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484 Chapter 480, Power Entertainment, Film And Television (seeking Monthly Pass)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
    Original: | Translator:

The response from the Propaganda Department still failed to give netizens much confidence and interest in this young man named Su Bingtian. ??

     Because the field of track and field is still the sport of European and American Countries.

     China has a Liu Xiang, who tied the world record in the 100-meter hurdle.

     This is the pride of all Asians, but it's all.

     If you want to get something in the sprint, please, it's good to be able to make it to the semifinals.

     Su Bingtian, an extremely young boy, was at a loss when he was invited to participate in the Supernova Olympics.

     How did he know that in the next few years, he could become the pride of Asian sprint events.

     He didn't know, but Luo Yiming knew.

     This is also a hot spot for the Supernova Olympics.


     With the addition of Yao Ming and Xu Haifeng, netizens are looking forward to the Supernova Olympics.

     In addition to the heavyweight participating sports instructors, the newly exposed supernova lineup of the Olympic Games is also very enjoyable.

     Looking forward to it.

     Because of the Xiaohua of Shangteng Film and Television, all Xiaoxianrou appeared, including a group of newcomers signed by Luo Yiming.

     Ni Ni.

     Guo Biting.

     Zhang Junmi.

     Zhao Xiaoying.

     Yang Zi.

     Zheng Shuang.

     Qi Wei.

     Jia Qing.

     Jiang Shuying.

     Zhang Yuqi.

     Li Qin.

     Lou Yi Xiao.

     These twelve Xiaohuas are all artists under the contract before or at the time of Shangteng Film and Television, and Luo Yiming also brought them all to the Supernova Olympics.In the original time and space, these twelve Xiaohas are active in the front line, and each order can be said to be responsible for traffic.

     And when all the beautiful stars appear in the Supernova Olympics, the attention will be very high.

     Compared with girls' lack of stimulation and explosive power in sports and sports, it is mainly a kind of sensory enjoyment. Luo Yiming's choice of males pays more attention to strength and sportsmanship.

     The little cheetah Zheng Kai of the original time-space running men's team, as well as the unfavored Chen He, Du Jiang, macho Dou Xiao, and long-legged Lin Gengxin will all join.

     In addition to these five newly signed artists, the tough guys Wang Lei, Yin Zheng, Allen, Zhang Jie, Xue Zhiqian, and Liu Wei under Shangteng Film and Television.

     These green leaves will also join the Supernova Olympics.

     And for a sports reality show, more than twenty people are obviously not enough.

     But even so, more than two dozen newcomers have already exploded the entertainment industry.

     Among the male stars, Wang Lei, Yin Zheng, Allen, and Zhang Jie are already well-known in the circle. This time they join hands in the sports reality show variety show, and they can see their sports state different from music, movies, and TV series. The audience is naturally. Especially looking forward to.

     The Supernova Olympics, which has gathered more than 20 rookie stars, is not the end.

     Luo Yiming came to the northeast to find a group of athletes.

     Take Li Sisi and set off from home to the three provinces in the northeast. Luo Yiming recruited two tough guys from the northeast.

     Zhang Yi, Yang Shuo.

     A handsome guy.

     Zhang Han.

     As soon as Luo Yiming returned to the capital, he went to the entertainment film and television.Today's entertainment film and television are full of soldiers munity and troops rebel. The failure of Zhang Dongming's new movie has also made him and Feng Gang's situation extremely dangerous.

     As soon as Luo Yiming entered the company, he went to the vice president's office.

     A few minutes later, Vice President Wang Qi came out.

     "Mr Luo is here, he wants to hold a meeting for everyone."

     Wang Qiyuan is the vice president of Entertainment Film and Television, and is also responsible for the distribution and organization of important meetings.

     The first thing Luo Yiming did when he arrived at Yuyi was to inform Wang Qiyuan to open the Stockholders General Meeting.

     Wang Qiyuan put President Luo's spirit in place by telephone, and the meeting officially began at ten o'clock in the morning.

     There are 12 shareholders attending the meeting of Entertainment Arts, and Zhang Dongming currently holds the third place among the shareholders.

     He completely lost the company's right to speak, and the second Wang Qiyuan, he and Luo Yiming's shareholding ratio is still 30 percent seven.

     It can be said that Luo Yiming further increased his control over entertainment after winning the championship at the Mermaid box office.

     The twelve are all seated, Luo Yiming is still standing in the most important position, not the slightest thought of sitting down.

      At this time, Luo Yiming smiled at Zhao Xiang. Zhao Xiang coughed and said, "I said you, the veterans of the company, are just a little bit impolite."

     "Our President Luo hasn't sat down, and your ass is nailed to the chair. Don't tell me it's not let President Luo sit down first?"

