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Chapter List 106 The Magical Skill Of Betting The Spear
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    Tang Rou’s Soft Mist controls 10 Goblins, Steamed Bun Invasion controls 8 and Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim controls 16 Goblins. There are 34 in total. The number ends here, but it will not increase, and the cycle created by the cooperation is officially formed at this time. Su Mucheng’s Pull monsters have never stopped, but from now on, the total number of 34 Goblins will not increase anymore, because every time two of them are driven, two of them will inevitably fall in the array. .
    Gathering monsters is cooperation, and damage is also targeted. Everyone is acting as a different character, but when it is damaged, they are looking for goals in a rhythmic manner.
    Utilize the pinnacle, cooperate with the pinnacle.
    For Frost Forest dungeon, with Ye Xiu and their professional combination, doing so is already considered extreme. As long as there are no mistakes...
    The Steamed Bun Invasion, which was originally the most worried about, has been performing stably, which makes Ye Xiu very pleased.
    Noob from Tang Rou baffling took a look, but nothing happened.
    There is no need to worry about Su Mucheng.
    And what made Ye Xiu a little bit of surprise and surprise was the Elementalist Crowd Lover.
    Elementalist's quest is just to bombard the gathered Goblin, and try to balance the damage as far as possible without OT.

    It can be said that as long as his performance is not too brainless, he will not create a wiped out level catastrophe. But if you want to create a perfect damage equilibrium, there is only a theoretical possibility. He is a character that allows some deviations. To compensate for his deviations is part of Tactic.
    But what Ye Xiu saw was that this person would correct himself in subsequent attacks to make up for the deviation. Although it is impossible to achieve the most perfect equilibrium in the end, it does make the deviation much smaller. In terms of details, this person is already extreme.
    In the previous exercises, this person has not done this because it is not necessary. After revealing such a hand at this time, Ye Xiu discovered that this person's level was originally higher than he thought.
    It seems to be a top expert of Guild.
    After seeing this, Ye Xiu silently concluded that the picture on the screen had already turned to another place.
    The screen changes in front of Ye Xiu have reached a dazzling level. It is because he has to take care of too much. In addition to controlling the 16 Goblins, he must also pay attention to observing the other four people to command.
    Tang Rou completely ignored this when comparing himself with Ye Xiu. The gap between Ye Xiu and her is actually bigger than what she estimates now...

    "The first BoBoss is here." The Pull monsters roar of guns, which has been very rhythmic here at Cleansing Mist, finally stopped for a while. The monsters along the way were finally opened. Only the first BoBoss was blocked at the end of the road. Su Mucheng is very aware of Ye Xiu's busyness, and always feeds back some important information to Ye Xiu from time to time, lest he misses it.
    "Open." Ye Xiu's voice fell, but Lord Grim had suddenly jumped up, holding a sharp sword in his right hand, and the Falling Light Blade broke through the air, shaking the ground, and knocking down all the monsters.
    Tang Rou, Steamed Bun Invasion and Crowd Lover also no longer pay attention to monster gathering control or aggro control at this time, and they pile up all kinds of Ability exhibitions.
    These 34 Goblins were taken all the way here, and they were killed while walking. Most of their HP has been wiped away. Under this frenzied bombardment, they fell one by one like cut wheat. Many Goblins just like this. He didn't stand up again, and he was mostly destroyed in a few rounds. The rest chased and fought hard, but it was even more uncomfortable. Faced with the use of the three Ye Xiu, they could only die faster.

    All 34 Goblins became corpses in an instant. On the other side, there were bursts of gunfire, and Cleaning Mist had already attracted the first BoBoss. The four people turned their perspectives and saw that Cleansing Mist was carrying a heavy machine gun and shooting into the sky. The bullet smoke that flew out turned out to be a diagonal line connected to the first BoBoss Goblin Patrol Guard that was shot over in the air. And this Goblin Patrol Guard was really rolling like being barbecued, and it was falling toward the four of them grumble.
    "Fuck! !" Seeing this scene, Tang Rou and Steamed Bun Invasion were nothing. Crowd Lover, who has always been inferior to the name and didn't like to join in the fun, shouted out in surprise.
    "Is it a Delivery Gun?" Crowd Lover didn't shout out these words, but just rolled in his heart, and the Goblin Patrol Guard had already rolled and fell in front of them. Lord Grim and the trio immediately rushed to attack, and Crowd Lover quickly threw the magic spell(s), but kept in mind constantly surprised, and glanced at the Cleansing Mist side several times.
    Delivery Gun, which is another utilize term for Gunner-claBoss. Escort means to take escort, which means to use continuous shooting to send the target to the position you need. The Aerial Fire that sent oneself out can barely be regarded as a pair of antonyms, but Launcher has no outstanding effect on this utilize. It does not have a single noun like "Aerial Cannon".

