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Chapter List 183 Seconds
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    Now Poplar Beach has noticed, but everything is too late. His opponent, Chasing Haze in Ye Xiu's hand had already thrown out a Grenade again. The timing was just right, and the shock wave after the explosion bounced the Blade Master into the sky again. Then, Chasing Haze went to pick up her rose cannon, and seeing the opponent's unhurried series of actions, Poplar Beach finally Awareness reached: throw away the rose cannon, this is the opponent's move!
    Chasing Haze squatted and flicked, and the Rose Cannon returned to her shoulder at a shorter distance, following the blue light of the muzzle. Poplar Beach looked down at it from a low angle, and the character was about to touch the ground, and the blue light had already spurted out, and an artillery shell shining blue magneto light flew straight towards him.
    "X-1 Extruder..." Poplar Beach Ability still recognizes it after all. And at this time, he discovered that the opponent squatted and threw the cannon, this action was not meaningless. This squat saved a little time of picking up the cannon on the shoulder. In addition, the lower shooting point gave the artillery shell a little more flight time. With these two tiny bits, the Blade Master, which was about to land, was hit by the "X-1 Extruder". .

    The characteristic of "X-1 Extruder" is to attract the target that its suspended magnetic warhead touches, and forcibly drive the attracted target movement, the flight speed will slow down due to the adsorption to the target, and it will fall down. Poplar Beach failed to break away from this Ability adsorption method, this time the damage is a foregone conclusion. I was falling into trap and how to fight back after I was injured. I suddenly saw the opponent raised his hand and snapped his fingers.
    The Blade Master was taken aback. This is not a boring move. This is the launching style of Launcher Heat-Seeking MiBoss ile. That snap is to burn a lighter, and the position where the lighter is thrown will be the strike position of the in the end missile drop from the sky.
    This trick is so powerful that it is naturally extremely difficult to utilize. The accuracy of the lighter thrown is not accurate, let alone the fact that the flying speed of the lighter is not a bullet, it is really not flattering. Poplar Beach, with the "Quantum Bomb" mechanical skill of swordsmanship, decided to challenge a more difficult utilize again. In mid-air, the sword light flashed, and a Sword Draw was displayed, but it wanted to swing the lighter away.
    In this hand, in the original Pro League between Excellent Era and 361, the Blade Master player Gao Jie of Team 361 once negated Heat-seeking MiBoss ile in this way. The situation of Poplar Beach at this time is very similar to Gao Jie of the day, and it is also in the Knock-up movement state. However, he certainly doesn't have the mechanical skill of Pro-player, his utility is completely uncertain, and his heart is full of prayers at this time.

    To be in! !
    Seeing the flying direction of the sword aura and the arc coming from the lighter, Poplar Beach was already happy after making a judgment. Who would want to make a bang at this time, the sword aura that flew out turned out to be exploded three times in a row. A spark, Poplar Beach stunned. When I turned to Chasing Haze, I saw the muzzle of the black hole facing this side, and the smoke of gunpowder rose...
    Fuck! Poplar Beach then saw that the sword aura of his Sword Draw was deflected due to this Anti-Tank MiBoss ile's attack determination, passing by the flying lighter.
    He knocked out such a difficult utilize like luck, but the other side raised his hand an Anti-Tank MiBoss ile and missed his Sword Draw.
    Poplar Beach felt a chill. He knew he was blindfolded, so what about his opponent?
    The shining lighter finally finished the beautiful arc, and Ding Dang landed. There was a roar in the sky, and Heat-Seeking MiBoss ile had already sprayed the tongue of fire drop from the sky. Poplar Beach's body began to fall, and he couldn't use Quick Recover utilize immediately. He was not an ordinary Knock-up. He was attached to the "X-1 Extruder".

    The explosions of lighter, Poplar Beach, and suspended magnetic bombs all welcomed the arrival of Heat-Seeking MiBoss ile. An exaggerated mushroom cloud rose into the sky. But it was not over yet. The Poplar Beach that was unable to lift the Roll in the airflow, I saw a thick beam of light above the overhead has been directed down, but it was the Ultimate Skill Satellite Beam of the Launcher...
    At the same time, Poplar Beach actually ate all Launcher's high-injury Ultimate Skills.
    He was washed by the Satellite Beam. At this time, his whole body was still rolling with the light and smoke of the explosion. Ye Xiu took the time to utilize Chasing Haze and threw a few abilities into it. Up to 77 consecutive attacks.
    The bare goods faded, the gunpowder smoke cleared, and Poplar Beach was already on the street.
    From the moment he was headed by Knee Strike, he never got any chance to fight back. The moment he landed, in five seconds, how many abilities did he have? The gamers had to hold their fingers for a while to count.
    One of the most intuitive results everyone saw was: Poplar Beach has already pounced.
    Really bashed!

