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495 Chapter 491: The Status Of Superstars Cannot Be Shaken
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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?Yu Xiaoxiao recently attended the wedding of Luo Yiming and Si Si.

     A wedding that was so simple that it couldn't be simpler, let Yu Xiaoxiao once again meet Luo Yiming in real life.

     He is very simple and plain, he has no celebrity airs.

     If he stand together with ordinary office workers, there's nothing about it.

     Only this is it alone can easily quit the entertainment circle, as if it was just a meal.

     Only then can we create such a professional and beautiful variety show.

     Yu Xiaoxiao is now watching the second Supernova Olympics.

     The broadcast clip is the training session of the high jump.

     Luo Yiming changed his identity as the host and participated in the high jump practice this time. While hosting, he participated in the high jump himself.

     The coach that taught Luo Yiming and the artists to jump was a three-person coaching team, and the captain was named Wang Yu.

     "Hello everyone, I'm your head coach Wang Yu, and these two are my assistants. Let's start high jump training. Isn't it okay?"

     Luo Yiming said: "We are all ready!"

     "Okay, we need to use the high jump from the lower body to the top, so let's move our neck first."

     "Raise your head and chest, touch the back of your head with both hands."

     Wang Yu played, Luo Yiming followed by touching his hand on the back of his head.

     "Pull down slowly."

     "I feel a pulling sensation on both sides of my neck."

     Luo Yiming stopped, with a click, everyone was shocked by this sound, "What is it, it's so crisp."Luo Yiming slumped down the donkey and made a grimace, "I used the stunt. Actually, if this action is exaggerated, it will feel like a zombie movie."


     Luo Yiming twisted his neck while dubbing himself.

     Yin Zheng used to study sports. He also participated in the high jump and echoed one another with Luo Yiming: "Then let's have a blind date with a pair of zombies. How is it?"

     Yin Zheng jumped over as a zombie, and Luo Yiming looked disgusted and said: "Who wants to have a blind date with you, so many beauties."

     Luo Yiming said, Ni Ni, Zhang Yuqi, yet another 1.8 metres' sister Tong Xiaoxiao all approached and made Luo Yiming super embarrassed.

     "Hey, Brother Yiming, are you scared, my sister Sisi wants to cut you."

     "You talk too much, hurry up and train."

     Wang Yu couldn't help it with a few people, and said: "Continue with the action just now, stroke your own breath, and your hands are now one-handed."

     "Slightly sideways, press your chin."

     "Well, it does move like this, the neck seems to be much more flexible." Yin Zheng said.

     "Your neck is not flexible, it is because it is short." Ni Ni underworld said.


     Several people laughed, and they were peaceful.

     "Practice the shoulder loops. Yin Zheng will start with you first, not allowed to make trouble again."

     "Freehand squat exercises, five. Together."

     "Attention, sit back with your butt."

     "Straight waist, lunge back and forth, three."

     After some jokes, everyone was serious about training, and Luo Yiming was no longer naughty.

     Every action is in place."Finally, everyone dragged their backs and moved their waists. After moving the waists, we started to practice running and jumping."

     "In the high jump, you usually pass this approach, and then get a certain take-off speed."

     "The second is the start."

     "Turn this horizontal speed of yourself into an upward vertical speed."

     "If you don't run decisively, it will be unnatural. If you want to make a step and then take off, then your strength will not rise."

     "So in a short run, the action must be coherent. Resolute."

     "The third thing to note is that the approach is generally a fox line, not a straight line."

     "When you run, if your approach is a fox line, the turning will be smoother."

     "Which of you has practiced high jump before, can you show it to everyone?"

     "Coach Wang Yu, I think you can show us one first?" Luo Yiming raised his hand and proposed.

     Wang Yu said: "I will show you how, but who of you has the courage to challenge first?"

     Yin Zheng said: "I used to be a sports student and I haven't practiced high jump, but it shouldn't be a problem to jump 1.4 meters. How about I come?

     Wang Yu smiled: "Okay, then I'll give you a four-meter, you can jump."

     Yin confirmed nodded, and then he was ready to get up. After a few squats, he made a fox-line approach, and finally jumped up on the top of the bag, turned over and swished past.


     Yin Zheng stood up, patted his chest and wailed: "There is wood? Super awesome! Who else? Who else?"There were some young boys who said that they had jumped one meter three. Everyone was a little emboldened, but one meter four did not dare to respond.

