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《Iron Blood Great Republic》brief introduction

Iron Blood Great Republic

author: 大罗罗

The name is iron-blooded, and the content is of course iron-blooded, er, a bit sinister too. This is the style of Da Luo Luo. In addition, it is the golden finger. I didn’t want to open the last book at first. Later, I didn’t control it. I felt sorry for the readers. This book is really not open. I promise the great mentor! Even if you don’t open a gold finger, our regular principal(the protagonist of this book, surname Chang, also a principal in the future) will save the country and the people. Well, the thought of this book is very good. I love the party and patriotism, and actively demand progress. I developed the red organization in the Beiyang army as early as possible. I also went to the feudal city in Beijing to fight feudalism, and threw bombs at the Paris Peace Conference against imperialism! Who said... (Chinese Name: 铁血大民国)

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