    At this moment, the long blood bar was washed clean in an instant. The room became silent. Although the audience does not have a voice, they can send messages, but now, no one cares about typing words, everyone is simultaneously in a daze.
    Chen Guo also froze in front of the computer.
    She had already gotten up because Ye Xiu had thrown her rose cannon, and she was about to kill this guy recklessly. As a result, the Rose Cannon had been picked up in a blink of an eye, and the opponent had fallen to the ground in a blink of an eye, all in a blink of an eye, as if she had just got up...
    Chen Guo finally saw with his own eyes how Ye Xiu knock-down an opponent in tens of seconds, using her Chasing Haze.
    Chen Guo never thought that her Chasing Haze had the explosive power to kill people to death in one shot. At this time, she saw it, and the people who were killed were very well-known experts in Heavenly Domain. Chasing Haze's heart is surging! She originally wanted to kill Ye Xiu, but now she doesn't know how to express at a loss to know what to do.
    The body of Poplar Beach disappeared quickly. Anyone familiar with the game knows that this is the person who has left the room.
    What more can Poplar Beach say?
    Arrogant is like him, he has been completely gagged at this time, and he can no longer be stiff.

    He discovered that Lord Grim's words were not in Provoke, which turned out to be a fact.
    One round is really just one round.
    He has fully recognized the gap in strength.
    It is no longer a matter of luck to lose so fast and so miserably. This game was so fast that even the audience ignored another fact. This game was still a "perfect", and Chasing Haze did not suffer the slightest damage.
    When Chasing Haze also exited the room, the room was automatically disbanded, and the audience was automatically kicked back to the Arena. But everyone is still in a daze, still aftertaste. Only Ye Xiu, who didn't take it seriously, took off the headset and turned his head: "Owner, I'll pay you back!"
    "Ah?" Chen Guo was also the one who was in a daze.
    "Have you taken the video?" Chen Guo suddenly turned around and asked Tang Rou.
    Tang Rou smiled wryly: "You are utilizing it!"
    "Ahhhhh!!!" The characters on the computer have already been retired, and Chen Guo regrets that where else can I record any photos. What a wonderful video clip! It should be recorded and watched a hundred times.
    Chen Guo is depressed! Suddenly I noticed something strange. Looking around like this, I found that some eyes were looking at her.

    "What do you look at?" Chen Guo was not too polite. Those who stared at her were regular customers, and they knew each other. I didn't do anything out of the ordinary, what are these guys looking at?
    "BoBoss is mighty!" one person said suddenly.
    "Huh?" Chen Guo was at a loss.
    "Chasing Haze!!" one person shouted.
    "Ah? Chasing Haze? Where?" Someone jumped up again, but this time it was a stranger Chen Guo didn't know.
    Chen Guo instantly understood that this game was even seen in the Internet Cafe, and it must be the gamers of the tenth server. Some regular customers do not know that Lord Grim is the Manager of this Internet Cafe, but they know that Chen Guo's Glory character is Chasing Haze. They were shocked when they saw it. After that, I am afraid that I will think that Lord Grim is actually Chen Guo.
    And those strangers, of course, don’t know, they just suddenly heard someone talking about it in the Internet Cafe here, and immediately started looking for objects to watch. Chen Guo not to know whether to laugh or cry, look around, Ye Xiu doesn't know where to go. I had no choice but to shout "It's not me, someone else borrowed my account" and ran away in a hurry.

    The guests were stunned, and no longer said anything. The onlookers were to satisfy their curiosity for a while without adding a few catties of meat. Most of the Glory players whom Chen Guo knew had actually spar with her, and they knew the level of BoBoss. To be honest, it was surprising that they were so sturdy just now, Poplar Beach! Veterans know this is expert.
    In this way, the number is borrowed, which is really more reliable.
    After all, there were not many people in Internet Cafe who could recognize Chen Guo's account and went to watch the game, and they did not cause much movement. Everyone also went back to the game privately. This game was too fast. Not only was the process fast, but even after the game, so many rooms disappeared, so that everyone didn’t have a place to discuss for a while. After the gamers quit the Arena, they immediately began to find a place in the world to talk about together. A confidant on this topic.
    In a moment, tenth server World chat channel was conquered by a unified topic again.
    Lord Grim, Poplar Beach, Chasing Haze, Launcher, lost weapon, instant kill, etc., are all keywords.
    This game was too amazing. It was so amazing that people focused their attention on the winning side. Poplar Beach was like a poor background cloth at this time, and there was not much mention of him at all.

    There are some rookies who don't know much about it. Of course, they don't know what Poplar Beach has a strong background. They only know that they will fall in an instant, but they want to laugh at it twice, but such remarks will be laughed at by others.
    In this game, the reason for winning is not that one side is weak, but the other side is too strong.
    At this time, in the minds of gamers, this is the impression left. Of course, no one would think that Poplar Beach honorable even in defeat, but the fact that he was stepped on by pretending to be b is really not the focus of everyone's concern at this time.
    Chasing Haze so strong!
    Launcher so strong!
    Lord Grim so strong!
    These are the key points.
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