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Chapter List 263 Have Love For The Game!
    Chinese Name: 全职高手  Author: 蝴蝶蓝(Húdié lán, Butterfly Blue)
    Original: | Translation:

    The 261st chapter must have love for the game!
    In a blink of an eye, the sky was already pale, and Ye Xiu, sitting in front of the computer, supported himself deeply. Then he carefully sorted out an in sequence, step by step utility exercise package and uploaded it to Concealed Light on QQ.
    No one is still in the game at this time.
    Tang Rou is the first to play. After three trips to Desolate Land dungeon, she took a rest at about four o'clock. Since she finished shopping with Chen Guo that day, she has changed to this kind of work and rest, and no longer stays with Ye Xiu until dawn. In the second half of the night, I went to bed first, and then got up much earlier than Ye Xiu. When Ye Xiu gets up every day, she sees her and Chen Guo sitting in their seats to play Glory together. Tang Rou will pick her up from mid-work at 3 o'clock in the afternoon.
    After Tang Rou Offline, Concealed Light finally couldn't stand the Steamed Bun Invasion's repeated Provoke instigation, and decided to go to the Arena with Steamed Bun Invasion to fight to the death. And Ye Xiu was pulled to watch the game by Steamed Bun Invasion.
    Ye Xiu really knew the result of this battle without having to look at it. At the current level of Concealed Light, it is far from Steamed Bun Invasion PK. Playing ten games and losing ten games means that no accidents will happen at all. It is because the gap is already wide enough.

    "Hahahaha, now you finally know the gap between you and me! When your Boss, I was actually wronged." After coming out of Arena, Steamed Bun Invasion was triumphant. For Steamed Bun Invasion, who can find fun anytime, anywhere, abuse of noobs obviously does not make him feel embarrassed at all.
    Concealed Light was silent on this side, Ye Xiu vaguely seemed to hear the sound of beating the keyboard hard. The sound came out through the headphones, what kind of ear-splitting is there on the scene!
    "Steamed Bun, don't be too proud." Ye Xiu feels that he still needs to say a few words: "You just started practicing first. The bully has just started to learn Concealed Light that utilizes the mechanical skill. It's nothing great."
    "Haha, I'm also ready to teach him! But this dead boy is not convinced, so I have to teach him a lesson first. How about the little Concealed Light, is it vivid enough? Hahahaha..." Steamed Bun Invasion continues to be proud, who would believe that he is trying to teach others the truth? Obviously, I just abuse noobs and I'm so happy.
    "Okay, you can go and play by yourself!" Ye Xiu drove the Steamed Bun Invasion away and turned around to see that Concealed Light was still standing there.
    "Don't be discouraged, you have just started." Ye Xiu said.
    "Well, I know." Concealed Light said.

    "Look back on QQ, I will organize some things and pass it on to you." Ye Xiu said.
    "Hang it all the time!" Concealed Light said.
    "That's good." Ye Xiu said.
    After several hours of busy work, collecting and sorting from the Internet, they are classified into different categories. These things can be used not only by Concealed Light, but also by any gamers who love Glory.
    However, this professional training method used by Pro-player is extremely boring, and most ordinary people will not insist on it. Without persistence, no training can be effective.
    Ye Xiu compiled a copy from it at this time, which is suitable for beginners like Concealed Light. In fact, frankly speaking, it is a bit mean for beginners to use such professional software when they get started. However, in Ye Xiu's view, this Concealed Light, as a rookie gamers, has thoroughly studied the basic theoretical knowledge. This person is also very resilient and determined to prove his level.
    Steamed Bun Invasion is desperately bullying noobs, but Ye Xiu mostly opens one eye and closes one eye. He also wants to inspire Concealed Light from this perspective. It seems that it is quite successful now. Steamed Bun Invasion's peculiar incomprehensible way of making Concealed Light is obviously crazy. He didn't hear even the keyboard is scratched by him and the sound is transmitted from the headphones. come yet?

    After Concealed Light received the file package and thanked him repeatedly, Ye Xiu immediately reminded him to pay attention to the order. As for how to be practical, Ye Xiu feels that there is no need to bother about it for someone who studies Spirit like Concealed Light.
    After passing the Concealed Light copy, Ye Xiu looked at the folder. In the process of sorting out, he also made a few more file packages, but it was a suitable training program specifically selected for the current mechanical skill characteristics of Tang Rou and Steamed Bun Invasion.
    But... Reminiscent of the various behaviors of the boy Steamed Bun Invasion, Ye Xiu feels that this rigid training method is probably not suitable for Steamed Bun Invasion.
    Steamed Bun Invasion likes games, because games can bring him fun. However, when this kind of fun does not exist, no one can tell what kind of attitude this guy will have towards the game.
    In fact, the reason why a Pro-player can become a Pro-player, except for talent, mechanical skill, Awareness, and so on, thinks that the first prerequisite is the love of the game.
    Such as Ye Xiu, who has been on Glory for ten years, but his enthusiasm for this game is undiminished. It's not just him, the Pro-players who have struggled all the way in the league, only because of the love of this game, they will come in. Their enthusiasm has not disappeared over time.

