luo Yiming had a disagreement.

      This time, Luo Yiming's spatial mood first caused a storm in the entertainment industry.

     "What, Luo Yiming is going to quit the entertainment circle. Is this his space stolen?"

     "It should have been stolen, and his personal blog has not changed."

     "Well, the official website of Shangteng Film and Television also doesn't have any information, it must be fake!""Damn it, who is talking nonsense that our family has quit the entertainment circle. If he really quits, how do we live.".

     "Yes, the entertainment industry is just such a talented director and producer. If he leaves, entertain variety shows, and movies shouldn't go back a few years."

     Everyone has a unified caliber, that is, Luo Yiming's space has been attacked.


     At that time, Fatty Wen was still in the announcement of Shangteng Film and Television, and he didn't see Luo Yiming's mood at all.

     Fatty Wen would be happy now.

     He hadn't thought that Luo Yiming had guessed the box office on the first day of the arrival of the God of Cookery. It was not fierce at all, it was only 58 million.

     This result is affirmative.

     If you compare with other small movies, the result of God of Cookery is pretty good.

     However, the current box office of mermaid and a slim chance of survival is exactly the time when both advance singing loudly broke 1 billion or even exceeded 1 billion.

     The box office comparison of the coming of the God of Cookery is a bit embarrassing.

     To say that his 58 million yuan was accidental on the first day, Feng Gang was greatly sensational that night, and on the second day, there will be a counterattack.

     But on the second day, the single-day box office of God of Cookery came to only 40 million.

     Not as good as the first day.

     In two days, the arrival of the God of Cookery was worth more than 100 million.

     According to a box office rule of the movie, has to say, it's just that the God of Cookery comes.

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