     Zhao Xiang looked at everyone sarcastically. Vice President Wang Qiyuan realized that he was wrong and stood up hurriedly, smiling at Luo Yiming.

     Although the rest of the shareholders were dissatisfied with a few old guys, they couldn't stand the law of survival, and finally stopped/stood.Zhao Xiang said: "President Luo, please sit down."

     Excluding the original twelve people, Zhao Xiang and Wen Fatty all entered the board of directors.

     Today, Zhao Xiang is with Luo Yiming, and Fatty Wen is still making arrangements for the Supernova Olympics.

     Luo Yiming waved his hand: "Zhao Xiang, I'm not in a hurry to sit down, it's okay, seniors, you have made outstanding contributions to entertainment, so you should sit down."

     "It's okay, you sit down."

     Luo Yiming looked at everyone, and when his eyes swept across everyone, an old guy looked at Zhang Dongming. In fact, in this board of directors, there is still Zhang Dongming's old tribe.

     Ten thousand of them refused to accept Luo Yiming.

     At this time, of course, he did not want to stand and watch Luo Yiming show off one's military strength.

     Zhang Dongming would be put on the stove. If he didn't sit down, he would give up to Luo Yiming.

     That's impossible.

     Zhang Dongming stretched his waist and pretended to be tired: "Then I will sit down. I am old and lack energy to stand still."

     As soon as Zhang Dongming sat down, the old man immediately sat down and said arrogantly: "Me too, I am old and can't stand. I want to sit for a meeting. Please forgive me, Mr. Luo."

     After these two, three more people sat down one after another.

     All three of them are confidants of Zhang Dongming, including director Feng Gang.

     The five people sat down, and the seven who stood there knew no matter how stupid they were, that this shareholder meeting was a hidden murderous intent.

     On the surface, it is a choice to stand, but it is actually where to stand in the future.Although Luo Yiming is currently the largest shareholder of the entertainment arts, in fact, Zhang Dongming's dominance in the entertainment arts is deeply rooted. In the day and night, he wants to completely eradicate Zhang Dongming from the entertainment arts, and it is easier said than done.

     In addition, Luo Yiming said that he may quit the entertainment industry in six months.

     At that time, Zhang Dongming killed a carbine, and the choice at this time was Fatal Decision.

     Luo Yiming was still too young, thinking that Zhang Dongming would not be willing to give up, two more people chose to sit down.

     They had a fluke attitude. The five had already sat down, so sitting down was not so abrupt.

     In the end, only the original five people stood, plus Luo Yiming and Zhao Xiang, for a total of seven people.

     Seven were seated and seven stood.

     A confrontation formed between the two sides.

     This time seems very long, but it happened within two minutes.

     After everyone calmed down, Luo Yiming clapped the hand and said heartily: "Okay, I looked for a moment. Those who sit down are all our old seniors and backbones in entertainment. You bend to a for entertainment. task and spare no effort, practice what one preaches, and made heroic contributions for entertainment."

     "Thank you very much, you are also very touched by you. You should sit and not treat your body badly. Seniors, I will bow to you here."

     Luo Yiming didn't say anything, he immediately bent over and bowed to the seven sitting down.

     This makes the rest of the people look stupid.

     Director Luo bowed.

     Isn't it?

     Is he scared?And the old guy who sat down first had already regarded Luo Yiming as an embarrassment at this moment. He was bowing his head to himself and wanted to win over us old seniors.

     The old guy said: "No, Mr. Luo, this is what we should be, you should sit down too."

     Zhao Xiang was blinded.

     He also didn't understand what Luo Yiming was going to do.

     "No, I don't sit, I dare not do it, because I really can't bear to see you continue to work like this. You said that you have worked so hard and made a lot of trouble for entertainment, and you can't stand for a long time."

     "This is simply too painful. If this goes on, you will not even be able to take care of your basic life."

     "So, I will consider it for you. I think you guys should leave entertainment and go home and enjoy your old age!"

     "Zhao Xiang, do this, you count how many shares they have in the entertainment industry, and we will all receive them at a high price."

     "Seniors, I'm pretty interesting, you guys have worked so hard. I really want to take a break."

     Luo Yiming's serene seemed to be for everyone's consideration, but afterwards, the big guys came to their senses.

     This kid is digging a hole for everyone again.

     Zhang Dongming jumped up first: "Luo Yiming, what do you want to do, do you want to usurp the throne?"

     The old man was anxious: "Luo Yiming, don't be bully intolerably, treat us like monkeys!"Luo Yiming would loosen his shirt buttons, hehe smiled, but he said cheerfully: "You can not sell your own stocks. But don't blame me for not reminding you, if you stay in Entertainment Arts, you will only be an impressive-looking but The useless guy, are you old? For those who can't even stand well, I'm Luo Yiming of course not wanting."