    As for ordinary players, sometimes two or three months, or even shorter time, will switch to another game to play again. Such gamers are undoubtedly not suitable to become Pro-players. Even if their mechanical skills are as outstanding as Pro-player, but they do not have enthusiasm, their appearance on the competition stage will be completely different.
    After so many years, such players have also appeared in the league. They can't make a big thing, this has been verified by facts.
    Steamed Bun Invasion, because of fun, will be interested. He entered Glory for the first time, and the fresh game content will naturally make him full of interest and enthusiasm, but how long can this kid keep his interest? Ye Xiu found that his knowledge of Steamed Bun Invasion seems to be a little insufficient. He usually listens to this kid babbling nonsense include impromptu comic material in opera performance. I should also know more about his previous game play. This kid is a mechanical game. skill, I don’t know how it was honed.
    But in any case, special training is still not suitable for forcing people like Steamed Bun Invasion. In that case, I am afraid it will weaken his interest in the game and produce resistance. This kid, he has to let him feel the problem, and then seek such help with Awareness. This training kit must be kept for him first.
    The other training package is for Tang Rou.

    This girl came to improve her mechanical skills, and came to defeat herself. For such a ridiculous reason, Ye Xiu didn't believe how long she would last. But now it seems that the girl's persistence and so strong are beyond ordinary people. Before defeating herself, this girl might really have been working hard in Glory.
    A better phenomenon is that, in the process of continuous learning and improvement, with the in-depth understanding of Glory, Tang Rou has become more and more Awareness. This game is not as good as she used to think, "It's very simple", especially since she has been The object I have compared so far is a bit too much for a rookie. But Tang Rou doesn't know this, even if she knows that she won't pay attention to it, the more Awareness she gets, the more she feels that this game is not simple. This girl's interest in Glory has slowly begun to form.
    "Well, for her, I can get in touch with this kind of training." Ye Xiu said in his heart, and opened the training package for Tang Rou. I checked it again and closed it immediately. I have decided to hand it in tomorrow. To Tang Rou. As for the Steamed Bun Invasion, let's put it first! This Noob is also a kind of depth sometimes! It is really difficult for ordinary people to enter their field of thinking and then observe.
    Ye Xiu closed the folder after finishing packing. At this time, the sky had just turned white, and there was still half an hour before seven. Ye Xiu was fine around, and then he entered the game again.

    This moment of the game is also the quietest. There is not much talk in the world. The previous dispute between Tyrannical Ambition and gamers in the whole district made many people watch enough of the excitement.
    In fact, those who talk about Tyrannical Ambition in the World chat channel may not necessarily have any grudges against Tyrannical Ambition. Everyone is just talking about things, nothing more. Like those who write limericks, say Provoke Tyrannical Ambition, they are actually just taking this to show off and attract attention.
    Jiang You has been gamers for many years, and this should be understood very well. It's a pity that tonight's mood is really bad, and this is really a gaffe. Fortunately, it is the waistcoat, otherwise it will inevitably become a new laugh.
    The disputes in the world continued until Ye Xiu and the others came out of Desolate Land dungeon three times, and Ye Xiu did not bother them. At this time, when I came up again, the world was finally quiet. Ye Xiu opened the Line Canyon dungeon record and glanced at it. There was no change. No one surpassed the first Misty Castle and the second Tyrannical Ambition.
    Looking at the friends column again, most of the names of the Guild guild leaders are bright, and the work is hard to say, but I am afraid that some of them are happy and some are worried.
    Those who can't get the dungeon record will be a little bit worried. As for the super worry, Tyrannical Ambition is none other than Tyrannical Ambition.

    Ye Xiu certainly won't do the boring things of pour oil on the fire. He has no hatred with any Guild, just what he needs and the interests of Guild's needs collide nothing more. Blue Brook Guild and Tyrannical Ambition both overturned their cars in such a collision. In the final analysis, they were inferior to their skills.
    Ye Xiu came to the game at this time to pass the last time before getting off work. He was wandering, and suddenly received a message. When I opened it, it was Tyrannical Ambition's guild leader Cold Night.
    "Great God!" Cold Night sent a fist icon. He already knew the identity of Lord Grim, and he took a cold breath, but he would not worship. Tyranny fans, how can they worship the Shot-caller trump card of Team Excellent Era.
    "Huh?" Ye Xiu replied.
    "I just want to know if you can help with the record set by Misty Castle." Cold Night was very direct.
    "Well, I sold them a guide, it should be a little help!" Ye Xiu replied.
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