     Luo Yiming stood out: "With me, one meter four, I can also challenge."

     "However, I need to learn some skills from the coach. I will come right away to challenge you."

     "Okay." Yin Zheng arrogantly gave Luo Yiming a little thumb, which means you are weak.

     Luo Yiming humbly came to the coach, and Wang Yu's guidance was much more vivid than the previous boring teaching.

     "I'll teach you run-up exercises first, run-up and step on the bag. We are three and a half steps, step on the bag from this position, and then jump."

     "Shot in place!"

     "The final take-off is like this, a combination of two steps."

     The coach demonstrated the action, and Luo Yiming listened intently.

     "You pay attention to your left leg in front, and then just run two steps."

     Luo Yiming followed Wang Yu to learn the movements, mainly the skills of turning in the air.

     The difficulty in high jump is to shift a speed of approach from horizontal to vertical.

     It is difficult for unprofessional athletes to be perfect.

     After Luo Yiming understood, he started the first challenge.

      Starting from not far away, Luo Yiming's speed is not slow, his perceptibility is very high, stepping on the bag to complete, take off.

     He flew over the pole in the first half of his body, but the last leg hit the pole.


     Yin Zheng smiled: "Brother Yiming, your height is obviously not enough, you guess it won't be done."

     Luo Yiming got up and responded with a smile: "I'm one more time."Yin Zheng said: "Yes, you can jump again, but I'm serious, I don't like you."

     Luo Yiming already returned to the starting point.

     After he gained momentum, he made a run-up again. This time he still jumped up perfectly, his body passed and his legs passed, but his feet were not closed in time and he still touched the pole.

     After the pole on the verge of collapse, it still fell.

     Yin Zheng was a little admired this time.

     Because, this time, Luo Yiming has made obvious progress.

     Ni Ni raised his fist: "Brother Yiming, come on."

     Zhang Yuqi said: "Yiming, come on, you can."

     Luo Yiming will put away smile on face. Before recording this show, he was exercising.

     What is fitness for?

      The health of for oneself is not fake, but in fact, it is more to be able to appear in this program as a capable person, at least a challenger who refuses to admit defeat.

     Strength cannot be weak.

     This jump is not as high as one meter or four, but it must be passed.

     Run up again and take off again. This time, Luo Yiming's height increased by more than ten centimeters. In particular, the moment his upper body jumped up, his legs and feet were more cleverly retracted.

     Such a clever pass is like an old fritters.

     Then, everyone saw that he completed the 1.4-meter high jump challenge with a height of more than ten centimeters.

     Yin Zheng already bowed down.

     This is simply amazing.

     Wang Yu was also very pleased that Luo Yiming's learning comprehension ability was simply terrifying.Ni Ni said: "Guide Luo, you have completed a height of 1.4 meters, and we have seen that you can complete them at 1.5 meters. What do you think now?"

     Luo Yiming rolled up a faint smile.

     "It's nothing. Why did I stand up, just to make a point and prove a fact."

     "There's nothing about it. Difficulties cannot be defeated. All troubles are paper tigers."

     "High jump is a process of constantly challenging ourselves. In this process, we should face many difficulties that we will encounter in the future."

     "Every height is a difficulty."

     "Let's not fear him."

     "Don't tell yourself that this is something I can't get through."

     "On the contrary, we have to use actual actions to explain this. This is what I must challenge. I have to face him. I must overcome it."

     "Height exists for constant refreshment."

     "This is me, our supernova Olympics!"


     The training of the high jump is just the tip of the iceberg played by the supernova Olympics, chicken soup, and positive energy.

     Such plots can be found everywhere in this sports variety show.

     Of course, what is not monotonous is chicken soup to replenish the brain. Luo Yiming's interspersed funny and humorous plots are also his usual mature methods.

     When Yu Xiaoxiao watched with keen interest, he didn't think the show was boring, nor did he think the show was too preaching.

     It is also a variety show and entertainment, and it is also a sports major. Luo Yiming perfectly Fusion together the two.

     In the second episode of the show, not only the high jump of Luo Yiming and Yin Zheng, but also the success of the 1.55 m challenge behind Yu Shuang.It can be said that through the "Supernova Olympics" program, many unknown sports masters in the entertainment circle have become popular.

