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489 Chapter 485, Preparations Before Broadcasting (seeking Monthly Pass)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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?At my hometown.

     The days with Sisi and the baby in her belly were very happy and stable. Luo Yiming became an arm-flinging shopkeeper, "take things as they are", and did not care about the supernova Olympics.

     After all, Fatty Wen, Zhao Xiang, and Old Pan want to grow up.

     And like Wang Xin, one's own assistant, she also has to start to have certain decision-making power in the company, and she can't always let her brother, rush forward.

     Luo Yiming was assimilated by his mother's thoughts.

     Even if you quit the entertainment circle, you still have to keep the power of the Television Group in your hands.

     People always have feelings for things in the past, regardless of such a huge group.

     On May 6, the wedding was held in a local hotel in Shijiazhuang. It was neither luxurious nor extravagant. It was grounded and just like other weddings.

     On that day, apart from family relatives participating in Luo Yiming and Si Si's wedding, there were only a few people from Shangteng Film and Television and CCTV.

     There are Fatty Wen, Zhao Xiang, Pan Riting, Zhang Feng, and even Wang Xin from Shangteng Film and Television, because they are in charge of affairs in the company, and they have no chance to come to the wedding of their brother and sister-in-law.

     On the CCTV side, Dong Qing, Zhu Jun, including the director Shan Zhifeng, are here.

     As a witness to the two weddings, Shan Zhifeng is Sisi's old leader, and his relationship with Luo Yiming is pretty good.

     He was arranged to be a witness.

     During the wedding, Shan Zhifeng hadn't thought when he spoke, and Luo Yiming dug a hole for him.

     Luo Yiming asked Director Shan, if Sisi returns to CCTV after giving birth, can she continue to host the Spring Festival Gala in the future?Shan Zhifeng answered with full mouth and asked Luo Yiming, "Are you willing to go to work?"

     Luo Yiming said: "As long as she wants to pursue her dream, my baby and I will always support her. Of course I welcome her to go."

     "Then you are bringing your children at home?" Shan Zhifeng didn't believe it.

      This time, Li Jindou quit, "Sisi and I can help them bring the children. Of course, if my family wants to bring them, the three of us can bring them together."

     Shan Zhifeng smiled: "Okay, very good, we don't want Luo Yiming, this kind of genius director and producer, to just raise children at home and become the head of the family. He goes to the top to create more good works We just like it."

     Luo Yiming heard it, but he has not replied, but was silent.

     The most exciting part of the wedding was undoubtedly when Luo Yiming put the ring on Sisi's ring finger, and then the emcee asked Luo Yiming, "Would you like to love her and protect her in your life, stand by (sb)?"

     Luo Yiming did not directly answer, but told a story.

     There is a girl who has a kind heart like an angel. She is unwilling to live up to any beauty in this world. She is cautious and solemn, afraid of hurting others, but she hurt herself time and time again.

     She was so tired along the way and needed someone to protect her, so a boy appeared.

     The boy wanted to give her everything and finally moved her.

     However, there will always be many beautiful and charming tempting suggestion girls around this boy.

     The girl hesitated, so she was scared. She left the boy and was afraid of letting him down.At this moment, the boy tried his best to find her again.

     Excuse me, for such an excellent angel, will the boy bear the heart to let go of her tightly grasped hand?

     She will not.

     I am the boy.

     I am willing to give up everything, I am willing to quit the entertainment circle to protect her, so I will follow it all my life.

     If she does not leave, I will not give up.


     Sisi cried.

     Li Jindou and Si Si’s mother were also deeply moved when they heard this.

     Luo Yiming is not easy, it is not easy, for marriage and love to be able to let go of position and wealth, this has already proved the importance of Sisi.

     Now, Luo Yiming's withdrawal from the entertainment industry is no longer a joke, it has been confirmed.

     Li Jindou is just ashamed that he personally killed a talented entertainment promoter and entertainment director's artistic career.

     He only hopes that this period of time can pass quickly, otherwise, he will be too late for regrets.

     The wedding did not invite any media. On the wedding, Luo Yiming and Li Sisi also repeatedly emphasized that everyone can take pictures, but they should not be posted online.

     Two people hope that this wedding is simple and beautiful, and they don't want to be consumed by entertainers again.

     Friends and relatives fill up the wine and drink a get thoroughly drunk.

     There is no routine, only sincerity.

