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Chapter List 204 Immersive Feeling
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    "Very strong, but he is only level 27. We don't need to waste time on him." I don't know if it is out of a desire to escape, or he really kept his sense. One of the gamers group said so.
    Of course, there is nothing wrong with this view. A Flowing Tree at level 27 cannot enter the Line Canyon at level 30 no matter how strong it is. It's like Lord Grim has been killed with a lot of experience, but it won't affect him as a strong man, but he needs to spend time to make up for the experience and the element that became red after the experience fell below the Level line.
    In Glory, the red-lettered status equipment means that stamina is about to be damaged and needs to be repaired urgently. The red-lettered status Element also has this level of meaning, it is urgent to make up for the experience to complete the level repair.
    Element red-lettered status character, although it also has this Level, it certainly does not have the Element that this Level should have. The specific difference depends on the experience difference. Theoretically speaking, a character of level 30 and an element of level 0 are also completely possible. The same will be popular, and there are levels such as Ability, which can only be repaired if the experience is restored.
    For Lord Grim's Team, Guilds have this purpose, but for this Flowing Tree, there is no need to waste this time. This character is at level 27, which is a character that does not exist in the first place.

    Everyone didn't know if they were sensible or wanted to escape. They all agreed with this view, and silently, as if nothing had happened, they all walked away.
    Flowing Tree didn't chase, and slowly retreated behind a tree, and sat down on the spot.
    No matter how strong the Great God is, it is impossible to have any combat effectiveness without mana.
    Only holding a handful of Level 25 Blue Lightsaber Flowing Tree damage is really mediocre. In addition, it is six levels different from opponent, and the damage resistance brought by Level SuppreBoss ion is also considerable. Huang ShaOT ian killed this character and used up 90% of Flowing Tree's mana.
    The package of Flowing Tree is as empty as anything. At this time, if the other party wants to attack him, he can only continue to flee.
    But after all, the other party left, and Huang ShaOT ian also heard the sentence that he dropped. He didn't have any doubts about this, nor did he make any comments.
    It can be seen that Huang ShaOT ian's trash talk is absolutely free to retract. In this situation where there is no mana and basically no combat effectiveness, he did not say a word.
    There is no food, no Potions, and sitting dry does not have much recovery effect. Mana wants to automatically complete it like this, and the speed of recovering from the end of the state is the same. From 0 to 100%, it must be 10 minutes without any return to the blue Element.
    Where did that guy go?

    Huang ShaOTian thought, Flowing Tree leaned half of its body and looked out, only to see a leg stretched out in front of him. Huang ShaOT ian was so clever, he immediately utilized Flowing Tree to roll back, and the remaining mana could still make a little attack, and quickly cut a Sword Draw towards the half figure.
    After the figure flashed back to the tree, Sword Draw split on the tree, cutting off two pieces of bark. Huang ShaOT ian heard a voice from behind the tree: "It seems we should form a team."
    Huang ShaOT ian let out a sigh of Ye Xiu's voice.
    "Did it all?" Huang ShaOTian asked.
    "No, I'll be there soon."
    "I don't have mana anymore." Huang ShaOTian said.
    Lord Grim reached into his pocket and shook again, threw some food, drinks and HP mana potions on the ground.
    "Despise you! Bring so many things." Huang ShaOT ian laughed while picking it up.
    "Man, I'm playing an online game." Ye Xiu of course also understands what Huang ShaOTian means. The lower the character's load, the better. I just want to happily fill up the full package of Potions, which is to weaken my combat effectiveness in a different direction. The more expert, the greater the impact in this regard.
    After picking up everything into his pocket with Flowing Tree, Huang ShaOT ian immediately asked him to sit down and drink a drink to restore mana.
    "Come on! I'm leaving first." Ye Xiu said.

    "Cover me." Huang ShaOTian said.
    "What's the cover? Did someone take care of you?" Ye Xiu said Lord Grim had run away, and the voices of "over there" and "over there" came from all over the forest, and characters were constantly coming out from the shadow of the tree. Lord Grim chased in the direction of his escape. Some of these guys almost passed by the Flowing Tree sitting on the ground, but they didn't seem to see anyone here, and went on chasing Lord Grim very ignorantly.
    "You help me explode a sword, the blue word Lightsaber is disgusting." Huang ShaOT ian also sent a message to Ye Xiu and nagged.
    "Is there any common sense? These people are more than 30 levels. Can you use the equipment that came out?" Ye Xiu replied.
    "Online game is really troublesome!" Huang ShaOT ian embarrassedly concealed this low level error. I haven't touched the online game for many years, and I have been using the top account Troubling Rain. The concept of equipment requiring Level is so weak that I didn't expect it for a while.
    Players chased wildly, switched running modes, changed directions, and utilized it was almost a cramp. The two Great Gods don't care about the life or death of ordinary players, relying on the hand speed to highlight them and send messages and chat to the sky.