     "Luo Yiming, you are not going to be rampant." Feng Gang was violent. After God of Cookery fell to the fiasco, Feng Gang also put a part of his hatred on Luo Yiming who had robbed him of the limelight. This time, he pointed to Luo Yiming's nose Kai Yi.

     "You still have the final say in entertainment."

     Luo Yiming turned lightly, his eyes squinted: "Are you talking to me, Director Feng of chrysanthemums after the Double Ninth Festival. Also, why not I can be mad."

     "Zhao Xiang, I think you should announce the current status of the entertainment company, and then tell everyone that we hold the shares so that they know who has the final say. I think some of them also don't understand now , The situation I am in."

     "Okay." Zhao Xiang responded and took out the materials that he had prepared earlier: "Mr. Luo, you have one 50 percent stake in the company."

     "I am 5 percent, Wen Fatty is 5 percent."

     "We control 60 percent of the company's shares, have absolute leadership of the company, and have absolute resolution rights in the Stockholders General Meeting."

     "According to my data display, it is possible that the total share of the seven of them will not exceed 20 percent."

     The rest of what Zhao Xiang said were not clear, but the company’s vice president Wang Qiyuan knew.

     Because he owns 10 percent of the company's shares.

     He is the second largest shareholder.The remaining Zhang Dongming was eroded by only 8 percent, and others were even less pitiful.

     After hearing what Zhao Xiang said, many shareholders were shaken.

     To be honest, they chose to stand by Zhang Dongming, and they thought that Zhang Dongming could rise from the dead by relying on his years of deep cultivation in entertainment.

     But they overlooked one point. As Luo Yiming successfully entered the entertainment industry over two months ago, his control in the entertainment industry has become stronger.

      Unconsciously, this kid has already got 50 percent of the company's shares.

      What does 50 percent mean.

     That means that Luo Yiming alone has exceeded half of the company's shares. Even if everyone else is Teaming up, Luo Yiming's leadership position cannot be moved.

     Also, let's talk about quitting the entertainment circle.

     It seemed like he was going to quit.

     As the media said, a publicized plan of convenience is an advanced strategy.

     "I sold my 3 percent share, Mr. Luo, please leave me a way out." A shareholder in his forties, he gave in first.

     After all, he is not like those old men, he still has to live in this circle, and it is impossible for Luo Yiming to lock him for the rest of his life.

     "Well, President Luo, I also sell 2 percent of my shares."

     "Me too, I have 3 percent."


     In addition to Feng Gang, Zhang Dongming, and the old guy, the other four decided to sell their shares to Luo Yiming.


     "you guys."Zhao Xiang smiled and said: "The common saying says, Only an outstanding talent can recognize current trends, the three of you are old worlds, why bother to embarrass yourself this time."

     Luo Yiming was speechless, but he would never allow these three people to continue to survive in entertainment.

     Seeing the general trend, Zhang Dongming, Feng Gang and the old man had to bow their heads.

     After successfully acquiring 20 percent of the shares of seven people, Luo Yiming has a strong grasp of 72 percent of the shares in Entertainment Arts.

     Become the absolute boss of the company.

     After successfully taking power, the manager of each department, Luo Yiming, quickly launched the "suqing" task, promoting the deputy manager and supervisor of the department, or from the top of the film and television airborne leadership to fill the position.

     While reorganizing the company and refreshing the blood, Luo Yiming re-packaged the artists under the entertainment art group.

     Like Li Binbin, Zhou Xun, Huang Xiaoming, Feng Delun who are active in the frontline, Luo Yiming temporarily put aside their development.

     He even left the opportunity to newcomers who have just entered the entertainment industry and have unlimited potential.

     Among the old "stars", Luo Yiming only gave Liu Ye a chance.

     Let him join the Supernova Olympics.

     Among the newcomers, Luo Yiming finally confirmed that they could join the Supernova Olympics, Tang Yan and Liu Shishi.

     The rectification of the entertainment industry is over.

     Luo Yiming announced a global call for young people who love sports, and also love the entertainment industry, are willing to act, and participate in variety shows to sign up for the Supernova Olympics.

     At the same time, Luo Yiming announced that he would create a theme song for the Supernova Olympics. This theme song will also be sung by Zhang Jie, the music prince of Shangteng Film and Television.Netizens and fans have not heard Zhang Jie sing for a long time.

     After the good voice, Luo Yiming vigorously entered the film and television circle, and Zhang Jie's music journey was relatively put on hold.

     But in the Supernova Olympics, Zhang Jie participated as a player, and Luo Yiming also wanted to tailor-made a song for him.

     And this song is called...
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