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491 Chapter 487: Regardless Of Style And Style
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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? Looking at the time already arrived at eleven o'clock.

     Luo Yiming didn't mean to take a break.

     In another half month, Luo Yiming will launch the Supernova Olympics. These video materials and files must be completed.

     Then hurry up and start the training.

     "That's the end of the meeting. Zhao Xiang, you hand over the video files to the editing department, and make the good videos I just mentioned into promotional videos, and we will release them in these two days."

     "Fatty, those retired athletes who entered the entertainment circle asked them to find me."

     "Okay." Fatty Wen quickly notified the artists to meet Luo Dao. Unfortunately, Battelle and Niu Li had something to do in the morning and were not in the garden.

     Only Dai Feifei, Sang Xue and Liu Xuan were left.

     After a short while, the three came to Luo Yiming's office together.

     These three are all big beauties, and the scene of appearing in Luo Yiming's office together is really quite eye-catching.

     "sit down."

     Luo Yiming is dealing with the files accumulated these days.

     The main thing is the reorganization of several movie theaters under its umbrella after the acquisition of Entertainment Film and Television.

     Luo Yiming appointed several people from the original UTV Video Division to be managers. He still believes in these people when it comes to film selection in the future.

     After waiting for a few minutes, Luo Yiming raised his head.

     Upon entering the eyes, the three beauties stood in place straight before they even thought about sitting down.

     Luo Yiming smiled: "Why don't you three sit? You stand so straight, do you show me your athlete figure?"Liu Xuan is more famous than the other two, and she is obviously more confident: "No, Dao Luo is busy, where can our body be relaxed! Standing, let us keep the combat state at all times, so that we can keep up with Dao Luo. pace."

     "Go... Liu Xuan, you said that your body is about to fight, let's just chat casually, don't have to fight, sit down."

     Liu Xuan still shook his head.

     Luo Yiming looked at Sang Xue and Dai Feifei, and the two girls shook their heads violently.

     "Okay, don't you sit? Then I will talk to you in two groups. Your name is Sang Xue? You were a diver before. I want to talk to the two of them first. You stand for a while?"

     Sang Xue nodded: "Okay, no problem."

     Luo Yiming was speechless.

     He doesn't care.

     "Liu Xuan, and Dai Feifei, right?"

     "Well, yes." The two girls with a smile.

     "I know you two are gymnasts, Liu Xuan, you are all-around gymnasts, and Dai Feifei, you are rhythmic gymnastics."

     "To tell you, I'm very optimistic about you two, because I know my variety show, in fact, our variety show's most brilliant sports, the most explosive sport is gymnastics."

     "Compared to your more professional gymnastics, Liu Xuan, Dai Feifei's rhythmic gymnastics is the most worthwhile. Then, we must make some bold attempts to target it."

     "Because the mentality of the national team for stability is different from that of international competitions, we can break the concept, forge ahead, and choose some players like you to challenge difficult moves."For example, we can add ballet elements to the rhythmic gymnastics "Pirates of the Caribbean", or we can directly combine rhythmic gymnastics and trampoline to create a more fashionable and exciting rhythmic gymnastics."

     "Of course, I'm just for example, Liu Xuan, Dai Feifei, you two, understand?"

     Liu Xuan and Dai Feifei know what Luo Dao means. In fact, traditional gymnastics has some limitations, such as the movement cannot be too large, and the movement cannot be too avant-garde and sexy.

     However, in variety sports and rhythmic gymnastics, it is entirely possible to add some innovations.

     "Director Luo, I can add ballet to the music of Pirates of the Caribbean. I learned ballet when I was a kid." Dai Feifei was very confident and said that she smiled at Luo Yiming.

     "Very well, I also appreciate your courage. Then, you can practice first, and I will watch your performance."

     Dai Feifei nodded respectfully again, whatever the case, she would do it this time.

     The Supernova Olympics is an opportunity for her.

     If you can maximize your abilities in this sports variety show, you will be able to let the national audience see your true strength.

     Once, at the age of 19, she refused to rush out of the sports circle, but now, in the entertainment circle, she stumbled and got trapped. This time, it was her best opportunity.

     She wants to prove herself.


     "Liu Xuan, I am actually very confident in you and me. Your gymnastics can show soft beauty, but also professional and standardized movements.""In the gymnastics competition, I position you as the big devil. I hope you can be worthy of this title, and I also hope that your performance can be a national gymnast. Because you It should be noted. Although you retired, you were world champion."

     "The professionalism of this show must be reflected in players like you. Your responsibility is very heavy."

     Luo Yiming lowered his voice, and his deep voice made Liu Xuan remember deeply.

     "Director Luo. I know, I will."

     Liu Xuan’s idol is Luo Yiming. In the entertainment industry, she feels that Luo Yiming is the most realistic and energetic superstar.

     Liu Xuan was naturally moved by Luo Yiming's respect and appreciation.

     "I remember what you said, that is, we artists have a social responsibility, not just for the benefit of the field, the Olympic champion, the world champion is the most proud medal of my life."

     "Even though I retired, my enthusiasm for sports and the motherland has not diminished. I will pay tribute to the gymnasts who participated in the 2008 Beijing Olympics at the Supernova Olympics.

     "I won't let myself and Luo guide you down."

     Luo Yiming did not speak, and silence was his relief for Liu Xuan.

     Only in the game, Luo Yiming can verify Liu Xuan's words.

     He also hopes that he will be passionate then.

     After Liu Xuan also left, only Luo Yiming and Sang Xue were left in the office.

     Sang Xue is two years older than Luo, and the two are similar in age. In fact, when Guo Jingjing was not famous, Sang Xue was already a Grand Slam diving athlete.Sang Xue was very famous at the time, but because of system problems, Sang Xue could not stay in the international team and entered the entertainment circle after retiring.

     As a result, the mixed is not as expected.

     Before the three of them came, Luo Yiming made some inquiries about them. After a brief understanding, Luo Yiming learned that Sang Xue's story is not simple at all.

     After she left the sports circle, it was helpless to enter the entertainment circle. The fuse was to save her mother.

     Sang Xue's mother had a heart problem. Sang Xue had to make money to save her mother, and she had thought about selling the gold medal.

     There is no problem with Sang Xue's diving skills. Luo Yiming left her to listen to Sang Xue's sincere story about her journey from sports to entertainment.

     Luo Yiming is good at using stories in variety shows to drive everyone's feelings. The audience likes to say that Luo Yiming is sensational.

     In fact, Luo Yiming believes that he is obliged to share the stories of sports athletes with everyone, so that viewers and netizens will know that after athletes under the system retired, it is difficult to transform and easily disconnected from society.

     There is no distinction between style and sports, so many athletes choose to enter the entertainment circle, many out of helplessness.
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