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Chapter List 108 What The Hell
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    Club Excellent Era, Liu Hao watched the movie comfortably in his room.
    Although Ye Xiu was upset by Ye Xiu at the Internet Cafe last night, Liu Hao's mood quickly returned to pleasure when he thought that the guy was down to the point of being a Manager in the Internet Cafe.
    After driving away Ye Qiu, he is still the Vice-Captain of Team Excellent Era, but this situation makes him very satisfied.
    Now he can talk up and down in the Club. That Sun Xiang is just a rookie who has just arrived, and the current team affairs are entirely done by his Vice-Captain marketing. And that guy was just a hairy boy, and a few compliments made him ignorant of the north, south, east, and west, just to make him an empty captain. What's wrong with this Team, Captain must be the first one on top. Send you to death, I will do good things, how wonderful and harmonious duo together.
    Speaking of it, Ye Qiu is still difficult to deal with. He doesn't eat hard and soft, but it takes a lot of work.
    Liu Hao was dreaming about the next wonderful blueprint when the cell phone rang. It’s midnight in the morning. It’s not an emergency. There are basically no calls. Liu Hao took a look at the cell phone, but it was Chen Yehui, the guild leader of the Excellent Dynasty Guild.
    Liu Hao is also a senior Pro-player and Team Vice-Captain. He knows the importance of the Guild valued by the Club in the online game, so he hooked up with the guild leader Chen Yehui of the Marketing Excellent Dynasty Guild early in the morning.

    Glory's competitive league is not completely independent from online games. At present, the strongest God Level Character in Pro Alliance is just an ordinary account card, an ordinary character, and then practiced little by little to start business. It is true that the Club has an account card, but the terminal data of the character on the account card is still stored in the database of Glory online game.
    Club conducts the development and research of various self-made equipment, and it still uses the Equipment Editor that everyone can use in the online game. A large number of consumables in the research process are also obtained from the online game.
    For Club, Guild is not only a propaganda agency, but also a logistics security department. Sometimes good seedlings of Pro-player can be found from it, and sometimes it is a weapon against other clubs. All clubs will foster their own Guild forces in the online game. There is no Guild at all. If nothing else, if you develop self-made equipment, all materials will be collected by currency. It's okay once or twice, it's not the right way to continue spending money like this after all. Every Owner runs the Club for profit, for making money, rather than endlessly looking for money.

    Chen Yehui is the guild leader of the Excellent Dynasty Guild. Although most of the Guild members are ordinary players, the guild leader is definitely someone who has an employment relationship with the Club. To a certain extent, Chen Yehui is also a subordinate of the Club. A manager-level figure in a department.
    Liu Hao picked up the cell phone, but his face was uncertain. Chen Yehui's respectful appearance in front of him now seems a bit too much in his opinion. Although Pro-player can make some impact on Guild’s management, the two parties are not in a relationship between superiors and superiors. To be precise, the two are now an alliance, but Chen Yehui’s attitude is like his subordinates. Generally, this is worthy of fun. This feeling is a bit like dealing with the Sun Xiang pattern.
    With this thought in his mind, Liu Hao answered the phone.
    "Team Liu, have you rested?"
    "No, what's the matter?"
    "The dungeon record in Frost Forest was broken." Chen Yehui said.
    "Huh? It's broken?" Liu Hao's face flashed with surprise. It's just a small dungeon record, he won't jump up like the fire burns one's eyebrows. Surprised, it’s just that although his performance was not as hard as he could, at least it was also played by a professionalBoss ional level expert. If it can be broken, it must have a certain level of strength. Maybe which Pro-player came?

    "Which Guild was broken?" Liu Hao asked. Guild means the Club behind it.
    "Tyrannical Ambition." Chen Yehui replied.
    Tyranny's people? Liu Hao was puzzled. Tyranny Club is the club behind Tyrannical Ambition. Team Tyranny under his command is the team who attacked the fourth back to back Champions of the Excellent Era dynasty. Team Tyranny's trump card expert Han Wenqing, account Desert Dust, professional Striker, is known as "King of Fighting" in Glory, and one of the general God Level Characters of "Battle God". Although Tyranny and Excellent Era are a pair of rivals, they are not so careless on a small dungeon like Frost Forest. Because of a relatively difficult record to break, they are also looking for a pro player? Impossible! If Heavenly Domain can still accept it...
    "Guild is Tyrannical Ambition, but the person who gets through dungeon is not." Chen Yehui said.
    "What's the matter?" Liu Hao puzzled.

