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485 Chapter 481, Dean Level Figures Join (seeking Monthly Pass)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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? Confrontation.

     This "Reverse War" is very nice.

     When Luo Yiming handed the song to Zhang Jie, Zhang Jie was a little uneasy. The song was well written in terms of both the song and the lyrics.

     Especially the lyrics are very appropriate to the Olympic theme and the theme of hard work.

     The lyrics of the song Original Time and Space, Confrontation are specially written for the online game of the same name, in order to reflect the overbearing, arrogant, and undefeated temperament of mecha games.

     After Luo Yiming modified several small lyrics on such a theme, it is very consistent with the hard work of the Olympic theme, and the temperament of never giving up.

     Zhang Jie's lack of self-confidence is that his previous songs were relatively soothing and warm, but this song is fast-paced, metallic, and full of dynamic music, which requires the singer's strong musical skills.

     Zhang Jie's strength is no problem, but in the context of the Olympics, Zhang Jie is inevitably nervous.

     Fortunately, Luo Yiming gave Zhang Jie a lot of confidence, and, for this song, Luo Yiming asked Zhang Jie to audition for a week, and the official song MV will be recorded and released next week.

     In this way, Zhang Jie has buffer time.

     If it is said that the counter-war with ROCK elements is to take the courage of the supernova Olympics artists and reflect the spirit of not giving up and persisting in self, Luo Yiming has more important things to do next.

     The Supernova Olympics is bound to be inseparable from the theme of the Olympics.

     In 2008, the Beijing Olympics opened in Beijing, August 8. There are still four months left.

     Luo Yiming needs to finish the recording of the show two and a half months before the Olympics, and strive to meet the audience at the end of May.This makes a perfect connection with Olympic Opening Ceremony.

     To be more relevant to the theme, Luo Yiming needs to record the historical footprints of Chinese athletes winning medals in previous Olympics.

     Using such a video to cooperate with Zhang Jie's counter-war, ignite the Olympic flame.

     Show the dream-catching Innocent Heart of a Child to the audience.

     Regarding the video and information, Luo Yiming on the one hand organizes and fills in the information he found on the Internet.

      On the other hand, Luo Yiming had to ask CCTV for help, letting CCTV media people and friends from the TV station to help him find some valuable information.

     Luo Yiming has some personal relationships with the top leaders of CCTV, and it is always possible to help.

     However, the work efficiency of CCTV is not worthy of flattery.

     In this matter, the pregnant Sisi helped Luo Yiming a lot.

     Part of the information on the Central Sports Channel was obtained by Sisi personally. In addition, Sisi also contacted Dong Ri Na.

     Dongri Na privately and Si Si have a good friendship. Dongri Na, a war sports reporter, also provided many of the materials he had compiled to Luo Yiming.

     Under the recommendation of Dongrina, Luo Yiming also got the opportunity to meet with several former national athletes.

      Under the premise of this kind of, Luo Yiming visited the legendary figure Li Ning in China's sports industry several times, and finally determined that Li Ning will join the Supernova Olympics.

     In return, Luo Yiming left the exclusive sponsorship of the Supernova Olympics to Li Ning's sports brand.

     If you say that the first three mentors, they can not be called the figure of the master level in the Chinese sports world.The addition of Li Ning, it can be said that the style of the Supernova Olympics has risen to a high level.

      It should be noted, at the opening ceremony of the 2008 Olympic Games, the sports star flying to pass the torch is no one else but Li Ning.

     Li Ning created a myth in the history of world gymnastics, winning 14 world championships and more than 100 gold medals.

     Especially in the 6th World Cup Gymnastics Competition held in Yugoslavia Zagreb, Li Ning alone won 6 of all 7 men’s gold medals, and won 6 championships in horizontal bar, floor exercise, vaulting, pommel horse, rings and all-around. After the myth in the history of gymnastics in the world, at that time, he was hailed as the "Prince of Gymnastics."

     Before the Olympics, the ability to invite teacher Li Ning on the variety show of the Supernova Olympics is not a prelude to the Olympics.

     However, Luo Yiming didn't tell anyone about Teacher Li Ning joining the mentor lineup of the Supernova Olympics.

     There is no announcement to the outside world.

     At that time, the addition of this mysterious X character, Luo Yiming believes, will be an absolute ignition point for the Supernova Olympics.

     Three days later, Luo Yiming and the new stars of the Supernova Olympics held an advertising investment conference.

     On this day, all the media in the capital gathered in the garden, and the investment scene was unprecedentedly grand.

     Before the start of the investment conference.

     Music artists under Shangteng Film and Television sang one after another, and there were even newcomers and celebrities who danced at the venue, which attracted popularity.

     At 9:30 a.m., the China Merchants Association entered the countdown phase.

