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488 Chapter 484, The Small Days After Receiving The Certificate (seeking Monthly Pass)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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? Since I met and met Sisi last year, Luo Yiming and Sisi have only known each other for only half a year, can't be said it's short, when the relationship between the two has become like a husband and wife, Naturally It's possible to walk into the wedding hall.

     Some tangled couples may be in love for a few years. You chase me, you come and I escape, break up today and reunite tomorrow.

     Ex-boyfriend and ex-girlfriend, the bloody plot is staged every day, and finally got married, only to find that they are different before and after marriage.

     Divorced afterwards.

     It was a terrible relationship and marriage experience, and it was a child's play for marriage.

      In comparison, the relationship between Luo Yiming and Li Sisi is much more real. From the very beginning, the two of them will to hold nothing back to show each other everything about themselves, know what kind of character each other is, and know each other Heart.

     Moreover, the two have lived together for a few months, including some small shortcomings of the place, they have become used to it.

     Maybe the two are not romantic enough. Whether holding hands or kissing, they are all let nature take its course, the instinctive reaction when the love is strong, but that's it plain love can welcome marriage.

     Compared with that hōng hōng liè liè love hover between life and death, it will be divided later, this kind of love will last longer.

     When Sisi chose Luo Yiming to fall in love, she knew she had mental preparation, that is, there was a star husband who was destined to abandon a lot of things.

     Shopping time, couples' meeting, family company, these may be normal for ordinary people, but they are luxury things for oneself.

     But she honored does not allow one to glance back and chose Luo Yiming, and she had already accepted this.In the process of the two falling in love, Sisi also made a lot of sacrifices to meet Luo Yiming for a little bit time.

     Luo Yiming asked himself, compared to Sisi, he didn't give the other party enough.

     This is also the reason why Luo Yiming quit the entertainment circle. He can't let his beloved woman keep giving, but he can't get the return.

     Fortunately, she didn't want much. She never asked Luo Yiming to accompany her on shopping, shopping, or even traveling.

     When Luo Yiming needed help, he was step forward bravely instead, never complaining, and silently helping him do it.

     You respect me, I love you more.

     You know me, I love you more.

     Love is not about money, diamond rings, famous cars, and luxury houses.

     Love should be two people walking hand in hand, in the same boat under wind and rain, going through the rough and ups, moisten with spittle, stand by (sb).

     Returning to Shijiazhuang from the capital, in my hometown, facing the Seventh Aunt and Eighth Aunt, Luo Yiming and Si Si talked a lot when the two in the room were making final preparations for the wedding.

     He explained to Si Si the reason why he had to withdraw from the entertainment industry, not only for Si Si, but also for the baby in his stomach. Luo Yiming made this decision carefully.

      If this is not the case, how could Luo Yiming give up everything in the entertainment industry as a last resort?

     Abandon the works he loves.

     This time, Si Si was silent. She did not break the beautiful dream that Luo Yiming had woven.

     She also yearns for the picture of a family of three enjoying themselves.

     Perhaps what Luo Yiming said is right. Those position and wealth in the entertainment industry can never let the family have a warm scene.It doesn't matter if you suffer, but the child is innocent. Her childhood needs the company of her parents, not a single one is dispensable.

     After talking, Luo Yiming came out of the room, and the aunt and two uncles said goodbye quietly. His mother walked to the door to see off the guests. Luo Yiming and his mother went to the door to bid farewell to the uncle and the aunt's family.

     "Uncle, I'll take Sisi to see you in a few days. We will be busy in these two days!"

     "Okay, take good care of Sisi, take good care of the baby in the belly!"

     "Luo Yiming, remember to make some more delicious food for Sisi. If there is something lacking in the house, tell auntie that your mom doesn't cook well. Auntie will bring you over."

     "Okay." Wang Haiyue said to her sister: "You go quickly, yes, take me these two bags of rubbish!"

     "Sister, this is okay, but for your nephew's work, you have to help contact the internship unit. We have excellent results!"

     Wang Haiyue gave this sister a glance, she was too straight: "I know the youngest, isn't Yiming going to quit the entertainment industry? At that time, your little guys will all go to the company to be Elder Brother Ming's eyes. He Behind the scenes."

     "That's fine. Wang Xiaolong, thank you aunt first."

     "Come on." Wang Haiyue waved her hand: "Come on, the chairman will change his mind after a while."

     Wang Haiyue looked at Luo Yiming.

