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Chapter List 71 You're Welcome
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    "Wow!!!" Blood Rifle didn't know whether he got Ye Xiu, and felt a sudden burst of exclamation in his ear. Even Chen Guo, who was focusing on Whack-a-Mole at the front desk, was taken aback by the exclamation.
    Many customers in Happy Internet Cafe stood up and looked in a certain direction together, and many others dropped the game and ran over there.
    "What's the matter?" Chen Guo asked as he jumped out of the front desk and looked over there.
    "Lord Grim has completed the First Kill again." A guest said excitedly.
    "What was your excitement when he finished!" Chen Guo was speechless, and finally asked: "What happened to First Kill?"
    "Blood Gunner!!" the other party said.
    Wild BOSS! Chen Guo was surprised. It was harder for this game to win First Kill than dungeon. She once witnessed the whole process of hunting and killing Wild BOSS. The Great Guilds killed it so that it was filled with gunpowder. While fighting BoBoss, she stumbled with each other, and everyone could not figure out whether this was killing BoBoss or Guild battle. This kind of big scene, Guild who is not enough class is not qualified to participate, it is a dead word, let alone gamers without Guild.
    Although Blood Gunner is a low level BoBoss, this is a style issue in the game, and has nothing to do with the high level of low level.

    Chen Guo rushed to the machine where Ye Xiu was with a group of people. As a result, he heard Ye Xiu screaming out there with everyone: "Run! Run! Run!"
    A boo. This slogan seems a bit abnormal! It seems that this First Kill has some problems.
    As a result, the gamers who already had tenth server inquired a little trail message in the game, and came up to gossip for everyone: "I heard it was taken from the hands of the three Great Guilds."
    "Damn, so awesome?" Everyone was surprised, and suddenly felt that there was nothing wrong with yelling "Run and Run", and it would not affect this person who was still the embodiment of bravery and wisdom.
    Everyone stared at Ye Xiu's screen, and saw his character rushing desperately, turning his head and shaking his back from time to time, so everyone saw a large group of chasing soldiers behind him, it was the gamers of the Three Great Guilds.
    "Stealing the BoBoss is really not easy!!" Everyone expressed painfully.
    "Do we have the Tenth Server Three Great Guild people?" Someone suddenly asked about it in a joke.
    No one said anything.
    "You might be pissed off!" someone joked.
    "BoBoss, go and see if you fainted in front of the computer, 120!" The person who saw Chen Guo joked with BoBoss.

    Chen Guo didn't say a word, and many people didn't say a word either. These people stared at the screen without saying a word, wondering if Ye Xiu could get out of danger. The Three Great Guilds are not so easy to dismiss. They only offended the Three Great Guilds at level 20. Some people don’t think this is bravery and wisdom, they think it’s stupidly bubbling... …
    What will happen to the fool? This is what they care about.
    Chen Guo? Perhaps she is the only one who is not holding a purely lively mentality, watching Ye Xiu rushing around typing on the keyboard, she feels a little worried for him.
    "You run first, I'll give it a head!" Suddenly everyone saw Ye Xiu tapping on the team channel.
    "Wow, pure men!!" Everyone praised, they all saw Ye Xiu's teammates through Ye Xiu's screen, all eight people were a lot faster than him, and no one knew how this situation was caused.
    Lord Grim turned around, and there were just four people behind him. Battle Lance took advantage of the situation and swept away. The four obviously did not expect Lord Grim to stop and counterattack suddenly, and none of them were able to avoid this.
    Lord Grim followed a small jump, drew his sword in the air, and the shock wave of the silver falling blade hit four people.

    "Utilize so fast!!" Some gamers who watched exclaimed. The Ability of the Silver Sky Falling Blade can only be used in the air when it jumps up. Lord Grim only jumped a small step just now, and this Ability has been released, and almost no one can see the process of "falling".
    Four gamers, three fell to the ground, and the other successfully performed a Quick Recover, and a roll forward to avoid the fall, and a Sky Strike picked it out during the process of getting up.
    Thousand Creations!
    This guy deserves to be an expert-level figure. Although Quick Recover is a basic utilize, it is not so easy to master it completely. The other three gamers might not want to use Quick Recover at that moment, but either Lord Grim's silver blade fell too fast, or they didn't grasp the timing to utilize, obviously they all failed.
    Only Thousand Creations, not only did Quick Recover succeed in not falling to the ground, but also successfully launched a counterattack.
    But before Sky Strike was complete, Lord Grim had already knocked it to the ground.
    Interrupt attack!
    Interrupt is also an attack judgment, just like combo, volley pursuit, and back attack are all attack judgments.
    Interrupt, as the name implies, Interrupt is called Interrupt when the opponent's attack occurs.
    At this time, Thousand Creations wanted to use a Sky Strike, but in the end, Lord Grim was interrupted by a Punisher, forming an Interrupt attack.

    "Hahahaha..." When the gunfire blasted out, the audience behind Ye Xiu laughed in unison with the stepped Thousand Creations.
    But individual gamers with a level of skill can't laugh.
    Such a Falling Light Blade can still succeed in Quick Recover. This Thousand Creations is not an underhand; this one roll forward and a Sky Strike is already an extremely quick counterattack, but the result is still Interrupt, but the level of Lord Grim is higher.
    What will happen if you change yourself? Many people just can't laugh when they think of this.
    The four that Qi rushed up were all beaten up in a blink of an eye. All four of them were Battle Mage. It was because of ElementleBoss Chaser's movement speed bonus that they were one step ahead of the others. Otherwise, the new server and the new character have not yet reached the stage of picking the equipment heap Element, and the movement speed is of the same level.
    Although the four were lying down, Lord Grim had no chance to kill them. Everyone can see clearly, Lord Grim at this time has no mana at all.
    "No more chasing!" Lord Grim suddenly squatted down, as if in the ear of Thousand Creations, everyone heard Ye Xiu say such a sentence.
    The audience snickered. This is stealing! There is no mana anymore, it's just to scare people.

    Lord Grim got up and ran. The audience was very anxious. They all wanted to know if the four had caught up, but Lord Grim wouldn't look back! Everyone knows that Ye Xiu is wearing headphones and he can hear the footsteps behind him. Seeing him so calmly, I guess he was really bluffed.
    Can you not be bluffed? How strong Lord Grim is, people like them know better than audiences like Internet Cafe. The three of them were easily knock-down when they went up. Thousand Creations, who was able to counterattack at a higher level, was also knocked to the ground. Wherever the four dared to continue chasing them to death, they had to wait for more people to join them again.
    "Catch up?" Blue River just arrived at the message at this time.
    Thousand Creations replied depressedly: "Catch up, can't beat."
    "Then...retreat first!" Blue River message.
    Thousand Creations watched Lord Grim run away and didn't move. The reactions of the three colleagues around him were roughly the same as him.
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