     When Luo Yiming helped Sisi enter the venue, the meeting officially began.The most central position of the rostrum has long been left to Luo Yiming. The position on his left is naturally arranged by Li Sisi, the host of the Supernova Olympics, and is also his prospective wife.

     On the right is Xu Haifeng, the first King of Gun Kings to win the gold medal in the history of China's Olympic gold medal.

     Next to them are Zhao Xiang, Wen Fatty, and Shangteng's newcomers.

     Today, Shangteng Film and Television is no longer the previous small company. After the successful acquisition and reorganization of Entertainment Film and Television, Shangteng Film and Television is already the most powerful company in China, and even in Asia.

     Its business not only involves film and television production, video websites, variety shows, hosting, music, but also Management Agency, Advertising Company, etc. Especially after controlling the entertainment arts, the big movie harvest of theaters is also relatively objective.

     Shangteng currently has a wide range of cooperation with listed advertisers, so it has naturally become a sweet pastry in everyone's eyes.

     Very popular.

     After the start, Fatty Wen presided over the advertising investment promotion meeting.

     He set the tone very high. After everyone arrived, Fatty Wen coughed, put the list of advertisers in the book on the table, and confirmed the admission of the representatives one by one.

     "Well, the list of registered advertisers is in my place. Representatives present can fight for the opportunity to cooperate with us. Those who are not present can only abstain from voting."

     "Shangteng Film and Television Company's advertising investment has always been fair, fair and open, and completely transparent. We adopt on-site quotations.""Consistent with previous operations, we adhere to the principle of winning bids at high prices. Because of the exclusive title sponsors, we have given well-known sports brands. Today we are attracting five special sponsors, and we only choose five. The reserve price is 50 million. ."

     "Remind everyone again, there are only five companies with a reserve price of 50 million, and the bid is high!"

     After speaking, representatives of advertisers raised their hands and asked questions, "We want to know the main content of your company, the supernova Olympics. We don't know much about this variety show."

     Fatty Wen pressed his hand down: "Okay, everyone maintain silence. Below, please our Mr. Luo to introduce the variety show of the Supernova Olympics."

     Fatty Wen turned off the microphone, and the media looked forward to Luo Yiming's speech amid applause.

     At this moment, Luo Yiming smiled faintly, got up politely, bowed slightly to the advertisers, and then sat down slowly.

     Etiquette things may be done or not, like Fatty Wen, who reveals the high position, heavy authority of Party A’s market everywhere.

     But Luo Yiming is very gentle, as a result, advertisers feel much more comfortable.

     The camera of a reporter friend is even more pa ta pa ta.

     "Director Luo, please tell us what kind of variety show this supernova Olympics is like, and the market is also very curious and looking forward to this variety show."

     The person speaking was a reporter from the Beijing Entertainment News."Good! Supernova Olympics, the program is like the name, one is a new star, the other is the Olympic Games, a sports show for newcomers in the entertainment industry. This program is to respond to the theme of the Beijing Olympics and apply the Olympic spirit and sportsmanship to our entertainment business. on."

     "Let the newcomer friends in the entertainment circle know the hard work of sports, team spirit, and the charm of sportsmanship. The professionalism of sports, the spirit of hard work, and the spirit of hard work can be applied to acting career and singing career."

     "Work hard to improve self-cultivation."

     "As a director, I am also here to make a call. I hope this Supernova Olympics will give the impetuous entertainment circle a little peace and quality. We encourage each other!

     In this passage, if it is someone else said, there is always some pretending to be suspicious.

     But from Luo Yiming's mouth, the weight is very substantial, no one questioned.

     "Can you tell me something specific?"

     Luo Yiming is also simple and straightforward: "Please look forward to the specific content. I can't spoil it here, but please believe that Luo Yiming's product is definitely not bad."

     Luo Yiming, who is serious, is super handsome.

      has to acknowledge, his domineering, exuding vast and limitless charm.

     Although the media reporters are unwilling.

     But I understand that Luo Yiming knows that he doesn't want to say, so I don't want to ask more from his mouth today.No way, the media is not the protagonist today. After answering a few questions, Luo Yiming looked at the time and said: "As for the specific details of the show, I am sorry that it is not convenient for me to disclose, but from our lineup today, I believe everyone can I know that this program is unprecedented whether it is a sports instructor, a newcomer actor, or a newcomer singer."

     "We are looking forward to the Supernova Olympics together. Below, please let our sports instructor represent Mr. Xu, you can say a few words."

     After Luo Yiming finished speaking, let Xu Haifeng talk about his understanding of sports. The next words are more professional and empty.

     After Xu Haifeng finished speaking, the star representatives spoke one after another.

     The joining of all kinds of men and women and newcomers makes the Supernova Olympics dazzling.

