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483 Chapter 479, The Mountains Are High And The Waters Are Far Away, There Will Be No Deadline Later (see Monthly Ticket)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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?Basically, this society in the industry has already sentenced "The God of Cookery" to death.

     As for "a slim chance of survival" and "The Mermaid" the fifth week of box office is also summarized.

      ?The Mermaid? In the fifth week, the box office received 88 million.

     "A slim chance of survival" received 36 million at the box office in the fifth week.

     Although this fifth week of "a slim chance of survival" box office did not collapse across the board.

     However, because of the early exit of "God of Cookery", the mermaid madness exceeded a slim chance of survival by 100 million, and the movie of the New Year file finally came to an end.

      ?The Mermaid? With a cumulative box office of 1.15 billion, it became the top champion.

     Become a miracle in the box office industry.

      A slim chance of survival, with a score of 9800 to 600,000, only a little short of breaking through a billion, and ranked second.

     "?The Mermaid? won, congratulations."

     "? The Mermaid? With a gross box office of 1.15 billion, it became the biggest winner of the Spring Festival stall!"

     "? The Mermaid? The last laugh with a box office of 1.15 billion!"

     "? The Mermaid? The total box office totaled 1.15 billion and reached the top of the championship, while breaking the record of China's box office film history! Luo Yiming became the youngest director with a billion-breaking, and also became the director of the China Box Office Record holder."


     The media have started reporting on ?The Mermaid? this time.

     The biggest winner of the New Year stall today is none other than Luo Yiming.

     This is indisputable.

     And then as the 51st gear is about to start, ?The Mermaid? and "a slim chance of survival" are about to quit.

     However, these two films have already set their own records by breaking 1 billion or close to 1 billion in the Spring Festival file.Xu Li also set a new record for her director career.

     I believe that starting this year, more and more emerging directors will choose to direct movies.

     Everyone has the same idea.

     Xu Li can.

     We can too.

     The whole network was praising, praising the mermaid, and praising Luo Yiming violently, but hadn’t thought and another news quickly swallowed up all the previous news one hour later.

     If Luo Yiming's renewed mood in the space is that his space has been attacked, it is not his intention.

     But two hours later, an article on Luo Yiming's personal blog is genuine!

     "Sorry, fans and viewers who like Luo Yiming, let you down, but the news published in my space that I will quit the entertainment circle indefinitely is not fake."

     "Yes, once I make a decision, I will not change it easily. What's more, I want to welcome the Second Stage of my life, marry a wife and have children."

     "Meeting Li Sisi is the happiest and happiest thing in my life. Being able to fall in love with her and marry her as a wife is the luck of my life. I dare not disappoint."

     "I have to spend my whole life to love her, please like my friend and forgive me for being selfish. Of course, in order to love my fans and viewers, I will not let you down too much. In the next few months, I will make the last one. File shows, and accompany everyone through the years in this show."

     "This show, I will also return to the place where I first set sail in the entertainment industry. As a host, I will cooperate with Li Sisi, my future wife, to create a star sports reality show variety show, the supernova Olympics.""In this program, I will lead everyone to run together, shoot together, swim together, and play together to maximize the spirit of sports and entertainment. At the same time, there will be sports instructors and athletes who will use healthy sports concepts and Olympic sports spirits. Bring to friends who you like."

     "Entertainment is far and long, and companionship can last a lifetime, but compared to the length of time, I like to give you an eternal classic and infinite excitement in a limited time."

     "Remember, no matter where I go, I used to love you as much as myself. No matter what I do in the future, I will remember the flowers and fruits that I bloomed on the road of entertainment."

     "See you at the Supernova Olympics!"

     "After this side, the mountain is high and the river is far, meeting postponed indefinitely!"

     As soon as Luo Yiming's personal blog post was updated, hundreds of thousands of fans swarmed in and commented on the blog.

     Tens of thousands of fans have reposted this post, and @洛一明, Luo Yiming needs an explanation.

     They don't believe it.

     Or think.

     This is just a joke on "April Fool's Day".

     A few days have passed since April Fools' Day. Many fans were unwilling to believe the publication of such a blog, so they regarded him as an April Fool's work.

     However, more people who have read the news from Luo Yiming Space and reflected on the sandwiches in the future, they understand that this seems to be true.