    Flowing Tree sitting here and drinking a drink soon Mana also made up almost, and ran over a few in between, all ignored him, Huang ShaOT ian was also happy to say hello. At this sight, mana was almost fully recovered, and suddenly another Blade Master ran past, turning around his perspective and couldn't find where Lord Grim was. After standing there for a while, it seemed that he had sent a message, then he found the direction and rushed forward with his sword.
    What the Blade Master holds is a Broadsword. Broadsword Greatsword Physical Attack is high. Although the attack speed is slower, many Blade Masters like to use it. Huang ShaOT ian Blade Master is the first expert, and all kinds of weapons are of course very researched. When I saw the Broadsword in this man's hand, he immediately jumped up and said, "Hey, the Blade Master will wait."
    The Blade Master ignored it and ran wildly.
    "Hey, you won’t be able to hear it later, are you polite! I can’t forgive you even if you didn’t turn on the voice. Can you not turn on the voice when you play Glory? Can it be possible?" Huang ShaOT ian yelled. While swinging his sword, he chased up. The Blade Master seemed to be determined to ignore him, and continued to run without looking back.

    "Is the Broadsword in your hand a sword of assault? Level 25 Orange weapon, not bad! But your weight is higher than mine, and I tell you, I have nothing but a little Potions on my body. ! Listen well, there is nothing. Do you know what is the concept? This means that you will be overtaken by me even if you run naked and run naked. It makes no sense at all for you to run. The distance of the sentence has been shortened a lot. What do you think you are running? Stop and talk, brother. Do you want to change to the weapon? Level 30 Lightsaber, blue quality, attack speed 10, just use it. I will fall in love with it, and I promise to be more comfortable than your Broadsword..."
    "Damn you, you're fucking level 27, where's the level 30 Lightsaber!!" The Blade Master couldn't help but talk.
    "Very well, your observation power moved me to cry. Do you still know that I am level 27? Then what are you running, come and decide the outcome with me!" Huang ShaOT ian called.
    "Brother doesn't have time!" Broadsword Blade Master didn't stop.
    "I can't help you, Triple Slash." Huang ShaOT ian called out, and Triple Slash flashed three sword lights, this time it was used as a displacement technique. But the Broadsword Blade Master is not weak, and Triple Slash hurried forward.
    "Hahahaha!" Huang ShaOTian laughed, but Triple Slash's third sword hit the Broadsword Blade Master's back.

    "I don’t pay attention to the details, brother. You load this kind of attack speed, do you think you can get out of it with a Triple Slash? It's useless! Blue word Lightsaber, 10 attack speed, now you know how powerful it is! "Huang ShaOT ian kept using while nagging. This Broadsword Blade Master can have an Orange weapon. It can be seen that it is also Guild’s key training target. The strength is stronger than the Blade Master that was previously killed by Huang ShaOT ian... However, ordinary players nothing more, just like an ant that is strong or not strong is for the big It doesn't matter to the elephant.
    Although Broadsword Blade Master has a slightly higher level, it is not in the same level as Huang ShaOT ian. Moreover, Huang ShaOT ian had a back attack when he came up. At this time, he couldn't even turn his angle of view. The consecutive attacks were all knock-up and back attack. Without seeing his brother passing by, Broadsword Blade Master knew that he was going to be planted here. It was even more depressed that people were dying, and couldn't even put a word in the mouth. This person kept nagging while hacking people, so annoying to death.
    Most of the people in the game would not think of such a nagging Blade Master to Huang ShaOT ian.
    The Huang ShaOT ian that ordinary players know is on live matches or on video. That is their idol, especially the idol of Blade Master gamers. From the perspective of bystanders, they will think that Huang ShaOTian’s flood of trash talk is so wonderful, especially when the opponent blushes and his neck is rough and irritable, the supporters all laughed.

    At this time, experiencing this kind of offensive personally, there is something in my heart besides being bored or bored. This feeling after experiencing it for oneself is really not the same person as Huang ShaOT ian in his Awareness.
    Broadsword Blade Master, who suffered a double blow, soon couldn't stop parrying. Silks of sword light wrapped around him, and HP kept falling down. From the drop of this HP, we can see how strong the continuity of opponent attacks is. It's just that Broadsword Blade Master really doesn't have any mood to care about these at this time. Why is he still not dead? He even had such an idea.
    He got his wish.
    His HP finally slipped to the bottom, and the opponent's attack was immediately stopped at this time. Broadsword Blade Master took a deep breath, and the torture was finally over!
    The screen suddenly turned pale, zoomed out, and it was no longer the character's First Person PoV. People are dead, where's the perspective? At this moment, it was more like the soul after death drifting away from the corpse, dumbly seeing his body fall from midair.
    "Fuck! !" The Broadsword swordsman suddenly roared as he looked at the gray screen. It's a pity that his character is dead at this time, and the voice can no longer be sent out.
    He suddenly saw that the instant his character fell, the Broadsword in his hand also slipped out.

    "Oh, how is your luck so good! Can you get an orange weapon by killing anyone? It really is different if you haven't played the online game for too long! It's not easy to accumulate this character." Huang ShaOTian babbled endlessly.
    "Borrow it, and return it to you." Huang ShaOTian asked Flowing Tree to pick up the Level 25 Orange Strike Sword in the past, and such a chat bubble appeared on the overhead. He knew that although the other party could not hear, the text could be seen. The corpse is still here, and there is no Ressurection back to the city yet!
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