     Moreover, there are small traffic such as Tang Yan, Liu Shishi, Ni Ni, and Zhang Yuqi. Of course, advertisers begin to stir and secretly tell themselves that they must grab a sponsorship spot.

     Some competitive competition.

     The quotas for the five special sponsors of the Supernova Olympics were determined one by one.

     Peacebird Clothing is still cooperating strongly.

     The milk drink Meng Niu is very fierce this time, and it is ingeniously combined with the point that sports people need replenish energy.

     Moreover, BMW is not a horse, and the horse rides the world. The BMW Group is a strong spender and won a place.

     In addition, as a sincere cooperation, the BMW Group also provided two official vehicles for Shangteng Film and Television for free.

     These two cars also let BMW finally enter the list.

     The other two advertisers, one is Xingchi sports equipment brand, and the other is UPS. It is worth mentioning that the latter is also one of the sponsors of the 2008 Olympic Games.Five special sponsors with a total investment of 400 million yuan.

     Shangteng Films’ ability to attract money is now the strongest in the industry.

     Although we haven't talked about the cooperation between Satellite Video Channels at this step, it is only about advertising investment, and Shangteng Film and Television has already made a lot of money.

     Negotiations on the cooperation model with Satellite TV will inevitably give Shangteng Film and Television a share.

     But this time, Luo Yiming, who was sitting on the rostrum, didn't think about continuing to cooperate with the next-line satellite TVs.

     One is that the last cooperation was not pleasant.

     The second is that this time, Luo Yiming only intends to broadcast exclusively on his UTV video.

     With the advent of the online video era, Luo Yiming will inevitably build UTV into an existence beyond first-line satellite TV.

     Become a real supplier of film, variety shows and entertainment.

     What he is looking forward to is that in the future, if he buys members on his own computer at home, he can share beautiful variety shows.

     This will be the progress of an era.

     After the China Merchants Conference, the variety production department of Shangteng Film and Television continued to refine the program content in a regular and thorough manner.

     The director group continues to recruit some strong seed players.

     On April 8th, Zhang Jie completed the anti-war song in the recording studio. Luo Yiming asked the editing department to generate the music video. On April 10th, the first theme song of the Supernova Olympics officially announced externally.

     Once it was released, it immediately triggered a wave of discussions like a tsunami.

     Zhang Jie's reversal is not terrible.

     The scary and exciting thing is that there are scenes of previous Olympics and Chinese athletes competing for medals on the screen. The scenes of the scenes show people be fired up.Since 1979, the International Olympic Games restored China's legal seats and decided to name the People's Republic of China as the "Chinese Olympic Committee". Since then, the Chinese have the opportunity to participate in the Olympic Games.

     The Chinese delegation participated in the Winter Olympics twice in 1980 and 1984.

     In July 1984, the 23rd Olympic Games in Los Angeles, USA.

     China sent a large sports delegation to participate in this grand event.

     52 years ago, China participated in the 10th Olympic Games for the first time in Los Angeles.

     At that time, Liu Changchun was the only athlete alone.

     And this time there were 225 athletes participating in the other 16 events except football, hockey, boxing, equestrian, and modern pentathlon.

     The picture in the video flashed, and then came the pistol slow-fire competition at the 23rd Olympic Games.

     This is only the first day after the opening of the Los Angeles Olympics.

     Xu Haifeng wore glasses and cap, neither too fast nor too slow, he hit the gun ring in the distance.

      a pa sound.

     This shot directly produced the best results.

     After a few shots, Xu Haifeng won this precious medal for China. This gold medal is also the first gold medal decided by the Chinese Olympic Games.

     Yixue's shame as a "sick man in East Asia" for more than a hundred years.

     Reverse war is to face difficulties and work hard!

     Xu Haifeng did it, the Chinese did it!

     When the audience saw this, they were all emotional.

     In the next scene, in 1991, China Beijing submitted an application to the International Olympic Games for hosting the 2000 Summer Olympics, but in the end it was unsuccessful with two votes.Going against the war is to never give up after failure, to prove yourself with achievements and write the future.

     In 1999, Bei Jing once again submitted an application for hosting the 2008 Olympic Games. After the approval of the Chinese Olympic Committee, the mayor personally went to the International Olympic Games headquarters to submit the application.

     In the 2000 Sydney Olympics, the Chinese delegation achieved good results in the gold medal list and the third place in the medal list, and used this achievement to pay tribute to the International Olympic Games.

     At 22:10 on July 13th in 2001, Beijing won the right to host the 29th 2008 Olympic Games at the 112th plenary meeting of the International Olympic Games.

     It succeeded.

     Success against the war.

     The trump card finally vented.

      The last scene, on August 8, 2008, the Bei Jing Olympics is about to open.

     The audience ran in tears!
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