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Chapter List 181 First-line Transfer
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    The character Cloud Listening Blade used by the whole world at Provoke Poplar Beach at this time, of course, is also looking forward to guarding this person's reply. So as soon as this message was released, it was immediately seen by many people, and a lot of new messages were flashed out immediately. What "Cloud Listening Blade pure man", "Cloud Listening Blade true man", "Cloud Listening Blade swear to die and never bow" or something, is still full of ridicule. Obviously, arrogant guys like this are not treated by the masses everywhere. see.
    But people who like arrogant may not know this, but arrogant guys don't want to rely on arrogant to be likable. What people like is the pleasure of set up on high and despise everything.
    It's just that being kicked off when set up on high is an extremely painful thing for those who like arrogant. Poplar Beach clamored with the dungeon record. Although everyone cursed, they were unable to break this record. This is the pleasure of arrogant. But now, Lord Grim has broken this record and just stepped on his face with a foot, not to mention how depressed.
    At this time, continue to challenge Lord Grim, Poplar Beach in order to be able to continue to maintain his arrogant state. That dungeon recorded that he was really powerless, and he could only rely on duel to prove once again that he was not just pretending to be b, but a real cow b. This is the true meaning of arrogant.
    In a sarcastic message, Poplar Beach is looking forward to Lord Grim's reply.

    He waited very quickly, and Lord Grim finally responded to him this time: "Tomorrow afternoon, drive your tub."
    "Very well, I hope you don't shrink back as the time for battle approaches." Poplar Beach knocked coldly. Then I waited for a long, long time, and there was no response. Will this boring Provoke Ye Xiu take care of him? At this time, I already took Team to dungeon again. This time everyone is still working hard, especially in last BoBoss Toya, everyone did a good job in matching the rhythm of Lord Grim. This time the dungeon completely cleared, the record was broken again.
    22 points 29 points 57.
    The original record has been improved by 6 seconds, which is not much, but it is not easy to cut out six seconds in the extreme record, it can be regarded as the result of perfect sth that is already outstanding.
    The world was naturally in an uproar. Everyone joked that this Slap turned out to be a two-stage combo.
    At the same time, the three dungeons ended, and Lord Grim and their four characters were promoted to level 31 together. Su Mucheng went to rest first. Qiao Yifan is also a Pro-player, so he shouldn't have so much free time. But after they mixed dungeon three times with Ye Xiu, the different feeling made his mind more important. After the three dungeon trips, I was reluctant to go to sleep, and went to Line Canyon dungeon with the three of them.

    On the Blue Brook Guild side, Changing Spring and others have rushed back to the tenth server after listening to the message brought back by Blue River. Looking at the fresh records on the dungeon list, they were silent. This hasn't recovered yet, it's just catching up with the second combo of the opponent's second spawned record.
    Once, it may be suspected that it was extremely rare luck.
    But twice in a row, that is undoubtedly a symbol of genuine strength.
    The record was broken again. Although Changing Spring had been prepared for such a long time ago, from the perspective of Guild's interests, this is obviously a very bad result. However, this was also a helpless result, this record, if you don't fight, you have to fight, otherwise you can't explain to your own Guild. Tenth server's dungeon record battle is now being discussed at the Guild headquarters of Heavenly Domain. The compromise policy also has to make everyone feel helpless, especially the group headed by Poplar Beach.
    In order to keep the entire Blue Brook Guild in harmony, this struggle is indeed at the expense of part of the tenth server Blue Brook Guild's interests. At least for now, Blue Brook Guild has not been able to restore his image. Instead, add hail to snow is already the first laughing stock of tenth server. This image can only be restored in the future. It can be said that from this moment on, the development of Blue Brook Guild will lag behind other Great Guilds.
    However, there is still a first-line turnaround.

    Poplar Beach’s challenge to Lord Grim is this turning point.
    Although Blue River does not support and is not optimistic about this challenge, he also has to admit that once Poplar Beach can win, the image of Blue Brook Guild tenth server will also be a powerful salvation. This time duel has attracted great attention. The whole world is talking about it. I don't know how many people are waiting to watch the show tomorrow afternoon.
    Poplar Beach's move, from the perspective of thinking, really can't be said to be stupid, it is indeed the best way to win back the reputation for Guild. But can he win?
    Blue River was really really suspicious, but he couldn't say anything, he should be toward his own Guild after all. At this time, he should be looking forward to Poplar Beach to win, although he can foresee that if this guy wins, his tail will be lifted from the sky to the universe.
    Tyrannical Ambition was also deeply affected by this record battle.
    Blue Brook Guild has the courage to be the first bird, this situation they are happy to see. So he calmly refrained from competing for the record of Desolate Land, and would rather carry the incompetent infamy for more than two days. They just want to see what kind of attitude and behavior Lord Grim will be in this matter.
    As a result, they all saw it. The guy slipped out and grabbed a 36-level Wild BOSS First Kill. When he came back, he easily stepped on the record of Blue Brook Guild.

