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496 Chapter 492: Returning To Plainness, Ending In Happiness (end)
    Chinese Name: 巨星从综艺主持人开始  Author: 村中野夫(Cun Zhong Ye Fu, Wild Villager)
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? Every time the Supernova Olympics is broadcast, ?anen?

     And because the Beijing Olympics is approaching, the entire media and entertainment circles are cheering for the Supernova Olympics.

     From the third period, fourth period, until the end period, the number of supernova videos on UTV has exceeded 300 million.

      This kind of horror data is also the envy of all video sites, including first-line satellite TV channels. This click and traffic are converted into ratings, and they all have some to see only the other rider's dust and have no hope of catching up.

     A week before the opening of the Olympics, the Director of the General Administration of Sports highly praised the variety show of the Supernova Olympics.

     Said he saved China Entertainment.

     Inspired the enthusiasm of athletes to "build a country and establish a career" for the country.

     And all the athletes who participated in the Beijing Olympics have also expressed their likes to the Supernova Olympics.

     Liu Xiang has always been troubled by injuries. In this year, he did not make sure that he could make the finals and compete for medals.

     However, when the first episode of the Supernova Olympics was broadcast, Luo Yiming used his words to start the article, which was encouraging.

     Liu Xiang told himself that as an idol and a benchmark in sports, he must win this toughest battle.

     Because of this promise, Liu Xiang repeatedly confirmed his body state with his portable doctor, and he began to pay attention to strike a balance between work and rest in training and rest.

     As the sports mentor of the Supernova Olympics, Yao Ming led the national men's basketball team to the quarterfinals this time, and he was more confident.

     Yao Ming spoke from the air: I am not afraid of the strong teams in Europe and America. Let's show you how this dragon in the East makes waves.In an interview with the media, Lin Dan said frankly that the Supernova Olympics is a rare and good variety show.

     If the national team conditions permit, he hopes he has the opportunity to be a sports instructor inside.

     At the same time, he also looks forward to Luo Yiming's comeback, because he can cooperate with Luo Yiming only if there is a second season of the Supernova Olympics.

     Zhang Jike.

     Guo Jingjing.

     Including all the Chinese players participating in this Olympics, few of them don't know the variety show of the Supernova Olympics.

     With the end of the Supernova Olympics and the takeover of the Beijing Olympics, the athletes have also spoken out, hoping that Luo Yiming can continue to contribute to China's sports industry and actively promote sportsmanship.

     The storm in the entertainment industry has hit the sports world.

     From the sports circle to the entertainment circle.

     The existence of everyone's hope.

     Luo Yiming used his withdrawal from the entertainment circle to get the respect and expectation of the entire cultural and sports circle.

     It's just that Luo Yiming is already in his hometown and he doesn't hear things outside the window.

     The entertainment circle, for him now, is already in the past.

     Once, standing on the top of the pyramid of the entertainment industry, smiling proudly.

     But after all, to return to the ordinary life.

     Luo Yiming always felt that being able to be with his wife and children is the ultimate happiness of a man.

     He has done it, chatting with Sisi every day, listening to music, turning on the TV at most and watching some TV shows.

     He is very relaxed, especially happy.

     After the opening of the Olympic Games.The state of Luo Yiming and Si Si turned into sitting on the sofa, watching the scenes of Chinese athletes winning medals.

     Luo Yiming would cut the apples, bananas and grapes for Sisi to make a salad and feed them one by one with toothpicks.

     Whenever the Chinese team athletes get a medal, Luo Yiming and Si Si will laugh like a child.

     Luo Yiming asked Sisi: "Are you happy, are you happy like this?"

     Nodding frantically.

     Luo Yiming smiled: "As long as you are happy, as long as the baby is happy, I will be happy."

     Sisi asked again: "You really don't miss the entertainment industry, your aura is so dazzling, are you willing to throw it away?"

     Luo Yiming calmly said: "No matter how bright the aura of the entertainment industry is, it can't compare to you and your children. As long as the little light on you, I can illuminate the rest of my life."

     Sisi was so moved that she hugged Luo Yiming, got into his arms greedily, and put Luo Yiming's hand on her belly.

     Sisi said to the baby in her belly: "Baby, you have been six months old. Dad is with you every day. Dad loves you very much. When you grow up, you must be able to support both. Good man of heaven and earth."

     "Protect your wife and children."

     As Sisi said, Luo Yiming suddenly trembled. He cried out in surprise: "Baby, it's a baby, he kicked me just now."

     "Look at you, the baby kicked you because she heard my voice."

     "Well, she heard her mother's voice, she is a good baby.""Baby." Luo Yiming's hand touched the position just now: "Dad used to be in the entertainment industry and became a superstar envied by many people. He has created countless wonderful variety shows, as well as TV series and movie works."

     "But these fathers are not proud at all. What makes me most proud is that I married your mother and gave birth to you."

     "Dad, no matter what you do in the future and how great your achievements are, there is only one thing you have to remember, and that is, never treat your closest family members badly."

     "What thing can be replaced, but family affection is blood is thicker than water, an unchangeable kindness. We need to spend our whole life to manage and care."

     Sisi looked at Luo Yiming in front of her and her husband who was slowly speaking to the children.

     She seemed to be back when she saw him a year ago.

     Luo Yiming is already a Boundless Radiance in the hosting world. When he hosted, he was very focused, serious and handsome.

     At that time, his it's now expression.

      that's it gentle voice.

     Sisi seems to understand. In fact, no matter what you do or what occupation you are, as long as you work hard and do it with your heart, you are the most attractive.

     "Yi Ming, I want to give the baby a nickname."

     "Yes." Luo Yiming raised his head and looked at Si Si, he wanted to hear what kind of nickname it was.

     "Just called Zhenzhen. Seriously."

     "Okay, this nickname is good, like his father's style of doing things, approved."

     "Hmph, you have to approve it. I take the nickname. Then you will let you marry the baby. If it is a boy, what do you want to call him?"Luo Yiming thought for a while: "The boy, call him Luo Enze. Because meeting you is the greatest grace from heaven to me."

     "The boy is Enze, and the girl, I see what is your name, if it doesn't work well, should I doubt you value males and attach less importance to females?" Sisi pouted.

     "Girl, girl I have already thought about it, so you have no chance to doubt me."

     "What is it called?" Sisi was curious.

     "The girl's name is Luo Xiaobei. Because she will be my baby forever."

     With a happy smile on Luo Yiming's face, Si Si can guess how much he hopes to have a daughter in his heart.

     "Well, let's count you through."

     "Yi Ming, I actually like boys."

     "Then have a boy and a girl."

     "What if two girls, or two girls?"

     "Then regenerate."

     "Birth you, Yiming, how many do you want me to give you?"

     "Well, four or five, right?"

     "Yi Ming..."

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