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Chapter List 112 Watching
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    There are two people in the team, a Lord Grim, and a Soft Mist. Although the two people are a team, each fights monsters on their own. There is no coordination or overlap. After Hateful Sword joined, the two people also greeted a little bit, and continued to work on their own. After Liu Hao started fighting monsters on one side, it became a situation where the three of them were busy. No one came up to find cooperation with him, so Liu Hao had to kill the monsters alone.
    What made him even more depressed was that these two people were just fighting monsters and didn't say anything. Although Liu Hao disguised his voice or something, he still didn't dare to say too much. He was very happy to see Ye Qiu as two people leveling. He thought that by listening to the other party's chat, he might get the information he wanted to know. , But I didn't hear the second word except for the phrase "Hello" when I met.
    After playing for a while, Liu Hao was very bored. I knew that these two people didn't talk a long time ago. When I first came, I took the initiative. Now I've been bored for a long time, and suddenly asked what, would it seem suspicious?
    Thinking of this, Liu Hao had no choice but to be bored, but from time to time he paid attention to the situation of the two people, and gradually, he discovered something unusual.
    Lord Grim's attack is so high!

    After all, Liu Hao is a good player at professionalBoss ional level, and he still has some basic judgment. Lord Grim is not a genuine Battle Mage, but using the strategy of Battle Mage, the damage is stronger than the Soft Mist. The Soft Mist Liu Hao also saw in his eyes, a person who utilizes quite quickly, compared with Lord Grim, will not cause damage to the difference in the utilization of mechanical skills, so there is only one explanation: Lord Grim’s equipment is more Strong.
    The most direct improvement of attack power is of course weapon. Although Liu Hao is a Pro-player, this 25-level weapon does not clearly recognize it. If his own Spellblade is better, at this time the pointed white Battle Lance in Lord Grim's hand does not know which weapon it is.
    After noticing the damage problem, Liu Hao also started to pay attention to utilize. He wants to maintain the same utilize rhythm as Lord Grim, and then compares and estimates Lord Grim's attack damage through his own monster's damage amount. Although two people are not the same ClaBoss, this judgment is still possible for the pro player.
    As a result, Liu Hao had a surprise, Lord Grim’s weapon. He thought that it might be Orange weapon, but in terms of damage efficiency, it seems to be even higher than Orange weapon. This looks like a Level 25 Silver Weapon?

    Liu Hao couldn't believe it, and after keeping Hateful Sword and Lord Grim in sync for several times, he had to affirm this judgment, and it became clearer and clearer. Such an obvious damage gap will not be the effect of a small equipment on the body, but may only be the most direct attack power gap on the weapon.
    Silver Weapon, this guy actually has Silver Weapon, this new server only opened how many days, this guy already has Silver Weapon?
    What is this Silver Weapon? Is it Battle Lance Evil Annihilation? It's not like...
    Evil Annihilation is the Silver Weapon used by the Battle God, One Autumn Leaf. Of course, Liu Hao has seen it a lot, which is very different from the one in front of him. Moreover, even Ye Qiu may not fully understand how Evil Annihilation was made. Self-made equipment is something that the Club keeps highly confidential.
    "Does this guy really haven't given up? I really plan to return to the pro scene again, do I use this account to bring this Silver Weapon?" Liu Hao thought after seeing that the weapon in Lord Grim's hand was the Silver Weapon. So he started to be more cautious, and he decided to hibernate well until he fully understood what Ye Qiu wanted to do.

    The three of them continued to fight the monsters silently, and gradually the sky had begun to light up. After Liu Hao passed the emotional excitement period before, he felt tired after another. He doesn't have a habit of going all night, but today he had to stay up all night, and he began to yawn unceasingly. But seeing that the two people didn't mean to stop at all, he had to gritted his teeth and insisted. He was afraid that he would miss any information if he left early.
    At seven o'clock in the morning, Ye Qiu went offline without saying hello. Liu Hao was startled, but there was a burst of joy in his heart: finally he could go to rest.
    In the end, he waited until he finished playing the monsters in his hand, but Lord Grim immediately returned to the game and continued to fight the monsters wordless and silent.
    "Damn... When are these two guys going to play?" Liu Hao struggled in front of the computer with red eyes.
    Eight o'clock...
    Nine o'clock...
    Ten o'clock...
    Two people didn't show any intention to retreat. What's more terrible is that two people still didn't say a word, they just played strange things mechanically, as if they would never be annoying.
    At eleven o'clock, killing monsters was still going on, but Hateful Sword suddenly stopped moving. Ye Xiu and Tang Rou didn't pay much attention at first, but when they found out, they quickly helped this guy beat the monsters around them and guarded them for a while, but they still didn't see any movement from this guy.
    "What about people?" Tang Rou said.

