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Chapter List 30 Professional
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    The three of Seven Fields did not dare to come out, fearing that it would affect Lord Grim's battle. At the same time, the three of them are fully on guard, ready to follow orders to launch an attack. Unexpectedly, waiting left and right, I saw Lord Grim and Skeleton Warrior fighting against dangers spring up all around, but there was no intention to ask them to come forward and help. Seven Fields and the three of them, one on the left, one on the right, and one at the rear of the Skeleton Warrior, all stopped steadily outside the shock wave of the Skeleton Warrior's attacks.
    "He doesn't want duel?" Sunset Clouds said in a message to Seven Fields.
    "To be honest, I'm a little skeptical," Seven Fields said.
    "Duel HID den BOSS?" The words Sunset Clouds felt particularly horrified just by typing them out.
    "It's not that no one can do it..." Seven Fields said.
    "BrOT her expert is too strong, what's the source? At this level, I think our guild leader is not enough." Sunset Clouds said.
    "Not enough." Seven Fields concluded. The poor guild leader of the Full Moon Guild became the object of worship by the union because of the 200 hand speed. As a result, it was only a day since tenth server opened up wasteland. Three traitors emerged from the Revolutionary Team, and they were already disdain as beneath contempt to the Boss.

    At this time, Drifting Water also came with a message: "Isn't it due to duel?" The voice in the game is "current", and there is no transmit sound to enter the secret. At this time, if the three people rely on voice, there is a distance between the stations. , The voice must be louder. So I'm afraid to disturb the brot her expert who picks the blame, they are all secretly sending messages here.
    "It's possible." Seven Fields and Sunset Clouds both received the Drifting Water message and replied together.
    "It's awesome, do you want to record it?" Drifting Water asked. There is a video recording function in the game.
    "This, brot her expert didn't say it, don't let it go!" Seven Fields said.
    "Oh." Qian Lisheng replied and stopped supporting. The three continued to observe Lord Grim picking the blame. The Battle Lance was really skillful, dodging and moving, playing like a martial arts movie. Seven Fields and others are eye-opening, and compared with this, ordinary players fighting monsters or PK is basically like holding up the chest than the chest muscles, rough, too rough!

    Standing behind Ye Xiu, Chen Guo kept trying to count the number of hits. In terms of viewing angle, she is not as good as the three of Seven Fields. Because she is the same as Ye Xiu, both Lord Grim's First Person PoV. Looking at it this way, you can't see much of Lord Grim's movements. On the contrary, the rotation of Lord Grim's sight caused Chen Guo to faint. She couldn't keep up with the rapid change of sight on the screen. She often turned around abruptly, and she didn't know which direction the Real Taoist object was facing, and where the Skeleton Warrior was. Buckle? Skeleton Warrior often doesn't understand what buckle is talking about everywhere.
    But in the case of a mess in her opinion, Ye Xiu's utilize is still clear. Dizzy Chen Guo looked at the hands of Ye Xiu utilize, and found that Ye Xiu's left hand jumped significantly faster than when he watched it yesterday, while the right hand holding the mouse moved faster, but did not move much, often just after the movement. Immediately clicked the left or right button.
    Chen Guo was surprised. Of course, she knew that the left button was a normal attack, and the right button was an Ability attack, and the cursor movement on the screen pointed to the direction and position of the attack. Ye Xiu moves or points simply and neatly, and there is no trace of muddy water at all. Looking at the screen again, I found how fast the Doodle Face changed, the mouse always moved into place, and then attacked without the slightest trembling.

    Ye Xiu's right hand is not only fast, but also stable, very stable.
    "The pro level ones are really different." Chen Guo exclaimed, and at the same time, Ye Xiu's earphones hung on his neck came out with a faint "scratch" sound. Chen Guo could hear clearly, and she could only count on this tiny voice. Twenty, this is already twenty hits, but what about Lord Grim's HP? In the process, there was no damage at all, which means that the Skeleton Warrior has not hurt him at all.
    "Sunset Clouds, Collapsing Mountain!" Ye Xiu suddenly lowered his head and shouted at the headphones.
    "Have we played yet?" Sunset Clouds thought that the three of them would not be used this time, but when they heard Ye Xiu's call, not saying anything further, they drew their swords and rushed forward. Lord Grim just hit the Sky Strike and provoked the Skeleton Warrior and fell to him. Sunset Clouds greeted him with a knife and was a Collapsing Mountain. He smashed the Skeleton Warrior from mid-air to the ground, slicing out an eight-segment combo all over the floor. It is the limit of Collapsing Mountain.
    "Guard!" Ye Xiu's words were still reminding Sunset Clouds, but Sunset Clouds obviously had this intention. Ye Xiu had already set up the Guard frame before he finished his words. The Skeleton Warrior got up and the shock wave swept across the blade, pushing the Sunset Clouds away with a sound. The Guard of Sunset Clouds has four levels and can negate 70% of the physical damage. This shock wave is not an Ultimate Skill, and the 30% damage after this grid is of course nothing.

    Lord Grim on Ye Xiu jumped early to avoid the shock wave. After that, he immediately counterattacked. Dragon Tooth went up to the Skeleton Warrior stun. Sunset Clouds understand tacitly here, there is no need to remind stun Ability that it is ready to go.
    "Seven Fields, Drifting Water." Ye Xiu yelled, and the two people had already rushed over. They understood Tactic's intentions as quickly as Sunset Clouds, and stun Ability was ready to offer them at any time.
    "What's the matter?" Chen Guo wondered why Ye Xiu suddenly asked someone to come up to help.
    "Didn't you see it?" Ye Xiu asked, and then let Lord Grim look down. Chen Guo immediately saw the Skeleton Warrior's feet. Its saber was lying quietly there, and it was broken. After the buckle, it fell and burst out.
    "What's the matter? Isn't it 24 times?" Chen Guo was surprised. Although the earphones were hung on Ye Xiu's neck a little far away from her, the metal sound of "scratching" was very ear-piercing during the battle with Skeleton Warrior, and Chen Guo felt that he would not miss it.
    "It's 24 times!" Ye Xiu said.
    "Why did I hear 20 times?" Chen Guo said.
    "Double Stab was used 4 times, so it was a two-stage attack. The speed was too fast, you probably didn't hear it. If you make up these 4 times, it will be exactly 24 times?" Ye Xiu said.

    Chen Guo was surprised: "Double Stab hits the same position in two stages? Can you play the hidden effect bleedinging? How come I haven't seen it? I haven't seen it 4 times? Doesn't it count if it is blocked by a ring?"
    "Isn't the skeleton immune to bleeding?" Ye Xiu said.
    Chen Guo made a big red face. Many monsters in Glory are immune to the bleeding state, and skeletons are one of them. The flesh and blood are gone, but what kind of blood is there? This setting is such a way of thinking, this is very basic common sense, Chen Guo, an old bird, has forgotten it for a while.
    Blame this guy, the angle of view turned around, and I forgot what he was fighting.
    Chen Guo sat back in front of her computer angrily. There were still a lot of people outside Novice Village, and the monster still had to rely on robbing. I was annoying, so I heard Ye Xiu ask over there: "Owner, are you going to spend the night?"
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