     It's not a wedding of piles of money, but simple firewood, rice, oil and salt.

     As expected by the two, the wedding on May 6 was very successful, and there was no news about the wedding of the two on the Internet.


     It's like life after marriage.Newly married Yaner, the two of them should have a deep affection in their hometown, and then arrange a one-month honeymoon trip.

     But only after staying in their hometown for one more day, Luo Yiming and Li Sisi had to pack their luggage and rush to the capital.

     Luo Yiming's exit from the entertainment industry is based on the completion of the supernova Olympics.

     The Supernova Olympics is also the last variety show that Luo Yiming and his wife Li Sisi present to the audience.

     Since it is the work of the pen.

     Luo Yiming's requirements for the Supernova Olympics must be the highest rank.

     Not to mention the big names in the past, who is the hero, how popular and popular the readers are.

     In the past, Luo Yiming lips sealed and not saying anything, but now the Supernova Olympics can only start from scratch.

     It has been more than half a month since the preparations have been made, and the newcomers of the Supernova Olympics have also followed the coaches of the provincial team to learn the items they want to report.

     The day before Luo Yiming came to view the garden, he also contacted the National Sports Center in Beijing for the artists.

     The next training, including the shooting that can start, will be conducted at the National Sports Center.

     To say that the most popular variety show on the Internet recently, it must be the "Supernova Olympics" launched by Shangteng Film and Television.

     Compared with the more than 30 artists who brought together Shangteng Film and Television's own, the influence is very strong. During this half a month, there are three ways to train, recommend and contact the company to recruit strong people.

     Now this variety show has gathered nearly 100 new-generation actors and idols in China.Also, Xu Haifeng, Yao Ming, Li Ning, Su Bingtian and other world champions and Future World strong players, this period of time is a relatively closed training in Guanyuan, and every dynamic of the program has attracted the attention of many netizens.

     Luo Yiming let Fatty Wen and the others do it. He was repeatedly communicating with the coaches and the newcomers and running in.

     Finally, the program set up 14 competitions including track and field events, water events and comprehensive events.

     The number of program episodes has also been adjusted from the original ten episodes to 4 on-demand and 2 live broadcasts.

     This adjustment is also to find a relative balance between variety shows and sports competitions.

     Bring the lens language and editing methods closer to professional events.

     From admission, oaths, theme song singing, to competitions, awards, etc., sports events and the real sports atmosphere will also be fully presented.

     When Luo Yiming arrived in Beijing, at the bus station, Luo Yiming saw many advertisements about the Supernova Olympics along the way.

     The popularity of this program is unprecedented, and it has to be attributed to the approach of the Beijing Olympics.

     On August 8, the Beijing Olympic Games will begin.

     Based on the theme of the Supernova Olympics, the emphasis on "professionalism" in the pre-propaganda and training phases.

     In the past two days, the professional referee team for the show has also been in place. In addition to the coaches of the original provincial team, there will also be directors who were once national athletes in person to guide the scene in the next two days.

     Furthermore, for some of the more interesting projects, the crew also added professionally presented timing equipment and scoring systems.As a variety show in the sports world, Luo Yiming's Supernova Olympics can be said to be a sports "standard".

     Luo Yiming must be the best, the strongest and the most perfect in all aspects!

     "Fatty Wen, show me the video materials you took during the crazy closed training these days, and I see if there are some that can be used in our earlier promotional videos."

     As soon as Luo Yiming had a meeting, he asked Fatty Wen and the leader of the camera team to prepare the data.

     Fat Wen has some documents in his hand.

     After putting it together with the camera crew, he handed over the USB flash drive, and Wang Xin set the projection. In the past half a month, the image of the artist's training was exposed.

     Judging from the intensity of the on-site training and the efforts of the players, the program team did a great deal of effort.

     Fatty Wen and Zhao Xiang also learned the harsh attitude of their directors.

     Luo Yiming believes that this is at least right, and he has an attitude.

     Besides, the changes after Wen Fatty communicated with their coaches and mentors were also good.

     Although such a sports variety show has professional athletes such as Xu Haifeng and Yao Ming, and coaches in charge, these players are not professional athletes after all.

     Therefore, in the setting of competition items, these items should be selected with equal emphasis on high competitive viewing and ease of participation.

     The final few key broadcasts, such as running, high jump, archery, rhythmic gymnastics, etc., not only ensure the competitive nature, but also ensure that the audience will enjoy watching.