     Really, Luo Yiming will decide this matter in the end. He hasn't spoken now, which means that he has acquiesced, but it won't be possible for a while.

     Wang Xiaolong is an honest child. After he walked out, he said to his aunt and Luo Yiming: "Aunty, brother, goodbye~"

     "Slow down on the road."After Luo Yiming saw off the guests, he chatted with Wang Haiyue in the living room.

     Saying that she had quit the entertainment circle, my mother thought about the future for herself.

     You don’t have to be in the company, but you must arrange your cronies in it.

     That's it for behind the scenes.

     Today's Shangteng Television Group does not need Luo Yiming to fight in single spear and horse.

     My mother taught Luo Yiming a few words. Luo Yiming just nodded with a smile. I didn't expect my mother to be so rigorous schemes and deep foresight.

     But since Luo Yiming wanted to quit the entertainment circle, it was not bad to have his mother consider some problems for himself.

     When my mother finished talking, she went out to buy things for the wedding, closed the door, and set up her slippers by the way. Only Luo Yiming and Sisi were left in the house. Sisi stayed in the house while bustling was outside, and she was not embarrassed.

     Now the atmosphere is finally not so embarrassing.

     Luo Yiming took Sisi out of the room. The two of them held hands and walked slowly to the sofa. They sat cross-legged on the sofa face to face, looked at each other, but both laughed embarrassedly.

     In the past, the two of them were often tired and affectionate.

     Even yawned, rubbing his nose, seems to be telling jokes, making himself happy.

     There is a saying that love always magnifies its advantages infinitely and automatically shields its disadvantages.

     Now the two are getting married, but they are becoming shy.

     Both are the first to each other, expressing their emotions completely instinctively.

     As the wedding was approaching, Luo Yiming felt it was time to do something.Lifting Li Sisi's left hand, and carefully admiring it for a while, Luo Yiming praised: "It's so good-looking, it would be even better if you wear a diamond ring."

     Li Sisi chuckled: "What to do, you are not allowed to buy me a ring."

     "I won't buy you a ring, I will buy you a diamond ring."

     "No." Li Sisi shook her head: "Didn't you say it, should you be simpler, don't engage in so many forms."

     Puff, Luo Yiming smiled.

     "Sisi, I am too formal, or you are too childish, the wedding ring, this is already the most simple and simple wedding thing, I haven't said to buy you six gold and four silver."

     "Rings must be bought, and I don't buy those less than one carat!"

     Li Sisi frowned, there are tens of thousands of items above one carat.

     Although Luo Yiming is not bad for money, she feels distressed.

     "You don't have to think about it, it's so decided... we will buy it tomorrow morning."

     Luo Yiming kissed the silky and tender back of her hand, then picked it up and put it on her face, looked at Li Sisi's eyes up close, and said softly: "You must not refuse my request, we tomorrow morning first Buy a ring, I will propose again, and then we will get the certificate together."

     "Get the certificate?"

     "Yeah, I can't wait for May 6th. I think I will get the certificate tomorrow. If you are me Luo Yiming's legal wife, you will never run away."

     "I can hold your hand tightly like this for the rest of my life, if it goes on like this."Luo Yiming's voice was warm and his eyes were full of tender feelings. Upon hearing his words, Li Sisi was unable to control the emotions, heavily nodded, and then leaped over, hugging Luo Yiming's waist, tears streaming down her eyes. The flow down, choked with sob does not know what to say.

     She has been waiting for this day for a long time. When she was lost in CCTV's life, she met Luo Yiming. Luo Yiming helped her become the host of the Spring Festival Gala.

     Fortunately, the two fell in love.

     After contacting Luo Yiming, she knew that this person was worthy of her life.

     "Yi Ming, thank you, thank you for meeting you in this life."

     "I should thank you for giving me the opportunity to love you for the rest of my life. Do you remember the song I wrote for you? When You Are Old."

     "Well, how many people have loved you when you were young and happy, and admired your beautiful fake or true heart."

     "Only has one person still loves your pious soul and the wrinkles on your old face." Silky said, tears streaming down.

     Luo Yiming heavily nodded "Well, when I'm old, I really hope this song is for you..."


     After buying a two-carat diamond ring, I went to the Civil Affairs Bureau to obtain a certificate.

     Looking blankly at the red marriage certificate in her hand, Li Sisi's mood floated.

