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Chapter List 80 Forced Helpless
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    Before the dozen or so people who lean unsteadily from side to side had time to adjust their mood, they saw the dozen or so gamers faintly discernible in the movement behind Tyrannical Ambition sneaking in behind the tree. Those who are closer to them also took advantage of the opportunity, and threw a thunder, put a magic spell(s) or something, and then didn’t waste time, and went after the Goblin merchants. After all, that’s the big guys gathering here. Real purpose.
    Once again, the dozens of people who lean unsteadily from side to side are depressed and are re-adjusting their moods, but the people of the Blue Brook Guild are also here by Wind Howl.
    "Trash! What a trash." Blue River relentlessly denounced these competing opponents, and then led a group of subordinates to take advantage of the opportunity, cut two swords and put a few magic spell(s) or something.
    Poorly these dozens of people were so tossed back and forth. Those who were unlucky, ridiculed, and took advantage of a lot of people, just died.
    Plantago Seed was so angry that BoBoss didn't stop it, but was robbed by fire and sent a message directly to Blue River: "You beasts, you guys!!!"
    "You are really a bunch of rubbish, you can't stop it like this." Blue River replied.
    "Md, you guys have arrived so early for such a long time, there is no way to be different." Plantago Seed replied.
    "To each other." Blue River replied.
    After that, both sides were silent, and the sense of ignorance in my heart was heavy and heavy.

    Ahead, the Goblin merchants suffered more and more firepower, and obviously reinforcements from Tyrannical Ambition were gradually arriving. Every time Blue River and others pursued, they were avoided by Tyrannical Ambition's flexible OT. This Goblin merchant had no rules at all, which made everyone very temperless.
    Blue River originally hoped that Herb Garden's interception would give them an advantage. Who knew that Herb Garden's people were so useless, but in desperation, he had to regain his original plan.
    "A group of two people, find the people from Tyrannical Ambition!"
    Goblin merchants can't catch it at all, and occasionally they can hit twice, but this is tantamount to helping Tyrannical Ambition damage. If aggro can't grab it, it can't take the initiative. If this waste of time continues, Tyrannical Ambition damage is enough. BoBoss loves to kill whoever kills. As long as their Team is still there, then the ownership will not be robbed, unless they are all driven away or killed.
    So, stealing the BoBoss is actually quite difficult. It’s too late and the damage can’t be recovered at all, so you can only take the road of killing and robbing BoBoss. It becomes more difficult to become a PK, because the level of people is always very close. Killing is always harder than killing monsters, and it will cause no end of trouble.

    Blue Brook Guild, they don’t have to think about the future problems, and direct opponent like Tyrannical Ambition, stealing the BoBoss will trigger PK. Everyone is used to it. For them, the more important thing is that Tyrannical Ambition's strength is exactly the same as theirs, so even after using such a hand, the result is still five to five.
    But anyway, it's better than watching stronger now. The Blue Brook Guild also had more than 20 people in front and back. At this time, they were divided into more than a dozen two-person teams, spreading widely in the forest. When they saw the silhouette of Tyrannical Ambition gamers, they rushed over.
    The Goblin merchant is no longer the only focus, everyone at Tyrannical Ambition is. The duo who found the target worked hard to get close to the target.
    But chasing people is not easy. Everyone has the same level equipment, and the movement speed is the same as Stamina. In the end, it is a situation where it is not up to the bottom. After chasing, Thundering Light suddenly said in the Team channel: "Hey, Goblin I can’t see where the merchant has gone."
    A word to awaken everyone, everyone only pays attention to the immediate goal, and the ultimate goal after this goal? still there? Everyone's attention, and only then realized that even if they could still see the Goblin merchant, they suddenly became far away.
    "Fucked..." Bound Boat reacted.
    "BoBoss this time, give up!" Blue River announced depressedly.

    The people of Guild didn't say anything. Such a situation is really rare in their famous brand Guild such as Blue Brook Guild. Despair occurs when they fight halfway through? This mentality is usually created when some unfamiliar new dungeon and new BoBoss are opened up. But now? It’s just a Goblin merchant. Everyone kills the overtly familiar mini BoBoss. The opponent is also an overly familiar Tyrannical Ambition. Just because there is an extra Lord Grim in the opposing team, it has the same difficulty as the land reclamation. They have been forced to give up.
    "Hey, why don't you chase after." Plantago Seed sent a message at this time.
    "Leave it to you." Blue River said.
    "What the hell are you trying to do?" Plantago Seed wondered.
    "You'll know if you chase after it."
    Plantago Seed, they had just switched from intercepting from the front to pursuing them from the rear. At this time, they had not fully grasped Tyrannical Ambition's abnormal method of using OT to control the pathing of the Goblin merchant during the killing. The morale was still high!
    But this was just a matter of moments. Herb Garden chased for a while and was finally completely shocked by this OT pathing strategy. After trying left and right and unable to crack, Plantago Seed solemnly announced: "A group of two, kill the Tyrannical Ambition people."

    Although the people of Blue Brook Guild had already given up, they still wanted to watch the excitement casually. When they saw Herb Garden scatter and hunt down the people of Tyrannical Ambition just like them, they suddenly felt good!
    "Zé Zé Zé Zé." There were such voices in the crowd.
    After five minutes, Plantago Seed to Blue River sent a message: "You bitch say so can not die!?" Apparently they found so Tactic in the end still is being teased.
    "Will you believe what I said?" Blue River replied.
    Plantago Seed groaned for a long while, and replied heavily, "Absolutely not believe it."
    "That's not over." Blue River said.
    "What do you do now? Are you giving up?" Plantago Seed said.
    "Yeah." Blue River said.
    "I... I don't believe it," Plantago Seed said.
    "Your sister..." Blue River was helpless.
    When the people of Herb Garden gathered again in a desperate manner, the people of Blue Brook Guild were not far away from them. The merchant of Goblin was the merchant of Goblin who was very far away.
    The other miscellaneous Guilds or gamers, who have the level, have already seen that Herb Garden and Blue Brook Guild are helpless by the other side. These two Great Guilds are level and organized, and they haven't been able to get the slightest good in the end. What tricks can their inferior Guilds and other skirmishers do?

    At this time, if everyone can unite together, there may be hope, but will anyone take the lead?
    Plantago Seed begin to stir, get to Blue River and speak directly: "We can't kill, and we can't let Tyrannical Ambition take advantage of this advantage! Organize everyone together, no matter who completes the First Kill, don't hang on them anyway The name of Tyrannical Ambition."
    "A Goblin businessman is nothing more, is it interesting to make such a big scene?" Blue River said.
    When Plantago Seed thought, it was really boring. This was just the smallest Wild BOSS. Tyrannical Ambition won it and it doesn’t mean anything. There is still a long way to go.
    "Always unwilling!" Plantago Seed said.
    "Then you go, I didn't stop you." Blue River said.
    "Md, I can't ask for many good things with such a waste of energy, so I won't do it alone!" Plantago Seed said.
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