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Chapter List 127 Okami Okami
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    "They utilize all pretty strong, right?" Plantago Seed said.
    "Yeah." Wang Jiexi responded. For ordinary players, the utilization levels of these three characters are indeed strong enough, even if it is Brawler who is completely unreasonable.
    "But just looking at monsters like this, I don't see anything famous." Wang Jiexi said.
    "What should I do then?" Plantago Seed asked.
    "Lend me your account and I will say hello to them." Wang Jiexi said.
    "Ah!" Plantago Seed hurriedly got up and gave up his seat, with a pleasant surprise. I was surprised that Jiexi Great God would actually make a move because of these three people, but I was so happy that I had the opportunity to watch Jiexi Great God utilize up close. You must know that even if you go to the game site, there is never such a close appreciation opportunity.
    Wang Jiexi stepped forward and sat down, tapped the keyboard casually, and shook the mouse. Plantago Seed knows that all Pro-players have their own keyboard and mouse, so you don’t have to worry too much about it, but you will definitely be a little uncomfortable.
    Then Wang Jiexi turned on the key settings, scanned a few glances, and said "Hey": "Same as me? You follow me?"

    "Yeah, you are my idol! Could you please sign me later!!" Plantago Seed finally found the opportunity and said this naturally. His career is exactly what Wang Jiexi is best at, Witch, and the key setting is completely imitated Wang Jiexi.
    "Does it work hard?" Wang Jiexi asked.
    "Also... ok," Plantago Seed said.
    Wang Jiexi did nothing. Pushing the mouse keyboard, Plantago Seed on the screen quickly rushed towards a group of five people who were leveling.
    Throwing Magic MiBoss ile leisurely. However, when the magical Ability was released, the character still had to stop, and after losing a few of them, it was finally rushed by Soft Mist. With Battle Lance, a Sky Strike has been wiped over. Plantago Seed floated into the air, Soft Mist was about to continue attacking, but heard a soft "swish", Plantago Seed continued to fly past her overhead, and a powder of medicine was also spilled on Soft Mist at this moment.
    Tang Rou was startled, and for a while, I didn't know what happened, but Plantago Seed had already fallen behind her, "swish" and lost two Magic MiBoss iles. Tang Rou quickly wanted to make Soft Mist escape, but Soft Mist's movements became sluggish. The first shot dodges, but the second shot exploded her body.
    "Why, haven't you beaten Witch?" I flew back to the ground leisurely.

    Being able to attack like this is naturally due to the PaBoss ive Ability: Broom Mastery at the last 20 level of the Witch transfer class.
    Broom is a special weapon of Witch and can only be used after transferring class Witch. Unspecialized can use most weapons, but there are also a small number of special occupations that can't even be controlled by Unspecialized. Lightsaber from Blade Master is one, and Broom from Witch is also one of them.
    This PaBoss ive Ability of Broom Mastery gives Witch the ability to fly on Broom and use Broom to attack continuously in the air. This kind of Ability is not available in every profession. Witch's aerial combat ability makes many professions a headache.
    Steamed Bun Invasion utilizes not bad. Arena has also accumulated a little PK experience, but it is still being teased casually. After several Broom attacks and in the end shots, Steamed Bun Invasion wants to use a Quick Recover to prevent falling down. As a result, there was no time to complete it hastily. He planted a pit on the ground with one hand.
    This is not a coincidence. It is all that Wang Jiexi deliberately used continuous attacks to control the landing of the Steamed Bun Invasion during the attack, which caused the Steamed Bun Invasion to use Quick Recover to require more complicated utilization, judgment or insufficient hand speed. , Will be too late to display. The precision of pro player calculation and utilization is far from comparable to ordinary players.

    As soon as Plantago Seed landed, Soft Mist had already rushed forward, and Battle Lance swept over aggressively. But this Broom Mastery is PaBoss ive Ability, there is no Cooldown, it is available at any time. Plantago Seed jumped immediately and flew away on Broom again. Tang Rou manipulated Soft Mist to run left and right, but couldn't catch it. After the Steamed Bun Invasion climbed up from the ground, it did not hesitate to rush upwards and Soft Mist to besiege. As a result, two people teamed up and were played on the palms.
    Seven Fields and Sleeping Moon are two. I really want to PK. I definitely can't beat Tang Rou and Steamed Bun Invasion. But to be an audience, the level is higher than these two. At this moment, they can see that although this Plantago Seed is one enemy two, it completely takes the initiative, bringing Steamed Bun Invasion and Soft Mist around.
    "Look at the bricks!!" Steamed Bun Invasion couldn't touch the opponent for a long time, and the bricks flew out in furious. As a result, Plantago Seed rode Broom head-on and flew back, jumping up and waving a Broom in the air. During this volley, the attack of Broom Mastery was determined to be extremely strong, and the flying brick was directly interrupted, and the brick flew back toward his master Steamed Bun Invasion eyelessly.
    "Fuck! !" Steamed Bun Invasion yelled and was about to squat down to avoid it. The sword light flashed and the bricks were smashed in midair. Ye Xiu finally made a move, a Sword Draw accurately smashed the bricks that had been tricked with no attack power.

    Plantago Seed landed, and immediately a Magic MiBoss ile threw it at Lord Grim, followed by riding on Broom to prepare to escape. Unexpectedly, Lord Grim didn't care about this Magic MiBoss ile at all, and a Collapsing Mountain jumped up and cut it over. The judgment of Collapsing Mountain is better than Magic MiBoss ile. Although it is hit by Magic MiBoss ile, there is only damage, and there is no Interrupt effect at all.
    Seeing that Collapsing Mountain was about to hit, Plantago Seed riding Broom suddenly tilted inconceivable at this time. Instead of flying horizontally, it flew diagonally upwards. This Collapsing Mountain was wiped away like this.
    Plantago Seed jumped up in the air and turned 180 degrees and Broom took it. As a result, Lord Grim, who was recruited just after Collapsing Mountain, seemed to be a flash.
    Shadow Clone Technique! !
    Although Wang Jiexi had already made a judgment in an instant, he knew it was not good. But Broom Mastery does not mean that you can fly endlessly in the sky. When Wang Jiexi just flew, the backwards leap was interrupted, but it was impossible to fly with Broom before touching the ground.
    Inevitably, Wang Jiexi touched the keyboard and Plantago Seed instantly turned 180 degrees again. Sure enough, Lord Grim's Shadow Clone Technique flashed into the air behind him, and he stepped on it at this time, using Striker's Ability "Eagle Stamp".

    Plantago Seed hurriedly waved Broom, and Ning Zhong had to give Lord Grim some damage with this kick. In unavoidable circumstances, he could only adopt such a strategy of both sides sufferers.
    As a result, Lord Grim, the Eagle Stamp, didn't step on it again. He only drew his sword with one foot behind him. He actually completed a Guard in the air, set up this Broom sweep and flew out.
    The owner of Plantago Seed, the real Plantago Seed, is now dumbstruck standing behind Wang Jiexi.
    In mid-air, so many utilizes were exchanged in an instant. In the end, it was Jiexi Great God who suffered. Who is this Lord Grim?
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