    In comparison between the two utilities, Delivery Gun is much more difficult than Aerial Fire.
    Everyone can say the theory of this Delivery Gun, but there are not many that can be made. This is a utility that even a Pro-player may not be able to grasp completely. Putting it in the circle of ordinary players is even more known as a magical skill. It is enough to brag about it once in a while.
    To know that if you want the target in the air to make the displacement you need, the shooting must hit the required position. Where is this location? This alone requires a huge amount of practice and practice to accumulate experience in order to make an accurate judgment; secondly, it is a big difficulty to accurately shoot this position when the target is Move in; secondly, the above two steps are both Not a one-time, but repeated...
    In this way, ordinary players can move nothing more on the air target like a blind cat finds a dead mouse. How many Pro-players can't specify the location or something!
    Currently Zhou Zekai, who is about to become Glory's Number One Player, has reached the pinnacle of his delivery gun mechanical skill. In a performance, running and shooting the target directly Knock-up all the way to the west, the host exclaimed on the spot, "Shoot my dog's eye", which was a joke for a while.

    Crowd Lover only saw the end of the BBQ at Cleansing Mist, but the Goblin Patrol Guard was shot in front of them from the air. Is this a coincidence? Although there are some tricks to use BBQ to display Delivery Gun, it is also a shocking mechanical skill.
    Crowd Lover hasn't been calm for a long time, so I have to look at the Cleansing Mist side whenever I have a chance. Lord Grim, Soft Mist, Steamed Bun Invasion, these three characters, he has already seen in his eyes, that one-handed utility is indeed very good, but Soft Mist and Steamed Bun Invasion two people are newcomers to Glory, this point Crowd Lover is also See also. As for this Cleansing Mist, he has not found anything special. The most difficult thing she did along the way was to master the rhythm of Pull monsters. Just pay more attention to the damage situation here. It's not complicated.
    Until this time the utilization of the suspected Delivery Gun appeared. Surprised Crowd Lover.
    Ye Xiu's judgment on Crowd Lover is correct. At this time, Crowd Lover is not an ordinary person, he is not really Crowd Lover. The one using this account at this time is the real Boss of Tyrannical Ambition, guild leader Jiang You. .

    Jiang You had heard Cold Night's report to Lord Grim a long time ago, and described this person as fascinating. Came here to see and mixed together for a few days, and found that this person is indeed not easy. However, at this moment, Jiang You's attention has been completely attracted by this suspected Delivery Gun. It is because this magical skill is a watershed. Almost all Pro-players that can use this utility are Pro-player.
    Just keep in mind constantly about this, but suddenly I heard Lord Grim say over there: "Cleansing Mist, what did you do with Pull monsters just now?"
    "Hey, Delivery Gun, have you seen it?"
    "See a ghost! Don't mess around with the records!" Lord Grim said.
    "I can grab it for several seconds!" Cleansing Mist said.
    "How many seconds are you going to dump BoBoss into the woods?" Lord Grim said.
    Cleansing Mist is silent.
    "Don't mess around, just brush out the records steadily."
    "Oh..." Cleansing Mist responded.
    It turned out that it was just this girl who thought for oneself and act accordingly. Jiang You thought to himself that the launcher would often be blinded by BBQ.
    What he certainly didn't know was that when he saw Delivery Gun utilize crying out "Fuck" for the first time, Ye Xiu exploded in his busy schedule and just knocked on a message and sent it to Su Mucheng.

    "Don't use Delivery Gun"
    "It will expose you idiot"
    The utility of Delivery Gun is indeed not very convenient to use. It's really because this mechanical skill is too iconic, and the range of people who can use this mechanical skill will suddenly shrink a lot. If you guess from the perspective of a professional pioneer and a female Launcher, the answer is almost ready to appear at the call. Then again?
    Pro-player to refresh dungeon records.
    The Pro-player of Excellent Era is here to help Tyrannical Ambition to refresh the dungeon record.
    The records of Excellent Dynasty's are erased.
    No matter which of these messages is sent out, it may cause a lot of criticism and trouble. Ye Xiu regrets that he forgot to remind Su Mucheng in advance.
    "Oh, then there is no need." Su Mucheng didn't understand this, but she didn't care at all, she just wanted to help Ye Xiu to make a record of nothing more smoothly. For her, this record is the most important right now.
    But at this time, Ye Xiu has noticed that Crowd Lover's angle of view has started to look after Cleaning Mist frequently.
    "It must be rounded up again." Ye Xiu hurriedly sent a message to Su Mucheng, and then there was a short conversation. As for the lines or something, there is no need to string in advance, just use the coordination of two people to play it on the spot.

    At the end of the conversation, everyone continued to step up their damage to Goblin Patrol Guard, and Ye Xiu continued to pay attention to the behavior of Crowd Lover, and finally did not see him pay attention to Cleaning Mist.
    Probably the circle has passed... Ye Xiu heaved a sigh of relief.
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