《Husband According to Wish》brief introduction

Husband According to Wish

author: 荣小荣

Master of double materials in the 21st century, the soul wears ancient times. There is no ring, no system, no grandfather with white beard, not even about this World's Memory... thief god, start nothing at all, even who I am doesn't know at all, how can I play? Feeling hungry and depressed in his belly, Tangning couldn't help but raise his head raise(s) middle finger: "A thief..." Something flew from the sky and hit his forehead. Holding the big red hydrangea, before he fainted, he just wanted to ask: "Which kills a thousand knives to put stones in the hydrangea!" When he opened his eyes again... there was a smile such as a flower: "Auntie, please! "There is a woman with picturesque eyebrows and eyes: "Manimate, courteous concubine!" Book Friends: 686508501 Note: This book is not a historical drama, easy to use, do not be true! (Chinese Name: 如意小郎君)

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