     Luo Yiming watched the one by one video and didn't say a word.

     In the video clips he saw, he gained a lot.Shangteng's own artist, Wang Lei's focus and excellence in archery, made many people notice him. It also showed his domineering style that suits the military route.

     In the preliminaries, Yang Zi's first sweet smile in the women's 50-meter dash made many people's hearts moved.

     The performances of Li Qin, Ni Ni, Zhao Xiaoying and other athletes on the event of rhythmic gymnastics also attracted a lot of attention.

     In this viewing, Luo Yiming also felt very interested in the professional equipment of the game.

     The Supernova Olympics program team selected a sports company that has many years of large-scale domestic and foreign competitions and used the most cutting-edge equipment.

     During the competition, the program group will decompose, zoom in, and replay the final competition results from multiple perspectives.

     For example, in the running project, there will be a slow replay as soon as the runner finishes running, and the accurate judgment of slow motion when crossing the line. The bottom right corner is the countdown. It looks like a professional game and there's nothing about it.

     It is worth seeing that, in addition to the contracted artists Luo Yiming previously recruited from all over the country, Fatty Wen also recruited many original professional athletes in the entertainment industry.

     Even national athletes.

     For example, he has performed in "as a lotus flower breaking the surface" and "The Cowherd and the Weaver Girl". Tian Liang, who played Cowherd in the latter play, turned out to be a national professional diving athlete.

     In the Sydney Olympics, she and Guo Jingjing were hailed as the diving prince and diving princess.

     His appearance will increase the diving competition to a certain height.What the program group takes a lot of trouble is that it also found an opponent from the entertainment industry that Tian Liang could not easily win the championship, and it was carefully cultivated by national coaches.

     Except for athletes like Tian Liang, retired to participate in the Supernova Olympics.

     There are also some entertainers who gave variety shows to the show.

     That is to say, the oxygen beauty Guo Biting fully expressed what it means to be imbalanced in the training, without a sense of rhythm.

     She originally reported for the high jump, but she grew up but couldn't jump, which is a description of her.

     However, in the training of the 4×150 competition, Guo Biting had the third best performance, and his performance really won the applause of many opponents at the time, including opponents.

     In the archery competition, Guo Biting also changed her perception of her.

     Being able to stand up to the pressure and calm down in archery, Guo Biting Xu is to show his value to the audience and Luo Yiming at the Supernova Olympics.

     Guo Biting did let Luo Yiming see her infinite potential.

     To be more precise, Luo knew early in the morning that Guo Biting would be a rising star in the entertainment industry.

     In the past life, she may not be lucky and she disdains to accept some rules.

     But in Shangteng, Luo Yiming will give every artist who is willing to work hard, willing to give, and work hard.

     This is what Luo Yiming hopes to see.

     After watching all the videos, Luo Yiming stroked in the mind. Two minutes later, Luo Yiming spoke: "Fatty, Zhao Xiang, your training effect is still okay, but there is one thing that you may have overlooked."

     Luo Yiming suddenly became serious."This way of advancing does not have a foreshadowing. We want to present a pilot film to the audience, which is equivalent to a historical record of the players before the Olympics. We do not have this result, then we will make a qualifier in this qualifying match. In, the height and weight of male and female artists are completely exposed."

     "The pilot film, we are going to do this pilot film. What we advocate is that we don’t use such serious sports selection methods to perform, but the variety show method, so that the originally shiny stars on the stage will be exposed to the same taste as ordinary people. I want to lose weight."

     "At the same time, I also saw their favorite stars, their true physical condition, sports competition is possible."

     "Of course, this is also for the training, and the final game, a pavement. From the physical fitness test, we can get a glimpse of the athletes' sports ability, which will give the audience an expectation from a professional perspective."

     "Also, through the voice or the mouth of other artists, it can be said that some players may be able to reach the level of professional athletes after training.

     "For example, for the diving competition I just watched, Tian Liang is the champion."

     "In the high jump competition, this Ye Min easily won the championship with a score of 1.25 meters. Looking at her last jump, she still has plenty of money. The level should be around 1.4 meters. The female high jump record I remember is 2.09 meters. She was led by a Bulgarian athlete. Kostadinova was founded."

     "We can completely express that Ye Min can approach the level of a formal athlete infinitely after intensive training."

     "We have to be professional and come up with data."
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