     She hasn't recovered from the change of identity, and the photos of the two people stamped with steel seals, both of them smile very beautifully and happily.Touching the ring on the ring finger again, Li Sisi remembered the scene of Luo Yiming kneeling and proposing in public. The jewelry store employees screamed in surprise, applause and cheers continued. When she entered the store, she clearly planned to be small Yes, he stretched out his hand in a dazed manner, and was easily trapped by him. Don't even want to escape for the rest of my life.

     Li Sisi was in a mixed mood, so she took out the phone to call her girlfriend Yu Xiaoxiao.

     "Little, what are you doing ne?"

     "Sisi... why do you think of calling me? Shouldn't you be with your prospective husband Luo Yiming at this time? I'll talk about it first. Your wedding I will totally see you and my girlfriends and classmates. For reasons, I still despise Luo Yiming's withdrawal from the entertainment industry."

     "You despise, then you tell him, I told him a lot, but he insisted on his opinions. I am calling this to tell you that I have obtained the certificate with Yiming, and I am now his legal wife."

     "I'm going! Are you guys really married?"

     Li Sisi blushed and said shyly: "Well, I got the certificate with him this morning."

     "Besides, I'm pregnant, it's already three months."

     Yu Xiaoxiao covered her mouth in shock, the boss with staring eyes, and it took him a long time to recover his wits. She didn't understand it before. Luo Yiming quit the entertainment circle for Li Sisi.

     But when she learned that Sisi was pregnant, Yu Xiaoxiao might understand.

     Luo Yiming's withdrawal must be for Sisi and the child in her stomach.

     From a man to a husband and father, Luo Yiming's change in identity led him to finally decide to quit the entertainment industry indefinitely.Perhaps, after the baby grows up, Luo Yiming will return after reading.

     "Where are you, I may have been a bit too ignorant before... Luo Yiming's choice is a bit cruel for fans who like him, but he treats your wife, and your baby, he is very competent. I want to be in person Apologize to him."

     "Anyway, my wedding is coming soon. You are one of the few friends I invite. Come here. When you get to Shijiazhuang, call me, and Yiming and I will pick you up."

      Crackle Rattle said a big deal, and the sisters' emotions deepened. Before, Yu Xiaoxiao still complained a little bit about taking National Entertainment Godfather as his own.

     But after knowing Luo Yiming's mind, Yu Xiaoxiao sublimated herself.

     Luo Yiming's departure is actually the best choice.

     After receiving the certificate, Luo Yiming and Si Si held hands every day to walk downstairs, buy vegetables, then go to the hospital to see the baby's condition, and exchange knowledge about diet and sleep with the doctor.

     At night, when Sisi can't sleep, Luo Yiming will tease her, coax her, and take her to remember the past.

     At twelve o'clock in the night, Luo Yiming and Si Si were still awake. He chuckled and said, "Si Si, do you remember the first time we met?"

     Li Sisi remembered that it was recording the Spring Festival Gala with Luo Yiming. At that time, the other CCTV bigwigs didn't come, just the two newcomers.

     At that time, Luo Yiming was already very famous.

     He is still a small role.

     However, Luo Yiming took good care of himself at that time. In the show, he also behaved well, refined and courteous, and the gentleman was a plus.

     "Remember, it was the third trial of the Spring Festival Gala."Luo Yiming said: "I'll tell you the truth. At the first sight, I liked you a little bit. I love you at first sight. Believe it or not?"

     "I don't believe it." Li Sisi shook her head. She only remembered that meeting. Luo Yiming seemed to like Sister Dong Qing.

     However, listening to Luo Yiming's words, he naturally felt unspeakably happy.

     A feeling of pride grew inexplicably.

     Luo Yiming laughed: "Sister Dong Qing, I keep calling her sister. I do appreciate her, but I know that we can’t get married, but you are different. The third time I see you, I just Think about the scene of living together after we get married."

     "Moreover, to be honest with you, after our official boyfriend and girlfriend contact, I always look at you secretly behind your back. Your figure is definitely reckoned to be first or second best in the female host, so I will I especially want to know how good your figure is."

     "Then, I finally have a chance, I... Ha Haha... Don't pinch me, this is my true love confession... You are in good shape, first-rate, I like the most... This is not good? Oh my wife, I was wrong Up..."

     Li Sisi listened more and more wrongly when she came to the back, realizing that she was about to start pornography, she naturally wanted to teach Luo Yiming.
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