     "Luo Yiming is really going to quit the entertainment circle. It seems that he is not talking about it for fun.""I used to think that with Luo Yiming, my weekend will be closed and my movies will be guaranteed. From big names, readers, to good voices, to Langya list, Charlotte's troubles, mermaid. But why did you take away my happiness from now on."

     "I want brother Luo Yiming..." A little fan who has liked Luo Yiming for three years cried and pulled her mother's clothes. Her eyes were red. She was telling her mother, without Luo Yiming, what would you do? , How to live!

     "Is Luo Yiming crazy? For a woman, giving up the entire entertainment industry, I have never met such a fool."

     The Daily News used a courier to comment on Luo Yiming's announcement of leaving the entertainment circle indefinitely.

     Jinghua Entertainment, Lao Hu has just been editing the article that the Mermaid won the box office title in the New Year file, broke the record of Chinese film history, and Luo Yiming's first major movie in the theater has blossomed.

     The next second was overwhelmed by news from Luo Yiming's blog.

     That’s right, brother?

     You say that you want to focus more on loving and caring for your family for the sake of love and marriage. Everyone can understand that, why have to quit the entertainment circle!

     Yu Xiaoxiao also saw this news.

     Compared to the crying of others.

     Yu Xiaoxiao responded with harsh and ironic words this time.

     "Bah, I, Yu Xiaoxiao, such appreciates you, I think you are the future of China Entertainment Television, Variety Show, and Entertainment, but you actually said that you want to quit the entertainment circle."

     "Haha, don't say you are for Si Si, Si Si does not need your cowardice and timidity.""Actually, you are a coward. You won the host, the music, the TV series, the variety show, and the movie, but in the end you lose. You lose to your own indiscretion, playfulness, and cowardice in treating entertainment."

     "Run away, such you, not suitable for entertainment."

     Thousands of posts have been evaluated online.

     The discussion on this matter surpassed all.

     Search lists on major websites are rushing to the high ground.

     And this kind of withdrawal makes many media, including Luo Yiming's opponents, do not understand.

     Zhang Dongming had already lost from head to tail in Entertainment Arts and Television. He had already packed his luggage and was about to leave Entertainment Arts and the capital.

     One of Luo Yiming's withdrawal from the entertainment circle allowed him to regain hope.


     EF, Kong Ren, Xu Li, lost to the mermaid in a slim chance of survival, and the God of Cookery came back to Hong Kong and Taiwan, and the mainland did not fight against Luo Yiming.

     This kid is too fierce.

     Ke Luo Yiming's withdrawal from the entertainment industry rekindled their determination to enter the film market.

     Kong Ren said with a smile: "Luo Yiming’s exit from the entertainment industry is a good thing for us. In any case, a slim chance of survival broke the 1 billion box office, and it also made us famous. After Luo Yiming gave up the movie market, we must Hurry up to make the second movie."

     "Yes." Xu Li shouted: "Without Luo Yiming's blocking, there will definitely be countless Film and Television Companies investing in us, and our right to speak will be even heavier at that time."

     "That's right." Kong Ren admired Luo Yiming before, thinking that Luo Yiming was his biggest stumbling block in the entertainment industry in the future, and even his nemesis.However, Luo Yiming was still too young and gave up for a woman with great difficulty. He was stupid.

     But I am not confused.

      At this time, it is necessary to increase the horsepower and quickly prepare for the second film, and then a few months later, it slowly began to erode the Shangteng Film and Television that was not under the control of Luo Yiming.


     "High, really high."

     Shangteng Film and Television, high-level meeting.

     After receiving this blog post by Luo Yiming, Fatty Wen, Pan Riting, and Zhao Xiang, the three guys met immediately.

     They unanimously felt that this was Luo Yiming's deferment.

     Say that Luo Yiming really quit the entertainment circle, please, how can it be.

     If he really retires, he won't write so many words for the Supernova Olympics in this article.

     Recommend so much ink.

     Fatty Wen is too familiar with Luo Yiming, this guy actually uses an advanced marketing and publicity model.

      ?The Mermaid? This movie has basically no potential.

     Select this node.

     Luo Yiming's next move is the Supernova Olympics.

     How to win the Supernova Olympics, so that he is not broadcast first.

     Of course there must be some big news.

     What is big news.

     It must be explosive enough, gimmick enough, powerful enough, and even fatal.

     So, Luo Yiming did it.

