《Rabbit Must Die》brief introduction

Rabbit Must Die

author: 一梦黄粱

Since a cheap rabbit came to the heaven, all the gods in the heaven have raised banners: fire prevention, theft prevention, and rabbit prevention.   At the same time, the cookbook of Rabbit Cookery is also starting to sell.  I can often see a group of gods wielding various magic weapons, chasing a rabbit all over the mountain, shouting: "It doesn't matter if the group fights, the face is not necessary, the rabbit must die!"   Passerby: Why is that rabbit so awkward? Almost all gods know him because of cuteness?   Second passerby: No! Because it's cheap! It's not right, it's cheap!  Yi Meng Huang Liang is another new work after "The old man wants to return to the vulgar" and "The Great Tyrant of Ten Thousand Worlds Live", which will bring happiness to everyone!   Ordinary group: 47097449 VIP group [3000 fans required]: 387645012 (Chinese Name: 兔子必须死)

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new chapter: 828 Finale [New Book "Unqualified Big Devil" For Collection]

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