    "There is a character in the team of completely clear dungeon called Lord Grim. This person is now quite famous in tenth server. He has got three First Kills in Novice Village. The record of Frost Forest dungeon, which has been kept for a period of time, is that he helped Blue Brook. Guild played. Then he brought a team of people to grab the Blood Gunner's First Kill from the three Great Guilds, and later helped Tyrannical Ambition to get the Goblin Merchant's First Kill, and now, he helped Tyrannical Ambition to get the dungeon record of Frost Forest. I went back. The five members of their Team, four of whom were temporarily added to Tyrannical Ambition, seem to be the helpers brought by Lord Grim." Chen Yehui attaches great importance to new server development this time and personally guides the work. Guild has sent someone to set up an alternate account to mix in, and some information on the surface is also understood.
    Chen Yehui said Liu Hao carefully, his expression has changed drastically: "What do you mean..."
    "This Lord Grim, is it Ye Qiu?" Chen Yehui said.
    This is exactly what Liu Hao suspected. He suddenly remembered that when he saw that guy at the Internet Cafe that day, was it the Glory screen on the computer?
    "Ye Qiu was playing Glory that day, you didn't notice what his character's name was?" Liu Hao asked.
    "I paid attention...but I can't see clearly." Chen Yehui expressed regret.

    "It's not convenient for me to go to that place. Don't show up. Just find someone that the guy doesn't know. It shouldn't be difficult to see his character name?" Liu Hao said.
    "I have arranged it, and someone will pass now." Chen Yehui said.
    "Okay...then let's figure it out first," Liu Hao said.
    "Wait for my call." Chen Yehui said.
    Hang up the phone, Liu Hao is still in the mood to watch another movie. Ye Qiu has been driven away, but every time he hears this name, there is always a trace of anxiety in his heart. Especially when Ye Qiu and Glory appeared together at this time, they felt even more panic.
    "Damn!!" Liu Hao got up and ran to the bathroom to wash his face severely.
    This is just a suspicion, I am worried about this? What if it is Ye Qiu? He has already retirement, playing Glory is to kill the time? Otherwise, what else would that guy do besides playing Glory?
    Liu Hao kept thinking like this in his heart, but for some reason, he always circulated in his mind what Ye Qiu had said in the meeting room before leaving.
    "I'm not yet desperate, I will be back."

    Liu Hao was agitated in the room. Once he felt that the air was not fresh and opened the window, he felt thirsty to drink some water, and he felt too hot to turn on the air conditioner. After tossing for a long time, finally the cell phone rang again and the impatient picked it up.
    "It's Ye Qiu..." The voice on the other end of the phone was like a basin of cold water poured directly in.
    Liu Hao immediately forgot the consolation he had just given him, and quickly lost his attitude: "Fuck! This guy, why is the soul of a deceased has not yet dispersed! If it's all like this, you should target me, right? I see. He saw a few of us that day and immediately thought that it was the Excellent Dynasty's meeting record we had written out, so he immediately joined Excellent Era’s rival Tyranny’s Guild, and then brushed down our records. There are really two things! But this It’s just a dungeon record from Frost Forest, don’t I care about it?”
    "But if he keeps targeting like this..." Chen Yehui said.
    "Don't worry, what is his new record?" Liu Hao asked.
    "13 minutes 05 seconds 47." Chen Yehui said.
    "Hahahaha." Liu Hao laughed when he heard the result, "This is not great! How good I think he is, don't worry, I will brush him back immediately when I look back. We just did it the previous time. Not serious, and the profession is not the best combination for Frost Forest dungeon."

    "Then what is the profession of Best Coordination? I still choose an account." Chen Yehui said.
    "No, just last time." Liu Hao said.
    "But the last account was already over level 25..." Chen Yehui said, "I'll look for it again!"
    "By the way, four of the people in that team were temporarily added to Tyranny? Apart from Ye Qiu, who else are there?" Liu Hao asked.
    "Who is not clear, in fact one is called Soft Mist Battle Mage, another is called Steamed Bun Invasion Brawler, and the other is called Cleansing Mist is Launcher." Chen Yehui said.
    "Launcher!!!" Liu Hao emphatically confirmed this, but he had already thought of someone in his mind, but there was no evidence, and he was not so sure.
    As for the other two people, there were really clues in his mind that he could not think of. In his opinion, to break their record, the helper must be of professionalBoss ional level. Otherwise, with Ye Qiu alone, it is impossible to be capable.
    "By the way, what occupation is Ye Qiu this time?" Liu Hao asked suddenly.
    "No career."
    "No career?"
    "Level 25, no transfer class."

    "This guy...what the hell is going on?" Liu Hao wondered again. Is it to play Unspecialized? This is impossible! Although it is said that the upper limit of Unspecialized 50 level can theoretically be broken, but in the pro scene, it has long been concluded that Unspecialized is of no value. Except for the load with weapon, Cooldown with equipment switching, and the redundancy of Ability...Unspecialized was originally a famous game made by gamers, not a profession in Glory's design. In many places, there are simply insurmountable obstacles, not even game companies What adjustments will be made for this profession that is not in the design, there is no future at all!
    However, if someone in the Glory circle can play Unspecialized well, even the name that came to Liu Hao's mind for the first time was Ye Qiu. Thinking of this, I couldn't help but feel uneasy.
    "Hey, Team Liu, are you still there?" Chen Yehui asked repeatedly on the other end of the phone.
    "Well...that, you can help me get another account. It's best if you haven't joined Guild, level 20, professional doesn't matter." Liu Hao said.
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