     He, now the big brother of the entertainment circle fully deserving, without any reservations, almighty talent, and a superstar of Uranus, if he wants to say that he has quit the entertainment circle, the entertainment circle will be shaken by it.Fans who like him can make a terrible scene, serious or not.

     Scary is not scary.

     This can definitely cause a sensation!

     And if the Supernova Olympics is Luo Yiming's swan song, then of course they will accompany Luo Yiming through the last variety show.

     All the good memories may only be in this variety show.

     In this way, the Supernova Olympics will definitely be on fire!

     The three big bosses agreed that this was Luo Yiming's advanced strategy. Therefore, in the meeting, they talked like idle cloud wild crane, and the other cadres who went to Teng Film and Television did not realize realisation until they heard it.


     It is really high.

     It turned out that Mr. Luo did not want to retreat, but retreat in order to advance.

     Yes, the Supernova Olympics has been a success for a few months. The audience shouted and kept it. With the help of the media, Director Luo will come out again.



      Common saying says that whatever happens must not in the entertainment industry is too serious, you can take it seriously, but you lose if you take it seriously.

     This kind of celebrity said to quit the entertainment circle and then popped up again a few days later, this is also the norm in the entertainment circle.

     Yuan Shikong, Sister Fei, a member of Yuquan, including Brother Xi, all said that they had quit the entertainment circle, but none of them came out again.

     On the Internet, discussions about Luo Yiming's withdrawal from the entertainment industry are still very lively.

     The reporters who knew Luo Yiming's whereabouts also chased Xiaodongbei Kelin with their cameras on their backs.

     They blocked Luo Yiming at the door of Sisi's house.

     Luo Yiming also simply told reporters in order not to trouble his uncle, aunt, and Silk Ribbon.His words are very simple and direct.

     Regarding the withdrawal from the entertainment industry, he has already published an article saying that there will be no more expressions on such issues.

     The reporter asked if it was a means of propaganda to promote the popularity of the Supernova Olympics.

     Luo Yiming smiled: "Do I still need to advertise my show in this way? What's more, the Supernova Olympics is a rare variety show created by current politics."

     "I think it will be a classic. At least, it's worth your effort to put more on this show instead of wasting time by interviewing the news about my withdrawal from the entertainment industry."

     Luo Yiming said that he was not advertising, but from his confident smile and talking about the in glowing spirits of the show.

     Happy state.

     The media felt that Luo Yiming was advertising the Supernova Olympics.

     He is not like someone who wants to quit the entertainment industry.

     As soon as the press draft was published again, Luo Yiming would not quit the entertainment circle, he just wanted to welcome a better variety show.

     This title is also ambiguous.

     All at once, the fans are impossible to unravel and foggy.

     And Luo Yiming's doubts about whether to retreat or not retreat blew into the sky.

     It's like news about whether a certain star is divorced or not.

     A few days ago, the official announced that we are together.

     As a result, it came the next day. We had signed an agreement at the beginning of the year to break up peacefully.

      no matter what.

     Luo Yiming's Supernova Olympics is indeed on fire.

     Fire before broadcast.Now, many viewers and netizens are inquiring about news about this variety show.

     Luo Yiming also asked the company's variety production department to first send out the list of sports instructors that the show wants to invite and the list of newcomers participating in the show, and put it on the Internet, so that netizens can make their own voice.

     "Sports instructor Yao Ming."

     "It's really terrible."

     "Invite him all."

     "Hey, Yao Ming is not too terrible, look at this, Xu Haifeng. Remember him, he is the first gold medalist in the history of the Chinese Olympic Games."

     "He is also the real King of Gun Kings."

     "Look, who is this mentor, there's nothing about it."

     "Is I ignorant and inexperienced?"

     Many netizens got blind and speculated about this one, but on the Internet, there are many netizens who feel that this person is not qualified enough and call for substitutions.

     The Propaganda Department of the Supernova Olympics directly responded to the reason for inviting this person.

     Su Bingtian.

     Although this one is young, he currently lacks qualifications as a tutor.

     But in the track and field sprint project, he will be a shining star in the future.

     The Supernova Olympics is to dig out fresh blood and use the thinking and mentality of young people to feel the charm of sports.

     Sports are the inheritance of sports people and need to be replaced and continued by generation after generation sports people. I believe that his arrival will give supernova Olympics different hormones and different explosive power.

     Su Bingtian, the future is promising, and the Supernova Olympics will give you the stage to bloom.
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