    The Boss Jiang You of Tyrannical Ambition also visited the tenth server at this time, and like Blue Brook Guild, he was also the strongest guy who formed Guild, but after seeing this result, he quickly gave up the original plan.
    The record limit?
    There seem to be two kinds of person concepts. For their ordinary players, there is one kind, but for Lord Grim's Team, it is another. Jiang You really wondered if Lord Grim's dungeon was the same as them. The record of the limit in their eyes is improved by the minute. How embarrassed to say that such a fragile record is the limit?
    "What to do? Talk to Lord Grim?" Cold Night was naturally depressed at this time. Why is the tenth server under his leadership so annoying? Out of such a difficult guy.
    "Don't worry... they are still a few days away from level 33. The Blue Brook Guild is currently on the cusp of the storm, and we have been overlooked a lot. Let me see if there is any other way to deal with this time. Lord Grim is too passive to show weakness. At least we have to prove that we are actually capable of not being suppressed by him, even once. So even if we still have to negotiate a deal with him after this, we will be better off." Jiang You said .
    "How to prove?" Cold Night was at a loss. Their expert was obviously not enough. Blue Brook Guild was just learn a lesson from the mistakes of one's predecessor.

    "Perhaps, I can go to Team and ask." Jiang You said.
    "It's too exaggerated..." Cold Night sweats wildly. Of course he knows that Team refers to Team Tyranny. But this is the Giants Team whose goal is to win the professional championship. Now go to ask someone to come to tenth server to help clear the wasteland and clean up the record? With the character of Captain Han Wenqing, Cold Night felt that he was just looking for scolding! Jiang You's idea is a bit too bold.
    "Uh... I think about it..." Obviously, Jiang You was still in extreme hesitation.
    Excluding these two, other Guilds saw Lord Grim unsuspectingly stepping on the Blue Brook Guild's limit record, and they were still two feet, and they were up here, down there in their hearts. Take joy in calamity and delight in disaster is over, but I have to think about it for my future. This problem is really troublesome.
    This night just passed.
    Poplar Beach left the tenth server after the end of the battle, and drove the large size that night, but rushed for the night in the Arena, looking for the opponent with a high winning rate, and practicing hard all night.

    It was the afternoon of the next day in a blink of an eye, and Poplar Beach went to the tenth server to find a circle of people. He slept very badly this time. He was already very tired, but his mind was not calm. When he closed his eyes, he would always think of all kinds of things on Arena. Even when he decided to challenge Blue BrID ge Spring Snow, he had never experienced such a great psychological pressure. This time, he couldn't calm down.
    The condition is not good, but there is really no face to look for someone to reschedule. Even if the date is changed, he may not be calm. If you can’t sleep well then, Spirit will only become more unbearable.
    Tenth server, Poplar Beach search, Lord Grim Online, immediately spread the word in the world. The spirit of the people in the whole district is here, and it is finally here.
    "Go and build your house." Lord Grim also responded.
    "Level field." Poplar Beach got off the tenth server, entered the Arena, built the room, and called Lord Grim.
    Happy Internet Cafe, Ye Xiu got off the tenth server and ran to find Chen Guo. Owner Chen is also playing Glory at this time, sitting in front of the screen, using expertly. Ye Xiu spit out two smoke rings, Owner Chen's character staggered, then turned around and said angrily: "What is the trouble!!"
    "Lend me the Owner number!" Ye Xiu said.
    "do what?"
    "PK with people." Ye Xiu said.

    "What is it called?" Ye Xiu scratched his head.
    Chen Guo rolled his eyes, but the character ran back to the main city: "Level or ***."
    "Level." Ye Xiu said.
    "Where's the room number?"
    "do not know……"
    "Where can I find it?" Chen Guo asked.
    "Browning twice, Lord Grim is here or something." Ye Xiu said.
    Chen Guo still sent a message, and then saw a bunch of cheering messages popping out of the screen, which shocked Chen Guo. After that, I received an invitation, and immediately *** agreed.
    Enter duel field, map is selected as the most common Quartet Arena Field. This game is simple and straightforward, and average players like it. After Chen Guo's character entered, she immediately took a breath. There will be so many viewers, which she did not expect at all.
    "What are you doing?" Chen Guo originally wanted to say that she would play twice first, but when he saw that there were so many onlookers in the list next to it, he immediately felt that the matter was important, and he didn't dare to mess up. He got up and gave up. Ye Xiu asked about the location.
    At the same time, Tang Rou, who was working at the front desk, also poked his neck and asked: "Has it started? Has it started?"
    "Just start." Ye Xiu replied back.

    "Help me sit here for a while." Tang Rou quickly asked a Manager to guard the front desk for her, Deng Deng Deng also ran over.
    "It doesn't look good in this way, let's get another account." Chen Guo has rich experience, and hurried to open another machine.
    "Don't start yet!!" At the same time, he told Ye Xiu. Although she hasn't understood what the situation is, her curiosity has been severely hanged at this time.
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