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Chapter List 77 Defeat The Monster
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    Blue River is indeed a rare expert. This Sword Draw was accurate and in place. Before anyone arrived, the knife came first. It gave the Goblin merchant a beautiful volley pursuit in midair. They changed to Seven Fields, I'm afraid it will be difficult to make such a cut.
    Blue River is followed by a Triple Slash, which is a Blade Master Ability that integrates attack and movement. The character slid forward quickly. Goblin did not reach the ground completely, brushing three sword lights, and it was already three clusters of blood flying. Upwards.
    Upward Slash! Blue River cut out with another sword, ready to lift Goblin into the air, when suddenly a strangely shaped Battle Lance was handed out by his side. When Blue River saw this strange Battle Lance, his heart was tight, and he glanced at it from the perspective, and it turned out to be Lord Grim.
    One sword and one spear greeted the Goblin merchant. The sword is fast, the spear is long, who will come first?
    Is it yourself? Blue River felt that the blade he picked out and the tip of the spear stabbed by Lord Grim had fallen at the same time, and Goblin had taken this blow but had already floated higher.
    Battle Lance stabbed in, and the Goblin Merchant was immediately torn out of a semicircle, and was directly thrown to his side by Lord Grim.
    Circle Swing.
    Both of the two people’s Ability hits the Goblin Merchant. Unfortunately, Lord Grim used a Grab Ability. The Goblin Merchant flung off and he had stopped in front of Blue River.

    Lord Grim's eyebrows are right in front of his eyes, but the character's eyes are always so empty. Blue River doesn't know what kind of mood Lord Grim is at this time. He only knows that he is calm, without hesitation, without hesitation, and a horizontal cut He slashed towards Lord Grim.
    Lord Grim flashed the sword with a big jump backwards, and half jumped behind the prone Goblin merchant. Suddenly, Sky Strike provoked the Goblin Merchant, followed by a Falling Flower Palm and hit the Goblin Merchant.
    The Goblin merchant flew out and hit the Blue River straight.
    too fast!
    At this time, he faced Lord Grim personally, and Blue River finally experienced how fast this person can utilize. When Sky Strike just now, did his backwards leap end? Can the air be picked up to the fallen Goblin merchant with such precision? The Falling Flower Palm was even more outrageous. Was the Goblin merchant already picked up at that time? If it is still on the ground, Falling Flower Palm has no On the Ground effect.
    On the Ground is another attack state in Glory. Refers specifically to additional attacks on fallen targets. Falling Flower Palm is an Ability attacking straight ahead, and the falling target cannot be hit. First cast a Sky Strike in order to keep the fallen Goblin merchant in a Knock-up state, so that the Falling Flower Palm's attack can hit it.

    In the eyes of Blue River, he only felt that Lord Grim backwards leap Sky Strike Falling Flower Palm was inconceivable. He didn't see clearly that he was hit or hit. As a result, the Goblin merchant had already flown on him.
    After all, Blue River was quite strong. The moment the Goblin businessman hit him, he had already had a Guard. Goblin hit the blade, Blue River slipped a step backward, but the man was finally not knocked to the ground by the impact.
    The focus at the moment is not to deal with Lord Grim, but to grab the Goblin merchant!
    Blue River's thoughts were also very clear, but he did not have the ability to grab Goblin and throw it aside like Circle Swing did. Blue River can only increase damage damage and establish aggro to let Goblin merchants consciously come to their side.
    Up and down, Falling Light Blade.
    Poor Blade Master is currently also a profession with nothing On the Ground Ability.
    As a result, he had just jumped up his sword and hadn't drawn it yet, and saw a sword aura criss-crossed Flying Upwards. The speed seemed to be lower than Blue River, but he was more than overbearing. Blue River saw a bloody flower flying out of his chest, being chopped to fly upside down in the air, only one thought in his mind: This is impossible!

    He clearly saw that when Lord Grim used this Sword Draw, he did not exchange the weapon from the package, but directly drew a sharp blade from the end of the odd-shaped Battle Lance in his hand. It flashed and disappeared. When Blue River looked again at this time, Lord Grim had no sword in his hand. Could it be that he was dazzled?
    Blue River believed he didn't, but he couldn't figure out what happened just now.
    Blue River didn't fall, a roll at the moment of landing, using Quick Recover mechanical skill to avoid falling to the ground. At this time, it was a while away from the Goblin Merchant, and Blue River hurried forward eagerly.
    With a loud sound, Blue River was bounced out again.
    Fuck! Blue River cursed secretly. This time it was his own mistake. He only managed to get close to the Bogolin merchant, forgetting that BoBoss would have a shock wave when he fell to the ground and got up. Otherwise, wouldn't he never think of it again.
    Earthquake bounced Blue River away, and he did not fall down again in Quick Recover. At first sight, Lord Grim was expertly backwards leap to avoid the shock wave. At this time, he had rushed to the Goblin merchant, and a Fling directly threw the Goblin merchant farther. Over there, several Tyrannical Ambition gamers have swarmed.
    In the short contest for BoBoss, Blue River was completely defeated.

    But he knew it was far from over. Everyone present, including their Blue Brook Guild, would never let Tyrannical Ambition kill the Goblin merchant casually.
    "Is there no one yet?" Ye Xiu controlled Lord Grim and rushed back into the Tyrannical Ambition array. After brushing a few more attacks, the Goblin merchant's aggro was first firmly controlled on him and then asked.
    "It's here." Cold Night was more anxious than Ye Xiu, and the Goblin merchants had brought them over, but Ye Xiu's manpower was not yet in place. Only one Spitfire and one Elementalist in his team are what Ye Xiu needs, and he is stepping up to damage the Goblin merchant under the command of Ye Xiu.
    A large number of gamers have rushed towards this side, but seeing that the Goblin merchant is currently in the hands of Tyrannical Ambition, many people hesitate a bit. It is not that I want to let BoBoss go, but I hope that some birds will rush for it. After all, I don't want to have a head-on conflict with Tyrannical Ambition in my heart.
    But not all gamers will be so scrupulous about Tyrannical Ambition, the people of Blue Brook Guild are not afraid at all.
    The Blood Gunner incident was vivid in one's mind, and when things went bad, the three companies were hesitant to make decisions. Blue River was very decisive this time, without thinking about it, he took the lead and rushed forward. Behind him, there are more than a dozen Blue Brook Guild gamers, which is comparable to the current number of Tyrannical Ambition.

    "Disperse!" Ye Xiu gave an order, and Cold Night and others dispersed according to the pathing he arranged. The Goblin Merchant was blown out by Lord Grim with another blow to the Falling Flower Palm. The Spitfire and Elementalist were pathing around. Most of the time, the stability was hidden behind the tree. Once the Ability Cooldown was completed, it would suddenly appear to the Goblin Merchant. So all of a sudden. A group of melee fighters led by Cold Night didn't go up to besiege, just pay attention to their positions. Sometimes when the Goblin merchant passed by a tree, someone suddenly appeared behind the tree and gave him a punch or a knife.
    Blue River dumbstruck, he has never seen a BoBoss hit like this.
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