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Chapter List 193 In A Hurry
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    "In a hurry, hurry!" Turning his head, he asked leisurely what cigarettes are in the Internet Cafe.
    "Huangshan Baisha Hongtashan Furong King Nanjing Honghe One Pen Yellow Crane Tower Five God Ye, which one do you want?" How cooked Ye Xiu cigarettes are! I quickly reported a large number of messages, but after a long time of silence, the customer immediately wrote Ye Xiu instant kill: "Ah?"
    "What do you usually smoke?" Ye Xiu asked helplessly.
    "Yes!" Ye Xiu said.
    "Red Wan."
    "how much is it?"
    "twenty two."
    "It's so expensive!" Ye Xiu cried, and there was no bargaining anyway, so he asked directly: "Want?"
    So the customer returned the question to the origin in a cool manner: "What kind of smoke is there?
    "I have everything, what do you want?" Ye Xiu asked. Happy Internet Cafe's cigarettes are quite complete. Ye Xiu guesses that most people can't point out anything too unusual.
    "How much is Baisha?" the guest asked.
    "There are 6RMB, 10RMB, and 13RMB." Ye Xiu said.
    "What is 10RMB?"
    "New boutique." Ye Xiu said.
    "Oh..." It seemed to be thinking over there.
    Ye Xiu won't urge this time, hurry up and play.

    "Be careful! Pull back and fight together." Ye Xiu has been talking about cigarettes with people, and all four of the team can hear it. Suddenly, the four of them suddenly came to command.
    But the Illusion Swordmaster didn't care about these, the figure was vacant, and all sides were divided, and five Illusion Swordmasters jumped out. But this time I said I would get together to fight, and the characters of the five people didn't even disperse. The two sides looked like Charge and ran into each other directly. Sword Formation added five-person Element, Ice Formation made the Illusion Swordmaster shiver step by step, the sword light, roar of guns, and the battle was fierce. The guest on the other side calmly said: "There are so many white sands, why is Huangshan just one kind?"
    Ye Xiu cough up blood: "Xin Wan and Chinese style are sold out."
    "How much is New Anhui?"
    "Sold out!"
    "It's okay, let me ask." The guest looked lonely.
    "16..." Ye Xiu replied helplessly. The guest is God, and the lonely God cannot afford to hurt.
    "It's all more expensive than outside!" The guest sighed with emotion.
    Ye Xiu did not answer and continued the game. At this time, 5 v 5, the battle was fierce. Fortunately, it is Ye Xiu who sits here. If Tang Rou is at the level of Tang Rou, it would be impossible to deal with the guests while still fighting in the game. He had died ten times under the hands of Illusion Swordmaster as early as eight times.

    "Forget it, don't do it for now." The most annoying thing is that the customer has been arguing for a long time, but he didn't even ask for anything.
    As soon as the service voice was interrupted, Ye Xiu stunned and slapped again, urging: "Coke is also Coke!"
    "Wait a minute, come here!!" Ye Xiu shouted.
    Ye Xiu is not a god after all, so taking care of both sides will inevitably be inadequate. This time, the utility under my hand to answer the guest's answer was half a minute slower, and a Back Slash of Illusion Swordmaster in front of me didn't jump away, and the character was picked up directly.
    Ye Xiu hurriedly picked up the angle of view, but Illusion Swordmaster’s vile left-handed knife was already being used. A Gore CroBoss followed the Back Slash. The bloody little cross struck Lord Grim. The wound cracked and the HP rushed Go down.
    Turning the angle of view and looking again, the Illusion Swordmaster is still in its sheath, posing as a Sword Draw starting position.
    Ye Xiu hurried to utilize. I saw Illusion Swordmaster Sword Draw hit a cold light, split the Lord Grim in the air in half on the spot, and disappeared instantly, but it was Lord Grim's Shadow Clone.
    The real body had already flashed back in front of Illusion Swordmaster, and he was about to make a move. Suddenly a cold light wiped him around. Ye Xiu was also unprepared this time. When he was hit by the sword light, Lord Grim flew upside down. Get out.

    After turning the angle of view, it turned out that an Illusion Swordmaster was added to attack Tang Rou's Soft Mist, but Ye Xiu's aftermath of Sword Draw flashed to Ye Xiu.
    "It's really unlucky..." Ye Xiu cursed secretly. He just had limited perspective in Knock-up, but he didn't notice it. At this time, Illusion Swordmaster chased him with a single knife, seeing that it was impossible to dodge, Su Mucheng's Cleaning Mist suddenly an Aerial Cannon passed in front of Lord Grim.
    "Well, there are two things!"
    "That still needs to be said." Su Mucheng said.
    Lord Grim has already landed Quick Recover at this time. Although the HP is not much, he won back this opening(s), which is enough for Ye Xiu to regain the rhythm. Quickly utilize down, the brave Lord Grim rushed from left to right, and immediately flew the two Illusion Swordmasters who rushed towards him and Su Mucheng.
    The scene returned to normal. Everyone saw Ye Xiu's hectic performance. After a moment of silence, Steamed Bun Invasion suddenly asked: "Boss, you are very busy, what do you do?"
    "Manager..." Ye Xiu sighed.
    "Oh, what a coincidence! I also work at Internet Cafe." Steamed Bun Invasion said.

    "Oh? You are also the Manager?" Ye Xiu said. No wonder Steamed Bun Invasion can play games overnight. If you have work and school normally, it's almost the same overnight. There is no such thing as Steamed Bun Invasion every day.
    "No, my security guard." Steamed Bun Invasion said calmly.
    Four people in the team sweat, This person is really a Brawler...
    "Pay attention, it's a fit!" Ye Xiu's Lord Grim doesn't have much HP at this time, but he is quite focused on Spirit. He estimated the Illusion Swordmaster's Ability time quite accurately, and there was no major delay in chatting.
    "Don't be polite, fight hard! Hurry up!" Ye Xiu yelled. If this guest keeps harassing him, it's really possible that he will hang up.
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