     Yu Shuang has also become a big demon that everyone looks forward to in the second issue. He is not only good at high jump, but also a master of running, which gave the audience a good feeling.

     It's not that there are no places for running. It is estimated that he may win the championship in both events.

     The two programs of the Supernova Olympics have ignited the enthusiasm of netizens and viewers.

     All the participants in the show are the more sought-after star artists under the Shangteng Group, there's some left newcomers recruited by other groups.

     And through a series of sports competitions designed by the program, they saw the masculineness of boys, such as Wang Lei's eight pack, and Dou Xiaosai's handsomeness in the high jump;

     The feminine beauty of girls is like Dai Feifei's rhythmic gymnastics.

     Those so-called current male artists are very "mother" views, and have no place in this show.

     This is also one of the contributions of the show.

     Let the audience have a new understanding of Xiaoxianrou, and let those talented artists demonstrate extraordinary talent in the program.

     The second is the graceful dance and beautiful movements in rhythmic gymnastics. The audience was also amazed by the "wow".

     No need to compare with some professional athletes, a routine that can be completed in more than a dozen training sessions, at least the artists tell the audience by themselves that as long as they work hard, they can't do it.

     Moreover, in sports, not all we see are strong, but there are also little fat people who devote themselves to sports for health. For example, Liu Yang, a self-confident and slightly fat man, actively trains, does not seek medals, but only seeks fitness sportsmanship and also won the house.She told everyone that even without difficult moves and slender figure, she can still dance herself with confidence!

     In fact, many people didn't have any hope for "Supernova National Games" before the broadcast, if this is not the case, Luo Yiming's production of this variety show trump card.

     This program will definitely not become popular before it is broadcast.

     But precisely because it was Luo Yiming, and precisely because Luo Yiming could not live up to his trump card label, the program team made an article in the production.

     The hard work, the hard training of all the stars before the game, and the serious struggle during the game all made people unconsciously attracted.

     In the end, it became the dark horse of the variety show!


     "The coach taught me a lot. I used to rely on explosive force and physical fitness to support running. I didn't expect that there were so many skills in corners."

     "I can hardly believe that I can perform such beautiful rhythmic gymnastics movements. I have always been an ugly duckling. Today I feel like a swan."

     "At the moment I picked up the gun, I had a sense of honor. I felt that I was a soldier. I felt that I wanted to guard home, defend the country, and the moment I hit the bullseye, I am very touched, I sensed a kind of Inexplicable power."

     "I quit the sports circle at the age of 19. At that time, I lost a chance to win honour for one's homeland. The Supernova Olympics fulfilled one of my Olympic dreams. When I finished my ballet rhythmic gymnastics, I cried, and I remembered the past This road is not easy.""Many people say that I enter the entertainment industry and saving my mother is a gimmick, but who would be willing to make a fuss about my mother's illness? I participate in Supernova. I speak with my strength. I hope everyone will see that I am Sang. Snow, whether it is sports or the future entertainment industry, I will work harder than others, and I will be better than others."

     The inspirational language of supernova will be staged every issue.

     If Luo Yiming didn't serve chicken soup to the audience, everyone would feel a sense of loss.

     Driven by Luo Yiming, every artist and every athlete is also sublimating his thoughts.

     Entertainment circles and sports circles are different.

     Only when you understand the suffering and the difficulty will you know that some things are not so easy to get.

     In the entertainment circle, like the sports circle, if you want to seize every opportunity, even if you become famous, you will be labeled various sorts and varieties.

     For example, the little white face, no acting skills, such as the bus, the poker face.

     If you want to gain a foothold in the entertainment industry and be respected, you still rely on your strength to speak.

     While the Supernova Olympics drives the Olympic atmosphere, they are also purifying the entertainment industry.

     Especially in Luo Yiming's fourth issue, he said that some people are in the entertainment circle, but they are not known, and they are nothing.

     Some people have left the entertainment industry, but he still accompanies everyone every day. In his works, the audience can find him every moment.

     He will always exist.

     The broadcast of this episode made the audience agree, and at the same time, with hindsight, it turned out that Luo was ready to quit the entertainment industry tomorrow morning.His departure does not count as a departure, as long as there are good works left, Luo Yiming's status as a superstar in the entertainment circle can't be shaken!
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