    "I don't know...what's the matter?" Ye Xiu said.
    One little thing, the two people didn't care much, so they went on to practice them.
    After a while, Hateful Sword moved slightly, struggling to chop off a few monsters.
    "I'm back." Tang Rou said.
    "Yeah." Ye Xiu replied.
    It was still a trivial matter, and the two people still ignored them and continued to practice them.
    Liu Hao was in great pain. He fell asleep sitting in a chair. I don't know when he would wake up unless he almost slipped to the ground. Reluctantly fight for a while, really can't hold on.
    "Great God, you guys are playing, I will rest first." Liu Hao said.
    "Oh, good."
    "When do you usually go online?" Liu Hao asked.
    "All night." Ye Xiu said.
    Motherfucker! ! ! Liu Hao almost didn't scold him. Isn't this killing him? Pro-player is also a job, with daily training and a lot of things to do every day, especially he is Vice-Captain, so I don’t have the time to play games all night. Liu Hao cursed secretly, so he had to leave a sentence: "I don't have too many chances all night, but I must call me to brush dungeon!!"
    "Okay." Ye Xiu replied.

    From beginning to end, this guy seemed to have never said a word of more than five words. Liu Hao also didn't know what situation he was in now. He was as sleepy as SB and his thinking ability had deteriorated. After quitting the game in a hurry, he crawled onto the bed. The door was knocked as soon as I took off my clothes.
    "Is Brother Hao here? The Owner asks you to come over..."
    "I'll go..." Liu Hao cheeks streaming with tears, dressed again and struggled to get out of the bed.
    At Happy Internet Cafe, Ye Xiu is ready to take a rest at 12 o'clock. Tang Rou is on the morning shift today. He continues to guard the front desk while working and playing games. Chen Guo stood on the side with a black face. These two guys, after expressing their position that "you know what they know", immediately played more crazily and day and night.
    "Have any of your records broken?" Chen Guo asked.
    "Broken." Ye Xiu said.
    "But it was broken back this morning." Tang Rou added.
    "Do you continue to toss?" Chen Guo asked.
    "Waiting." Ye Xiu said and went to rest.

    Woke up at night and continued the game. The Frost Forest dungeon record is still high as Excellent Dynasty's, but there is no Guild to come to Lord Grim. Obviously everyone has been fed up with this dungeon. It doesn't matter if you brush and brush it like this, it doesn't matter if you rely on your own strength, you still have to pay someone to fight on your behalf, but it's the gains do not make up for the losses.
    In contrast, Boneyard's dungeon record has been continuously spawned these days, but it was ignored by everyone due to the eye-catching performance of the Frost Forest record vortex. At this time, the gamers of the first level of Great Guilds have reached level 27, which is the highest level of Boneyard. Although level 27 does not have a qualitative leap like the new Ability and weapon at level 25, one level is enough to make a little difference in recording this kind of race against time. The current Boneyard dungeon is a relatively strong record set by the 27th team, which has been kept for a long time. But Tyrannical Ambition, who kept the records, was not so happy, because they all knew that their records would not last long. Lord Grim? Or is it the Excellent Dynasty played by an expert? It is possible to break their records at any time.
    Of course, Tyrannical Ambition on the Excellent Dynasty side can't be prevented. On Lord Grim's side, Cold Night is staring at his Level. It's just...The current record was originally from their Tyrannical Ambition. If you buy Lord Grim and erase your record, will this be a bit wrong?

    Cold Night hesitated a bit, wondering if he would let other Guilds do it first, and then he would take control. But for other Guilds, they would ask Lord Grim to ask Lord Grim to write the records, and then ask Lord Grim to break it by yourself? This seems to be difficult. Unless this guy is despicable and sinister, deliberately leaving a line in the previous record. However, people with a little brain will definitely not do this deliberately. This is a relatively defeated character. Moreover, I helped one family to scan the records first, and then took another business to scan the records that I wrote. This approach is also very disgusting and disgusting. Shouldn't this guy do this?
    No need to guess this, just ask at that time, it's still early. Cold Night looked at Lord Grim among his friends, who was still on level 25.
    Ye Xiu knows at this moment that if he is less than 27th level, Guild will not hire him to record records. So we can only improve the Level first. Midnight is approaching, and the number of dungeons is about to be released. As usual, Seven Fields sends a message to ask if it is dungeon. Ye Xiu would naturally not refuse, leveling nothing more, but he would not pick someone.
    Here at Seven Fields are him and Sleeping Moon. After Drifting Water and Sunset Clouds were active for two days in the first zone, they are now rarely seen in the early hours of the morning.
    "Steamed Bun said he played Arena, and he won't come first." Seven Fields said.
    "Oh." Ye Xiu responded and sent a message here.

    "Dungeon!" This was sent to Su Mucheng who had just climbed the line.
    "Dungeon is going or not?" This was for Tang Rou.
    A moment after the two women responded, the five-man team formed. Seven Fields asked: "brOT her expert, can we get the record?"
    "You can try." Ye Xiu looked at Boneyard's dungeon record, 25 minutes 14 seconds 32, produced by Tyrannical Ambition.
    At the moment, he and Su Mucheng of professionalBoss ional level are in this team, Tang Rou who utilizes pro-level, plus two familiar players, Seven Fields and Sleeping Moon, Team is not the limit, but it is still possible to brush the record of ordinary players. After all, there is no obvious difference in equipment and ability between level 25 and level 27.
    Waiting for the midnight dungeon to be released, Ye Xiu suddenly received another message. At first glance, it was the newly added friend Hateful Sword yesterday: "Does the Great God download dungeon?"
    "Sorry, there is a team."
    "Add me!"
    "It's full!"
    Fuck!! ! Liu Hao wants to eat the Monitor.
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